Maester Pyrs
Maester Pyrs
Vincent Cassel
Vincent Cassel as Pyrs
name: Pyrs
father: Brayn Warryn
mother: Miera Warryn
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 54
height: 6'2"
weight: 170lbs
eyes: Blue Steel
hair: Gray/Auburn
honorific: Maester of the Four Eagels
house: Terrick
position: Maester


Pyrs was born as the fourth son to a wedded pair of commonfolk in the eastern Riverlands, Brayn and Miera Warryn, a hardworking family of sheep farmers for the past four generations. His family lacked great fortunes or recognition and without all of that they still managed to instill a sense of honor in their young and pride for one's abilities. Raising sheep and preparing the animals for market required grueling hours of dedication, they would say, something the young males of Warryn had alternated the duties with so many hands at their disposal. Early on Pyrs was never the physical sort so while his brothers had practiced wielding sticks, imitating the legends of old the young Pyrs kept his nose buried in a book. Most of the time the same one week after week as his family could not afford the keep feeding Pyrs' sponge like mind.

Like many young and impressionable minds the males of his family aspired for greatness to join the knighthood whereas Pyrs lacked the desire to walk the same path is brothers. At the age of sixteen, he voyaged to the Citadel of Oldtown in order to join the ranks of Westeros scholars and become a Maester.

When a whole wealth of knowledge is at one's disposal it was difficult for Pyrs to specialize in a single subject though he was expected to be proficient in numerous areas should he desire to serve a lord. After earning his first chain in the subject of history Pyrs proceeded onto the next subject the laws of Westeros, and then to astronomy. Before he could take his vows and become recognized as a Maester Pyrs completed his chain with the areas of study in ravenlore, economics, herblore, medicine, dragonlore and last but most of all not the least, alchemy.

Like many of his peers Pyrs disregards magic and it's existence though the majority, if not all of his opinions are kept to himself. He leads the life that is expected of him, sharing what knowledge he has retained over the years to influence wise decisions of the lord he will soon come serve. The Maester of the Roost had been recalled back to the Citadel, now replaced by Pyrs since the invasion of the Riverlands by the Ironborn in an effort to rebuild from what has been lost and ravished.

Physical Features

A loosely fitted, floor length gray hooded robe hangs over this elder man's form, comprised of many pockets which a times are often the comfortable host for his hands. This Maester reaches the average of many Westerosi men, serving a little over six feet tall the only hint to a slender frame are his narrow cheeks and thin, but ink stained fingers. Salted gray hair overpowers the sparse hues of the fading auburn, a vague memory of his once natural color. The hair on his crown is kept to a low cut and a touch disheveled from the constant run of a stray hand out of habit due to frustration or otherwise. Coating the lower regions of his cheeks and face is a thick beard that spreads further down his neck. Offsetting his rather 'tawny' and common features are faded blue eyes that closely favor the color of steel rather than the skies above.

A completed chain hangs from his neck with the respective areas of his completed studies forming the various metal links. Like the wealth of knowledge there is always room for more.

OOC Note
Please @mail or page Cherise if you have a desire to rp with Pyrs. I do not always have this alt logged on. Thank you!

RP Hooks

  • Pyrs has received links for his chain in the following areas: Alchemy, History, Law, Ravenlore, Herblore, Astronomy, Economics, Chiurgeonry, Dragonlore, and Heraldry
  • Newly arrived to the Four Eagles to replace the previous maester who was suddenly called back to the Citadel

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