Page 498: Reinforcements Arrive
Reinforcements Arrive
Summary: Nedra Mallister arrives to aid in Dania's care.
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Mon Dec 03, 289

It's getting distinctly late at the Roost. Darkness fell a while back and there's very little movement or activity save inside the Rockcliff. There's still a small party of armsmen from the tower, keeping watch in the town square, but other than that the streets are almost deserted. Almost that is, save for Mortimer Trevelyan who, having made his nightly visit to update the parents of the missing girl, is finally on his way home. He's not actually asleep on his feet, he's done enough night watches over the years that he's found ways round that, it's fairly safe to say though that he does not intend on being conscious for long.

Despite the hour and, in fact, in part precisely because of it, the small party of Mallisters that enter the town square are more conspicuous than not, though this is not something that Nedra would normally prefer as she strives (ever) to remain out from under foot. That being said, a late in the day expedition to try her own hand at making a plea to the next nearest healer that she was directed toward has her returning, sans healer, but with a basket of prepared medicines, concoctions, teas and other such bits of herbal remedies along with a rather lengthy list of 'how to use' to be remanded to the care of the Sept, for healer Dania. Nedra is riding at the head of the small party that consists of her Septa and two of her armsmen and it's only when they reach the center of the town square that she slows her horse to a walk and dismounts after a moment, resting one hand against her lower back briefly as the rest of her party dismounts.

Mortimer doesn't actually have to cross the square to get home, just skirt one side of it, he almost makes it to his street infact as the Mallisters ride in. He's so close in fact that he's even half tempted to just duck into it anyway and keep walking, only half tempted though and as the party dismounts he takes a moment to rub his hands over his face to wake himself up a little before he's turning and crossing back towards the new arrivals. Given the absence of light, it takes until he's quite close for him to recognise Nedra, even if he is struggling to put a name to her face. One of the advantages of being common though is he doesn't have to and so he simply offers a polite bow before battling to keep the tiredness out of his voice as he greets, "m'Lady, welcome to the Roost."

Nedra is checking the buckles and harness fastening of the riding tack that her mare is wearing when Ser Petyr, one of her armsmen, clears his throat quietly to announce the approach of Master Trevelyan, giving Nedra just enough time to turn around to face the deputy sheriff to greet him in return. "Thank you, Master Trevelyan, and I hope that we are not disturbing the peace at this hour. I had hoped to return with a healer or even just a well learned herbalist, but with the threat of sickness near highfield I was not able to return with a healer, only a generous sampling of other medicines and suggested remedies based on what details I could provide. Have you had chance," and there's hope in Nedra's eyes, "to visit with Mistress Dorsey, any news on her health?"

Mortimer still can't put a first name to Nedra's face, the surname comes easy enough though. It might have irked him were the situation different but for now he's just surprised, and rather pleased, at the news she has new medicines and remedies. The news of sickness at Highfield is new, although his curiosity in that regard is quickly pushed aside in favour of getting the Lady, and her cargo, to the Sept as soon as possible. Sleep is needed, but it can wait a short while longer if there is the chance of saving a life. "You are most welcome if that is your errand m'Lady," he offers, not meaning to imply that she wouldn't be welcome were it not, but it's too late at night for his brain to be thinking through everything. "Do you wish to ride to the tower first, or should I take you straight to the Sept?" He's figuring the later, since she's dismounted already, and a runner can always be sent to announce her arrival and ensure a room is prepared by the time she is done. "I saw her this morning," he offers, almost forgetting the question posed, "forgive me m'Lady but I am no healer, I can but tell you that she seemed lucid."

Nedra's eyes close for a moment, a look of relief so profound on her face that she rests one hand on the saddle, steadying herself with that small bit of added support. "Praise gods," she says in a quiet, but fervent, tone of voice. "To the Sept, yes, straight away, please," she says, the words a bit jumbled but she's been on the road for the better part of the day and between the dust that she's choked down, the dust that's caked on her clothing, all of which has her turn abruptly and give a rather unexpected sneeze, one hand lifting to cover her mouth and nose to try to make the best effort at a dignified (but not terribly quiet) sneeze. "Forgive me, Master Trevelyan, so much dust makes me sneeze like a cat. Lucid, you say? This is wonderful." She nods to her armsmen even as her Septa nudges her horse to stride forward, Nedra leading her Mare along behind, glad to be on her feet.

Mortimer had been expecting to need to offer to help carry things, but since it looks like all the horses are coming along too he simply calls over one of the armsmen and sends them up towards the tower to spread word as needed. Not that he technically has the authority to do that, thats the Captain of the Guard's job, but no one seems to be arguing the toss at the moment. Turning to lead the way he worries for a moment he might be giving false hopes, so confesses quickly, "I think so m'Lady, but as I said, I am no healer. I know however that been in and out for several days now, I may just have caught her in a good moment." Seemingly having found a second wind, or maybe even third by this point his progress through the streets is perhaps a little fast than he normally might, but there is precious little time to lose.

