Lord Rafferdy Nayland


Rafferdy never impressed his father. He has spent his whole life trying to make the man proud, but just never is able to accomplish it. Rickart, incidentally, likes Raff a lot, but is disappointed, wanting desperately for Raff to do something he can finally be proud of. The relationship is self-perpetuating, and often ends up being exactly what drives Raff to do the things that could never work to impress Rickart.

Growing up, Raff wasn’t jealous or upset about not being the first born son, but he never understood why he had to act with noble behaviors and meet noble expectations if he wasn’t the heir. This brought him disappointment from Rickart, and Raff found himself asking too many questions and getting into too much trouble. It was never rebellion, in fact, he rather pined for his father’s attention. Unfornutately, he enjoyed getting into mischief with the commoner children over learning heraldry and religion.

At the age of eleven, Rickart had dealt with his difficult son long enough, and sent Raff off against his wishes to be be a Knight. Rickart hoped it would finally bring the nobility and discipline to his boy he so dearly wanted to see. Raff squired beneath Walden Frey, and by all reports sent back to Rickart, he was well on his way to knighthood. That is, until he was 16, when his unruly spirit drove him to abandon his Knight and leave to fight with the Rebel host. Raff hoped to join the war and commit some brave act of valor and be knighted in the field, impressing his father sooner. Upon his departure, he was dismissed from the service of Walden, which added to Rickart’s frustration with the boy.

Raff fought in the Rebel Center of Robert’s Rebellion, but his excellence as an archer and his commoner dress and demeanor earned him ranks with the peasant archers. He never saw close combat, leaving him without opportunity for any such moment that could earn him a field knighting.

After the war, he couldn’t bring himself to face the disappointment of his father. Instead, he sent periodic correspondence, but never returned home. He travelled with Ser Andrey Charlton, a Charlton Knight, playing his veile in taverns and mingling with peasants, spying to gain information that he quietly funnels back to his father.


Physical Features

Rafferdy is a short man, about 5'10" tall, but well toned and quite wiry. His dark hair is thick, floppy and a bit mussy, and his facial hair is usually slightly stubbly. He has a boyish, young look that is at once attractive, yet without any memorable element. He wears dark leather pants, with laces up the front. A dark brown leather doublet, matching the pants, finishes the outfit, his thick, muscular arms left bare - The look of a peasant archer. Leather bracers adorn his wrists.

Allies and Foes

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