Page 142: Remembrance in the Lichyard
Remembrance in the Lichyard
Summary: On the Day of Remembrance Ser Kell, Ser Aeric and Lady Elinor visit the lichyard to reflect on the departed souls.
Date: 4/Dec/288
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Aeric Elinor Kell 
Lichyard, Four Eagles Tower
The stone here gives way to more carefully tended grass and the plots of the deceased members of the Terrick family. Headstones dot the area with flowers clipped and placed at a few of them. To the side, built into the wall, is a locked gate that descends under the castle to the crypt where the House Lords are entombed.
December 4th, 288

Its nearing sundown on the Day of Remembrance and the more formal remembrances of Terrick relations have been offered. What remains are a plethora of flowers and other sundry offerings to family that are personally significant to the giver. There's a carved wooden horse, a strip of gold satin, an iron spur, and sundry other trinkets placed upon the various headstones.

Aeric himself hasn't been seen much today. He made himself scarce though the inquiring might have made note that he was seen out by the coast casting something into the waters. Now he's wandered into the lichyard with a solemn curiosity.

For most of the day, Kell had been on the road escorting a merchant so he had missed most of the Day of Remembrance, though since he doesn't belong to a house, there are not too many for him to visit and they are scattered about the lands of Westeros. It just so happens that the knight had managed to befriend one with relations to the Terrick Household, so after finding a room to stay for the night and removing most of his kit, Kell slowly makes his way to the Lichyard in the Four Eagles Tower.

In black we mourn. Much like some others who have taken to wearing the death's colors. Odd how they are also shared with her House's heraldry. Elinor's frame is draped by a dusky, grey and black cloak and hood which lays loosely upon her crown for waves of golden hues spill over one shoulder. Her gown is black for the Day of Remembering which also has her carrying a wide basket filled with cut flowers for each headstone. Upon her entry into the Lichyard she does notice the Knight in quiet reverie while her maidens remain outside the gates, not willing to step closer another step. "My lords." The noblewoman's head bows slightly, her frame dips in greeting. "Ser Aeric."

Some may note the black band which is a part of Aeric's personal heraldry. Students of the topic might further note that the band appeared after the Battle of the Trident. No doubt there is a significance in the timing. Perhaps, he lost many a companion in the battle and so honors the dead. The arrival of others is given a miss until such time as Elinor addresses him and he turns slowly to regard her.. and Kell. "Lady Elinor. Ser Drakmoor."

Before Kell could begin his quest on finding the headstone belonging to the man is he searching for, the knight sees that another is also in the Lichyard as well as the arrival of a lady. The young man turns his attention to Elinor first since she was the first to voice her greeting, bowing his head respectfully to the lady, and then to Aeric, "Greetings, M'Lady, Ser. A somber day though one that is needed, for friends and family, lost."

Elinor shifts the wicker handle of the basket onto the crook of an elbow, to rest against her abdomen. "Everyday is a day of remembrance, especially to those close." Unfortunately the dead here were none directly linked with her as those gravestones she knew were near the holdings of Banefort. Her blue eyes pass between the two men, "Ser Drakmoor is it? We have not met. I am Elinor Banefort. I would say a part of me gladdened to have live souls in company. Especially here." Something eerie about the lichyard unsettled the lady.

Aeric gives a mild shrug at Elinor's words. "I've been told it is not healthy to dwell upon death." So saying, he turns his attention to a nearby headstone and reaches to touch it. It would seem that he knows this one. Likely, Kell does too. For the same reason no less. So many died in Robert's Rebellion.

Dipping his head at Elinor's words, Kell seems to understand her words, "True enough, M'Lady, close friends and family are never forgotten, though if they had a wish after their passing, it would be that the living continue to dwell on them everyday and try to live happier lives." As for if they have met in the past, the knight inclines his head towards the lady once more, "You are correct, Lady Banefort, this is our first meeting and I am pleased to make your acquaintance." The greeting is kept respectful though subdued due to the location.
Kell does glance down at the headstone that Aeric graces with his touch, reading the name and the knight's eyes tighten slightly at the edge. "Please excuse me for a moment, for I have something to leave here, a token." Turning to face the tombstone, he lowers to one knee and briefly closes his eyes for a moment, perhaps speaking silent words. Kell's eyes do slowly reopen and he reaches to his side, to a leather pouch which he unfastens. Reaching in, he draws out a worn pair of dice which he slowly deposits on the grave with a smile of sadness.

