Page 383: Rendezvous for the Orphans
Rendezvous for the Orphans
Summary: A late night rendezvous with Lady Angel for the orphans.
Date: 13 August 2012
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Kell Angel 
Worn Road
A point of land between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge, one can travel to either of the two from here, by travelling west or east, while north takes them to Highfield and south to Seagard.
August 13, 289

Night has casts it darkness of the lands and the only light that is shown is that of what the moon has to offer. The sounds of rustling leaves and the soft howl of wind whines in the air. The soft breeze that sways though the open road is cooler, but there is no chill.
Just off the path of the warn road, the area that might be exactly considered the half way point between the Roost and that of Stonebridge, there is a wagon. Around the wagon one would notice guards. Four of them, if one was counting. Upon further inspection, one would note that there is a common woman amoung them. Dress in simple clothing, perhaps that of a servant, shawl wrapped around her and across her face, only revealing the soft grey eyes that peer from beneath it.
Patiently, the Lady waits, seating on the rear of the wagon leaning against the items that were set inside it. Whatever was in the rear of the wagon was covered with a large cloth and it could not be seen by the naked eye.

Kell has been true to his words on randomly scheduled patrols on the Roost's lands though tonight he stuck with the main road that leads out of town in the direction of Stonebridge. Accompanying the Terrick Knight are three other Terrick armsmen, all four patrolling men wearing surcoats of the Four Eagles as well as cloaks of the same, all four mounted with one holding a lit torch. Luckily, tonight there has not been much to interfere with their patrol, not distance campfire for them to inspect or suspicious persons, atleast until they almost reach the point where they would turn around and begin their trek home.
One of the men points to the wagon as it comes into view and all but the Terrick Knight seems to be on guard, until the knight himself tells them not to worry and that he will investigate. Slowing their horses to a stop, the armsmen nod their heads to Kell who trots his own steed forward to approach the wagon and the accompanying people. "Good evening, travellers! I am Ser Kell Drakmoor, of House Terrick!" The greeting is called out and a hand raised in a wave as he approaches.

On the other hand, the guards that had accopanied the woman are wearing no banner colors or symbols to indicate that are from any specific house. The sound of horseman cause the woman to jump to alert. Standing from her seated position and turning to look towards the men that approach. Hands resting gently on the cloth that covers the back of the wagon, waiting. The guards instantly put hand to sword in anticpation. However, the voice that calls out and then rides closer brings on a smile, though its hidden under frabic, to the Lady. "Its alright." says the woman.
Coming around the side of the wagon, the woman looks up at the horse Terrick Knight. "You are true to your word. That speak volumes for a man. Let alone, a knight." though the features are not familar, it could easily have been a maid or a servant come in Lady Jocelyn's place. But, the voice may well be familar if one pays attention to the tone. Though, no curtsy is given or any formalities. Not here in the darkness that hides most.

Once he nears the wagon and the Lady, as well as her guards, Kell first dismounts from his steed as it would be improper to speak from all the way up there, even if the Lady is not dressed as a Lady tonight. "As are you, to your word M'Lady, though you are taking the much larger risk than I am, but the orphans that currently take shelter at the Sept will not be going hungry for quite a few days, all thanks to you." For a moment, the Terrick Knight looks back to where the riders that accompanied him awaits, raising a hand to show that all is well and for them to take a break." Formalities are also not presented by Kell, perhaps to keep with the slight deception, as the Terrick Sworn turns back to the one who may be Jocelyn, "The armsmen with me are on patrol with me, they do not know of our rendezvous, or who you are, M'Lady. As promised. I hope your journey here was safe? There are word of bandits in the woods again, though it looks like your men are more than capable."

A glance back towards the guards is followed with, "As you said, withe rumor of bandits and the threat of war, I could not be too careful." Jocelyn looks back at the others that had come along with Kell, and gages to see how far away they are, before the cloth around her face is lowered just below her chin to reveal her face. "You may wish to take the wagon with you if you need it for transport. I've had another horse brought along for my return in the case that you might need it." Despites the dangers that loom around them, she still manages a smile up to the Knight.
The mention of orphans reminds her of the reason of her being here and the reason why the risk was worth taking. "If I can be part of ensuring that an orphan is able to sleep with food in their stomach, for but a day, I will gladly make this trip on a nightly basis." Stepping back around to the back of the wagon, she signals, "Come." and the cloth is partly lifted from some of the crates that are beneath it. Revealing a few baskets of some grain, breads, apples and fruits. Not an extravagant affair but certainly enough to feed some young mouths "I hope this will help for a little while."

