Page 146: Purchase and Delivery
Purchase and Delivery
Summary: Following their return to the Roost, the women of Camden go shopping and make a delivery…of sorts.
Date: 08/12/2011
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Town Square — Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost could be considered well-kept by the standards of the surrounding area. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise upstart between them. There are several homes and nicer shops located here which incline their business or residents towards those not of the peasantry. The Sept of the town can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
08 Dec 288 AL

The middling of the day is still warm and pleasant in the Roost and the air, though distantly scented of brine is a welcome smell - though definitely not that of the damp earth in Tall Oaks. Amongst the commonfolk there are several Camden guards, more like archers than actual knights. Damara stands closer to the Lady as they take a small detour to look through the small marketplace and see what has been brought for trade or sale. Upon her right arm is a heavy glove, the falconer seeing to the small young avian on her hand, clinging to it tightly with claws as the mask yet remains over the bird's eyes. She smiles, stroking the soft feathers upon it's breast with the back of her finger. Her thick hair in it's usual long braid near now to her waist is nothing if not hastily done.

"Do you see anything you like, my lady?" She asks curiously, glancing over the cloth and different strings of many colors for embroidery with something of passing interest. Her head lifts, scanning then for the other Lady Camden, the younger to be certain.

Tia has been at Tall Oaks without an outing for quite some time indeed. She is looking at the items for sale, though she doesn't seem much interested in the embroidery thread, even if she should be. Her gaze keeps looking around, an eye to the falcon that Damara has with her, and then over to the guards. They are still there, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. She looks to the sky, nostrils flaring at the scent of the sea in the air, testing the difference of it compared to home. Although she is moving with most of her usual grace, she does have a good number of bruises healing slowly, that occasionally twinge should she move unexpectedly. Her own hair is mostly up, as is proper, but tendrils hang down by her ears, hinting at the length there too. She turns her attention back to the thread, her head tilting a little. "You know, these colours here are just about right for Camden heraldry, aren't they?" she replies to her escort.

Having ridden with the party from Tall Oaks, Nares had perhaps avoided a few awkward questions, but he hasn't escaped the odd looks. With no interest in the markets beyond learning the layout of the town, and remembering Lord Dafydd's 'friendly advice' he's stayed with the guards for now. He'd kept to himself for most of the ride and was still doing so now. Using the time instead to scan the crowds, note the road layouts and keep an ear out for any trouble that may start. Soon though, he'll get the opportunity to finish his mission, but for now, he'd rather approach the castle with the Camdens than alone. More witness that way. Just in case.

Liliana is not far, from the rest of the Camden retinue, standing close to a stall where her Eli is choosing threads for embroidery. Better the one who can sew without needing the same guidance one would give a child just learning pick out what is needed. A glance, at the small purse of coins, the collection, likely, of almost all of her three years worth of allowances as a ward, before she nods, tucking it away and moving to join the falconer and her aunt. With Tiaryn having her own maids in tow, propriety is maintained. "When you have decided on which you like best for the piece, Eli, come and find me and I shall make the purchase." The redhead nods, sending her lady a grin, before she goes back to her perusing. "That golden yellow is just precisely the right shade, Aunt." A smile, for Damara, and a glance to the falcon. And the smile has a bit of sadness there. Not the falcon she'd been so accustomed to seeing on the Mistress' arm. A glance, back towards the cluster of guards, and the Harlaw man there, "We're not visiting the Inn at any point…are we?"

Leaning slightly to get a better look at the colors, Damara hesitates and then nods her head. "I am not an expert on dyes or threads but I would say those are quite close if not true.." The Mistress says while keeping her finger lightly to the falcon as she shifts, he also adjusts, using a small pick up of his wings and footing to keep his balance. There is a light squawk from him though and the jingle of his bell along the leather chord that keeps him tethered close to the falconer.

It is Liliana's look to the younger falcon, not the one lost that causes Damara to smile warmly. She hesitates in what she is to say when the mention of the Inn is brought up and then old happenings in their wake as a memory. Jade eyes lift to look up at Nares and the Mistress gives a shake of her head. "No need to. We will linger here for a little and then head to the Four Eagles Tower, best not to stir up the locals…" She still has a nice scar along the side of her face from her own run in with the people of the Roost and their feelings on Ironborn.