"Yes, of course Ser Kell." Elinor says quietly to the parting Kell who takes a moment in offering prayer. "Is it not their death Ser Aeric but the imprint their lives had left behind." Her tone was careful when speaking of the dead as she moved towards a nearby headstone and stood before it's inscription. "While I may not know a single body that lies here I could still offer my prayers that they will not be forgotten." The lady's frame would sink, taking to the moist earth that may stain her garments. One flower was laid at the foot of the headstone, her head bowed briefly before her attention turned to another headstone, suddenly realizing she may not have enough flowers for all of them. "Do you have men here? Or loved ones? Either of you my lords?"

Aeric stands aside to let Ser Kell pay his respects and shifts to regard Elinor through her discourse and query. "They are not nor shall be forgotten." There is something almost grim about the way he says that. Also, hollow. He has suffered a loss, no doubt. "I do not. Though the Terrick's fought at my side a the Trident and so I pay my respects to those who gave their lives in due service."

The brief moment that Kell takes at the headstone comes to an end, as he has deposited what he had wished to as he rises to his full height once more, turning back Aeric and Elinor as he tucks his small, personal leather pouch away. "I have no men of my own, Lady Elinor, but I have fought at the side of some from House Terrick during the Rebellion, amongst others as well from other Houses."

On to the next headstone, Elinor's frame lifts and lowers again. Depositing another flower for the unadorned grave. She does nod after both had provided her with an answer. While staring to the earth she replied, "Not a single name here I knew, in passing or otherwise." Still to have so many lives taken in the battle, the woman slowly rises onto her feet with a small amount of effort. "Do you believe they watch us?" She asked the both of them, Kell and Aeric.

That. That is a hard question. It is one which brings Aeric pause and he straightens to look up to the moon and mull. He is silent. Stoic. He takes a deep breath then and nods to Elinor. "I believe they are with us, yes. The Seven keep them and protect them and the dead.." He draws into silence again before looking back to Elinor. "Forgive me but I am not the best company for philosophical debates. Not on religion. I am not a strong man of faith. I leave that to the Septons."

Watching Elinor deposit a flower to each grave in respect and remembrance, Kell is caught surprised by her question of whether they are watched. At first, he isn't exactly sure what she is asking, "You mean as spirits?" The realm of the beyond is something that the knight hasn't taken time to dwell on much, perhaps more focused on the present day to day duties than to something that requires some deep thinking, "I'm not sure, I would hope that they have passed on to a better place though like our thoughts are with them, theirs with us." His words aren't filled with confidence though as religion and spirituality is not the knight's strong point as he nods at Aeric's words.

Elinor displays a small smile, "It was not a challenge to the depths of the knowledge either of you hold Ser Aeric and Ser Kell. II was we." Translating her thoughts to the tongue was proving difficult. "I mean, I like to believe that they are aware we still think of them. Even if we had not known them while in the hands of the Seven. I would like to also believe they walk with us in trouble times. Not as a spirit but a feeling. That feeling of sudden warmth." She did not mean to smile and by another view of their somber features it schools Elinor to correct her own and drop her eyes downcast. "I may be too wishful."

Aeric answers Elinor's speculation. "Perhaps but hope is not a bad thing to have in abundance. I am not overly religious.. perhaps should be more so.. having had a crisis of faith in recent years I confess that the Seven have not been heavy upon my thoughts despite the dead being upon them. Are you one of the devout then, Lady Elinor? I'm curious, naturally, though it does seem natural to ask. Given the day."

