Page 451: Proud, Honorable Eagles
Proud, Honorable Eagles
Summary: Kamron queries Ozric about some interesting information he's gotten from alternative sources.
Date: 17/10/2012
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Kamron Ozric 
Armory, Four Eagles Tower
Behind a bolted door lies the Tower's Armory. Stacks of armor line the walls, each placed carefully upon shelves with their helmets. Spears, pikes, axes, and bows line one wall while on the other and also kept on racks in the center are dozens and dozens of swords of all kinds. These are all mostly identical with few variations among them except for design and size as the armory is simply a repository for defense arms. At the front near the door the Guards have their own personal storage space for their more customized gear.
17 October, 289

Part of a squire's education comes not in books, or uselessly battering one's self with the other boys in the yard. Rather it comes from knowing one's place and the places for everything. In order for a squire to ever prevail as a knight and in some lucky birthed ones-prevail as a lord and knight-then they must know the ins and outs of a keep-and more or less of what will keep them living if they continue along with their quest to be a knight: Armor. With this in mind, the Armory of The Four Eagles' is getting a look over-and more importantly some chain- and steel helms are seeing a much needed scrubbing and oiling courtesy of Ser Ozric Terrick's squires: Peytyr and Micaiah. As well as help from is pages, young Robett and Corbin as well.

The knight for the most part is watching the boys carefully while standing next to a senior armsman who is giving the 'gentle' instruction this day. The wry grin would show that the knight approves.

There are other knights than Terricks in Four Eagles, and they have squires with needs as well. Usually, they need to be hit in the head. And so it is that Kamron Mallister leads his tall, painfully thin squire Percival Ryger into the Armory. Both knight and squire are already dressed in heavy leather arming jackets, but their shields and practice weapons rest in the care of the Keep's armory. While usually there is someone present, the six people already there are something of a surprise. Nodding familiarly to the armsman, the Mallister then shifts his attention to the one-eyed knight, bowing his head slightly in greeting, "Ser Ozric." They may have both ridden to Middlemarch, but they didn't speak much on the trip there or back.

A turn of his head an Ozric catches as both men come in, a raise of his brow before he is simply nodding to the Mallister knight, before he is turning and moving to intercept both Kamron and the young Ryger. "Ser Kamron." Of the Mallisters he knows (which is a whopping total of three) it is easy to tell Kamron apart from Martyn despite what others might say. "Get in there." he notes to Percival in order to let the squire on pass him and with the others, as no doubt there is some need of work. The one eyed knight watches briefly before he is looking back to the guest of the armory and the tower. "How fares your day Ser?" pleasantries easily despensed.

Percival blinks at Ozric's direction, looking back to Kamron in question. The Mallister knight nods his head, "I'll be a minute. Gather the shields and blades, then help out until I'm done, Percy." And then the cadaverously thin squire bobs his head and scurries off. Looking back to ol' One-Eye, Kam shrugs one shoulder slightly, "As well as any other. I hope the same is true for yourself." The pleasantry is given earnestly enough, but it is a mere pleasantry none-the-less. Dropping his right hand to hook a thumb through the loop of his belt where his axe usually hangs, the Mallister adds, "I had been hoping to speak with you, Ser. It seems that there is quite a lot of change afoot at Four Eagles Keep. Many rumors, but I would like to hear some facts, if you are willing to dispense them."

Ozric continues to 'eye' the young Ryger, mainly as that is all that he can do. However, once that is done and the squire has slipped by like a little fish finding a nook in a collection of rocks, the knight is back focused to the other eagle in the room. A tilt of his hand, and Ozric's hand falls to hang at his belt-though there is no reach for weaponor else. His other hand just goes to fold behind his back, barely. "Well, you have my attention, Ser Karmon. I am sure I can answer your questions as well as any other under this roof." A wry smile passed before he is nodding and so moving a few steps in, for a more intimate setting amongst the work of the squires-and likely to keep some things from spreading beyond the two knights. "What rumors trouble you, Ser?"