Tiaryn has no need to go to the inn, so she is content with the answer given to her niece. She does follow the gaze over to the Ironborn and then she smiles a little. "Perhaps I shall pick up those colours and see if I can maybe try something ladylike. Though if needs be, I can usually distract most anyone with my harp." She smiles though, since embroidery is something she also does not deal with. "And at least if the work looks like that of a five year old, none of my brothers will deny the gift." Whatever it might be. They might laugh at her though, but that's just the usual.

Nares is not entirely sure if he's imagining a slight gap in the crowd as it moves around him and the Camden guards or not, but he's certain he's clocked a couple of the guards keeping an eye. Still, he's on his best behaviour for now and keeps both hands in sight and clear of his sword. One holds the reins of his horse while the other gently strokes it's neck. Nothing to see here. Move along.

"I have had enough stirring up to last me quite the rest of my days, if the truth be told." But there's laughter there, as she attempts to lighten the mood, "You should not worry so, Aunt. You are not nearly so dreadful as I am. And Eli has developed the knack of stippling the patterns onto cloth, so that I can follow along at her lead. You may have her attend you, if you like, while you are here at the Roost." Eli, at that, perks up. Different Lady means different, and new, gossip. But the grin that spreads over her lips is quickly lost as she goes back to picking out this thread and that, of different colour and quality and strength. "He rather reminds me of the Lady Harlaw. Too ready for battle to ever fit in, even if he made the attempt." And the man does look like he expects a riot to break out at any moment.

There is something of a sympathetic look from the falconer to the Ironborn with the other guards. "Perhaps, my ladies, we should hurry ourselves along for his sake then? Though I am not certain, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by shopping for threads." Damara crooks a smile and she lets out a long breath. Her left head lifts to worry at the old scar on her cheek before giving her attention back to the square and those passing. She is then noting as well, the increased amount of attention they are getting. Better for all of them to be moving soon - she would think.

She shifts and moves then, her avian companion giving a squawk and soft jingle as starts to wonder back towards the menfolk, not helpful at all when it comes to needlework. "Did you have need of anything in the town before head to the towers?" She asks of the knight.

"I will go and see to Eli's purchases. And we can depart back to the Roost as soon as we may." Liliana steps away from her Aunt then, Damara already making her way over towards the guards, a combination of Terrick and Camden swords, returning to her maid, who offers over the selection of threads she's chosen for the piece of embroidery Tiaryn wishes to begin. A quick bit of haggling, though not so much is needed. Well do the folk of the Roost recall the aid Camden gave them some months before, in the form of Lady Alyse and her skills as a surgeon. The threads purchased, Lady and maid move back to rejoin Tiaryn, "We are ready when you are, Aunt."

Tiaryn glances around once more, and then she inclines her head, finding herself in agreement with the others. She swiftly collects the colours that seem to match the Camden heraldry, and makes her own purchase, with some bit of haggling as well. It may be noted that her collection is significantly smaller than that of LIliana's maid. She offers a smile to her own maid, poor woman, and then nods to Liliana. "Then we are ready now," she says, with a smile. "Let us by all means return and see what adventures await." That might not exactly be proper, but oh well. She actually is considering this visit as a bit of an adventure.

Well, when you find yourself suddenly amongst the very people you've spent most of your life fighting against, it pays to be alert. As the falconer heads over he turns to watch her approach, shaking his head in answer. After a moment though something in his brain registers that it's generally politer to actually reply. "My business is solely in the towers," he states plainly, not really inviting further conversation. Using the return of the nobles as a distraction he nods in their direction to alert Damara of their approach, then turns back to his horse.

"I always buy extra my Lady," Eli offers as she joins Tiaryn's maid for the journey back, "In case of mistakes." The last word is stage-whispered, with a glance back to Liliana. Who looks not at all affronted, but indeed, nods her affirmation. "Many…many mistakes."

As the ladies see to their matters of threads and fabrics, or whatever have you, Damara studies Nares a moment. A nod of her head is given in turn. "As you say…" She won't fight for words, she's not the talkative sort herself. Not usually. As the Ironborn indicates the ladies with a motion for her benefit, the Mistress turns about and smiles pleasantly. "My Ladies, it seems we are ready to move on then.." She looks to each and then moves to her own steady roan, hooking a foot in the stirrup and using her one free hand to launch herself up into the saddle with ease. She adjusts a moment and then takes the reins from one of the other guards.

