Page 327: Remeeting and Meeting
Remeeting and Meeting
Summary: Various folks meet up, are introduced or re-introduced, and get to know each other. Some are in questionable states of cleanliness.
Date: 11/06/2012
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Courtyard - Terrick's Roost
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
June 11, 289

The day after the storm has been a pleasant one by most accounts, what with the sun out again and the temperature somewhere around comfortably warm. The courtyard sees its fair share of activity in any given day, and this one is no exception. Though while there was something of a gathering earlier, now only Inigo is left sitting at a small table in the dappled shade of a tree, watered wine sitting on the table itself. He leans casually in his seat, legs stretched out and holding a small book in hand that he glances away from now and again.

Tia is staying at the inn, rather than straining the stores at the Roost itself. She and her goodbrother Einar, though likely Corrie and Anders are staying with the Terricks. Still, Tia has no problem coming by the Roost regularly, to visit with her goodcousin, or the friends she's made here, which include most if not all of the Ladies. So, it is no surprise to see her arriving, as she comes in through the portcullis, a maid and guard trailing her. She's still in mourning, though there is more grey to what the Flint lady wears now than black. Her dark blonde curls are perhaps one of the more easily recognizeable features as they gleam in the sunlight. Tia glances around, wandering over towards the garden planted by Muirenn to take a look and see how it is doing.

The owner of the Rockcliff must be thrilled with all the business the place is getting lately. Seems half the nobles in the Riverlands have been staying there recently. (Most of the other half is trapped in Stonebridge). One of his glances around catching sight of Tiaryn with her maid and guard, Inigo pauses in his reading a moment before calling out a greeting. Not saying hello at least would be terribly rude, right? "Good day, Lady," he says, then looks up at the sky. "Or maybe good afternoon."

Tia pauses as she hears a voice, glancing left and right, and then deciding it must be aimed at her. So she meanders that way, quite relaxed and enjoying the comfortable weather. "Good afternoon, M'lord," she says, with a polite curtsey. She pauses a moment, and decides to make it easy on the man. "I am Tiaryn Flint. My goodcousins, Young Lord Anders and Lady Cordelya are staying here at the Roost." Her guard is still all scowly faced - you can blame Anders for that - and her maid is not much better. "It seems you are enjoying a lovely day outside, far better for yesterday's rain. And might I ask what you are reading?"

"Yes, my apologies for the confusion," Inigo replies with a mildly sheepish grin after her confusion and introduction. "I should have been more specific in greeting." Setting the book aside, he stands and bows. "Good day, Lady Tiaryn." Second time's the charm? "Although I believe we have met before, once upon a time in a garden, I am Ser Inigo Vance, cousin of the Terricks. Ah, I believe a Lord…Einar? Flint was partially responsible for recovering some of the ladies horses, yes?" He takes his seat again with the remark, "The Roost has seen many visitors lately, one way or another. I suppose that mess in Stonebridge is to thank for it. But yes, I have been enjoying the weather while it is here to enjoy. Feel free to join me, if I am not keeping you from something more pressing." He taps his fingers against the book and answers, "Stuffy history, I'm afraid."

They did meet once, but that seems a lifetime ago, by some forms of reckoning. "Lord Vance, my apologies," Tia says with a slight blush, as she nods her head. Perhaps the second time will indeed be the charm. One can always hope. "And yes, Einar is my goodbrother. He and one of our guardsmen - Master Pariston Vis - went out looking for some horses. I know they recovered my Gethin, and Lady Muirenn's Pryderi, as well as a dappled grey that I believe I heard might belong to Mistress Dale." She pauses and then says, "I have been here, Stonebridge, and Seagard, not to mention the Twins of late. But that is perhaps not a bad thing, as it helps me to put perspective on some things. In our case, I believe that Anders has business here, so that we were actually planning to leave prior to the current mess in Stonebridge." She does glance at the book to see if she can perchance catch the title of the stuffy history book, but it is an idle curiosity.

Considering all the events that happened in between, one can easily be forgiven for forgetting a name for a moment. At least, Inigo himself seems completely unbothered. "Ah, you and the Lady Muirenn are very lucky, then. And yes, I can confirm that was Mistress Dale's mare," he says with a smile and a short laugh. "She might have sunshine away the stormy weather herself with the joy of her horse having been recovered." His amusement dims, though, reminded of why they needed to be recovered in the first place. "I hope you are doing well, or as well as can be, after what happened." The title of the book suggests that it is some variety of local Riverlands history. "I am sure you would have been fine, but it is probably for the best you left Stonebridge while you can."
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The bruise on Tia's face is fading out by now, barely visible. She smiles, and then she says, "Honestly, while I admit to being terrified, I at least had company," she says. "And it turned out far better than previous events, so I think I will be just fine. I am just as glad to have Gethin back, as he belonged to my brother, and is really the only thing I have left that belonged to any of my brothers." She pauses, tilting her head, as if not sure if she should explain that or not.

Inigo shifts in his seat at the small table beneath the shade of a tree, to sit up a little straighter. "I think many of us would rather you had less company, but then, I'm many of us would rather have switched places with you ladies and spared you, if such wickedness could not have been prevented at all." He smiles, but it's with sympathy, not joy. "Ah, it is always a hard thing to lose family." He does look a trifle confused about what happened to her brothers.