Kell shakes his head in response to Elinor's concerns and response, "Being wishful is part of faith, not everyone has the same amount of faith to the Seven, some may not have the time to dwell on such matters. But it doesn't mean that being wishful or faithful is wrong." There is a pause as the knight also considers Aeric's words, "I believe no one can say what is right and wrong in terms of how much faith one may have."

The lady Banefort had delivered another white petaled flower, a common spieces of flora collected from the grounds beyond the tower. Perhaps even by her own hand. Summoning the memory warms her softens her features, "A Septa of the Maiden was regularly in attendance. My elder sister, Shayla, and I took to her words and guidance as bees to honey. I am cannot claim to have the wisdom of the Septons though I can assure you my faith in the Seven is unwavering Ser Aeric. " She then looks to Kell, "It is, a great part of faith. Even if it is just a small part of acknowledgement. Gods are deserving of at least that much."

Aeric says, "I find many of my thoughts turning to the Stranger as much as one might expect me to offer prayers to the Warrior." Aeric considers the graves and the lichyard, the moon, Kell, Elinor.. indeed it seems he's doing a lot of thinking and.. he's looking rather annoyed about something. "In truth, I do not like who I have become in the last few years. Remind me to thank my cousin."

A grin appears on Kell's face as he listens to Aeric's words, "Too much thinking can become rather dull, I believe, sometimes one must just take action instead of pondering possibility and let the outcome fall where it goes." The knight then turns his gaze back to Lady Elinor and nods as she spares her past, "How one views faith also depends on how you grow up from youth as well as your life experiences, as you have just shared, Lady Elinor. Some are just more fortunate when it comes to good influences in their lives." Before Kell can continue further in sharing his thoughts, weariness does tug at the knight for he has had a long day and with that, he dips his head apologetically at both Aeric and Elinor, "I must apologize and take my leave, I believe it is time for me to get some rest. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintances, Ser Aeric and Lady Elinor. Hopefully our next encounters will be under… brighter circumstances."

The woman awards the parting Knight a curtsey of departure, "As you Ser Kell." The wicker basket is held by both hands now, hanging against her thighs. "I believe it was a blessing." She says upon the last words before Kell's departure then her gaze sweeps to Aeric, that sudden ebb of sadness reflected in her own features. "Ser Aeric," The wounded, "Should I ask for your escort to the tower would I be amiss in pulling you from your prayers?" She offers as sometimes too much reflection is troublesome. Most of her flowers were gone, laid near the headstones as her self appointed task was completed.

There's a nod to Kell as he departs then a reproving frown at Elinor. "Lady Elinor, I would be remiss to forbid such a request and less than a man to deny it. Of course, I will escort you." He smiles then and moves towards the exit of the graveyard, grateful for an excuse to depart it. Once he reaches the exit, he pauses to wait for her. "So tell me, who was that yelling so madly a few nights ago? Did you hear it?"

A visible sign of relief for she had wished to depart the lichyard before the darkest of night would color the world in shadows. Such a creepy place to be. "You have my gratitude Ser Aeric." She says. Her handmaidens waited on the outside of the gates prolonging their movements until Elinor came to join Aeric and begin their departure. That question brought a sudden drain of color from her features, the woman instantly turning her gaze elsewhere to conceal that shame and thankfully the handmaidens kept their silence as well. "I heard it." She started, a bowed head stared to the fallen leaves from the flowers still in the basket. "I heard the poor woman was shaken for hours."

"Hours?" Aeric raises a brow and glances towards Elinor. "Surely, she must have been assailed by some great villain upon that night of mischief to have been shaken for hours. What could have befallen her I wonder? Such a night is more pranks and mischief and no real harm. Leastwise, should I know anyone to cause harm under such a pretense, they would meet my steel for it."

Such words of valor consoled those dreadful memories. "A trickster, nothing more." The female replies a bit more soft hearted, "I would assume the woman would take in the spirit of the evening as just that, a prank and thankfully no harm came to befall her." Speaking of herself in third person felt strange though necessary with the spread of rumors pertaining to 'why' the woman went up there. Elinor's gaze turned to meet her escort's eyes briefly, "As was shared with me." Then her attention floated elsewhere, towards the dark blue blanket high above accented by pristine diamonds shining brilliantly. "Had you taken part in the festivities Ser Aeric? Were you able to enjoy yourself?"

