Page 537: Rescue or Kidnap
Rescue or Kidnap
Summary: Ser Erik arrives to remove Arabella from the Flint camp.
Date: 11/Jan/2013
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Flint Camp
Large clearing with lots of tents. A big pvaillion and multiple smaller ones, also a cook fire and the foundations of a small manor.
Thu 10 Jan, 290

Bella has been working in the pavilion the better part of the morning, there are twenty left and two healers and a Flint Lord. Having just cleaned up she is now sitting at the fire nearby Einar's tent since she had not thought in advance to bring her own. She has not slept since her arrival the evening before however, so the lack of a sleeping place is not bothering her yet.

There is noise and disturbance from the main path that leads to the Flint camp where a squad of armed men in Ashwood livery are riding. The count is four regulars with a young noble knight in the lead, the knight easily identified as the Sheriff of Highfield. Their pace is set slow and eyes alert, making sure that there are no diseased commoners that would venture close to them without warning. In their arms are loaded crossbows, as they continue slowly in the direction of the main camp.

Einar had stirred briefly earlier in the morning, for a small spot of breakfast and to refill his water skin, but after that had retired to his tent once more. The sound of horses though, that attracts his attention enough that he pulls his heavy, northern cloak about him and steps out of his tent. He looks tired, at best, but the sight of armed men has him moving, all be it slightly uncoordinatedly, to intercept. Well, not quite intercept, he' not going to get that close, but more get between them and the sick pavillion. Just in case. "Ser Erik," he greets, simply, "to what do we owe this?"

To say the arrival of the Sheriff with loaded crossbows into the camp was a surprise would be a huge misstatement. Bella can only stand there dumbfounded as she regards the group. Leaving the fire she walks towards them, plague cloth in place, gloves on her hands, clearly taking every precaution even when not in the pavilion. "Ser Erik?" Confused, she offers a curtsy, proper as always. "Has something happened?"

Spotting the first signs of movement in the camp and someone approaching, Erik quickly holds up a hand to stop his men who does as he commands but also ready their crossbows, just in case they are rushed. When he is addressed at a distance, the Sheriff sees that it is both Einar and Arabella who are out to greet them. He calls back in a clear voice, "Lady Arabella, the message that was sent earlier, did you not receive it?" There is on accusations yet of orders not being followed as Erik puts forth a simple question. Right now, he has the mask of duty on, there is no softness in his voice, just cold seriousness.

Einar seems to relax just a little as the men stop and Erik addresses Arabella, not entirely though as he continues his progress to put himself between them and the sick. Knowing nothing of the message in question he looks to Arabella awaiting her answer, his expression though shows his confusion clearly enough. "What message?"

"When I went to get water this morning there was a message waiting for me.. something about needing me to leave here." Bella looks at Einar as she speaks, her demeanor uncertain now. "Telling me to quarantine myself in a tent near the barricade." Lifting her shoulders in a delicate shrug, "How could I? I am needed here." Though as she turns now, she regards Erik, not recognizing this side of him. "I received the message, Ser Erik."

When there is confirmation that the message was received, Erik only gives Arabella a nod of understanding before he opens the leather pack that is secured to the side of his saddle. Pulling out a sealed letter, he holds it up in the air so both Einar and Arabella can see the item. "By order of Lord Bastien, the Lord of Highfield, and Lord Alric Fenster, Lady Arabella is to withdraw herself from the camp immediately and be placed in quarantine. I am here to ensure that she complies to the order, Lord Einar. I hope this will be done peacefully?" The question is asked, perhaps the gentler way of saying that the Sheriff will use force if necessary.

Einar nods briefly at Arabella's answer then turns back to Erik as produces the letter. He'll trust the sheriff's word that that is what it contains and lets his cloak loose a little so both he and his man can see that the Flint has neither his sword nor his crossbow on his person. "I'm not sure what resistance you were expecting to meet, but I can assure you that anything that could do you harm is in my tent." Not that he's commenting either way on the validity of the requirement for Arabella to leave, that's between her and her brother. He's just turning back to her to ask if she is here without their consent when something Erik said finally registers at the back of his brain and he snaps his head back to look directly at the other man. "Lord Bastien?" he questions, looking more confused now than ever, "what of Lord Aleister?"

"Lord Bastien? I got a letter from him permitting me to be here. I gave you that letter and you personally allowed me to walk in here." The confusion is still there but there is a stubbornness showing itself ever so slightly in the defiant lift of Arabella’s chin. "You are making a mistake. Ser Erik. I am needed here, tell my brother I will not go." Her protests die suddenly as she realizes that Einar had not heard the terrible news. With a pleading expression, she only tells Erik one more time, "I am needed here.." but leaves Erik to explain about Aleister.