Tia takes a breath as she sees the confusion. "I was at Tall Oaks, when it fell," she says, the words numb, even still, with it being over five months ago. "As far as I know, I was the only survivor." Simple and straightforward, not much point in beating around the bush. There's only 2 Camdens left - Liliana and Tiaryn. Though of course, Tiaryn is now a Flint, since she was married off. "And please don't apologize, it's hopefully not written across my forehead, so I don't know how you would have known." She is standing by the table for the moment, her scowly faced guard and maid still standing there, doing their duty for propriety.

Stepping in through the portcullis, the expression on Martyn's face can at best be described as very thoughtful. He's dressed in clothing meant for being out in the woods at the moment, and carrying a hunting bow. Shaking his head a little bit, as if to clear his head a bit as he looks around the area.

What does one say to that? "…oh." Inigo is silent for a beat or two, brow knitting and lips pursed in a thoughtful expression. That's knowledge that requires some readjustment in thinking and puzzle pieces being put together. "Then I will not apologize, but you have my condolences, however belated they are at this point. I can only imagine…" He shakes his head.

Tia is used to it by now. It's a rather similar reaction she gets from most folks who haven't yet put together the pieces. "I was a Camden before I married Connell Flint," she explains, just to finish the bits and pieces. "And thank you." She inclines her head again to Inigo. "But thankfully, it is the only such story as everywhere else the endings were far happier," she says, trying to move the conversation along from the awkwardness that she herself introduced.

Martyn looks around for a few moments longer, pausing a bit as he notices the others present. Looking around a bit more, he offers a nod in their direction, but doesn't move at the moment.

"Ah, I had not made the connection before now, with you being a Flint." As if that wasn't already really obvious. Inigo isn't so out of the loop as to not know what happened to Tall Oaks and the Camdens, after all. "We are still here," he agrees with a short smile, possibly referring to them personally, or maybe the Roost and Seagard. He then returns Martyn's nod politely

Tia turns to catch sight of Martyn and she waves at him. "Lord Martyn, good afternoon to you," she says. "Are you well?" He looks rather as if he's got a headache, after all. Or well, maybe he's just deep in thought. Tia manages a smile to Inigo. "Maybe it should be written on my forehead?" she suggests, teasing a bit wryly. "Then we could avoid unintentionally awkward conversations." She pauses, taking a moment, and then she asks, "Have you seen Lady Lucienne about? I wanted to ask if I might borrow her harp from time to time while I am here. Though I promise not to take it out of the roost."

"Lady Tiaryn, Ser Vance. How are you two on this day?" Martyn asks after a few moments. "And I must apologize for not looking that presentable. I was out in the forrest for much of the morning." And that explains the woodsman's clothing and the hunting bow. Another brief pause, as he seems to realize something else. "I'm well, Lady Tiaryn. Thank you for asking." Bowing his head a little bit now.

"And mar a lovely forehead? Gods forbid," Inigo says to Tia with a broad smile. "No, I think those of us who accidentally stumble into the awkward conversations will just have to do our best to bear with with good grace and move on to happier subjects." And so they shall. "I have not seen the Lady Lucienne recently, though I believe she should be in the Roost." To Martyn he nods and smiles. "I am well…what were you doing the the forest?"

It must be that time again. The Mallister boys are looking like commoners. Where Martyn has selected the woodsy hunter role, Kamron has apparently chosen the dirty laborer role. His face is smudged here and there with dust and dirt, his pants, boots, shirt, and hands are completely covered in the stuff. Well, there are always cottages to be built, and strong backs are always welcome in that work. Kam comes ambling into the courtyard, drinking from a small metal canteen.

Wandering isn't a bad thing, as it gives the chance for a bit of exploration along the way. And so, that's what Saethwyr is about, it would seem. Making his way into the courtyard, he pauses there to take a look about in order to see what folks are about. Lifting his left hand, he lightly draws his fingers through his hair, tussling it a bit before releasing it to let it fall back across his shoulders. It doesn't take him long to spy Lady Tiaryn, though, and start to head in her direction.

Someone is tiptoeing her way through the portcullis as very quietly as she possibly can. Too much has happened to Saffron Banefort since she woke this morning, and its impossible to fully account every portion of the day's story in her state. Her shoes are missing, her feet bare and dirty from a mix of ocean water and dirt; thistles cling to the soft, loose lengths of cinnamon-red hair. The hems of her grey skirts are saturated in water, drip-dripping with each of her well-placed, perfectly silent steps. Dirt and clay darken the space beneath her fingernails and there is a well-placed bit of dirt on her cheek. She is literally dodging her way across the courtyard with trained steps.

Tia smiles to Martyn. "I think that you are just fine, Ser Martyn. This is hardly a formal ball or anything. And if you have been hard at work, then I don't see why you shouldn't look like it." She then chuckles at Inigo's remark, eyes dancing as her expression lightens. "I think I prefer that to having shushed whispers stopping as soon as I walk into a room," she says. "And thank you, I will keep an eye out for her." Kamron's arrival gets a blink, and then a "Lord Kamron, good day to you. I think perhaps you were not in the woods with Lord Martyn?" Though she's not at all sure where he was, but that's kind of the question she's asking so diplomatically. At hte moment, she's not spied Saethwyr, her gaze still on the Mallisters and Vance Lords. And as for whoever it is sneaking by, that person is totally behind Tia on this nice warm, sunny day.

What he was doing in the woods… Martyn shrugs a little bit, offering a nod and a grin in Inigo's direction now. "Well, I needed to pass on some usueful skills for the woods to my squire," he replies. Those that's been at the courtyard might know that Xander, the squire in question, came back an hour or hour and a half ago, though. He offers a bit of a smile at Tia's words, "Thank you, Lady Tiaryn." Kamron's appearance makes him pause for a few moments, as he looks around the yard, then over to his cousin, offering a nod. "Cousin. I was wondering if you have time for a little talk later today?" It's spoken a bit quietly, and perhaps it's as if he only seemed partially sure he should ask the question.

