Ramsey Charlton


Ramsey was born in Hollyholt to a woman of Braavos background, Lylerra Mantarii. His father, Ser Brenton Charlton had met her in King's Landing when attending court on behalf of House Charlton and in a bit of scandal brought the woman back home, already heavy with child and wedded. These things happen.

For the next few years Brenton traveled back and forth to the capital several times, always trying to push Chartlon interests in the Targaryen royal court. Finally he decided to take Lylerra and young, four-year-old Ramsey back to King's Landing with him and settled into a modest estate in the city along with with Lylerra's Braavosi brother, Megalden Mantarii.

Throughout his childhood, Lylerra and Megalden had a heavy influence in Ramsey's upbringing, teaching him the language of the free cities, the ways of R'hllor, the Red God, and many of the customs of Braavos. Megalden trained Ramsey as a water dancer with some success, but Ramsey was more often interested in embracing the city life than martial pursuits. He frequently cooked up schemes with other noble youths of the city and had minimal interest in traditional, Westeros values of knighthood and chivalry. Ser Brenton never cared much for knighthood either and didn't push his son too greatly.

Somewhere around the time that Robert's Rebellion began, Hollyholt lost contact with Ser Brenton and his family. Of course, communications were difficult during the war, but even after the Baratheons came into power, the only clues found of Brenton's whereabouts were his estate, burned to the ground with the rest of the street it was on during the Mad King's razing of the city.

Then one day, nearly twenty years after the last time he was in Hollyholt, Ramsey showed up in the Riverlands again, alive and well. That is, mostly well. Not even two days after arriving in Stonebridge he was arrested and locked up with the rest of his kin he barely knew. What more of a homecoming can a man ask for?


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Physical Features

Ramsey is a fit, young man with an soft, olive complexion and a lean figure that has some toning but lacks noticable bulk or muscle. He has a wavy mop of gentle, brown curls that hang just at his ears and just a brushing of growth on his chin and lips. His eyes are a grey-blue with a mirthful, youthful look to them that might suggest this man doesn't know the stresses of life intimately yet, or he just doesn't care about very much.

His attire is a mix of wealth and practicality. He has a sturdy brown, hooded cloak over a tooled leather armor shirt, some quality leather bracers, and at his hip is a thin, finely crafted Braavosi blade. He wears faded black breeches, and under his leather chest piece a lacey, pale blue silk shirt peeks out.

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