Page 273: Relief Arrives
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Summary: Muirenn and Kamron deliver supplies to the Roost, to Anais' relief.
Date: 17/04/2012
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Entrance Hall — Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.
April 17, 289

When your squire is as clumsy as Percival Ryger, it takes a good long while to get out of armor. And after Martyn's commentary about Kamron's blacksmith-ine scent, he's taken the time to have a short bath. And so it's some little time before he returns to the Entrance Hall, his hair still wet and slicked back, changed into mourning attire. Unlike most Mallister scions, however, he is without a touch of purple, instead only breaking the black of his clothes with a simple steel eagle pin at one collar.

Most of the day squires and servants have been bring in and putting away an enormous number of trunks, crates, and flats of tender seedlings planted into individual clay vials. Organizing their number from aboard ship was the young Muirenn Mallister. When the last crate was offloaded she disembarked and slowly made her way up to the keep followed by her maid and Septa. A stop in town was taken to point out things to the mason who is accompanying her. Eventually, the girl makes it back to the castle. Windblown, exceedingly tired, but quite cheerful she chats with the mason. "I know there is much work to be done, but your assistance is something that I am so very grateful for….as is my cousin the Lord Mallister." there is a pause as she says these words and the brightness in her eyes dims somewhat in sadness. Continuing as if nothing is wrong she says, "Until other structures are available, we have the small camp set up. In the morning you may find the Lord Ser Terrick or the young Lord Terrick who will be able to instruct you further."

Luckily for cash-strapped Terrick Roost, the colors of Anais' maiden house are quite suited to mourning in blacks and greys. Unfortunately, switching from her dowry wardrobe to her girlhood wardrobe hasn't done much for her image as the lady of the keep. Her activities, on the other hand, have made that position clear. "No, not one of the rabbits, Denna," she sighs to the kitchen girl walking beside her. "They need time to breed before we start using them. But see if you can get Kincaid to take you out in a skiff with a net and see what you can bring in, please?" At the sound of other voices giving direction, she turns, a smile breaking across her features when she recognizes Muirenn. "Muirenn!" she calls across the hall, raising a hand as she starts toward the other woman. "I'm so sorry I didn't meet you at the gate."

Brightening exceedingly, Muirenn quickens her pace to meet Anais in the middle. "Anais! Oh I have missed you!" She embraces her friend tightly, "Oh wait till you hear what I have brought!" There is a pause and she says more formally, "I also grieve for your loss, the news of the Lady Evangeline's passing was felt deeply at Seagard, especially so soon after our own losses." Her tone is appropriately dignified and exceedingly polite. She even gives a lingering pause, before continuing, "Would you care to go over the details at breakfast tomorrow? I imagine most of our people will wish to retire early this evening. Several are unused to travel by sea."

Kamron spots Muirenn first, although that's not difficult, and makes his way over in that direction. Bowing his head to the noblewoman again, he smirks a little crookedly, "Running things already, cousin?" He nods as well to the mason, a shorter, curter gesture of acknowledgement. The arrival of Anais calling his cousin's name draws his attention, and he bows his head. Even if he doesn't recognize the woman, she's clearly a woman of substance, "Lady." And then Muirenn's greeting provides a name, and he adds in, "Lady Terrick." His right hand rises to press to his chest as he introduces himself, "Ser Kamron Mallister." With the flow of words coming from Muirenn, he doesn't add more than that, merely nodding his agreement with the mention of shared grief.

Anais seems grateful for the hug, holding to it a moment longer than mere manners might require. "I've heard some talk, but nothing in the way of details," she smiles tightly in regards to what's been brought. "And you are a lifesaver. Literally, I'm afraid. If we manage to make it to the next harvest without widespread starvation, they'll be talking about miracles in every sept for leagues. And thank you. For everything." She edges around the subject of Evangeline, turning to meet Kamron's introduction with a curtsey of her own. "My lord," she greets. "Please, be welcome here. I'm afraid we're short on food, but we do have beds."