Inigo glances between the Mallister boys. "Someone has been busy," he remarks with a crooked smile. He is quite the opposite picture, what with his lounging in a chair in the shade, a book nearby him on the table. "My lady, I promise I will continue to whisper even when you walk into the room," he jokes to Tiaryn, smile widening. "Ah, important skills, yes," he says with a nod to Martyn and then lifts a finger to point at Kamron. "Lord Justin was asking me earlier if either you or Ser Hardwicke had made plans to go after our missing bandit," he informs the man. As for a certain someone creeping around…that's the sort of thing it isn't polite to point out, isn't it? Though he has a hard time not staring.

Spotting the gathering of nobles, Kamron raises a hand in greeting, capping off the canteen and hanging it from his belt. He moves over toward the group, bowing slightly as he approaches, "Lady Tiaryn," his eyes flicker over to the others, "Coz, Ser Inigo." There's a delay as the new person approaches, and he wracks his brain a moment, "Ser… Saethwyr?" He chuckles softly at Tiaryn's question, "No… I was helping put the walls up at Emmon and Mery's cottage." He looks down at himself, "And I rather look a wreck." And then as his eyes rise up again, he looks past the Flint lady, and his eyebrows climb onto his forehead, accompanied by half-smothered laughter. "Hrm? Of course, coz. If you'll excuse me a moment." And then he's moving past the group, to cut off Saffron's escape, "It seems I'm not the only one wrecking clothes, My Lady Saffron. You look like you have had a very entertaining time."

Nathaniel brushes his hands together while he walks out of the stables, and then hitches a leather bag more securely onto his shoulder. He slows, however, when he sees the group of people in the courtyard, and his eyes scan from person to person. Some are strangers. Others, like the Lady Tia and Ser Saethwyr, are familiar at elaset by sight although he has met neither formally. He continues to scout the area, and in that process, he spies the young lady looking as if she has returned from some adventure. His eyebrows rise for a moment, but he remains silent. The sight of her dainty bare feet do cause a frown to form on his lips.

Closer does Saethwyr draw to the group which Tiaryn is a part of, though he doesn't stare at her. His dark gaze wanders by times, merely to keep an eye on who else is in the courtyard. He notices the sneaking one since she's behind Tiaryn, but doesn't call attention to her, though it does bring a bit of a smile to tug at the corners of his lips. Interesting. Once he's reached the group, he stops and offers a bow. "Good day, my Lords, Lady Tiaryn," Saethwyr offers by way of greeting. Straightening, one of his dark eyes is left partially veiled by a lock of his hair, not that he seems to particularly mind. He chuckles softly, then gives a nod to Kamron. "Aye," he affirms, as to his name.

Blast! Saffron was about to gracefully duck behind a nice obstruction that would give her plenty of time to map a path to the hall doors, but some ruddy Mallister has gotten in her way. She squints up at him through slightly muddied forelocks, and she promptly jabs her finger into the Knight's unarmored chest. "Silence, Mallister… or I'll see if I can make your state worse than mine." Despite the rather firm, bristled words, there is a touch of laughter in her pale blue eyes. "I have not wrecked my clothing," she further states as she attempts to pirouette around the man in what she hopes is a feeble escape attempt. "I have merely enhanced their rustic details."

Kamron shouldn't laugh, he really shouldn't. He's getting jabbed in the chest. Still, laughter bubbles up in his chest, 'should' be damned. "If you look carefully, Lady Saffron, you will note that I have already done a number on my own clothing. Although I had not thought to add…" he looks down, "…seawater? to the mix? I could have made mud." He turns to keep facing her as she dances around him, adding, "And you really should at least say hello to the others." He gestures in the direction of the noble collection, "If you take small steps, they may not even notice that you've lost your slippers." Once more, his grin twists his lips, "You'll really have to tell me what you've been up to some time, My Lady, and where it is that you've lost Mistress Morla or Master Punbah." And then he offers out his arm to escort Saffron over to the group of nobles.

Uhm, right. So, one Tia distraction - Ser Saethwyr. Which in normal circumstances would work incredibly well, but as Kamron leaves and Saeth appears and all, Tia's attention is caught and she glances over to spy who it is that Kamron has found. Oh. Dear. Her eyes widen, and she does stare for a long moment as she tries to decide if she should /say/ something. Anything? Or not. Her voice is a little bit distracted, thus, as she says, "I like the woods. Perhaps I might get to go spend some time among some trees soon. I think I would enjoy such an occasion." Old Gods. Trees. And where's the nearest godswood now? Sadface. "You are all of you very kind and chivalrous, Sers." A glance at Saeth, and then her hands are clasped in front of her, as her gaze goes back to Saffron and Kamron. It's safer than looking at Saethwyr. Honest. A quick look back, and Tia gives a polite curtsey. "Lord Saethwyr, good afternoon to you," she says. Don't stare, look away. Oh hey, is that the courier from the inn yesterday? What's he doing here? But really, Tia has to look back at Saffron, because … "Lady Saffron? Are you alright?" she calls out. Cause Kamron is keeping Saffy from hiding, after all.