"I last had the chance to check in on her before we departed for the wedding, and I simply ran out of time last night between running late returning from Heronhurst and catching up with my brother and good-sister," Nedra confesses as she walks at a reasonable - not running - pace through the square alongside the Deputy Sheriff. "Even if it was just a good moment, I'll hold to the hope all the same. All I know of healing is how to identify the useful compounds, to brew a few things, how to clean wounds, bandage them. In all, I would think, I'm only qualified to be a helpful assistant who doesn't go tail over teakettle at the merest sign of sickness," which is a polite euphemism for the other unpleasant things that happen when people are very ill.

Infirmary, Terrick's Roost
A short flight of stone steps leads down from the level of the Sept proper into a secluded and quiet chamber to the rear of the building. The walls here are not so ornate, nor so decorated. It's the rich atmosphere of calm and warmth that invites the guest onward across the floor. Cots of sturdily carved wood line a wall on each side of the room, spaced well enough apart to leave plenty of room for healers to move amongst those being cared for within them, and each has a small table for a night-light and pitcher of water. Though a trio of tall, narrow windows high upon the far wall provides some illumination in daylight hours, by dusk the chamber relies upon well-tended braziers for warmth and light both. A tall set of shelves toward one corner houses piles of freshly laundered and folded sheets and blankets, while a lower cabinet at the other side is scattered with bottles and jars, even the odd sheaf of parchment and world-weary candles.

If it's dark outside then the light from the braziers means there is more light inside so the healers can see to their charges at all hours should it be necessary. And all hours it almost is, although not quite so late as for it to already be tomorrow. Still though it seems some people are still up and about as Mortimer leads Nedra through the sept itself and into the attached infirmary. Knowing the place well enough he indicates where Dania lies and steps quickly to intercept the approaching Septa and inform her of the nature of the visit.

An older woman in late forties sits next Dania's bed. Her long ash blond hair has been neatly braided and pinned up underneath veil; she is dressed in a blue linen gown that matches her pale blue eyes. There is embroidery work along the hem and the neckline of the dress that is done in darker blue floss. The woman is working on some needle work and she occasionally looks up to peer at the sleeping Dania. When she does do this her brow is furrowed with worry. Placing her needlework down on her lap, she leans forward and places the back of her hand on Dania's brow. She then reaches for a cool compress and places it on her brow, back of her neck, the crook of her arms and the back of her knees. She moves quickly and once this is done she places her hand on Dania's cheek one more time before she picks up her embroidery again.
The woman looks over at who is there when Mortimer and the others come in.

Nedra carries a heavy wicker basket in her arms, another one carried by her Septa, Anathe, as both Mallister women enter the Sept. Nedra's armsmen, Ser's Petyr and Duncan, enter the infirmary as well, though they remain near the entrance instead of continuing further inside. Nedra and her Septa follow along in Mortimer's wake, dipping a awkward arms full curtsy to the Septa before adding her own words to accompany Mortimer's, explaining that the baskets she and her Septa are carrying are laden with suggested remedies, herbal concoctions, teas, various salves and tinctures, all prepared by the various herbalists and wisewomen that Nedra spent the entire day tracking down.

With the blessings of the Septa to try what they can secured, Mortimer turns back to where Dania lies and spots the woman sat beside her for the first time. She's an unexpected addition and he blinks once before turning back to Nedra, "m'Lady, he lies Mistress Dorsey." Offering then to take one of the baskets, better late than never, he steps to one side a little to allow her better access.

The woman sitting beside the now infamous Mistress Dorsey raises an eyebrow. She sets aside her needle work and takes a step between them and Dania. Nedra is offered a proper curtsy. "Excuse me, can I help you?" The woman asks them both, her blue eye move between Nedra and Mortimer.

"Thank you, Master Trevelyan," Nedra replies as she adjusts her hold on the basket that she's carrying and lets Mortimer take the weight of it for the last few feet between where Nedra is standing currently the bed upon which Dania is resting. She is waylaid by the tall, blue eyed, ash blonde haired woman who bears a resemblance enough to Dania that Nedra would have wagered a healthy amount of coin that the women are related in some manner. She responds to the curtsy with a respectful nod in return, "Good evening to you, Mistress," she offers in return. "And I hope that you can, or, rather, that we can help you, which is to say, help Dania," and she gestures to the baskets that she and Anathe, Nedra's septa, brought into the Infirmary. "We've gathered some herbs and medicines from some healers that we tracked down today," she explains. "We tried to see the Maester at Stonebridge but with the sickness rumored to be near Highfield, healers are few and far in between at the moment. We did the best we could to describe her symptoms and this," she turns back to the heavy wicker baskets, "is the result."

