Page 553: Quiet Time
Quiet Time
Summary: Lady Faline Terrick takes a few moments of quiet time during the wedding feast. A conversation on anxieties ensues.
Date: 27/Jan/2013
Related Logs: Follows directly on from Mortimer's exit in A Wedding At Broadmoor
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Porch, Boardmoor
This generously-sized stone porch looks out upon the Stone Court, providing a little shelter for those intending to enter or depart the Hall inside, beyond weighty double doors of carved oak. There's room enough for a small gathering, and benches to either side offer seating for those in need of it.
Sun Jan 27, 290

Silk and finely embroidered fabric affair carried on in the Lord's Hall as cheerful smiles and well wishes headed each topic of conversation, all pertaining to the purpose of Faline's presence here. Well, on the porch. Faline was present, for the most part, during the important features of the wedding such as the ceremony and of course making introductions. While having her fill the young Terrick ventured into the evening air, accompanied with her handmaiden Suriya. The noble woman tugged a little tighter upon the deep purple shawl that coated her shoulders in warmth. "Truthfully? I would not expect her to come." Her green eyes searched the grounds below, adding, "Salt in wound."

And not too far behind Faline and her maid is Mortimer. It's been a long while since he's done this sort of guard duty. Best part of a decade in fact, but it seems to have come back to him with relative ease. He's a couple of paces behind and slightly to one side, the one the maid isn't, and keeping a matching pace while his eyes scan slowly across the unfamiliar surroundings. He's not on the highest of alerts, there are many capable Haigh armsmen around after all, but that doesn't mean he isn’t paying silent attention.

Faline might have slipped away quietly, but someone did notice her absence. Amid the general chatter and bustle that accompanies these events, Nathaniel slipped out of the room not long after she left, and followed at a discrete distance even behind Mortimer, in case he might be of some service. When the girl emerges onto the porch, tugging her shawl around her shoulders, the courier slips into the shadows to remain on silent, yet attentive vigil.

<FS3> Mortimer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Faline rolls Alertness: Failure.

Mortimer joining her out on the porch was to be expected, her newly appointed shadow for this temporary outing. Faline's chin lowered a little towards her shoulder and near her appointed guard's direction, "It cannot be all that bad Deputy." Speaking of the chattering nobility beyond the door that lead back to the Lord's Hall. But Faline smiled, grinning more likely from having been amused by some inside joke. Nathaniel's entry went completely unnoticed. She added, "I enjoy some quiet time now and then." Answering a question whether it was to be asked or not.

Mortimer might be getting on a bit in years but it seems his ears are still sharp enough to tell him that he wasn't the last person to pass through the doors behind him. When there comes no further indication of movement he's tempted to turn to see who it was but as Faline addresses him he decides instead to simply keep his ears open in case. It is after all, most likely someone else just wanting a breath of air. Hands dropping to a rest position on his belt he scans the courtyard briefly as he replies, "Aye m'Lady. I reckon we all do once in awhile." It's then though that his curiosity does get the better of him, that and his sense of responsibility for the Lady's safety, and he turns to glance over his shoulder towards where he'd heard the footfall behind them.

Nathaniel watches Mortimer for a moment and nods to himself. Knowing that the young lady is secure, he could retreat, but when he sees Mortimer glancing cautiously in his direction, he decides that a step forward might be best. "It is I, master," he murmurs. He takes another step toward the lady, and notes, "These ceremonies can be taxing, lady. You are not the first to seek temporary escape from such burdens."

Both arms are warmly tucked beneath the dark purple shawl loosely wrapped around her shoulders. Suriya steps aside for a moment, to retrieve the woman's cup held just moments ago. Faline, still smiling a small one states, "I wager you'd rather be elsewhere." Speaking to Mortimer before the voice of another speared through their conversation, calling her gaze over the shoulder. "It is not a burden, well, not really." She admits almost too freely. Then arrives her cup and one hand peeks out from beneath the layers of fabric as she turns to face her travel escorts, giving the rest of the lands her back. "I shouldn't complain at all, these sort of events is what every young girl dreams of. Just biding our time until we're plucked from our families and held on display for others." The cup was raised but she pauses before taking a drink, "I am not sour." It had to be said.

Mortimer starts to slip a hand to his sword hilt as there is movement in the shadows, but doesn't go further than gripping it as a) the movement isn't the rapid sort that signals an attack and b) he recognises Nathaniel as distinctly friendly. Relaxing once more he offers the man a brief nod and a formal, "Master Corbitt." He is on duty after all, so while there is a hint of familiarity in his voice, it's not the same as it had been in the Rockcliff so soon before. As Faline turns her back on the courtyard to face them he shifts position slightly, stepping forward a little to ensure he has line of sight behind her before he answers, "I'll admit m'Lady I don't like being this far from home. Has a habit of being bad for my health." He's not facing her as he speaks, which might by some be considered rude, but given the situation his eyes are needed elsewhere. As for the aspirations of young ladies, well thats something he has no idea on, it's not even something he's considered oddly, so he replies with a simple, "I wouldn't know m'Lady."