It's hard to say if Martyn looks relieved at Kamron's words, but he offers a nod at the other Mallister's words. Watching where he heads off to, he spots Saffron, blinking a few times, although he doesn't say anything to her at the moment, just offering a bit of a polite nod and a smile in her direction now. Looking over to Inigo, he shakes his head very momentarily. "I don't think any plans have been made yet," he says, after a few moments.

Double blast! Saffron scowls good naturedly up at the Knight. "The day is not done yet," she challenges him in a fire-laced tone. "I can still make some mud. It may not be with seawater though." She narrows her eyes at him, though there is the smallest dimpling in her cheeks. "Here's the problem with you wanting to know all my secrets, Ser Kamron… you will tell them to Mistress Morla. I am fully aware you are conspiring with her." Not about the betrothal of course, no… not that. Though… maybe…? She takes his offered arm however, sliding her hand along his forearm as she does. As she allows him to guide her toward the others, she seems to nevermind the peeking of her toes beneath the hems. Close enough now, she smiles to Tiaryn. "Perfectly fine, Lady Tiaryn."

Nathaniel wanders further along the perimeter of the courtyard, keeping himself at a distance from all of those noble-folk. He comes to a sunny spot near one of the potted plants and pauses there, first to examine the plant itself, and then to lean against the wall and watch the gathering studiously.

"Ser Saethwyr?" Inigo says as the other man confirms his name. "I do not believe we have met. I am Ser Inigo Vance," he introduces himself to the one person nearby who doesn't know who he is already. "Just be sure to care and have guards with you, should you venture into the trees." No doubt something the ladies have been hearing a lot lately, considering what happened so recently with the bandits. He nods idly at Martyn's reply — Good to know — and looks back towards Saffron, amused apparently. "I am beginning to feel out of sorts, surrounded by people who have bee so obviously…busy."

"Not me," Tia says with a grin to Inigo. She's perfectly spotless in fact. Even her hair is all bound up with no loose tendrils today. Though they might be starting to work their way free, those curls. "Though I agree, guards who are good in the woods," Tia says, accepting Inigo's caution without any undue stress about it. "And I might bring my own bow, though I promise to try not to shoot my guards." A darker glance over at scowly face - she might not mind too much if she accidentally hits him a little. "Lady Saffron, I am glad that you are well. But might I inquire as to what you were doing that's left you looking quite the match for the Lords Mallister?" Tia asks, letting her curiosity show. She is still doing her best to keep her gaze away from Saethwyr, who hopefully won't take it amiss.

Kamron scoffs at Saffron's complaint, "I only tell her what she needs to know, Lady Saffron, and what it takes to stay in her good graces." He's no fool, this one. "I would never dare mention anything about slipper-less escapades." Except he's just done so, in mixed company. And he's grinning. Tiaryn's query draws a chuckle to his lips, "Or, don't tell me. But you wouldn't deny Lady Tiaryn the story, would you?" Now that he's back in the group, he listens to the ladies with half an ear as he looks over to the Vance, "Sorry about that, Ser Inigo. Ser Hardwicke is heading up this particular raid. You should speak with him if you want in on it." He probably should have dropped his arm to his side, releasing Saffron from his escort now that they've stopped, but his arm remains appropriately offered, as if he were expecting to have to lead off once more.

Martyn chuckles after a few moments, as he listens to the others, especially as he hears Tiaryn's question. "Well, there are worse people you could look the match of, of course…" he offers, then goes quiet again as he listens to the others.

"And I am eternally grateful to that," Inigo says, tipping a lopsided grin towards Tiaryn as he brushes off his fine and also spotless doublet. "I am sure your guards would greatly appreciate you not shooting them. They are only trying to see your welfare stays well," he continues with a laugh. Poor scowly guard. "Oh, it is no problem, Ser Kamron…I can fully understand what pulled you away. Thank you." He inclines his head towards Saffron. "Lady…Sea Spirit," he greets, humor in his warm brown eyes.

"It is a very long story, Lady Tiaryn… I will say that it involves a dog, a cat, and a six year old boy." Saffron offers a small grin. "I will tell you more later, as I'm not allowing Ser Kamron to get the story so easily." She flashes Kamron a narrowed look before she settles her attention once more on Tiaryn and her company. Like the Knight, she fails to drop her own arm from his — a subconscious gestures, certainly. She both brightens and flushes pink at Inigo's name, and she inclines her head gently. "It is I," she says, her tone warm and teasing.

Saethwyr glances briefly over towards Saffron, but then his attention shifts back to the group closer at hand. And to Tiaryn. "My Lady, if you would wish an escort for a visit to the woods, I would offer my services," he offers, inclining his head to her. It will keep her safer, you see. "I would trust that you fare well, Lady Tiaryn?" he asks, raising an eyebrow slightly. And the lock of hair remains to cast its veil across one of his eyes, as he doesn't bother to move it aside himself. His attention shifts to Inigo, and he half bows. "Ser Vance, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Ser Saethwyr Charlton," he offers in turn. Tiaryn's mention of a bow, however, serves to claim his attention, a spark of interest showing in his dark eyes. "You shoot a bow, my Lady?" he asks, curiosity touching his voice. "Perhaps I may have a chance to see you do so, sometime?" he inquires, a thoughtful note to his voice. He would deny it being intentional if the scowly guard was shot, not that he wouldn't enjoy it.

