Quellyan Charlton


Much can and has been said about Quellyan Charlton, and none of it of the most kindest effects. He is the eldest son of Lord Ser Keegan's brother, Ser Hyram, and his wife Lady Maegaret, which places him as a first cousin to the current heir, Ser Andrey. He squired for a Frey knight, a high enough honor that his father could hope to win him. He was knighted at the age of nineteen, as like all other Charlton knights, he had the means to pay, and by years of service to knight-though his exemplary note came when aiding his knight during a tournament. A small feat, but it was enough.

After his time with the Freys he returned home to serve at Hollyholt as one of the knights of Charlton-though his main claim to some notoriety and popularity was how he would fare within the tournaments-mainly in the grand melees. Though, never a winner, the young Quellyan had a reputation of being fierce and skilled with a blade, and was somethign to watch in duels, or in his own defense of the King of the Hill event. He was known to have almost won a tournament held before the Rebellion, till he was bested by a member of House Terrick.

During the rebellion, Ser Quell, did not of great note, as the Freys held back before committing their houses into the fight-and he rode on with all great haste to partake in the sacking of King's Landing. An event that it is rumored that the knight took too much pleasure in. After that, Ser Quellyan returned home, serving to beating the bounds of the Charlton's holdings, and serving as some form of law. Though in this, he was considered lax, and was far more fond of whore and hunting than actively searching for bandits or settling petty disputes. It was by his own uncle he was given the nickname the Blackrood (or root in Riverlander slang) given his reputation and the thought of pulling it down.

Quellyan took the name with open arms and seems to have fashioned a persona about it, changing his own personal brand of arms to a black background instead of the usual Charlton yellow. Despite his own actions, he is known to be loyal to the house, and does his best to remain in the good graces of the Lord of the House, while still enjoying the lifestyle he has grown accustomed too.

Currently, Ser Quellyan has been seen with the Charlton contingent sent down by the Freys to aid with the siege of Seagard, and the Ironborn invasion.


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"When everyone is dead, the Great Game is finished. Not before."

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