Page 249: Prospects
Summary: Quellyan and Aleister meet to discuss the siege, fine ladies, and land. You know, guys stuff.
Date: 24/03/2012
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Aleister Quellyan 
Camp of the Cape, Outside of Gray Gardens
Amongst the tents held under the Charlton Banners, one small circle is marked with a central fire and a few more of the 'grander' pavilions about it. Clearly the leaders of this small contingent camp here.
Saturday: March 24th, 289 AL

It is the morning after the siege has been broken. Already many Rivermen hold the village and other aspects of the Grey Gardens, where as the Harlaws still have their keep. Back in the camp, Quellyan's squire has been seeing to what things were taken in the night, namely one Septon Ulf who is healing in Quellyan's quarters. Which is why Quellyan is currently outside by the fire. A mug in his hand. Eyes look back to the walls and smoke that rises up from the taken hold. A silent salute with his cup before he is draining down some of the amber liquid inside. The groan that follows only can mean that it is something stronger than tea, that he has managed to find.

"I never knew peasant piss could taste so fine." The Blackrood comments before he is rocking back onto the barrel which is serving as his chair. "Gods, I love breaking sieges."

With the seige now broken, most of the tension that had lingered within the Charlton portion of the encampment has begun to ease and ebb away. The men are a touch more cheerful and upbeat, perhaps due to the fact that the possibility of returning home is actually looming closer then it was mere days before. Amongst a small gathering of men, off to one side, is Aleister. They seem to be conversing quietly and when it ends, it's with a soft round of laughter that sees the Master at Arms turning from the group and ambling back in the direction of the main portion of their camp. It's then that he spots Quellyan by the fire and there's a quick nod of his head and a quirk of his lips to a smirk as he calls out, "Cousin. Seem as if you're enjoying yourself this morning."

A look up, and Quellyan is grinning like a fool-or perhaps like Quellyan tends to do. A raise of his cup in salute before he is taking a sip, but he does not yet rise. Instead eyes remain focused on his cousin for a moment. "Oh, well, I did manage to kill a few bastards. Take a valued prisoner and My squire bumbled into a keg of ale-so yes. Quite chipper and enjoyment abounds." With that the cup is extended out towards Aleister as now the older knight stands. "And you my Lord? I do hope this morning and situation finds you quite well."

Moving around to the other side of the fire, Aleister comes to pause before it, hands extended so as to absorb some of the heat from it before they come to rub together. "I'd heard that you taken one of their men prisoner. Well done," comes the offered reply, before he's giving a quick chuckle, "Though, at this point, a prisoner is almost useless in nature. They have little to bargain for." That said, he's then moving to lower himself down to the ground, hands coming to extend behind him to support his weight as he leans back, "As for me? I'm looking forward to the prospect of finally returning home. There is much that needs to be that this little war has seen fit to put on pause."

"It might get us to get them out of their hold. And somehow I would feel fucked if I killed him." Quellyan admits before he is bringing the cup back with a light shrug. "I doubt the seven forgive if you murder a septon." Eyes look back to his cousin before he is sipping his drink down a little more. "Oh as am I. I have some prospects, I need to see to when we return. And then I will be back into the boredom of serving the law at Hollyholt-unless our gracious Uncle has filled that. Then who knows what he will be having me do. Perhaps something that keeps me from whores and fine wine." he muses before straightening out one leg.

"Oh that's right." Quell speaks up. "You do have an issue that should be soon coming. Remind me to buy you something nice for the occasion should it live." One would think, that Quellyan was talking about a horse. "Is there anything or anyone you're looking forward to seeing particularly?"

"If they come out of their keep for a Septon, Cousin, then they are far stupier then I would have thought them to be." A faint chuckle escapes past Aleister's lips with those words. "As for the killing of him? I doubt the Seven would miss the passing of a simple Ironborn." The words are offered almost casually, as if killing the Septon wouldn't weigh all that heavily on his thoughts at all. That's left at that, for Aleister is then giving a quick laugh and a shake of his head, "Indeed. At some point after I return." Then, a shrug of his shoulders comes to pass, "I am looking forward to venturing north of Stonebridge upon our return. I will have business there, which is something I need speak with you about. I have an offer of work for you, Quell, that would see you leave Hollyholt and remain in the lands near to Stonebridge."