Emerging from the hall with Anathe at her side, Nedra shades her eyes with one hand as she steps into the courtyard, her head tilting slightly as she murmurs in quiet conversation with her Septa as she takes a long and rather appreciative look at the interior of the courtyard. She pauses to admire the potted plants before spotting the trellises of flowers and other such bits of greenery, a look of surprised pleasure upon her face as she wanders toward one of the trellises for a closer look. Anathe's light tap of her elbow draws her attention to the number of people already in the courtyard, making Nedra straighten subtly as she glances from face, putting few names to faces that she recognizes - really only her brother and Lady Saffron.

Nathaniel remains still and silent, except that when he hears Lady Tia's claim to archery, he studies her specifically for a moment before his eyes continue to dart from person to person.

"And better, too, coz." Kamron chuckles at Martyn's words, "At least in my current state." Inigo's words draw a fuller laugh, "I do seem to find myself surrounded by spectral ladies. First the lovely and mysterious Lady Ghost, and now," he gestures with his free hand to Saffron, "Lady Sea Spirit?" Doing his duty, he provides proper introductions, "Ser Inigo Vance, Lady Saffron Banefort. Lady Saffron, Ser Inigo." And then his free hand, the one not 'escorting' the Lady Saffron, rises to wave a greeting to his sister before he turns back to Martyn, "That subject you wanted to discuss, coz… was it something immediate, or would you rather wait for a more private locale?"

"What if we'd sent Ser Kamron off on a mission to let the rest of us her the story, Lady Saffron?" Martyn asks with a bit of a smile. "It seems like a very interesting story, after all." He then nods at Tiaryn. "Not shooting your guards sounds like a good thing, Lady Tiaryn." He turns around to see Nedra as he sees Kamron wave a greeting to her, and offers a bit of a polite nod and a half-wave, before he looks back to the other Mallister knight. "A more private locale would be best, cousin," he replies after a few moments of pause, a bit quietly.

Tia doesn't even look upset about the question about if she shoots. "I do, though I fully admit that Liliana is a better shot than I am." Hah. Proper ladies do a lot of things that perhaps don't get announced often. She grins at Martyn, and nods. "True, my Lord. You and ser Kamron make a fine pair to match." She did notice, really she did. Inigo gets a chuckle, musical as the sound is, as he brushes off the spotless doublet. "Most of the guards," she adds, stoutly. Though at least she doesn't look at scowly face as she says that straightfaced. "You know, I think Lord Anders is threatening to send my guards to The Wall should anything befall me now. That's why of late they are all scowly faced." No doubt Scowly face's ears have now gone red, but really that's his problem.
Tia takes a breath, and then she nods to Saffron. "Alright, but I will hold you to that, my friend. I expect all the details, and I promise not to tell Lord Kamron." All of which does not prevent her from looking to Saeth finally, her fingers still laced together so they don't move at all. "I do shoot, and I've no objection to you practicing at archery at the same time as I am, one day." But not just watching, nope. Got to get your hands dirty, Saeth.

At the sight of Nedra, Saffron brightens to the Mallister girl. Despite the state of her soaked hems, loss of shoes, and bits of thistle and mud in her hair, she is content and smiling without concern. Her gaze returns to Inigo, and she offers the man a bow of her head. "Ser Inigo, a pleasure to meet you of course. Never fear, I will always respond to Lady Sea Spirit if it delights you so." As Kamron regards his cousin, she slips her fingers across the Knight's skin as if she might be releasing him from his escorting duties — despite the fact they are standing perfectly still. "Maybe, Ser Martyn… but you must all swear not to tell Ser Kamron." At the talk of marksmanship, Saffron keeps her face as open and soft as possible. She casually notes as she does that, "Lady Anais is not terrible with a bow herself, though it is of course a ladylike measure of skill."

"Charlton?" Inigo's brows raise at the last name. "You are a very lucky Charlton, then, from what I have been hearing. But yes, quite a pleasure to meet you." Humor returns quickly, his lips quirking in a smirk as he looks from Kamron to Saffron and back again. "Perhaps I should be calling you Ser Spectral," he suggests with amusement. "It seems I am far more forgettable than I usually consider myself today," he says on a sigh that is deliberately dramatic. He winks at Tiaryn before explaining to Kamron and Saffron, "The last time I was introduced to the Lady Saffron by you, I believe it was at the end of the Frey Tourney. But it is, of course, a pleasure to see you again."

Nedra lifts one hand to wave in return, smiling toward Kamron and Lady Saffron, seeing the half-wave and nods politely as well as she sets course for where Kamron and Lady Saffron are with the group they're speaking to. The sight of Lady Saffron with soaked hem, absent shoes, bits of thistle and mud in her hair makes Nedra's eyes sparkle with visible mirth. A glance to Kamron, takes in his head to toe ensemble of dust, dirt, what-no and has to fight back the laughter that threatens to bubble over. "Good day," she offers aloud, that laughter coloring her tone of voice as she dips a curtsy as a general greeting to those near enough to be speaking to.

Kamron opens his mouth to respond to Martyn, only to be distracted by the withdrawal of Saffron's fingers along his arm. Frowning just a moment, he shakes his head, "You really are going to make me beg for the story of how a six-year-old's dog took off after a cat, and had to be retrieved despite it running down to the coast," as he speaks, he studying the damage to the Banefort lady's attire, mentally counting off the causes, "…and into a thistle patch." He shrugs helplessly at Inigo, "I never remember whom I've introduced to whom." And then Nedra arrives, and he offers her a smile, "This one, however, I'm sure I have yet to introduce. Lady Tiaryn Flint, Ser Saethwyr Charlton, Ser Inigo Vance. My sister Lady Nedra Mallister." He gestures then to Martyn, "And of course you remember Cousin Martyn." He nods briefly to his cousin as well, acknowledging the request for privacy later.