With Nedra taking the lead with the unfamiliar woman, Mortimer holds his peace, and the basket of supplies. It's heavier than it looks, that much is for sure, but it isn't anything he can't handle. A brief nod in greeting is given though, so as not to be impolite, "Mistress." He keeps his voice low though, so as not to disturb the sleeping woman, nor indeed anyone else who might be resting nearby.

"Yolanda Dorsey, is my name. She is my daughter." The woman says to them both. "My husband and I just arrived. He is resting right now and will relieve me in while. I do not have my daughter's skill but I am willing to help. I do not know if she will be of much help. She has not been lucid." She looks over at one of the Septa's and then back to Mortimer and Nedra. "Thank you, thank you very much." She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Dorsey," Nedra replies, "and I wish it were under better circumstances. But, if we're lucky, it will be under better circumstances once your daughter is able to take charge of her own care again," her tone of voice is hopeful, determinedly so. Or maybe just stubbornly so, she is a Mallister. "I'm Nedra Mallister," she offers in greeting, "my Septa - Anathe - and the Deputy Sheriff, Master Trevelyan," she makes the introduction rounds quite properly. "Thanks to the Deputy Sheriff for helping carry everything in," and she offers a quick glimpse of a smile at Mortimer, conveying her thanks with that offer of a smile.

Well thats the issue of Nedra's name cleared up, although as soon as she says it Mortimer remembers it clearly. Such is the way. "Least I could do," he offers to Nedra before turning to the newly introduced Yolanda, "Welcome to the Roost Mistress Dorsey, I too wish it were under better circumstances, but should you have need of anything while you are here then please, do not hesitate to find me, or if I'm not around, then any of the guards should be able to assist you." It's possibly a good thing that Yolanda is here though, for she has now laid claim to the stool he'd otherwise likely have sat down on, and having sat, would have likely dozed off.

"The Septa says that the leg either needs but it might be too late, my darling daughter apparently made the swear to not take the leg. I have not seen the wound myself but I can smell my husband commented that it is a bad cause of wound fever and to prepare myself. We are willing to do whatever we can. Do you know how these herbs work or will the Septa's know, M'lady?" She asks. "Master Trevelyan, thank you. Thank you for your help. We will not hesitate to call on you. We are staying at her brothers Cottage." The woman explains.

Nedra winces, "I hope it doesn't come to that," she says quietly. "Surely there must be a way to clean the wound well enough to fight off the wound sickness." She eyes all the prepared medicines and concoctions that she and Anathe brought in and worries her hands together for a moment. "I don't really, no," she confesses. "I have a long list of instructions, though, which I had hoped to give to whichever Septa has been handling her care. I'm able, and happy, to help, in any way that I can. But I don't have the training to really do more than just be another pair of helpful hands."

Mortimer knows the cottage well enough and gives a simply nod in understanding to the information. He himself has no knowledge of herbs, or of healing, so stays out of that part of the conversation, offering instead to go find, and if needs be rouse one of the healers. "I shall return as soon as I may m'Lady, Mistress," he offers briefly before heading off in the direction the Septa vanished. It seems perhaps, that keeping occupied is keeping him awake.

"May the seven be with you Deputy" A septa says.
Despite low voices another Septa approaches the two women. She curtsies to Nedra. "Lady Mallister and Mistress Dorsey, it is hard not overhear. If you have the directions I can look over them. We have been using maggots and the maggots are helping but we need to figure something else out, we are running out of options. I would be willing to assist you as I have some skill, not like Mistress Dorsey. But, it is formidable."

Nedra immediately withdraws a packet of hastily wrapped parchment, and - once unwrapped - it proves to be a rather thick packet of rough parchment pages, each written in different hands, not all the best writing but very clear and very precise with the instructions. "The healers that we were able to visit today provided these instructions, and each packet is labeled to identify which instructions are to go with which piece of parchment," she explains. "The maggots only eat dead and dying tissue, they don't eat healthy stuff, they won't burrow inward - that's what I remember. There's something in her, several actually, that is supposed to do something about any fever, and one of them advised setting her in a cool tub of water to help battle the fever, something about how the fever makes the body really warm but a shallow tub of cold water will help bleed off the heat from the outside and something," she nods at the packet. "It's all in there. I didn't know what would be best , what would work, so we brought everything."

With the Septa finding them before he can find the Septa, it isn't long before Mortimer is back at the bedside, although he tries to arrive quietly so as not to disturb what conversation is ongoing. It's mostly well above his head though, she he turns to glance at Dania again for a moment, catching himself yawning as he watches her sleep. Still, he'd rather lose another hour and go to bed not having to worry than retreat now with it all so uncertain still.