Kamron glances over to the senior armsman, "Master Emrik, why don't you take a moment to think of what you're going to tell Rosie." A crooked grin flashes across the knight's scarred face, and then he's turning to follow Ozric deeper into the armory. The Mallister lowers his voice a little, not so far as to reach a whisper, just so that it does not echo in the stone-walled room. "I'm a blunt man, Ser Ozric, a knight, not a politician, so I hope you'll excuse me if I get right to the point. The rumors I've heard is that your father, Ser Bolland, strong-armed Lord Jerold into not only stepping down from his Seat, but passing over his son Justin to make Ser Bolland Lord of Terrick's Roost."

"Did you now?" Ozric offers back after a faint glance to Emrik and then focus completely back on Kamron. A tightness shows in the man's jaw, but with a shake of his head, the terrick knight seems to have swallowed down whatever that first response was looking to be. "I must say, Ser Kamron, I prize honesty above all else. I am aware of the steps at court-however, like you I am a knight. That is my oath and duty-so I do not have time to play games with men." And there his blue eye focuses on Kamron so not as to stare down the Mallister, but rather show the seriousness of his intent and words-which are kept soft. "I can tell you this. My father did not strong arm Lord Jerold to do anything that Lord Jerold would not want to do. If that was the case-I am sure my father would have prevailed when he would rail against my late aunt, Evangeline." the knight continues. "I do not know the intricacies of what was discussed between both Lords, but what I do know is this: When I was summoned back into the hall both men looked resigned to their fates. My father told Lady Anais and I, that my uncle and he came to an agreement on what needed to be done with the current situation of the House. My father told me, Lord Jerold abdicated his seal and title to him and thus goes the line of succession. When I looked to my uncle he did not cow like some defeated pup, but looked me in the eye and confirmed the decision. There was no ire, nor defeat. Just simple fact." and there the knight straightens up. "If you like, Ser. I can confirm for you that there has never been a plan to come and take the tower from Lord Jerold. Though I will say such a rumor that we would betray family and force our way into something is rather dishonorable and maligns my father's reputation as it does my own."

Kamron listens to the newly-returned Terrick's case without interruption, his features schooled to the flat calm of a frozen millpond. When the taller knight concludes, Kamron holds up one hand as if to turn aside the suggestion of dishonorable intentions, "I do try to think the best of knights and fellow vassals of my Lord Cousin," Patrek Mallister, of course, "which is why I came directly to you, Ser Ozric, rather than spreading any such rumor beyond my own ears." Letting his hand drop back down to his side, he continues in the same low, quiet voice, "I do find it interesting, however, that Lord — " He stops, corrects himself, "Ser Jerold, would abdicate power to his younger brother, who has just returned to The Roost, rather than to his son, who has been serving as Sheriff — and a great deal more — while Ser Jerold was withdrawn and Jacsen," the lack of title sounds familiar rather than insulting, "sick abed."

"I would hope so, Ser. I do not suffer insults lightly." Ozric replies evenly, without a touch of malice or anger. Merely all is simply fact to the knight. And so when Kamron continues, Ozric dips his head, as his eye stares down at the stone for a moment, before a half shrug is given. "I can tell you ser, that I do not understand my uncle. And what knoweldge I have of him is bias due to my past." Ozric admits before he raises his eye. "And I cannot assume to know what will make a man change his mind and look over his only son, in favor of his brother." With that said, Ozric's free hand returns from his back to scratch the edge of his jaw. "I can only imagine that Jerold, did not trust Ser Justin to do a fine job, and then only saw my father as his only recourse. Given what is suspected about Jacsen and his habits-perhaps he thought that Justin would only make a good Sheriff and thus was no groomed for the role that would be thrust upon him. I know not."

And there Ozric shifts his weight a little. "Do, I feel that my father will be a loyal bannerman to Lord Patrek? Yes. If I ever become lord, I would say that he'd have no finer knight than me." a boast, but one that does not exude cockiness or arrogance. No, it is a bold confidence that does not over power. A sureity of his statement. "Of my younger cousin, I will say that he has done an admirable job when it comes to being a Sheriff-and pardon for my bluntness-but like those before him, he exudes a pride that he has not earned. And from that I feel he holds sour feelings, as would I were I in his position."