Saethwyr tilts his head slightly to one side, and then he gives a nod to Lady Tiaryn. He wisely doesn't comment on what threats Lord Anders may or may not be making to her guards, though. "Of course, my Lady. It would be an honour to have the opportunity to practice archery with you, one day," he responds, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, and he's even passably fair with a bow. His attention slips back to Inigo, and then he gives a nod. "Aye, it would seem luck favoured me in that," he says, a bit of concern coming to his voice. He's worried for his family, after all, given the flurry of rumours that abound over what's taking place in Stonebridge. As introductions are made to Lady Nedra, his dark gaze turns to her, and he offers a bow. "A pleasure to meet you, my Lady," he offers, a smile returning to his features.

Nedra glances from face to face, putting name and proper mode of address to each as Kamron gestures to each notable in turn. She tilts her head back slightly and glances up at Cousin Martyn, "It has been quite some time, but I do believe so," she admits after a moment of careful study. Her head tilts in a nod to Ser Saethwyr, "To you as well, in return," she offers. "I hope I'm not intruding," she adds, "it seemed such a fine time to take some fresh air."

Saffron glances toward Kamron after she slipped from his arm, though she offers him the smallest smile in consolation. Then she settles her attention on Nedra briefly before Kamron's assessment of her attire, and she offers him a snort. "Wrong… the cat chased the dog." And then, with a smug smile on her lips, she returns to Nedra. "Have you finished exploring the Four Eagles Tower yet, Lady Nedra?" She inquires brightly. "And you are hardly intruding. You help balance our your brother nicely."

Tia grins as Kamron puts together a perfectly plausible story about how Saffron got to be in quite the state she's in, only to have Saffron shoot it down. But the introduction of thet new Lady Mallister distracts her, even from Saethwyr's errant lock of hair that needs to be moved out of his eyes. "Lady Nedra, a pleasure to meet you. You're not intruding at all," she says, with a polite curtsey. A pause and a somewhat rueful smile to Inigo. "I am sorry, Lord Inigo. I appear to have started a trend." And then a glance at Martyn briefly before she looks to Saethwyr. "As for a visit to the woods, your company would of course be welcome. Though I suspect that I might need to bring additional guards, or else Lord Anders might be locking me up in a tower." Well, if he had one. Perhaps he can borrow one?

"Of course," Martyn offers to Saffron with a bit of a nod and a smile. He turns to watch Nedra for a few moments now, before he nods a bit at Kamron's introduction. "I knew there were something familiar about you," he offers to Nedra, with a bit of a nod and a grin. "A pleasure to meet you again, Lady Cousin," he adds. "When did you arrive here?"

"You are correct, Ser. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Nedra," Inigo speaks, first to Kamron and then to Nedra, bowing his head to the latter. "Luck has favored you," he agrees with Saethwyr, giving the man a sympathetic look. "Though I am sure your family is unharmed." That really would be an act of war if they were. Then he stands, pushing himself out of his seat with an easy grace and picking his book up off the table again. "You should be careful of the trends you start," he teases Tiaryn. "I will have to endeavor to make myself more memorable in the meanwhile. As is, however, I am afraid I must bid you all a good day. I'm sure I will see you again." He bows slightly, and makes to leave.

Kamron waves off Saffron's correction with an airy gesture, "Details, details…" His grin returns full-force as he tilts his head, "Although… I suppose it is quite rare for the cat to chase the dog. It must either have been quite the cat, or quite the dog. I hope the poor hound didn't get himself trapped without escape." He nods his head to Inigo, "And I believe I should be departing as well. However wonderfully Lady Saffron may carry off her disarray, it bet it is quite a good deal less appealing on a man. If you will excuse me, Ladies, Sers." Taking a step back, he motions slightly toward Martyn, "Come find me this evening or tomorrow morning, coz. We'll talk then?"

Nathaniel continues to watch in silence, although he takes note of each new name that drafts across the courtyard to his ear. He chuckles to himself at Kamron's comment about the uncommon cat or dog in that chase.

"Worry not, my Lady — you're no intrusion," Saethwyr says, inclining his head to Lady Nedra. Saffron's correction to the tale draws a chuckle from him, but his attention shifts back to Tiaryn when she addresses him. "I would hope he'd not do such to you for taking a walk in the woods. Though if extra guards would be the price to pay, it would still be worth it," he comments, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Looking to Inigo, he gives a small nod. "I would rather hope that they would be unharmed. Though it seems the rumours bring nothing of that sort of information," he comments, his tone thoughtful as the concern returns. "A good day to you, Ser," he adds, giving a nod.

"Not as of yet, no," Nedra admits, "but I'm sure I will get to it eventually," she says with a smile to Lady Saffron before turning to Lady Tiaryn, "it's a pleasure to meet you as well. Lady Tiaryn's remark about being locked up in a tower makes Nedra send a curious look at Lady Tiaryn but she turns slightly to Martyn, laughing before saying, "That's either a slight to my poor brother for how dainty he looks or one to my poor self for how dainty I don't look?" she teases Martyn with a grin. She tilts her head in a nod toward Ser Inigo, "A pleasure meeting you as well, Ser," she offers before the man takes his leave, nodding to Kamron then wrinkling her nose at him in a comic expression. "You look as though a dust bucket attacked you - and won, brother. I suggest soap, and water, in appropriate measures."