"I am glad you are being very careful, especially since you are doing all this for the sake of those who are in a bad situation. Your safety is paramount in all this." Kell says as he inclines his head to Jocelyn, knowing that it would be a terribly unfair for her after doing such a good deed, and the questions that will arise if something did indeed happen. "I think it would be easiest for me to take the wagon with us, I will see about hiring a merchant or someone to bring it back to Stonebridge as soon as possible. As for making it a nightly trip, Kell quickly shakes his head, "That is too dangerous for you, M'Lady, and someone will eventually find out." And given the current situation of both of their respective Houses, it is something that would be preferred to be kept in secret. At the Lady's beckoning, Kell follows and approaches before his eyes fall upon the contents, "This is… amazing, M'Lady, truly. The orphans will be most thankful to their Lady Angel."

"I much agree, it would not do for a nightly trip, but it would be my intention if it was at all possible." Jocelyn had a soft spot for children, though it was not noted aloud, in her mind she was picturing the little boys and girls gaping at the food before them. She was happy for the darkness when the comment of "Lady Angel" was murmured, for he would have seen her cheek a fierce color of red. Her body already tingled and shivered at the thought of her being such to a small child. "Its the least I can do. As we've already established, it can not be a nightly occurance and I want it to the food to be worth it for the children." Her gaze slips over the food once more, before tilting up and meeting his again. "This is not only a risk for myself, but one you take as well. Taking me secret. I thank you for that, and for not turning down my offer." The cloth is covered over the crates again, at least to hide it if the guards with Kell knew nothing of it.
"The Orphans have been moved the Sept?" her hips leans against the back of the wagon. "For safe keeping? Or was there a threat to their location?" she asks. Danger seemed to loom around every house for one reason or another.

Kell manages a warm smile at that as his eyes turn from the supplies in the wagon to Jocelyn, "From what I know of you after meeting you, I have no doubt that would your intention, M'Lady. You are too kind, and caring." As for thanking him, the knight can only wave it off with a shake of his head, "I am doing what must be done, M'Lady, and I would risk much for the children, for the people of the Roost, and for the safety of a kind Lady like you. Sadly, from what I have seen, there are too few, too few who have your heart and kindess, M'Lady." Which is most likely why there is so much suffering and hardship in Westeros, atleast for the common people.

"In a world as is it, it is both a blessing and a curse to be both kind and caring." Jocelyn murmurs. The compliments that are paid to her have her lower her gaze from his shyly. At closer proximity and even in the darkness one could probably see the tint of pink on her normally cream colored skin. "If all were of the same accord in that manner, the world might lack compassion and motivation." shaking her head, "I do nothing more than you do. I do what I must for those that are in need of it. The only hope I can have is that the deed will need another to have compassion for someone else in need and the trail will continue throughout time." Her gaze slowly draws back to his, "Besides, what do orphans have to do with what is going on now? They are innocent beings that had no hand any ill-will toward anyone. The most they have done is be born. That is no crime punishable."

Shaking his head slightly, Kell's smile thins a little though it is still somewhat present, "You do not do yourself justice, M'Lady. You do much more than I do, than I can do. Mainly because of who we are, who we were born to be…" There, the Terrick Knight grows quiet as his eyes looks away for a moment, before down at the hilt of his sheathed sword, where the Banefort color ribbons would be wrapped around. "I, would not have been able to do what you have done tonight. I am not capable of… many things, that I would be able to, were my blood different than what is flowing within, right now." There is a pause as Kell takes in a breath before turning his eyes back to Jocelyn, "But you are right, the orphans, they had no hand in their current dire situation, they had no choice. That is why I decided that your aid will go to them, though it seems like everyone is in need. But the situation will be getting better, slowly." With the new Charlton accord that was signed.