Tia smiles at Eli and at Liliana. "A fair point that. I'm certain that even the best embroiderers make mistakes every once in a while," she comments, amusement lighting her blue eyes. She heads over to her borrowed horse for the moment, a brow furrowing slightly as she remembers that Dafydd still owes her a real horse. That will come. Perhaps sooner, since she's out and about again. She too mounts with ease, quite accustomed to riding, though she winces somewhat as some of the unusual bruises she has gained protest the action. Once mounted, she pets the solid little mare's neck gently, murmuring quietly to the horse while she waits for everyone else to finish getting ready.

Nares mounts up along with the others. It's not the movement of a man who's a natural on horseback, but that's not to say he embarrasses himself, it's just not quite as smooth as it might have been. He too stays near the back of the group, glad that their moving, but a little wary of what might lie ahead. Still, if Dafydd was right and Kathrnyna is here then things should progress at least.

And finally, Tanis receives her lady, the mare, with nary a flick of the reins starting off towards the road back to the Roost. She's had years in Liliana's service, to learn the way from town to hall. "Have you decided on what exactly you wish to make then, Aunt? You might have enough for a banner, if that might be to your tastes. Or a doublet, if you wished to try your hand at tailoring." And easy ride and kept at an easy pace. There is no attempt to make it seem as though they are being chased out of town. "I will be glad when the Lady Harlaw returns."

As the retinue begins to pick up and head towards the Four Eagles Tower, those in the way step aside as a few sworn guards spearhead the way. Her gaze slips to that of the Ironborn and Damara is glad to see the other guards moving to offer him as much protection as the rest. There is an exhale and the falconer is soon falling in to the rhythm of the entourage. The talk of needlework is lost on her but hooking the mask and tether to her saddle, she frees the avian completely and gives a turn of her right wrist where he rests.

With a whistle to let those nearby know, she throws her arm to the air to release the falcon and a screech rises as wings spread and grab at the air hard and fast. Now on wing, and no longer perched, the Mistress allows her hand to be freed from the heavy leather glove with a sigh, flexing her heavily scarred hand to keep it limber.

Tia glances back to watch the falcon take flight, a slow smile on her face as she does so. Then she turns her attention back to Liliana, chuckling softly. "I am not much better, I must admit. Though it probably should not be the case, I generally would practice my harp instead of my embroidery. It was perhaps not the most practical of choices, admittedly." She shrugs lightly, not particularly worried about it. Though it does seem the Camden women do have similar likes and dislikes in great measure. "As it happens, I haven't quite decided what to make, though perhaps a banner. If I try something that must be worn, the haphazardness of my skill will surely leave whoever is wearing it in an embarrassing situation that need not happen." Clip clop, a fast walk is set, as the horses, guards, maids and all continue along the way to St. Ives … erm, okay, wherever they are going.

Nares keeps pace with the rest of the group. He's not right at the back, he leavea that for the guards themselves, but he certainly lets the Camden's themselves go first. As they move through the crowd his eyes scan back and forth watching for any unusual movemnt but being careful to still keep his hands away from his sword. Don't want to make the guards jumpy after all, especially not near the castle.

"And I the bow. Though you must take all of the credit for what skill I have with the harp. Something I have not been practicing as I should, I admit. Perhaps…if you feel so inclined, you might be willing to sit with me, now and then, when you are here, for lessons." Liliana is not the worst harpist the world has ever seen, but she is still quite the novice. It has been suggested to me that my skills have need of improvement." Tanis takes easily to the pace, seeming to enjoy the speed, though her head dips now and then, as though she might wish to run, and not just this almost canter. "Do you recall when we were much younger, Aunt, and we would race through the trees?" Aunt Tiaryn might be, but she is barely more than a handful of years older than her niece.

Rubbing the offended and tired hand, Damara settles to the short ride towards the towers and gives a look at the edges of the square as they begin to leave it behind. The Mistress smiles a little at the talk being hand between the two and she keeps her horse just behind theirs. Her left hand lifts to smooth her hair from her face, tucking loose strands behind her ears. "It seems we are always at the Roost…poor horses." Back and forth, back and forth and she knows who to blame for it.