Nathaniel takes another step toward lady, handmaiden, septa, and guard, and bows. "I am sure that your family trained you well for these things, lady," he adds, speaking gently. "Still, this is no rehearsal, and it is a bigger than you might have expected." He glances to Mortimer. Then he adds, "Perhaps, like Master Trevelyan, you feel anxiety about being far from home. All of that is understandable. Be glad that you are not the bride. Think on her trials."

Faline casually nursed from her wine cup which had not been watered down. Full flavor she intended on savoring for tonight with hopes of barring her tongue from too much freedom a drink could cause. "No, I suppose you wouldn't." She replies to Mortimer, not wholly dismissive but a hint of disappointment was evident. She looked to Nathaniel, taking comfort in the man's understanding. "She'll never return home and in some instances they may be eager not to." The cup was returned to her handmaiden and Suriya quietly accepted it. "We're prepared for the ideal arrangement and setting Master Corbitt, though as our friend here, the Deputy, I suspect he is familiar with how no matter how much you prepare for something, things may still turn out of your favour."

"Sorry m'Lady," Mortimer replies contritely. He might have spent most of his adult life around the Terricks in one way or another but they still inhabit vastly different worlds. Sensing Nathaniel has a better understanding than him though he lets him do most of the talking, although that doesn't mean he isn't keeping an ear on the conversation as it progresses. "I generally try and prepare so they will turn out that way," he offers in response to the reference to his experiences, "but aye, they can still go any which way depending." Depending on what he doesn't specify though, there are simply too many options to list.

Nathaniel inclines his head. He takes a slow breath while he watches some other nobles passing at some distance on their way to other parts of the keep. Then he guesses, "And that is what causes your anxiety? You worry that your fate will be to wed a man who is not ideal?" His eyes search her for a moment, looking for her answer even if it is a fleeting twitch in her face. "Some of us share in that worry. We hope that lords and ladies who have been good to us will find good for themselves in this … arrangement."

"Right." Depending, she confirms with Mortimer, having a book fueled imagination the rest was not necessary to speak of. "No not particularly.." Faline shook her head, "Whom ever my father decides upon they will be ideal." To him. "That is kind Nathaniel." If she cared to share other thoughts her words had become silenced as the calls for the bedding event were heard from the main hall. "Oh…" Her eyes refocused onto the doorway leading back to the wedding event. "I think I will remain here."

And that's why Mortimer is leaving the talking to Nathaniel, he wouldn't have got that half as quickly, if at all. He nods silently as the younger man speaks about there being a degree of anxiety around, the change in from Lord Jerold to his younger brother generated more than enough of that. A large portion of which still hasn't dissipated either with the new Lord of the Roost keeping largely to himself and making it a hard task to try to work out just what he wants and expects from those who serve. Of course, Faline then enacts the woman's prerogative and the whole thing is a mystery once more but before he can ask some half formed question there is the announcement and her following decision. Not that it makes a huge difference to him mind, he can stand out here and watch her back, or stand inside and do basically the same. He does confirm he's heard and understood though with a quiet, "Aye m'Lady."

"Lady," Nathaniel answers, "I do not know, but I imagine that a good and wise lord would choose well for his children, and consider their temperaments, if they must impose a match. I was happy when I saw Lady Muirenn with Lord Otto together before their wedding, because they seemed very well suited in love. I hope very much, to say the same about you."

The subject was already a difficult one in this Terrick branch, her near spinster sister laid the framework of marriage being almost unattainable, at least for these girls. Still Faline wore a well practiced smile at the compliment, masking her own thoughts, "Your words are touching Master Corbitt. " In all regards, she should have at least sounded earnest, while the loud voices carried on through the doorway. "If you both will excuse me." Little woman emergency, that eye contact given to Suriya was a big hint before the two females would return into the grand hall.

Little girl emergency or not, Mortimer isn't about to abandon his temporary duty that easily. Faline might have technically excused him but that doesn't mean he isn't going to turn to follow as she heads back inside once more. Discrete distances yes, staying just outside certain rooms yes, abandoning his charge no. Not until he's relieved by another to allow him to go sleep. Nathaniel is given a nod as he passes the man and a quiet, "good night," before he too steps back into the hall, a pace or so behind the maid.