Page 286: Quiet Walk
Quiet Walk
Summary: As Rafferdy makes his way back from talking with Jarod, he runs into Lady Katrin, and they go for a walk.
Date: 01/05/289
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Katrin Rafferdy 
Town Square — Stonebridge
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
Tue May 01, 289

Strolling through the streets is the Lady Katrin Haigh, accompanied by her Septa and maid. She seems deep in conversation with her Septa, a look of concentration hovering across her pale features, eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Their walk takes them no where in particular, pace sedate, but they stay in the well-lit areas.

Rafferdy turns to head back to the tower, and there is, "Lady Katrin!" Rafferdy changes his direction to move towards her, a smile drifting back onto his face. "Why have you sought me out?" he laughs, clearly kidding.

Katrin looks up from her conversation, brows lifting for a moment before a smile appears. "Perhaps I merely sought out good company and the gods brought me to you," she replies sweetly. "Good evening to you, Lord Rafferdy."

Rafferdy waves his hand, "If you were seeking good company, then you failed." He shrugs, "I suppose you could settle for me." He grins again, "I'll try to not be too boring." He then gives her a little bow.

Katrin offers a polite bow in return, tucking back loose strands of her hair as she looks about. "The hour has grown late, My Lord. What has brought you from the Tower and into the town itself?" she asks curiously. "Or do you find yourself restless on this night and merely seek a walk?"

Rafferdy shrugs, "I hate that Tower." He looks around at the peasants making their way around the square, "I prefer this world, really, to be honest." He smiles her way once more, "I was on my way to the docks. It's my thinking place."

"The docks? What is there that is so intriguing?" Katrin asks curiously. Her eyes swivel in the direction of the tower. "Is the tower so confining that you cannot bear to be trapped inside longer than is necessary?" she asks absently.

Rafferdy shakes his head, "No, I um…" He scuffs his boot in the dirt, "I don't care for heights." He smiles, and offers his arm. "Come with me. I'll show you.

Katrin hesitates a moment but takes Rafferdy's arm, a soft laugh escaping her lips. "Do they not have any possible rooms for you on the bottom level?" she asks. "It is a shame to fear heights for they can show the most breathtaking views."

Rafferdy smiles, and begins to lead her towards the docks. "It's okay. I didn't ask. I don't really like for folks to know. It's kind of… embarrassing, I guess." He shrugs, "So, you've not been to the docks?"

"Then I thank you for placing such a trust in me then, My Lord," Katrin replies, a ready smile on her lips. "I can assure you that your secret will remain safe with me." A pause and then she shakes her head. "No, I have not ventured to the docks yet. The furthest I have wandered from this area is toward the bridge." Her Septa and maid trail along at a respectful distance to allow them privacy to speak.

Rafferdy sighs, "Well, I imagine the bridge is kind of… spoiled now." He smiles, glancing her way, "Maybe you'll find the solace I find at the docks."

Hesitation before Katrin nods. "Yes, I do believe that the bridge is rather spoiled now," she murmurs. The smile fades away. "But I would not wish to invade upon the peace you find at the docks. One day, I will find another spot."

Rafferdy laughs gently, "I can share." He continues to walk at a very relaxed stroll as the sun begins to set. "Tell me, Lady Haigh, how are you enjoying Stonebridge, besides the conflict?"

Katrin considers the question as they walk. "It is a lovely place," she finally says. "The people are, by in large, kind and polite. I enjoy the bustle of activity." She concentrates on putting one foot in front of the other for a time. "But is there a deeper meaning behind the question, or do you just seek to make idle chatter as we attempt to reach our destination?"

Rafferdy shrugs, "I dunnow." He considers her words a moment, and then shrugs again. "What sort of deeper meaning could I have?" he asks her, looking with a bit of curiousity.

"There are all kinds of deeper meanings that could be taken from such a simple question," Katrin replies. "You could be testing the waters to see what I feel about the political climate. Or you could simply be curious whether I appreciate the Nayland rule. There are many possibilities, my Lord, all ranging in reasons."

"You're family is allied with mine. I would hope you appreciate the Nayland rule. At least a little." He looks down at his feet for a minute as they walk. "In the very least, you should appreciate that if the Naylands weren't here, you wouldn't have had the amazing opportunity to meet me." Rafferdy grins, tossing a wink her way, "I'm pretty great, you know."

"And so very modest," Katrin agrees. "Which is perhaps why I find you to be such great company, my Lord." She smiles. "My family is allied with yours but had I found the Nayland rule to be completely terrible, no amount of family ties could stop me from silently thinking so. But I would not be such a fool to speak the words aloud. Especially to a Nayland." A pause. "But I do think Lord Riordan has been doing a fine job since his appointment."

Rafferdy laughs a little, "I am pretty great company…" he repeats, though it's being silly. He nods, "Riordan is alright. Rygar was kind of hit or miss. I'm not sorry he's no longer so influential here." He shakes his head, "But what do I know? I'm like, 50 brothers away from ever having to worry about being in charge of anything."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Katrin queries. "To be so far away from a position of power. I have asked around about you, Lord Rafferdy. You are young within your family, but that would not mean you could never ascend to something greater if it were within your desires."

Rafferdy smiles widely, and he laughs, "You've asked about me, huh?" He tilts his head, "Heard only good things, I hope?" He shrugs, then, about the latter, "My Father has never approved of me. I'm kind of… Depending on who you ask, I'm a rebel, a failure or an annoyance."

"The king himself was once a rebel," Katrin points out. "It all depends on your drive for what you will end up becoming. You should not sell yourself short." She blushes a little. "I like to know a bit about each person I interact with," she says, almost defensively. "Over all, no one had anything particularly bad to say about you."