Inclining his head at Einar, Erik seems to be nodding his head in thanks for the Flint Lord revealing that he has no weapons on him. "It is not what we can see that we fear, Lord Einar, but what we cannot." One can easily surmise that the Jast Knight is speaking of the disease, which kills without the need of a physical weapon. As for the question on Lord Aleister, he arches a brow, "Did you not hear, My Lord? That is why Lord Anders have returned north." It is certainly a sore subject, which could explain Erik's dark moods, "Lord Aleister had been slain along with his cousin, Lady Miranda, on their way to the Twins to visit Lord Frey."
The Sheriff of Highfield then turns his gaze onto Arabella, nodding his head, "You are correct, My Lady, but Lord Bastien just found out that he gave permission without knowing that Lord Alric did not know. The permission has been revoked and you are to return." When Arabella tries to fight for her cause, Erik looks firm and appears to accept no excuses, "My orders are clear, Lady Arabella. You are to gather what you brought and follow us, we will escort you, at a distance, to the camp we have set up for your quarantine. If you can convince your Lord Brother to allow you back here, then I am sure Lord Bastien will comply, but not before."

Einar remains silent as Bella makes her pleas, he won't deny that her arrival had brought a little hope but then his firsts words after greeting her had been 'you shouldn't have come'. The business of permissions and who has and hasn't given them though are not something he can help with, hence the silence. He listens to Erik though, as she starts to speak, expression changing from confusion to disbelief, "No.. Ser," he starts hesitently, his brain still trying to process all that the news means, "I.. I had not heard." Then he takes a moment to draw himself up a little and square his shoulders a bit in an attempt to look slightly more lordly. "My condolences," he offers with a slight nod, "if there is anything I can do to assist in finding those responsible then please inform Lord Bastien that he needs but ask." A hollow promise, given the situation, but still one that needs to be offered.

"My lord brother allowed me in the first time, why would his answer be any different now? You knew when I…" Not finishing that thought, not wanting to further the discussions. "I request that my brother to speak with me across the barrier." With a sympathetic look to Einar and a soft, quiet voice meant only for him, "I will be back, the notes are in my basket as well as herbs for you. I.." shoulders slumping now, Arabella just turns and walks towards the barricade, not glancing towards Erik again yet.

Eyes shift back to Einar as the Flint Lord offers his condolences and services as well, Erik nods his head in thanks again, "Thank you, Lord Einar, and Lord Bastien thanks you for your kind words as well. I will let him know that when you have recovered and your duty to your people here is completed, that you have offered to assist in finding those responsible." At least the Jast Knight is diplomatic enough not to use the word 'if', pretending to assume that the Flint Lord will recover from the looks of a fever.
And then Erik turns his attention back to Arabella who appears to be ready for another round of pleading though when it turns into compliance, the Jast Knight nods his head. "Your request is heard and will be passed along, My Lady." He then motions for his men to part to give the Fenster Lady plenty of room to walk by without coming into contact with her. One of the riders does turn to ride ahead, to lead her to where the camp would have been sent up. Erik does turn his attention back to Einar and speaks again, "Apologies for any difficulties this may provide you, My Lord. I pray that the Seven and your own Gods watch over you."

"Farewell," Einar offers with a faint nod to Arabella, "and thank you once again for your assistance. It is most kind." He's alert enough not to use 'was' although thats how he figures the situation truly stands. A quick glance around and he spots the basket mentioned, nodding a silent thanks before he turns back to Erik. "In the grand scheme of things Lord Erik I doubt it will make much difference, but I thank you for the thought anyway. Can I ask you though, to pass on my regards to my good-sister? I didn't get the chance before I came out here."

As Bella comes even with Erik, she hesitates, turning towards him, for a long moment she just studies his face. "One day you will.." His demeanor so different he seems unapproachable so she ceases her words once more and looks back at Einar, a marginal lift to her chin. "I will be back. Make no mistake." Somehow she would convince her brother. Without another word to either, she marches towards her prison, back stiff, shoulders straight. The Fenster is angry.

The request is answered with a nod though Erik does double check, "To Lady Tiaryn? I will make sure she receives the message, My Lord. I will also have the men drop off supplies as well for you and your people once we have Lady Arabella quarantined." The Jast Knight then favors Arabella a glance when she begins to speak with him, but when she stops, he doesn't bother answering or asking for clarification. As for her being back, he looks on passively as that will be between her and her brother. Once the girl starts moving, the guards will eventually follow suit but will be giving her plenty of distance. Erik remains for a moment longer, in case Einar has any other requests to make.