Martyn nods a little at Kamron's words, "Sounds good." He offers a nod to Inigo as the man makes his way out as well. "And don't eat the soap," he offers to Kamron, before he offers a grin to Nedra. "It's to your brother, of course," he replies a bit lightly. "Have you met my sister yet, during your stay here?" he adds, after a few brief moments of pause. Listening to the others with a bit of a thoughtful expression too.

Saffron looks up into the familiar eyes of the Mallister Knight, and Kamron is awarded a small smile at his compliment. "I am well practiced, Ser Kamron," she says as she idly pulls a thistle from her locks. Her gaze then looks back toward Tiaryn with a slight tilt of her head, and then back to Saethwyr. Something worrying touches her features, stealing the dimples from her once-smile.

Tia inclines her head to INigo, as he departs. "Good afternoon to you, Ser Inigo. I promise to recall your name the next time we meet," she says, returning his tease immediately. She does seem to be in far better humour than she had been previously. At least for those who've met her during the past 5 months or so. "Ser Kamron, you are ever a paragon of knightly virtue," she says, letting the amusement dance across her blue eyes. "But if you feel you must needs powder your nose, far be it from me to stop you. A good day to you, Ser." She doesn't add to the tower bit, as yet, since she's not been asked, and she doesn't know Nedra very well at all yet. She does smile at Saffron, chuckle at Martyn's teasing of his cousin, and then look to Saethwyr. "Thank you for such a lovely compliment, Ser Saethwyr," she says. "I will see what Anders says about a visit to the woods, and how many guards might be acceptable."

Scowly face just glowers at Saethwyr.

Kamron salutes Nedra with a clasped fist raised across his chest, "Just what I had in mind, sister dear. A nice scrub and then a long soak." He snorts at Martyn, just barely resisting making a rude gesture since there are so many women around, "I will try not to eat the soap. But you know me, I get so hungry." Those last words couldn't possibly be blander than the deadpan delivery by the younger Mallister knight. He bows to Tiaryn, Saffron, Nedra, nods to the others, and then he's off to get cleaned up.

Because that is what Scowly face does. Saethwyr casts the guard a slight glance, but no further of his attention than that. Acting as though the man doesn't bother him will likely only end up irking the guard further. Which, while not particularly useful, does have a factor of amusement to it. Instead, his dark gaze settles on Tiaryn, and he inclines his head slightly to her. "Aye, my Lady," he says softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. His gaze turns to Kamron, and he offers a nod before his attention comes back to the others.

"Thank you, ser," Nedra replies with another tilt of her head in a nod to Ser Saethwyr," then glances back to Kamron with: "If you eat the soap you'll hiccup bubbles," and there's something her tone of voice that implies the word 'again', that merry gleam in her eyes. To Martyn she says, "I'm not sure I have, to be honest, I'm sorry cousin," she says as she runs over the names of those she's been introduced to (or re-introduced to) in the last few days, his barb to Kamron bringing a quick and impish grin to her face before she says: "Perhaps, but so many new and unfamiliar names are tangled up a bit at the moment," she admits. Lady Tiaryn's words make her laugh again, casting a look at Lady Tiaryn that conveys appreciation for such a well aimed remark before Kamron makes his way from the courtyard.

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens. "That's how new places are, cousin," he offers to Nedra, before he looks over in Saethwyr's direction. "Do you know anything more about what it was that happened in Stonebridge, Ser?" he asks after a few moments. Sounding a bit curious now.

Scowly face does increase the glare factor, but nobody really seems to notice. Poor Guard. Tia inclines her head, her own lips quirking in a smile at Nedra. Does anyone else get the idea that with Nedra, Saffron, Anais, Tia … there could be some serious escapades happening at the roost? Tia offers a smile to Saethwyr. "Have you been exploring the roost?" she asks him, softly. "Have you found your way to the sea side as yet? It's quite pretty."

Nathaniel remains content to watch from his distant vantage, noting the subtle postures and gestures that reveal what words will not. He smiles faintly when he sees that guard of Tia's, scowling as usual at Ser Saethwyr. Surely there must be some deep root to nourish a bloom of hostility like that.

Saethwyr raises an eyebrow slightly as he brings his gaze to Martyn, and then he lightly shakes his head. "Alas, no… I've not found out anything more about what happened or the state of things. It seems it's all rumours and speculations," he says, his brow furrowing slightly and a thread of concern running through the words. Then he looks to Tiaryn, lifting his left hand to lightly brush aside his hair from his face as he does so. "I've not had a chance to fully explore it yet, but I have done some wandering about. It would seem not yet to the sea side, though, but I believe I will have to make a point of visiting it," he says, a smile coming to his features. Scowl on, Mr. Scowly — scowl on!

Nedra turns a glance from Martyn toward Ser Saethwyr at Martyn's question before turning toward Lady Tiaryn's question toward Ser Saethwyr and back to Lady Tiaryn, following the path of the current conversation even as she glances around again. She spots her septa, Anathe, standing in the shadow cast by one of the flowering trellises, the few others that are in the courtyard, sending a polite nod to the young man dressed in shades of brown, green and gray.

Martyn nods a little bit. "It's a very unfortunate situation, yes." He goes back to looking around, once more a bit lost in thought now.

Tia is not so observant as Nedra, at this point, but she does have distracting Saethwyr to blame. So, although she did notice Nathaniel earlier, she's not still paying enough attention to realize that he is there. Or that he's trying to figure out why Scowly face is quite so scowly. She does give Saethwyr a sweet smile. "It's a nice spot, good for throwing rocks and watching the waves." That's about all she'll say on that note, for a moment. She does glance over at Nedra, and she asks, "I take it you've not been here very long? How are you finding it? And are you coming from Seagard? Are the repairs there finished yet?" she asks. Martyn gets a bit of a glance, but she's not got anything more to add to the whole Stonebridge issue.