"They apparently are highly religious in the Grey Gardens, if anything I return him, show them we won't kill someone they care for, and we negotiate a surrender. I fuck a Harlaw woman and well all go home a little drier." Quellyan rounds out before he's grinning softly. Another sip of drink before he is continuing on. "As for killing an ironborn. I would agree, however this one I like, and given how much of a bastard I already am, I shall not add to the weight against my favor come my time of judgement." Still the chuckle is given, as if it's not really of consequence what he does.

A brow raises upon that news. "Are you? I hear there is some fine land for farming out there-mind you I was never a farmer, but I look for where we can get wine all the same." Eyes slide down as he is content to watch his ale or what's left of it swirl in the bottom of his mug. "Well you have my ears right now- and given how well liked I am at Hollyholt, consider me highly interested." And with that the knight looks up. "I also have something to discuss with you-but you go first."

With a quick laugh, Aleister simply gives a shake of his head, "They won't surrender for a mere Septon, cousin. If anything, he should be drug out into their field of view and killed. But, that is simply my thoughts on the matter." Straightening a bit, a hand lifts to run through his hair before falling back down, "He's yours to do as with you see fit. I wouldn't interfere with that."

A faint sniff is a taken and a shift of his eyes in the direction of the tents, where his gaze rests for a moment before he's looking back towards Quellyan, "The land is indeed fine, Cousin, and mine now. Before we departed for this wretched land, I ventured to Hollyholt and spoke with our Lord Uncle. He saw fit and was in agreement that it was time that our House expanded it's reached. While we were lingering and fighting on this Isle, peasants from Hollyholt ventured to the lands and began work upon it, to prepare the lands for my cadet branch of our House." The smirk return to his lips as he pauses, his head coming to offer a slight incline towards his cousin, "While we are here, my Castellan has been overseeing things there and upon our return, I will need someone to see to men that we will hire and to serve as Captain of the Guard."

"Just so." Quell responds before he downs the rest of his cups and thus puts the septon matter to bed. "I thank you." allowed before he is rising and making to pour from his barrel seat once more. Looking over his shoulder Quell falls silent for a moment. "Did he?" asked in earnest before he is placing the stopper back. Quiet he looks to Aleister as if trying to read his cousin. " Did you tell him of this proposal?" A beat. "Or am I your own choice?" clearly Quell is overwhelmed even if he hides it well.

"That is a big move." a charter house, but Quell is still chewing on the offer. "Oh my answer is: That I am honored, yes." Done with that Quellyan genuinely grins. "Oh speaking of- I have an inquiry of your Castellan.." that bait thrown out.

A simple nod is given from Aleister as his cousin speaks, followed by the twist of his lips back into that smirk before he's offering, "Aye, he did. When we return, I will assume the mantle of Head of House." A slight cant of his head and he's giving a shake of his head, "I did not tell him that I would offer you such a position, Cousin. You are my first choice, for I prefer someone that I can trust and someone who is family, to see to the protection of a new era for House Charlton."

A slight pause is taken and a quick, "Good," before he's giving a nod of his head. At the mention of his Castellan, there's a slight arch of a brow and another short nod, "What is this inquiry that you have?"

Quellyan grins all the same before he is retaking his keg throne. " This." he says, "Calls for a drink.." And that is exactly what Quell is doing. Cup raised, Quellyan clears his throat: "To my good cousin. Long may our House and friendship stand." a bow of his head before he slugs some down. Cup offered again to his new Lord. " I wont let you down, despite what my detractors say." He quips before grinning.

"Yes." said quickly, before his voice softens, mainly to keep this conversation between them. "What are your intentions towards her?" blunt, but that is Quell. "I dont judge either way, but I do like to know about the rumors I have been squashing." A pause as he watches for reaction.

Another chuckle comes to escape past Aleister's lips as he dips his head into a slight nod in his cousins direction, "Indeed. Let us hope that fortune treats us well." When the cup comes to be offered in his direction, he's accepting it and then lifting it to his lips to claim a sip from within, before extending it back towards Quellyan, "Oh, I know that you won't, Cousin." A flash of a smirk hints back to his lips, though it then fades with the question posed before him. A slight pause is taken, followed by a cant of his head before he's finally offering, "One would think that my intentions would be my own, Quellyan." That smirk once more returns to his lips as he leans back once more, palms pressed flat against the ground. "If you must know, though, I intended to marry her at some point in the future." With the smirk still resting upon his lips, it's hard to tell if he's serious or joking.

