Page 482: Questions at the Roost
Questions at the Roost
Summary: This hunt for the missing maid continues. This time it's Alisynn's turn to be quizzed.
Date: 17/Nov/2012
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Alisynn Mortimer 
Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Sat Nov 17, 289

It's a beautiful day, sunny and bright, the sun at an afternoon position. Having just walked from the keep to the town, she is going at a slow pace as she reaches the town square, an empty basket over one arm, a cloak over the other. Despite the sunny day, the air holds a crispness sending goose bumps over the scribe's skin and she pauses in her walk, stepping out of the way of anyone passing by so that she can lay her basket aside to put her cloak around her.

Is possibly more at home outside than the young scribe and is currerntly about the town without his cloak. Walking up through town from the direction of the road to Stonebridge, his destination is not entirely clear, possibly because he hasn't actually decided himself yet. Pausing in a lee of traffic he glances between the marketplace and the inn for a moment, as if trying to make up his mind, then he spots the young lass he's stopped near and offers a brief nod in greeting, "Mistress."

After stopping and pulling her cloak around herself, deftly Alisynn fastens it in place, reaching for her basket just after. Once she straightens, a small hand flicks back a few loose curls from her face. Looking around at the flow of traffic, she notices a rather serious man pausing amidst the bustling activity, when he nods, she offers him a smile accompanied by a brief curtsy. "Good day to you, Master." Friendly, to be sure, "Have I see you around the keep before?" Vivid blue eyes study him a moment, trying to place the perhaps slightly familiar face. "I'm Alisynn Maison. Scribe for the Terricks." Offering her hand to him, should he opt to take it.

"Aye Mistress," Mortimer answers with another nod, "most likely." There's a brief look that suggests he wasn't expecting the offered hand, but he doesn't actually hesitate to take it as custom perscribes. "Mortimer Trevelyan, deputy to the Lord Sherrif." It's a well practiced introduction, almost as if he's had to use it a lot recently with the influx of new Terricks along with the refusgees from Stonebridge. Equally easy and well practiced he then asks, "I don't suppose any of my lads have spoken to you yet about the missing maid have they? We're trying to talk to everyone in town that we can. See if they saw anything."

Having noticed the look, Alisynn realizes she had probably committed a faux pas, of some sort by offering her hand, but it was too late to take it back now and when he does take her hand her smile widens, "A pleasure to properly meet you, Master Trevelyan. I suppose I am one of the recent influxes of people to Terricks Roost," withdrawing her hand when he finishes the introduction. Blue eyes flicker in surprise, "A missing maid?" More than concern reaches her expressive features, dismay and sheer terror can be visibly seen. "I have had my nose buried in missives and trying to catch up on my work. The rest of the time is spent with.. with my daughter, in the servant's quarters, at the keep. Is.." Perhaps there is now a bit of panic lacing her voice as well. "Is she safe there?"

"She should be" Mortimer answer quickly, but not in a rushed manner. Reassure, calm, then move on and all that. "We're thinking it was someone or something in the woods, a wolf perhaps." Well, he doesn't believe it's a wolf, but Ozric has ordered the possibility investigated so he's investigating it. "If you've been up at the tower then I doubt you'll have seen ought, but have you noticed anything odd these past days?"

With the reassurance, the panic subsides, along with the terror, but the dismay is still in place, given away by the fidgeting of her hands on the handle of her basket. Alisynn shivers as she looks towards the woods, the chills having nothing to do with the cold this time. "A wolf? Aren't they pack animals?" Looking back towards the deputy, a brief smile finds its way back to light her features once more. "I haven't noticed anything odd at all, though I've only been at the tower, not coming into town for several weeks now, until today. Is it dangerous to travel alone?" Oops. The only solace she has is she had left her daughter with one of the cooks in the keep who had offered to keep her while she ran her errands. "What do you think it is? Which maid? Has there been any sign of her anywhere?" So many questions. Inquisitive, perhaps by nature.

