Re: Cousin to Cousin
Re: Cousin to Cousin
Summary: Cherise sends a reply letter to Danae
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Beloved Kin,

Your words instil within me a comfort that is sorely needed. Do forgive my hasty departure from the Roost, for there you held the expectation for us to reunite.

The young Terrick Lord's words were true, my dear Aleister, was struck by an injury too great and too severe that had very well laid a challenge to his wellbeing. A recovery I nearly feared was not to come to pass. Those days I mourned our bright futures. My faith was misplaced for as you know, my husband, he is indeed too stubborn to fall and my countless prayers had been received for the Gods saw fit that he should live.

Tomorrow, my husband should be in good spirits, far better spirits than I as grief caused an ailment upon my unborn. Both the Charlton Maester and the devoted Lady Cordeyla Flint are seeing that such burdens weighing upon my shoulders do not pose a further threat upon our child. I am granted the privlage of strict rest for I have endured too much. I will pass your well wishes to my husband for I am certain he will receive them with warmth, just as I.

I hear very little of the Westerlands. I have made my requests to the men that should they catch a single murmur pertaining to our kin and friends that I am I to be informed. Thus far, there is very little trust to the duties of couriers until the Riverlands have been erradicated fully of these barbaric islanders. In whatever I gain it will be shared.

I suppose I should not be here for too long, they would see that I am to return to Stonebridge as soon as possible, for comforts and establishing a great distance from the threat. While there I can at least have your companionship during that time. A secondary pair of untarnished eyes are in dire need.

Until Stonebridge,