"Do you not /still/ run through the woods?" Tiaryn asks, letting her amusement show for a moment. Since, she only recently got caught by Dafydd with twigs in her hair from racing through the woods. But never mind that. "It is something I still do, from time to time, Liliana. And of course I will sit and play harp with you, if you wish. I am certain we will be able to find time for that. Though - you know, I cannot recall the last time I was here," she says slowly, a little bit cautiously. Well. No time like the present, right? She does pause to look back at the poor guards, including the Ironborn who doubtless has no clue what he is really getting himself into. But he will learn.

"Of course. I wander whenever I can, when my duties allow. But I do not often have a companion that is as keen to race as I am." Another flick of her wrist, an old signal to her Aunt, but her voice turns to Damara, "They enjoy the journey, I think. They would grow bored, if they could not work. Tanis becomes positively marish, if she is not active at least once a day." But Lili will make no accusations about who might be to blame for all of the travels between the Oaks and the Roost, "Have either of you had occasion to take in the coast, in your journeys? I had thought, perhaps, to spend some time there, either this evening, or early tomorrow, if either of you wished to accompany me."

As the party approaches the gatehouse, Nares separates himself from the rest of the party. Drawing off to one side he lets the rest go through ahead. Here it seems, their business, and thus their paths, diverge. Aware that he's drawing the attention of the sentries on duty he dismounts, takes hold of his reins and walks towards which ever one of them looks to be in charge. Wasting no time with small talk he states matter of factly, "I bare a message for the Lady Harlaw from her uncle, Lord Harlaw of Ten Towers. She should be expecting me."

"That may be true, but it seems we might as well have another keep this far south just in case….we do seem to visit a lot." Damara says with a knowing smile but as they arrive at the gate, it fades as she watches the Harlaw. "We are expected ladies, please keep going…I will make sure your mounts are taken care of." The mistress intones and than slows her horse to lag a little behind, not only to take care of a few things but to make certain that the falcon is in sight or at least is somewhere she can be of access. Slowly she dismounts and gives a look back to Nares before keeping her hand to the bridle of her horse.

Once they've arrived, Tiaryn dismounts with the same grace she showed earlier. She glances around, and then nods to Damara. "Thank you, Mistress," she says, with a smile and a nod. She then passes the reins over, given that invitation, though she pauses briefly. "You are certain? It is not such a chore that we cannot help with." Given that certainly it is something they've all learned, and with everything, she still prefers to be as able as she can. Assuming she gets an assent, she moves away from the horses to wait for the others before heading off towards the busier parts of the place.

The sentry, one of them, at least, dressed in Terrick colours, steps down from his post, to receive and address the man coming to approach, "The Lady Harlaw is not currently in residence at the Hall, though she is a guest of the Lord Ser Jerold. But if you bear tidings from her House, then you are welcome to come within our walls. We ask only that you respect the peace of the hall and the goodwill which has been offered to House Harlaw from House Terrick." A glance, at the rest of the company picks out Liliana from the group of women and guards, "The Lady Liliana accompanies you."

Liliana glances over, as she sees the sentry look in her direction, giving the man a brief nod, just before she continues through the portcullis. She too slides down from her mare, settling her skirts, "Thank you, Damara. I would greatly wish to see to Tanis myself, but I must made certain that my Lord Ser Jerold receives word of our new guest, and the tidings sent to him from the Oaks." And, more likely than not, the Captain of the Guard as well. "I will find you both as soon as I am able. Eli will take the threads to your rooms, Aunt." But they'll both scoot off as quick as quick can be.

Nares nods his acceptance of the terms. It's a shallow, brief nod, but it's there none the less. He has a couple of ideas as to where the lady Kathryna might be found in a town such as this and so turns his horse around before addressing the sentry again. "I will attempt to see her first," he says, by way of explanation, knowing full well he can always head back if he fails to find her. As for the comment about Liliana, well, she seems to have answered that for him so he leaves it be and mounts up again.

Smiling up at the ladies. "I can take them well in hand, I have worked with the Terrick stable hands many a time." Damara informs Tiaryn with a dip of her head, taking the bridle once her mare is taken in to the stables. "I will make certain Tanis is well treated." She then says to Liliana after taking the horse in hand, one in each as she looks to the Ironborn. "Go on now, you will have want to change and ready yourself I am certain. Lady Liliana is well in hand for such things. She does well when seeing to rooms." She gives a tug and a click of her tongue before she looks to Nares. "I can take your horse as well…all will be seen to." She extends her hands for the reins. But seeing the man already riding back the way they came, she sets to her work with a shke of her head in dismissal.