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Lady Rebekkah Nayland (nee Darry) is the wife of the late Lord Darron Nayland, spawner of all the Nayland children that came from him (including Lord Rickart), and grandmother to dozens of the current Nayland generation. There are many stories about her past. That she once was the lover of a Targaryen prince during her girlhood in King's Landing. That she petitioned the Citadel to let her study as a maester, a right never granted to a woman. That she escaped the first marriage pact her father made for her by sheer force of will and her sharp tongue, and was then cast to the Naylands as a punishment. That it was she, not Lord Darron, who truly ruled the Mire in his day and that her hand is largely responsible for its prosperity. That, even now in the withering of any sort of womanhood, she carries on a mysterious affair of letters with a man in the far North, whose name she refuses to speak, and who communicates with her through ravens that come irregularly, but have arrived without fail every month or three or four since Lord Darron's death.

The truth is a distant memory even to her, and nothing but vague and occasionally unbelievable and traumatic stories she's deigned to tell her children and grandchildren. Even her days as the Lady Nayland are over now. The dowager lady spends her days in her chambers or in the library at the Fortress of the Sevens, bent over her books or her cyvasse board, in the twilight of her life and power. Though rumor has it she still keeps a sharp, spidery ear to the goings on in the Mire and beyond, and that she occasionally spins a few webs of her own. Mainly tweak the nose of her eldest son, Lord Rickart, who she seems hold in merry disdain and who himself seems impatiently awaiting her death - a matter in which she's thwarted him for decades now.

The truth of her life is known by few who live now, and believed by fewer. Yet she still plays her games and claims, inexplicably, that it is love - of all things, for which the bitter old dowager hag endures.


If you're a Nayland, you are probably her progeny in some respect. She is the mother of several sons, and more grandchildren than she cares to count.

Physical Features


Lady Rebekkah Nayland is a woman in the dark of the winter of her life. She must be well into her seventies - perhaps eighties - her form stooped and withered with wrinkles of age, her hair gone white, her fingers a little bent with arthritis. And yet there is still a sharpness in her blue eyes which suggests her mind remains keen, even while her body decays. She's a small thing, just a little over five feet in height, and thin, though apart from being quite slight and ancient she seems still healthy enough. For her age. Her voice has a crackling quality to it, though she can still wield that cracking like a whip rather than a reedy creaking when she desires.

She typically favors dressing gowns in fine silks, typically black, with fanciful and complicated embroidery done on the hem, belt and sleeves. The embellishment is generally in Nayland orange or green, or silver or gold, even though she favors the dour widow's shade for the robes themselves. Slippers are generally worn on her feet - in the same black silk as the best of her clothing - and she hobbles along with the aid of a golden cane.

RP Hooks and Notes

The Cyvasse Board: Rebekkah Nayland is a master cyvasse player. She keeps many boards in the castle (and one of the few 'bonding' activities she bothers to attempt with her family in the castle is engaging them in games - which she usually wins). There is, however, one board none but she and a few servants trusted with dusting are allowed to touch. The Board sits by the window in her chambers, was hand-crafted in Dorne at considerable expense (supposedly this was the last thing she ordered done when she had control over the Nayland treasury and Lord Rickart was unpleasantly stunned by the extravagance when his hand-picked castellan took over the accounts). On it she plays cyvasse-by-raven with a maester in the North (or so she claims, there are plenty of strange rumors about where precisely those ravens come from). Games can last for years, and there is nothing that displeases the Lady Nayland more than having her Board disturbed. Her grandson Rowan attempted to arrange the pieces to toy with when he was a boy, and she beat him quite fiercely with a switch she cut herself. A servant girl overturned it three years ago and the next day was no longer seen about the fortress. She was likely just fired, though there are dark rumors she disappeared in a bog somewhere, and Lady Rebekkah does not discourage these sorts of whispers.

Dragon Lover: The House Darry - into which Rebekkah was born - sided with the Royalists during Robert's Rebellion and Rebekkah pushed Lord Rickart very hard to do the same. He did not, choosing to follow the commands of his lieges, the Freys, and this only deepened the rift between mother and son. A few Naylands broke ranks and fought by themselves for the Targaryens. Rebekkah holds those who did in high esteem, and those more who did not in thinly-veiled contempt.

Scholar: Supposedly, Rebekkah once petitioned the Citadel for admittance as a potential maester. And was denied, of course, as that is not a path open to women. Still, she has dedicated a good part of her life to scholarship, and she still hand-picks the Nayland maesters (even Rickart admits no one has a better eye for them). She is always eager to discuss history, philosophy, politics, and other areas that have interested her keen mind at one time or another.

Allies and Foes

Note: This details Rebekkah's feelings about the Houses who play the Game, not the players in particular. Unless she has specifically told you otherwise IC, assume she either doesn't like you very much or she doesn't care enough to hold an opinion of you. This extends - and is particularly true - to people she is related to. As ever, this is all meant in good fun. Rebekkah is a mean old lady, but I love you all.

"Reach Beyond Thy Grasp"

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