Page 527: Ramblings of a Broken Man
Ramblings of a Broken Man
Summary: Missing Ashwoods, change in Terrick line and various other goings on.
Date: 01/Jan/2013
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Mortimer Martyn 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Tue Jan 01, 290

Mortimer is at the point of healing where the lack of ability to do things is starting to grate. That frustration, combined with the start of a headache had driven him to seek somewhere quieter than the marketplace for a while and thankfully it seems to have helped. Along with the willowbark that is. Now refreshed and grump-free he's heading back into town from the Green, having taken the time to check the archery butts.

"No, Xander. Just get out of my sight!" It's spoken rather loudly, from the direction of the keep itself where Martyn and his squire makes their way out onto the green. Hearing something the squire said, the knight frowns a little bit. "What do you mean you're worried about me. I said get out of my sight!" That said, the Mallister steps further down the green, rather quickly.

Mortimer has no intention of eavesdropping, but when things are yelled there's sometimes no way not to hear. When he first hears the raised voices he glances behind him to ensure that there's not about to be a disturbance, but spotting knight and his squire he rules that out quickly enough. As Martyn approaches he offers the man a polite bow as per protocol, although waits to judge on if a full greeting is needed or not until he knows if he's going to stop or simply carry on by.

"Master Trevelyan," Martyn greets the man as he spots him, coming to a stop for the moment. "Think I can return that squire and request a new one? Or better yet, without getting anyone back. Maybe there'll be more peace and quiet then, hmmm?"

"M'Lord," Mortimer replies with a polite nod this time. A quick glance is given towards the keep again but since everything seems to have calmed down there he turns his attention to Martyn once more. "I couldn't rightly say," he offers with a faint shrug, having never really looked into the details of squiredom, especially not amongst the nobles where there's the added complication of politics. "From what I do understand though you could always knight him."

Martyn considers that for a few moments. "Knight him…" A brief pause, before he adds, "And risk the political incident when he gets himself killed right away? I'm trying to avoid attention at the moment, not getting that kind of attention, really."

Mortimer shakes his head slowly as Martyn gives his conclusions then answers with an apologetic, "then I'm afraid I don't know m'Lord." He toys with the idea of inquiring just what has caused the offense but in the end decides that for now it might be a safer plan to simply change the topic of conversation to something that he hopes will distract the lord and allow him to calm down. "Do you know if there's any more word on the missing Lord Ashwood?"

Martyn shakes his head a little as he hears that question. "The missing… No, I haven't heard anything more about that sad affair. I must admit I've been wondering if he's missing or just having hidden for some kind of plot of his, though. Wouldn't really surprise me…"

"Can't say I've ever met him," Mortimer answers, "so I can't really say I'm afraid m'Lord." The idea of it being a set up does have him raising an eyebrow faintly though. "To what end though?" he then asks, "observe how those left behind handle themselves and thus see who he can trust when he supposedly isn’t around?" Nope, he's not seeing it himself, but then, as previously mentioned, he hasn't met the man.

"Well, let's put it this way, there are far more people I'd rather have by my side in battle than Lord Ser Aleister Charlton, even if he's one of the more competent fighters I've seen," Martyn offers a bit quietly. "As for what end, I can't really say. "Maybe that one, maybe he's planning on leading some kind of group in a raid against someplace. I can't really say. I've always believed him to be a dangerous person, though."

Mortimer listens silently as Martyn states his thoughts then nods once in reply "I see m'Lord." His brow creases in thought as the word 'raid' is used, he's really struggling to see that one but it's a worrying thought anyway. "I'll bare that in mind," he answers grimly, "and ensure Lord Ozric and Lord Justin are aware." If there's a chance that the patrols should be strengthened then they'll be the ones to do it after all.

Martyn sighs a little bit. "Hopefully, it's just me being suspicious, maybe even paranoid…" He shrugs a little bit, before he nods a little bit now.