"Anais, we brought food to support the Mallister contingent…" Her voice lowers and she leans in to whisper in her friend's ear. Straightening she squeezes her friend's arm, linking it through her own as she continues stoutly, "We got through the reavers, we will get through this too. I swear it." With a nod of her head she turns and smiles, "Ser Kamron is a beloved cousin. He is quite skilled at many things and is here to assist. I also brought my brother to assist in things, a mason to help with structural issues and to oversee building, two huntsmen to give instruction in hunting as well as to find meat for the table, and a fisherman to fish for the table as well. There are also a few smallfolk who could be spared from Seagard to assist in the rebuilding effort." Listing off the people she was able to bring, her cheeks suddenly flush and there is a hint of a dimple as she laughs, "And how could I forget Captain Wake. Cousin Lord Patrek assigned one of his…" her brow furrows, "I forget what the term is, well Captain Wake's longboat to patrol the coast and aid in its protection."

Muirenn whispers: Do not tell Lord Jerold that we brought food to incorporate so that our large group would not be a burden to the Terricks. I do not wish to hurt my new guardian's pride…you and I however are of a more practical nature and understand that such is necessary.

Kamron opens his mouth to respond to Anais' concern about food, and then he closes it to allow his cousin's words to wash over him. One shoulder rises and falls just a little helplessly, his lips pressing together to keep a smile from washing over his lips. Once the flow has stopped, Kam puts in his own words, "I may not be a trained carpenter, Lady Terrick, but I flatter myself to think that I've a strong back, and I thought that the sight of a Mallister getting dirty to help rebuild the Roost might be good for hearts and minds as well. And if one of those hunters or a local woodsman can be spared to guide us, I flatter myself to think that Ser Martyn, Ser Keelin, and myself can help with the bandits we've heard about."

"Muirenn, if I had a firstborn child, I just might offer him to you," Anais sighs gratefully, her smile slipping crooked. "I've been seeing to most of the supplies lately," she assures the other woman. "No one need know but you and I. And Ser Mallister, if you and your men wouldn't mind, I've had my brother helping to train some of the smallfolk as well. I mentioned to Jarod before all this started that Stonebridge's militia wasn't a bad idea, and I feel somewhat vindicated by recent events at this point. But Tor's not exactly the most pleasant fellow, so any help would be appreciated. Though I imagine Jarod and Ser Blayne will have something to say about it as well, and-" She stops herself, pressing a hand to her brow with a rueful smile. "Forgive me, both of you. I'm rambling. So much to keep track of."

Kamron nods his head, "The Stonebridge militia acquitted themselves well on Harlaw and Pyke. Some training would definitely be useful, but perhaps the midst of rebuilding is not the time to do that?" He shakes his head just a bit, "Either way, House Mallister is here for House Terrick, Lady Terrick. We're here to repay this house's loyal service as best as we can. You've all held up exceptionally well under exceptionally poor conditions, and it is to our shame that we," he gestures to himself, Muirenn, the mason, and by extension, the rest of the Mallister aid, "are all that House Mallister can spare in your time of need. But please, you need not press yourself so hard anymore. Let us help. I will speak with Ser Jarod, and Ser Blayne, as well as your brother, Lady Terrick, and see how we can coordinate and prioritise our efforts." His voice drops slightly and somehow lightens at the same time, aiming to fall into a soothing, kindly tone.

Giving a soft snort, Muirenn replies with an impish grin "Any first born of yours would be entirely too young for my tastes." She nods her head, "I had the err…honor of meeting your brother the Lord Captain Torsten earlier as he was..err training the recruits." The only other thing she says about meeting Lord Torsten is, "He and Captain Wake should get along famously." Her grey eyes twinkle slightly, "And I imagine he makes family dinners amusing." She gives her friend another hug, "Make up a list tonight, we shall compare over breakfast and go over things. You are not alone anymore my Lady. My cousin Lord Patrek's favor still rests upon the House Terrick..though sadly we are trying to rebuild ourselves so don't have nearly as many supplies or people to spare as we would otherwise wish."

"Oh, you're good," Anais twists a wry smile in Kamron's direction. "You can work with the weepy ones." Some previously invisible tension melts from her shoulders at the offers from the Mallisters. "Tor is…Well. Tor. I've a cousin here as well, Lady Saffron Banefort, who brought another of my father's knights with her. So long as we make it through the next few months, the Roost will be all the stronger for what we've overcome. And if there are others here…" She trails off a moment, tilting her head in speculation. "I think I may visit Stonebridge, and see what bridges can be built with the Naylands. Or at least cut them off before they can cut /us/ off." Because those are apparently the two possibilities.