"I think it shall. It hasn't stopped yet, and look we're both alive." Though given the line of questioning Quellyan has taken on, it seems that might be in some jeporady. Though, it doesn't stop Quellyan from chuckling and offering a sniff as a means of dismissiveness to the line in which they've fallen into. "Of course." Quellyan states before he is looking back to his cousin, studying the man as his own amused grin comes up. "And I would respect you for that-you should know." Still Aleister continues, so Quellyan listens. At then end of it, he chuckles-his own amused grin holding. "I see." said softly. "Then pre congratulations-though I must ask what of your fat sweet wife now?" A tilt of his head. "If we wish ever to slide out from under the Freys, it might pay to keep her on. If you are-taking another I could take her. We'll call it a trade or perks of the office." His own look hard to tell if he too is serious. Though even if he was, it would not be out of the realm of Quell's thoughts.

Aleister manages to refrain from chuckling or laughing and instead, he just holds that smirk upon his lips, his head remaining canted a touch to the side as he listens to Quell's reply. Then, a faint sniff comes and a shake of his head, one that is followed by a quick chuckle, "Cousin, she comes from a broken house. The Westerling family is upon hard times. Their wealth and power has severely wanned and they will serve little baring in assisting in any endevour to escape from that of the Frey's. This, you should know." Shifting forward, he pulls his palms from the ground, only to wipe them together before him. Something is given a moments consideration, though the smirk never falters from his lips as he offers, "My good cousin, you surprise me. Thoroughly."

Quellyan keeps his grin, though one could say it looks a little hard at the moment, as if something was seeking to slip loose. "Oh, I do-believe you me, but they also belong to the Lannisters and they shit gold. Besides, if we were to think realistically. I could do no better with my own reputation." the knight adds. "Though, this little position does give us something we can work with, in order to stretch that." a tap of the side of his nose. "Are we planning to shake free of the Twins?" one always hopes, and despite his squiring there, Quell holds no love for the place or it's House.

"Ahh, that Aleister is why you keep me around. You never know what I am going to do." a beat. "And also, because you know I am fine with my blade."

"A minor vassal house to the Lannisters, Quell, much like the Terrick's are to the Tully's. I do not think Westerling has much of a future left before them." A simple shake of his head comes to follow the words before Aleister offers a soft laugh, "No. There is no intention to break from the Twin's at this time. House Charlton and it's cadet branch will remain a loyal vassal." Again, that simple nod of his head is given, as if to firm the very words that he spoke.

Finally, a chuckle comes to pass, followed by a slight nod of his head, "Indeed. Two very good reasons to have you around, Cousin." There's a pause and then another slight cant of his head to the side, "So, did my good wife put you up to this line of questioning, cousin? To see just what is transpiring?"

A shrug and the knight merely nods all the same. "Just so, I hope we can continue the fine tradition of sending our sons there to squire." A faint smirk before he is simply nodding. No pushing that button further, as there is no point. Quellyan does offer a pause as he drains down some more drink, a littler slowly, before he is looking back towards Aleister. "No." said before he offers a laugh. "No. I will admit, she did ask me if I was riding with you both between camp and Hollyholt after the siege was broken-which got me curious. But coz-there have been mumblings within our own rank and file." said plainly before he falls silent as a squire slides on by "And despite how I am with my own honor, I would not see your own trampled. One of us at least needs to be the banner. I had thought of doing something scandalous in order to get topics to change, but we hit the boats before I could fuck some lord's daughter." a sigh there. "Perhaps that is why I've been testy with Nathyn…That and the lack of drink on this fucked Island."

