Reply from House Groves
Reply from House Groves
Summary: A much anticipated reply concerning the Groves Surplus but with a very bitterly unwelcome answer.
Date: 07/June/2012
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Letter from Ser Kittridge to Four Eagles Tower.
June 7th, 289

Lord Justin,

I apologize first for the tardiness of this message. Our focus in recent days has obviously been on other matters and only now, with my sister and her septa safely returned to us, are we able to turn our attention to a proper reply. I regret to inform you that as we did not receive your note within the time period you and I agreed upon, it was assumed that your house had elected not to do business with us. We therefore accepted the offer made by House Nayland to purchase this year's surplus harvest. Our word having been given to them, we consider ourselves bound to honor that agreement, as I am sure you understand. I am sorry that things could not be worked out to the satisfaction of all. Should you wish to discuss the matter in person for any reason, I will be passing through the Roost soon and would be happy to make time for us to speak.


Ser Kittridge Groves