Nathaniel straightens when Nedra glances in his direction, and nods. Although he maintains silent in the manner befitting those who serve, he does offer a deep bow to the woman before standing with a sense of heightened tension in his limbs as if he is ready to responds if summoned.

The Charlton Knight inclines his head towards Tiaryn, a smile to his features. "I'll definitely have to be sure to visit the seashore, then, on your recommendation," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. Well she poses questions to Nedra, though, his attention wanders a bit, finding Nathaniel and offering a nod to the man. But he looks further, admiring the flowers and such of the courtyard. Saethwyr does end up giving another glance towards Scowly McScowl, but lets his attention wander on by.

"Just a few days now," Nedra replies with another glimpse of a smile toward Lady Tiaryn, "and I'm finding it a decided change of pace," she admits. "It's not just the difference in people, of course, for going from one city to another simply accomplishes that, after all. All the same, it's very different. And the repairs," she pauses to give a small shake of her head, "not entirely, no, but these things also take time. No keep is built in a single day, nor is it repaired in one. But things progress apace as expected."

Martyn pauses a little bit as he listens now. "It will be looking nice when the repairs are all done. Both there and here," he adds, after a few moments of pause. Looking around as well, he sees Nathaniel, offering the man a bit of a nod now.

Nathaniel returns each nod in turn, and watches the group more closely yet while his stance remains rigid, as if he is now on high alert.

Tia nods to Nedra, slightly amused by the descriptions. "I would like to go back to Seagard - oh wait - there's a tourney coming up." That suddenly gets a very bright look from Tia. "We will all surely be able to judge the repairs for ourselves." That's almost a bit gleeful right there. "Though, I suppose I shall have to not sing for the champions this time, as I did for Ser Blayne." But if anyone were inclined, there's surely harps to be bought in Seagard. No pressure or anything. As Saeth and Nedra both nod to Nathaniel, and then Martyn follows up, Tia does glance that way again. Her brow creases a bit, as she gives a nod as well. But whether she quite places him or not, she takes a breath and then gives a mischievous smile to the group. "I think perhaps I will go spend some time by the water, myself. It has been nice to meet you, Lady Nedra. Ser Martyn, good to see you again. Lord Saethwyr, as always a pleasure." She curtseys, as she takes a step back, ready to depart the courtyard herself.

"It will be nice to see when the repairs are done, yes, but the structures, the buildings, the homes, they're just places. The places, repaired, help in small way to help repair the lives affected by the strife," Nedra says quietly. "A tourney?" she says, curiosity rife in her tone of voice, smiling at Lady Tiaryn, "You sang for the champions? How lovely," she remarks before giving a nod to Lady Tiaryn, "It was a pleasure meeting you, Lady Tiaryn, and I do hope to see you again soon," she offers before the lady departs the courtyard.

Saethwyr tilts his head a little to one side, his dark gaze slipping back to Tiaryn at mention of a journey. And a tourney. Hmm. The notion distracts him slightly, but not enough to miss her mentioning going to the water. And so inclines his head to her. "My Lady, might I offer you an escort?" he asks gently. Though he does, perhaps, suspect that she will decline, as she'd mentioned venturing there by herself. It doesn't hurt to offer, though.

Tia nods to Nedra. "I heard that there is a tourney to celebrate Lord Patrek's betrothal," she says, simply. A glance to Martyn and Nathaniel, who is still watching them. Who is that man anyway? She shakes her head, and then she smiles to Saethwyr, inclining her head. "Of course, you are quite welcome to accompany me," she says. "Lady Nedra, Lord Martyn, a pleasure. Good day to you both." And with that she does make to head back towards the portcullis on her way to the seashore.

"Ah, the tourney will be fun," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause. "And I'm sure we can get hold of a harp for you at some point, Lady Tiaryn. Even if it's only on loan. For the chance to hear you sing again, of course." As it seems both Tia and Saethwyr prepare to leave, he offers them a nod and a smile. "It was a pleasure to meet you two again," he offers to them.

Nathaniel might not have learned The Game from childhood as these nobles surely have, but he understands the value of persistence. He smiles at Saethwyr's persistence, for offering several times to escort, without receiving a clear answer.

Smoothly, the Charlton Knight bows to Lady Tiaryn at her acceptance of his offer. "Thank you, my Lady," Saethwyr says softly, a smile coming to his features. Then he looks to Nedra and Martyn, offering a nod to them. "Good day to you both," he adds. As she starts to make her way towards the portcullis, he walks with her, a bit to her left side and not touching. Take that, Mr. McScowly.

Nedra makes a quiet, "Ahh," of sound as Lady Tiaryn explains the purpose of the Tourney and gives another dip of a curtsey to Ser Saethwyr and Lady Tiaryn as they take their leave. She gives another trace of a smile at the young man who stands so silently, observantly, in the background before turning back to Martyn. "Forgive me, Cousin, but I don't recall the name of your sister," she admits quietly.

Tia glances over at Saeth, her own expression brightening slightly, though as he doesn't offer his arm, she doesn't ask. Which is probably good because Scowly face is definitely Not. Happy. The maid just rolls her eyes and follows along. It's a nice walk over to the water, giving Saeth and Tia a chance to talk, which perhaps they ought to do, all things considered. It might make it easier for them, to stop just trying not to stare at each other.