Offering a simple nod in Quellyan's direction, Aleister listens for the moment before giving the hint of a chuckle, "Good. It is an easy thing to assume that she tasked you with such a thing, for before we left, she sought to have me banish the Lady Erenford from our ranks. After I discovered that she was seeking to have her poisoned." Once more, a hand lifts to smooth through his hair before falling back to his side, "Well I appreciate the gesture, Cousin, I can see to my honor in my own fashion. Plus, I have no reason for concern. My marriage has been one of convience, for both of us. I sought to not be used as a political pawn by my family and Cherise sought to try and better her station in life." Now, shoulders lift into the slightest of shrugs, "Such things do not always work, now, do they?" The words end with a sharp laugh and a firm nod as he offers, "Aye, the lack of drink on this island is horrid. Soon, though, we will return home, where the wine and ale will flow free."

"They used to, I believe I have lost my touch." Quellyan offers with a faint chuckle, before he simply nods. "And cousin, no cunt-no matter how lovely, or sweet will ever-ever be able to make me move in one direction, let alone spy on my own blood." a grin there, which turns into a look of brief shock. "I did not know that there was poison, or banishing involved." a little surprised there, or so Quellyan shows that hand. "Though." he continues on. "You have to give a woman credit, she did try to poison someone. That should mean love-or possessiveness. I don't know which." A laugh there before he is taking another draw of his drink. "Then good on you. I did that, by fucking my way through the eight, and of course getting into quarrels helped. But alas-it fucked me come prospects of marriage." A shake of his head.

"So now, my eye shall be on someone that'll help us-which is always had. I have a couple of ideas-though I know not which way to press. I guess it depends on what alliances we want." Of course by We, he does mean Aleister.

"I'm pleased to hear it, Quellyan, though I did not doubt that such a thing was the case." There's a quirk of Aleister's lips to a grin as he gives a nod of his head in the other man's direction, "I would say neither, cousin. She is more concerned about her station, then anything else. Do you know that when I was injured, her first concern was for herself and what would happen, and not that of me? You see, there is no love there, Quell. She seeks only a name for herself, and nothing else." Shoulders come to lift into a slight shrug before he's giving a shake of his head. "Prospects will come, cousin, as will Alliances. But should my marriage with Cherise somehow come to be dissolved, you are welcome to ask for her hand." The smirk returns with that statement, though it's broken when he continues, "What idea's do you have?"

"I could dissolve it for you, nothing like forcing an annulment." Quellyan offers before he's shaking his head with a snort. "Though that is in and of itself, too far." rubbing his nose before he's looking back. "Oh I have no doubt of that. Though-one idea could get us a claim to greater lands should something befall someone. Mind you I am not talking about killing anyone." yet "But, I could try the other benefactor perhaps of Tall Oaks. Just, a thought there." After all if something did befall Liliana Camden it'd have to go somewhere. "But, I don't know." A shrug and Quellyan is quick to quash that from stemming further. "And, cousin-I cannot show all of my dice from under the cup. That'd ruin any surprise."

Perking a brow just a touch, Aleister leans forward a touch as a hand lifts to give a slight wave, "And just how would you force such a thing, cousin?" Then, there's a chuckle and a shake of his head, "I have already taken a portion of the lands that were once part of Tall Oaks. The vast fields outside of the trees were part of their lands. I saw no reason for seizing what is within the oaks, themselves, for both Andrey and our Uncle agreed that they hold little value at this time." Shifting a touch in his spot on the ground, his hands come to clasp together, "The Lady of Tall Oaks is nothing more then an horrific. She has no smallfolk to tend to the land. No soldiers to protect it. By the Kings Law, the land can be doled out to others who can see it maintained." The grin returns then and a quick laugh as he nods, "Indeed. I suppose one should not show their hand, all at once."

"Oh not the lady." Quellyan throws out before he is shaking his head. "Well force is perhaps a rough word. Though if I was to give you ammunition for the annulment, and perhaps receive pardons and all that from you. We can play it as you like-though if there was rumor of an affair- or an affair, it'll keep you from killing her, or any unfortunate accidents." Still there is a pause "Or we can manufacture something else. We will see." It's not important now, or so it seems with Quellyan. Still given what has been said about the land there's a faint shrug and a nod. "She has ties with your friends, but more of that later- It's not important at the moment." And Quellyan rises up as he spies Nathyn coming with a message. hand out, the parchment is taken, and he's sighing for a moment. "It seems I am needed in the village- excuse me Coz, I need to be dressed to kill." And with that he is slinking off with his squire back to his tent-though he does pause long enough to motion for the keg. "Bring it." and he is gone.