Page 323: Procuring Poppy
Procuring Poppy
Summary: Lucienne has a favor to ask of Mistress Avinashi.
Date: 9/6/12
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Lucienne Avinashi 
Lucienne's Chambers

It is after the dinner hour by the time Lucienne sends for Mistress Avinashi to call upon her, and the little lady is tucked away in her chambers with the hearth fire flickering and a pot of tea brewing. Tonight she chooses a blend of mint and other bitter herbs, the smell wafting about her rooms and lending a somewhat clinical air. She seats herself by the fire, the chairs pushed back from the harshest of the heat, and waits.

And so summoned, of course the Dornish poison-taster comes. The faint jingling of her anklets precede her, and there is a soft knock on the Lady's door before its's nudged open and Avinashi's silk clad figure steps in. She dips down into a deep curtsey. "My lady. What is it that I may do for you this evening?"

"Do come in," says Lucienne, rising to meet the dornishwoman with a smile. She gestures toward the chairs for Avinashi to make herself comfortable, and offers lowly, "Tea? I've need of your… expertise, Mistress, if you wouldn't mind sparing me some?"

"That is very kind, my lady, thank you," Avinashi says for the tea, stepping over to the chairs, though she waits to sit until Lucienne does as well. "Of course, Lady Lucienne. I am always pleased to be of assistance to members of this house."

There is a handmaiden present, who is happy to pour tea as Lucienne drops into her seat once more. She fixes both her lady and the visitor with a cup, apparently knowing better than to ask if sweeteners or cream should be added. As Luci accepts hers, she requests, "Leave us, please," and the girl curtsies then disappears as bid, door snicking closed behind her. Satisfied with that, the Terrick girl lifts her cup to her lips and speaks gravely over the top of it: "It concerns the lord Jacsen, miss. You are… aware, of his current predicament?"

The food taster accepts her tea, lifting it to her lips for a tiny, thoughtful sip as Lucienne speaks. Lowering the cup, Avinashi nods. "Yes, my lady," she replies softly. "I am aware."

Lucienne draws an equally small sip from her cup, eyes flitting down briefly to glance at the deep olive-coloured liquid. "Unfortunately for my brother, our House can ill afford him to be so indisposed at present. You know him well, and his pride, of course…" Here she rolls a hand away from her cup, sketching a handwave in the air. "He is reluctant to shy away from the duties he's been given, even as unfit as he is at present to perform them."

Avinashi listens in silence, save for the small 'slp' as the dornish woman lifts her tea again for another dainty sip. She peers over at Lucienne from above her cup, and waits.

"The maester won't give him anymore poppy," Lucienne continues, with a small, disapproving frown. "But without it, he's nigh incoherent. If I could have but a few more doses, enough that we could make some headway on the matters of Lord Jerold's court…" She glances again into her teacup, almost ashamed for the asking.

Avinashi is quiet and thoughtful, setting her tea down gently in her lap. "My lady," she begins softly, "why is it that the maester refuses to give him such?"

Lucienne follows suit, nestling her teacup atop her knees. "He believes that our lord is… too reliant upon the medicine. And that his pain comes from the habit, not other way around. I - my brother's health is of utmost importance to me, Mistress, as well you know." There seems to be a 'but' hovering at the end of her reply, though it remains unvoiced.

"It seems to me, my lady, from what I understand of his symptoms, the maester may well be correct," Avinashi replies. She nods a little, encouraging Lucienne to voice that lingering 'but'.

Lucienne lifts her teacup once more, as though she might find some comfort within; who knows, perhaps she does. She draws a little sip, and emits a burdened sigh. "It pains me to see him so. Surely he could be weaned more gently? I fear, should this continue, our House will suffer as greatly as my brother does. Even just one dose, to ease him enough to see to matters of import? I beg you, Mistress Avinashi. I wouldn't ask this lightly of you."
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MAYBE THERE'S BOOZE IN LUCIENNE'S CUP. Avinashi has another small swallow of her tea. "To allow Lord Jacsen milk of the poppy would be to set him back at the beginning of the excruciating path he walks down. He cannot be cured of the need in that way. Do you feel the state of your house is so dire, you would prefer to do such a thing to your brother?"

THERE USUALLY IS AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT. Lucienne drinks a little more deeply of her tea, fixing a most meaningful stare upon Avinashi. She swallows, and says simply, "Yes."

"I see," Avinashi replies calmly. She raises the tea again, tipping the cup to her lips and taking a sip. "Well then, my lady, you shall have what you require."

Her next sigh is one of utter relief, and Lucienne even finds a smile. "Thankyou," she breathes, deeply sincere. "Thankyou, Mistress." She will sit silent in the wash of comfort for a little while. Or perhaps that's just the tea.

Avinashi leans foward to gently set her cup down. "Is there anything else that you might need of me, Lady Lucienne?"

"Just this, Mistress," replies Lucienne, still breathy. "Is there anything you might need of me?"

"Nothing as of yet, my lady," Avinashi answers as she stands gracefully and sets her bells to jingling again, "but I shall be sure to tell you, should that change." She dips into another deep curtsy. "Good evening, Lady Lucienne."

Usually, she might stand and see the food taster out, but Lucienne is a little too caught up in the swell of emotion just now. "Good evening, Mistress Avinashi," she bids from her chair.

Little bells chiming cheerily, the dornish food taster sees her own way out.