Suspicion and paranoia are often better than complacency, a quick look around the town at the scars left by the Ironborn will show that readily enough, but Mortimer figures that he's in no place to decide if that is the case this time or not. "I'll let Lord Ozric and Lord Justin know," he repeats before he tries to think of something to change the topic again. He's been picking so well so far after all.

Nodding a little as he hears that, Martyn lets out a bit of a sigh. "I'm not sure if it's wise letting them know it's *my* suspicions, though. They might just dismiss it as the ramblings of a broken man, after all."

Mortimer has to work hard to keep his face neutral at that. Yes, he's aware that Martyn has been having some issues of late, but the idea that the Mallister Lord's opinions might be so easily discarded is.. disquietning. Beating off the instinctive reaction of a raised eyebrow followed by a frown he then states, "I speak to a lot of people each say m'Lord. Merchants, farmers, travellers and such, I can leave it as a rumour I heard if needs be."

Martyn nods as he hears that. "Good," he offers after a few moments, before he sighs a little bit. "I think one of the few times I met Lord Ozric, his first impression of me might have been less than good. But then again, I my first impression of him might have been similar too." Studying Mortimer for a few moments, before he continues. "You probably know him better than me, Master Trevelyan. What kind of man is he?"

Mortimer offers no comment on what the noble's first impressions of each other may be, that's definitely something that, as a commoner, is none of his concern. The direct question though, that he can answer, even if he's not about to say anything about the Young Lord that might be construed as negative, there's that whole House loyalty thing and all. "He seems a practical sort m'Lord, prepared to get involved to get things done if needed or to leave others to it if they are progressing will by themselves."

"I see. Sounds like a good man, then," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause, before letting out a bit of a sigh. Aside from that, he keeps a bit quiet for now.

“I've known worse m'Lord," Mortimer answers with a brief nod, although the fact that one such he'd consider as worse is Lord Keenan, Orzric's younger brother is something that remains firmly unsaid. "He was quick to divert men from other tasks to aid the search for the children, even when we thought it only an issue of our lass Inna being missing. I reckon that speaks well enough for his character."

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that. "I think one of my cousins has found him a good person," he offers, with a bit of a shrug, before he nods again. "But the diversion of men from other tasks speaks well about him, that's true."

Once again Mortimer makes no comment about what other Mallisters may or may not think of Ozric, although in part this time because he's not sure exactly which one Martyn is referring to. He ponders something for a moment, then asks, in an entirely new vein of conversation, "apologises m'Lord, if I've already asked you this, but you don't happen to know any archers who use a double black chevron on the cockfeather to mark their arrows do you? Only we're still looking to find who shot Mistress Dorsey and what with the distraction of that Ironborn pair I'm not sure any more what ground has been covered and what hasn't."

Martyn considers that question for a few moments, before he shakes his head a little, letting out a bit of a sigh. "No, I don't know who those belong to. If I find out, though, I'm not sure if you would be able to bring said archer in after I've dealt with him, though." Spoken a bit quietly now.

It was the answer Mortimer had been expecting, but a touch of disappointment shows on his features anyway as he nods his understanding of the answer. Or the first part of it anyway, the second he feels the need to give a verbal response to. "From the scene itself m'Lord it looks like it was a hunting accident, a loose arrow that went astray. Need to confirm that of course, but I looked over it myself an' I don't reckon there was foul play involved."

"I see…" Martyn offers, letting out a few deep breaths now. Calming down a bit, it would seem, before he sighs a little bit. "It's just that…" He trails off again now.

That trail off catches Mortimer's curiosity and were Martyn not a member of the nobility it's fair to say that the next words out of his mouth would have been 'It's just what?' As it is though, the man is a Mallister and he can't see a justification based on the investigation to ask. Instead he offers a simple "Aye m'Lord," along with a brief nod. Relieved perhaps that whoever the luckless archer turns out to be, he might just have saved them from an angry confrontation they likely couldn't win.

Martyn smiles, nodding a little bit now, letting out a bit of a breath. "I should get going. Got a few things I need to take care of now," he offers.

"Of course m'Lord," Mortimer replies before offering Martyn a polite and respectful bow, "Seven keep you well."