Kamron blinks once at the reassurance from the other knight, his eyebrows lifting slightly as if in surprise, "Was there ever any doubt as to the loyalty of House Terrick? I must say, Lord Mallister has never had any cause to doubt the loyalties of the Terricks of Terrick's Roost." The boast from the other knight causes Kam to press his lips together, but he lets out a slow breath through his nose, loosing the tension in his jaw as he does. "I will be happy if that is the case, Ser Ozric. However, I must disagree with you on the case of Justin," Again, the lack of title appears born of familiarity, "He has demonstrated an excellent aptitude for every task put before him, including a care for the people of this holding that has not gone unnoticed by those self-same people. He is known and well-liked by many around The Roost and across the Cape."

Ozric stares at Karmon, "No Ser, but I assume there was doubt on your own end, if you were questioning us." said plainly before he is shaking his head. "Ser, I can tell you that the smallfolk may love him, and that he has indeed done well with the tasks set before him, but that does not make him any less prideful. And I have seen that pride show itself." And there he lets one crooked bit of his grin show, before it falls. "Despite what he has done, all I can assume is that his father did not see that same quality and passed on to his brother for that very reason." a wave of his hand that is not looped at his belt. "Mind you, Ser this is my opinion on what happened and what was discussed. Neither lord has told me the reasons behind it, and I have not pressed for them. I am now my father's heir and so now I must acquit myself to that station." A faint sigh there. "Though-I can assume your concern and rumor has spread from my cousin? Would you consider that a fair guess, Ser-as we've not made any official announcement-save whatever my father might have sent along to your Lord Cousin?"

"All eagles are proud, Ser Ozric." Kamron's words have perhaps a touch of a warning tone of them, "The wisest recognize that they are so." The query as to the Mallister's source draws a shake of his head, "I haven't spoken with Justin about the matter yet. I heard of the matter through less direct routes," one shoulder rises and falls in a faint shrug, "And thought I might as well come directly to the source — or as directly as I could. I suppose I could have gone to your father or your uncle instead, and I may still." He offers up a smile, but it is a tight expression, "It would do well for Lord Mallister to know why rule of Terrick's Roost has passed as it has, and my cousin's concerns are directed elsewhere at present."

"All eagles are honorable, Ser Kamron. Pride is a dangerous thing for anyman to have." Ozric replies in his usual blunt manner, despite whatever warning may come. "I will agree. And I think every man should hopefully recognize that they all have Pride. Some larger than others." As to how the knight heard of the changing of the guard, Ozric nods back. " I fear, Ser Kamron, I am not the best man to ask as I do not know what all was discussed between them. And there are some things, that I cannot speak fully out on, due to the sensitive nature of the history and out of respect and defense of my family." A pause there. "Of which concerns the Lady Lucienne and Lord Jacsen." There. A step in and the Terrick knight hesitates before continuing.

"What I can say, Ser Kamron, is that on the night we were called in to this conference Lord Jerold expressed that this change needed to happen, and that the sole responsibility could not fall on my cousin's shoulders as he was not prepared formally to be a Lord, or that he could handle such the burden as the state of our House. Those are his words that my father agreed with." And there the tightness in Ozric's jaw shows. "I do hope you can pardon me, but I find it hard to speak on such matters with others-though I know your interest is with our Liege Lord's." And there with that said he looks back to his squires. "If you will excuse me, Ser. I do have some young men to put through their paces when it comes to their mind, besides their blade.." And with that he turns to go and take control of his charges.

Kamron purses his lips at the correction from the elder knight, but does not contest it. "I was there, Ser, when Lady Lucienne was brought back from Middlemarch." Which means he knows about the pregnancy. If he has any clue about further scandal, however, it certainly doesn't show. At the mention of Justin not being ready, a crooked grin, very nearly a smirk, crosses his lips, and he notes dryly, "Younger brothers are so often tutored in the necessities of running a House." Which is to suggest, of course, that Lord Bolland is a younger brother himself. "And my interest, Ser, is as much personal as driven by fealty. I have spent a good deal of time at The Roost — I met my Lady Wife here. I am personally concerned in the future of The Roost as well as concerned on behalf of Lord Mallister." The announcement of Ozric's departure draws a nod, and Kam looks to Percy, whistling sharply and gesturing. The gangly squire shoots up, and starts over as Kamron nods to the other knight, "And I should see to my own squire's training, Ser Ozric. Good day." Percival comes up with practice swords and the purple shields carried by the Mallister and his squire, struggling to contain the various pieces of equipment as Kamron leads the way out of the Armory.