"I did actually." Aeric returns, his mood lightening. "I think it did me some good. Brought me from my melancholy. Though I do wish that the holidays were reversed so that I did not have to dwell upon sadness thereafter." He offers a pragmatic shrug. "Still. It did give me a taste of whimsy which I have missed. It was once a part of me and ought to be a gain."

At least someone enjoyed their evening, Elinor displayed a smile, "It pleases me to hear that, though not to hear you are plagued with a sadness. The fond memories should over come the misfortune of their passing." The woman's head gestured to the graves, "I share Ser Kell's sentiment. I do not believe they wish us to spend our time mourning their absence. They are a reminder for us to live, are they not?" She asks while her handmaidens maintain some distance behind the pair. And as if it was her right to do so, Elinor's hand tapped against Aeric's arm, "Yes you appear to be solid and still living Ser Aeric."

Aeric glances to the contact, refraining from flinching or tearing her arm from its socket. Ahh reflex. There's a moment of reflection then he laughs. A strangely delayed reaction to her jest to be sure. "Lady Elinor.. I feel I must tell you, and I mean no slight nor abridgment of my oath to my cousin, that I do miss my wife terribly and see her face in most everything I do or see. I live because my life is not mine to give away and because I honor her. Sadness? It is my constant companion though I am not allowed to dwell upon it. And so I would ask that you not address the topic further. Lest I fail in my promise, hmm?"

Concern caused the wrinkle in brows for the first thought was regret in her attempt in jest. When laughed Elinor exhaled a short huff of nervous laughter. What followed had cleared a new way of seeing the Mallister, still she nodded and her sights to path ahead. "Of course Ser Aeric, forgive my approach on a subject that need not another voice to it." Elinor relayed in an apologetic tone while inside the mind she was beating her head against the wall. It took a summoning of courage to speak again which came after much silence from the lady, "How fares your progress with the war gallies?"

"Would that we had more than one." Aeric replies wanly. And he does wish they did. What a problem to have, eh? "Lady Elinor…" He stops walking and turns to face her with a patient expression. "There is no need to for apology. You did not know it vexed me as it did if you even knew that I had been married. For all you knew, should you have known, it was a marriage of convenience as many are. In my case, it was something of that and something more and it was the something more which bred between us a certain affection that I do miss. So. Curse not your query. I happen to laud the curious." He clasps his hands behind his back. "But. The dock is ready, the ship settled in, and now we need a solid crew to make her war ready." He shifts to face the direction they were originally headed and begins walking anew. "You have a pleasant singing voice."

When addressed Elinor resumed her attention to Aeric, given to pause in their progression by his design. The pair of maidens behind them paused to, exchanging a glance with one another and indeed still silent. They've gained a better skill at whispering unnoticed to one another. The lady gave her attentive ear as he spoke, entrusted with some truth to banish the suspect rumors. The corners of her lips tightened, how sad! She may have begun to ball right then and there by the way her eyes glistened at such a loss. Curse the romanticism of it as she lifted a slightly closed fist just beneath her nose. A few sniffs helped steel her resolve as for all he knew she may have been flattered. "Thank you Ser Aeric." The walk resumed, as did the maidens. "It feels, ethereal when captured in song. The best way as to how I can describe it. But I wonder is it just one vessel that has been built? Do they have plans for more?"

Aeric finally comes to a stop at the tower. "The galley was a gift to the Terricks to commemorate the wedding of Lord Jacsen to Lady Anais. As such I cannot speak to the building schedule of others should there be more. My purpose here is to captain it and see to the stability of the seas in this region." He offers her a smile and a faint bow. "As much as I would love to continue our discourse, I have duties that I have shirked today in favor of Remembrance. A think which might be acceptable to some but I keep myself to higher standards. May the Seven watch over you."