"Usually," Mortimer confirms with a faintly grim nod, "but I'm told they are occasionally found alone." It's something he still needs to talk with the Hunt Master about thoguh, so he doesn't add more to that basic answer. Tucking his hands into his belt he listens quietly as she answers the questions posed, noding once to acknowledge he's heard once she finishes. "Thank you Mistress, if you do either think of anything, or see anything in the next few days then I'd ask you to tell either myself or the Lord Sheriff of it as soon as you can." As for her questions, he pauses a moment, shifting what is common knowledge and thus commentable on, and what is not. "Young scullery maid, name of Inna. Hasn't been seen since leaving for the kitchens a few days back."

His grim nod gets a studied look as Alisynn tries to listen to make sure that she is getting all of the information she is able, watching when he moves his hands to his belt. "I hope it is nothing more sinister than a wolf pack that can be hunted.." Unable to help addressing the connection.. "Would it have anything to do with the recent.." Ah, uncomfortable comment alert, paved by a quick shrug of small shoulders and a small grimace.. "death of the young lord?" Hoping not, praying everything was safe with the family and its servants. "Of course I will listen and watch for anything unusual. Did you mean the kitchens, in the keep?"

Mortimer shakes his head once. "We don't believe so no," is his easy answer, even if the investigation into Jascen's death is still on-going. If her first question had resulted in a shake of his head, her second results in a small nod. "Aye at the keep." Remembering her earlier concern for her own young one he then adds, "the lads who were on the gate that night say she never arrived though." See, the tower is safe, all is well there at least.

And another bout of panic averted by the reassurances. "I see.." Pausing again, she falls silent, fidgeting only a little now. "What makes them believe it is a wolf? Were there.. signs pointing to an animal of some sort? Leading to the woods or beyond the town?" Perhaps a little too curious for her own good, or protective of her daughter, the questions are almost relentless. "Is… Inna the only one gone missing?" Other than the young lord, of course, before he was found.

"We're working with the Hunt Master to see what tracks can be found," Mortimer replies neutrally. It's not technically true, but only becuase he hasn;t yet pinned Kain down to talk to him, they will be though, just as soon as he has. Given the main reasoning behind the wolf investigation is 'Lord Ozric has a theory' rather than any actual evidence he leaves it there, although obviously Kain's aid will also help if it's people responsible, or indeed, if the lass has just got lost. "She's the only one we're missing," he then confirms, mush happier to say that given the amount of people they've spoekn to in the last few days.

"Please, call me Alisynn, I'm not so great at formality." After a brief pause, she continues. "I am greatly reassured that you seem to have everything under control. I feel much safer." Alisynn offers a warm smile to the rather neutral deputy. Whether all he says is true or not, he has her convinced of it, and that's good enough for her. That false sense of security that seems to keep the panic of the people at bay in such situations. "I trust everything will turn out fine, Master Trevelyan."

"Seven willing," Mortimer replies with a brief nod, needless to say that he's hoping so too. As for her feeling safer, that gets a hint of a smile, it's nice to know that your work is appreciated after all. "Just remember to let one of us know if you do see or hear something, or find out that someone has." Thats just a reminder mind, and one he's been giving everyone, even when they've already agreed to do so.

"I will make sure to let you know, Master, and I will listen while in the kitchens at the keep, I hang out there now and again, though I was only vaguely familiar with Inna, myself. One of the cook apprentices has taken a liking to my daughter Kaicee and tends to her sometimes in her off hours so that I may get more work or errands in." The hint of a smile gets a bright one of her own, "Thank you for keeping the town safe, for my daughters sake if not my own."

Mortimer nods, then clarifies, "Please, don't just listen, spread the word. We're trying to talk to everyone but there's always someone we'll miss." He listens quietly as she explains about the apprentice, although there's possibly the faintest hint of discomfort at the combined talk of daughters and keeping the town safe. He doesn't dwell on it though and moves on instead with a simple, "Just doing my duty Mistress Alisynn, but thank you."

"I will spread the word and send anyone with information to you, or send you to them, if I overhear anyone talking. I wouldn't want to put Kaicee in danger or anything." Alisynn is perhaps a little fiercely protective of her daughter, tiny little thing that she is. "Please, just Alisynn is sufficient, and thank you too, for protecting us all."