Kamron blinks at the… compliment… paid to him, looking completely off-balance for a moment. Despite that, his grin remains, just gaining a rather puzzled and bemused quality to it. That quality, and the smile itself, fades away at the mention of the Naylands, but he merely nods his head, "Ser Rutger Nayland seemed quite interested in actually offering fair deals to our houses, Lady Terrick. I spoke with him briefly on Pyke, although we were both quite clear that neither of us could speak for our houses as a whole — at least at that time." Bowing once more, with just a little wince to his features as he straightens up (apparetntly the pink skin over his right eyebrow is not his only new scar), "If you'll excuse me, Lady Terrick, I'll leave you and my Lady Cousin to talk, and seek out Ser Jarod and Ser Blayne. It feels good to have something to do again." Yes, because he's been idle all of four days since the surrender of the Greyjoys, if packing up camp, sailing home, and riding north is idle.

Regarding her friend steadily, Muirenn gives a slight shake of her head "Anais, do not do this unless you have Lord Jerold and Lord Jacsen's approval. I know that it will be incredibly difficult for the next several months, but to try to repair an emnity between the Houses when both Lord Jerold and Lord Rickart still cling to it is potentially asking for great sorrow, especially if Lord Jerold thinks you go behind his back."

She gives her friend a hug as she adds disdainfully, "Besides, the dreadful rumors that have been coming from Stonebridge as of late. You do NOT want to chance getting caught up in them." Letting the Terrick noblewoman go, the teenager moves to give Kamron an impetuous hug, murmering softly "Thank you again for bringing my brother home safe. You ever have my trust and loyalty." Stepping back before her Septa can grumble, the girl dimples and gives one of her brilliantly fae grins.

"Dreadful rumors, hmm?" Anais arches a brow, but doesn't pursue that line of questioning just yet. "Well. We'll see. You let me worry about the Terrick men." There's a wry twist to her smile, and she steps back to flick her skirts in a curtsey to Kamron. "Thank /you/, Ser Mallister. When you're ready for your rooms, please just ask any of the servants. I'll make sure rooms are ready for you, and they'll know where to show you to.

Kamron chuckles softly at the hug, returning it gently but without hesitation despite the fact that his eyes are about level with Muirenn's chin. "Thank you for that, Lady. I will not abuse that trust." He bobs his head to the septa, a nod as if to say 'hey, I'm family,' even if his relation to Muirenn is about as distant as that between Muirenn's parents. Looking back to Anais, he nods, "And please promise me that you'll get some rest as well, Lady Terrick. It is quite clear that you have been the heart of this house since you arrived. You have borne it up beautifully thus far — I can only imagine how I would have faltered under the pressure — but these people need you far more than they need us." Bowing his head again, he moves to withdraw.

Moving back to Anais, Muirenn says quietly "He has a point. I had the servants take my things to my room. I am afraid I brought significantly more with me this time since I fear you all are stuck with me on a more permanent basis." The teenager's eyes sparkle in amusement, "If you will excuse me my Lady, I did not sleep well aboard the ship and would like to retire early."

"I must look a sight," Anais says ruefully as Kamron leaves. "I'm going to blame all the black. It never was my color." She winks, then leans forward to catch Muirenn once more. "I'm glad you're here, Muirenn. And a thousand thanks. We'll talk when you've rested, yes?" she smiles faintly. "And decide where you'd be most comfortable moving things along."

Pausing, Muirenn gives her friend a final hug "I am glad to be here as well, and you are very welcome. I look forward to breakfast, we have much to talk about. If you see Lord Jerold, please give him my apologies for not presenting myself before I retired. I know it is horribly rude, but I fear I will fall asleep where I stand" Laughing lightly she waves a hand as she moves through the hall and up the stairs, pausing a moment to look around trying to get used to the keep as it is…a home..not crowded with frightened people and not under siege. Inhaling she continues upstairs and to her room.