Rafferdy chuckles, "You must not have asked anyone who really knows me, then." The road begins to dip as it nears the docks, the smell of the fresh water starting to become evident in the night air.

"So then tell me what a true friend would know of you then," Katrin requests with a wry grin. "If these sources are not speaking accurately, I would wish to know the true you."

Rafferdy's eyes widen just a little, "Yeesh. I don't know… Um…" He sighs, leading her along the docks, past the fancy boats, the quiet, relaxing slosh of the water against the retaining wall filling the air. "What do you want to know?"

"I am not encouraging a rebellion," Katrin says hastily. "Just pointing out that being the younger born does not necessarily mean that you can never achieve greatness." She shakes her head and looks out to the water, a little smile playing on her lips. "What is there to know?" she asks. "What are your greatest hopes and desires?"

"Oh, well…" Rafferdy furrows his brow as they come to a place where a boat is gone from its mooring, allowing a nice view of the river, the moon and stars reflecting off its surface in the early night sky. "I don't know." He begins to kick his boots off, revealing his bare feet. "I have a long history of disappointing my Father." He sits down, his bare feet hanging off the dock and into the water. "I guess I'd like to one day have him be proud."

Despite her Septa's quiet protest, Katrin takes a seat next to Rafferdy, careful to keep her feet from the water, instead tucking her legs beneath her. "It is a fine goal, to wish our parents proud of us," she muses quietly. "Does your father value strength? Or perhaps power and ambition? Perhaps money?"

Rafferdy sighs, "Fealty to himself, I think. Above everything." He swirls the water with his foot, "He took my dismissal as a squire as me dishonoring his wishes for me. It's kind of all been down hill since." He smiles a little, "He does listen to me, though. That's good, I suppose."

"You will find your way one day, I am sure," Katrin says, leaning back on her hands so she can look up at the sky. "You are right though. It is lovely here. I can see why you might find peace when you come to this place."

Rafferdy smiles, "I'm glad you like it." He leans back as well, looking skyward. "Had I known I'd run into you, I would have brought my vielle." He stares at the stares a minute, and then asks, "What about you? What do you go to the bridge to get away from?"

Katrin lets herself enjoy the view of the sky for a long time, drifting through silence. "I would like to go to the bridge and pretend that perhaps I could get on one of those boats, hide away some how and avoid the responsibilities that I know await me the moment I return to the real world," she admits quietly. "My support of Ser Gedeon, wishing for him to survive the duel, has placed me on the opposite side of my family who believe I should have whole-heartedly supported House Nayland. I have never forgotten my duty to my House, but thinking that I will have to give up who I am to disappear into someone else's life and desires frightens me."

Rafferdy looks over at her, "I wanted him to survive as well. Though, I did not support him." He watches her a moment, considering his next words carefully. "Why would you have to give up who you are? Who's life do you fear you'll have to abide to?" Then he tilts his head a bit, "And, if I may, why did you support Gedeon?"

"My father's life," Katrin replies quietly. "The life he chooses for me. The husband he chooses for me. The number of children I will bear, the amount of happiness I am allowed. Being here in Stonebridge, I am granted more freedom than at Broadmoor, but I do not forget that he is lingering over me, just waiting to find the right Lord to marry me off to." She leans forward so she can drifts her fingers through the water below them. "In one of my wanderings on the bridge, I met Ser Gedeon. Barely a week ago. He was kind enough to offer me a place to sit and conversation to have. He was a good man. He let me ask him all sorts of questions regarding his position and what he would want for the future. If he truly was the legitimate heir of Tordane, as the King decreed, then he had the right to claim what was his. I suppose I supported him because I saw the hope that all of us carry, to be more than what we are told we can be. But that was silly and stupid of me. For now it has caused far more trouble than I know what to do with. My sister writes to my father about it and he will surely pull me back to Broadmoor to answer for my betrayals."

Rafferdy rolls his eyes, "Fathers." He sighs. "Gedeon wasn't that great of a man. He didn't honor the final decision of the judicial duel. He left arrangements to keep Stonebridge in contested turmoil by marrying a woman and, supposedly, siring a child with her to be heir." He shakes his head, "It makes his death purposeless. It's unfortunate. Whether you support Naland or Tordane in the matter, the matter needs to be done."

"In the eyes of the gods, Ser Gedeon fell," Katrin replies. "They chose House Nayland to watch over Stonebridge. In my eyes, no matter how limited and perhaps naive they be, it is over. Though I grieve for him, for he was a man worthy of my respect, I do not see that a wife and child make much difference now. I pity the woman for being dragged in to this, to be a pawn in this game."

Rafferdy shakes his head, "She knows what she's doing. She's not been dragged." He kicks the water a bit. "Maybe you'll get lucky and be betrothed to someone that doesn't make you completely unhappy." He smirks, "I just opened myself to Father deciding he was going to betroth me. So, I understand how it's kind of… Not scary, but… Well…" He pushes himself up to his feet, picking up his boots. "It's enough to give one pause, I suppose." He smiles, "It's getting late. I should probably start making my way back to the tower."

Katrin slowly climbs to her feet, brushing off her skirts. "Thank you for showing me your secret place, My Lord Rafferdy," she says quietly and with a smile. "I would very much like to meet with you again sometime soon. Perhaps then you could bring your vielle along and I might hear you play."

Rafferdy nods, "I'd be happy to do that." He looks at the Septa waiting patiently a few feet up the dock, and he gives a nod. Then to Katrin, he bows, "Have a good night, My Lady." He smiles, and then heads off.