Jocelyn reaches out and touches Kell's forearm, taking hold and squeezing it gently. Looking up at him, "It is not who we are that makes the difference, Ser Kell. It it is what we do and how we do it. I, perhaps as a Nayland would never have been persumed to have made this arrangement, but I am not just a name. I am what I do. So are you. For that matter, you are more Noble blooded than some that I know who were born into it." She gives him a long look, searching his eyes in the darkness. It isnt until she lowers her gaze that she sees the Banefort ribbons on his sword that she realizes that shes touched him and was still holding his arm in comforting way that she was. "I'm sorry." she murmurs and takes her hand back, almost as if his skin had become hot. The tale of his love for the Banefort woman had comes to Jocelyn, as she was just reminded of it again. "The Terricks are smart people. They'll do what is needed to care for their people. I've no doubt. This is just to help in the meantime. I would not wish you to think that I think ill of them, your house."

Kell doesn't jerk away from Jocelyn's touch as he seems to be thinking on her words, "You may be right, M'Lady, but perhaps wrong at the same time. It is true that our actions are what truly matters, but even though my actions may seem more noble than one with Noble blood, who my mother and father are is still important in the world we live in. For there are things that we can and can't do, that is determined by blood. Luckily though, as you said, we can still do a lot, despite it all." Finally a smile appears on the Terrick Knight once more before he shakes his head slightly, "An apology is not needed, M'Lady, you are too kind to worry about a simple common knight like me. And I know you don't think of the Terricks just because they are Terricks and you are a Nayland."

Listening to his words, Jocelyn can only agree and she says with a small smile, "You may be right, Ser Kell, but perhap you ar wrong too." she uses his own words against him. "You are much more than a Common Knight to me." Leaving those words hang there a moment. There is almost instant that she wishes she had not said them, especially after having seen the ribbons. But then, the words were already been said there was little that could done about it now. He would have to take her words, she could not unsay them. "We must all do out best then, despite whatever is tossed in our direction. There is no "If only I had…" when death takes us. It is one what we have done." And with that motto of life, she is clear headed about anything that she might have said.

An amused, light chuckle escapes the Knight as his words are used against him, which he inclines his head to Jocelyn, "Point taken, M'Lady, point taken." As for the compliment delivered, Kell looks down at the ground for a moment, as the words do reach him, but it seems like there may be conflict within him, as he hesitates to speak for a moment, "Thank you, Jocelyn…" It almost seems like he would say more but something prevents it, leaving the words unsaid. As for what the Lady says next, Kell looks back up at her and manages a grin, nodding in agreement, "Indeed, we do need to live to our fullest, for when we meet the Stranger, we should have no regrets. I know it very well, especially when one is riding into the face of danger."

The chills that move up her skin are for a different reason now, anticpation as he looks like he might say something else. Though, Jocelyn watches what would be described as what looks like an inward battle of thought and when he says nothing more, she does not push to ask him anything about it. His smile is met with one of her own. "Oh, I nearly forgot." She says moving to lift a corner of the wagon. A small pouch is taken from one of the crates and brought over to him. The small pouch is opened and a kerchief is taken out. Its folded in just a way that one can see an embroidery on it. Tilting it so the the light might hit it, showing that of a Dove and that of an Eagle in flight facing one another. "Its a symbol of safekeeping for you." she explains. "The Dove represents safekeeping and it is facing the eagle. For you." she corrects, "I mean for your house, the Roost. It is to keep you safe. A good luck charm." Sorta thing. She offers it to him after the explaination.

As Jocelyn goes to produce what is in the small pouch, Kell looks on with curiosity until the kerchief is displayed, looking the delicate item with the intricate design over. "A dove and an eagle. It's beautiful, Jocelyn." When it is mentioned that the item is for him, his eyes widen slightly, perhaps in unexpected surprise, "I don't know what to say, M'Lady. Thank you, I will keep it close by at all times, and I am sure it will keep me very safe. Again, thank you." He says as he accepts the gift before looking it over again, closer this time. He then focuses his eyes back on the Lady, "You need to stay safe yourself, Jocelyn. Especially with rumors floating about of what may happen in the near future, between your House and the Charltons. Perhaps it would be safer for you to be somewhere else besides Stonebridge?" A word of warning and concern is the only thing the Terrick Knight is able to offer in return for the gift it seems.

"You're welcome, but really its meant as a thank you to you." Jocelyn smiles as he seems to like like, happy that she had taken the time to do the small gift now. Giving herself the pleasure of watching him as he examines it. When his attention is again focused on her, she nods her head slowly. "If the rumors and what I believe are anything to go off of, the Charltons should be marching into Stonebridge, with war to soon follow them. I think it is only a matter of when and no long /If/ it will happen." A look of concern crosses her face, "I've thought of that." She says to him, "But where would I go? Hags Mire? With the roads as they are, its almost just as dangerous." There was a shakes of her head. "Besides, I do not think I could leave Stonebridge unless it was absolutely needed. Who would help the others while the men fight?" she stares up at him all seriousness, "There is a woman there, a widow. Mistress Penelope. She is pregnant, with a small boy of two. Who will help her when the time comes to escape or take cover?" Obviously, the young Nayland saw it as part of her duty to care for her and any others like her.

There is some worry etched onto Kell's expression as he hears Jocelyn's reponse to his warnings, though he doesn't say anything to protest her reasonings, as if those that are given are most fitting of this particular Lady. "I'm… not sure, Jocelyn. I hope that war does not visit the lands anytime soon, one is more than enough for anyone. And if it does come to conflict, I pray that the Charltons are honorable enough and their knights remember their vows of knighthood foremost, before their vows to their House." Kell would usually suggest that Jocelyn and Mistress Penelope flee to the Roost, but he knows that is something that he does not have the authority to offer, especially with the Terrick's agreement with the Charltons now. "I will pray for you, M'Lady, and for the people of Stonebridge."

Mildly surprised that there was not much protest to her words, though Jocelyn could see the worry that shown through him, it warmed her to know that that worry would come to come. But it was Kell, and she would be fooling herself if she thought that he would not worry. "I pray that of the Charltons too." she sighs, "I'll not stay longer than what is needed." she starts to inform him. "If the need becomes pressing that I leave immediately, I will do what I must to ensure the safety of those that I know need it, and flee for whatever area I know will be safe. Let it be the wilderness or the closest house. I just could not leave anyone behind knowingly." Jocelyn knows that her place, a small smile lightens her face. "If I had been born a male, I might have wished to have been a Knight." a soft laugh escapes her at the very thought of it.

Kell can only nod at that, as it is probably the best way to salvage a bad situation. "If it does get bad, find a knight, a good knight, for in our vows, you should be safe." Though if she is unlucky and runs into one that is not virtuous… "I have a feeling that the Terricks men and I will be watching our borders carefully with patrols, but if you it goes from bad to worse, you may be able to find sanctuary here. For we swore during our knighting that n the name of the Mother, we are charged to defend the young and innocent, and in the name of the Maid, we are charged to protect all women." However, it is left unsaid that any armsmen and knights of Nayland color may not be accepted."
As for Jocelyn wishing to be a knight if she were born of different sex, Kell can't help but smile at that, "You would've made a kind and just knight, Jocelyn. That I have no doubt. And I should not keep you here any longer, for the longer you are away from Stonebridge, the higher the risk to your secrecy here."

"Thank you." Jocelyn says, "I know you did not need to share that information with me and yet you did. I'll use it only if I must." She was well aware that she as a Nayland would not openly welcome, but not turned away. Which is another reason that she was coming here at night.
Her smile matches his at the idea of her being a Knight. "I think we might have got a long and had much in common, if that were the case." Knowing that he was right, she could not keep him here and she could not stay here much longer without the risks of both safety and that of suspicion from the Terrick guards and Knights. "Youre right, I should be returning." Unable to help herself she touches his arm again, "Be safe, Ser Kell. Tell the Orphans that their Lady Angel blesses them for goodness." It was said in only half jest. Another squeeze agains his arm, and then her hand is slowly removed from his. The cloth that once had covered her face is lifted and its wrapped to cover all but her eyes, once more.

And you, Lady Jocelyn, may the Mother watch over you in this coming days. I know the orphans will be most grateful and thankful for this gift, from their Lady Angel." Kell says as he actually reaches over with his free hand to gently pat Jocelyn's hand before she pulls hers back, though his is gloved from riding. As her features are hidden once more, he offers the Lady one last warm smile before nodding at her guards, trusting them to keep her safe on their journey back to Stonebridge. He would also wait until the Lady and her guards depart before motioning for the Terrick armsmen he came with to approach, having one of them who knows how to drive a wagon take control of the wagon for their own trip back to the Roost. There will be some happy orphans in the morning.