Page 281: Pretty Words
Pretty Words
Summary: Lord Rutger and Lady Rosanna speak on various topics in the gardens.
Date: April 26, 2012
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Rutger Rosanna 
Gardens — Tordane Tower
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
April 26, 289

It is shortly after the noon day meal, and the Tower, despite the tension flowing through the town, is actually relaxed. Perhaps it is because many are either resting, or off on business, but there seems to be a peace there all the same. A calm, before the coming storm. Not one to be trapped inside, one of the Nayland knights has found his place outdoors and under the kind rays of the sun.

Rutger moves along, a small knife in hand, as he does pause and reach out to prune at a bush's leaves. Though gardening is not entirely the man's strong suit.It does give him something to do, other than trying to play the courtier, or waiting until the Maiden's Day.

"No, I think I need more of the red thread," Rosanna is chattering on as she makes her way into the gardens with her handmaiden trailing behind her. "Remember to send someone for it. I don't care who." Or she can't remember names, who knows. She quiets upon turning the corner and espying Rutger, however, and a smile twitches on her lips. "Don't you have gardeners for that, my lord?"

Rutger glances up from his work, or rather not work. A turn and he looks back over his shoulder to the young lady and her entourage. A half smile soon grows into a full one as the knight lowers his pruning weapon and seeks to sheathe it back to his belt. "I do." a pause "Or rather, my brother does." he admits before hands are visibly rubbed and dusted. "However, there are some times, that I prefer to try my hand at pruning and gardening, over reading and drinking." he admits before he smooths hands down his doublet. "And to you, my fair lady, what has you out at this time of day? Surely your brother is allowing you time to enjoy yourself?"

"Are you suggesting a lady could not enjoy the gardens?" Rosanna wonders, a humored smile tugging on her lips. "I certainly don't visit because Kittridge doesn't want me going out. Sometimes I simply enjoy it. They are not the groves of home, but they are pretty enough."

"Me suggesting that you could not enjoy the gardens?" Rutger parrots with his smile still stuck. "Oh the Seven, no. I am quite sure you can enjoy the gardens. Perhaps I should have been clearer, beyond asking if you like flowers?" a chuckle "What has you here, and gives the the luck to honor your presence, Rosanna?" A tilt of his head, before he is looking around the garden, slowly. As if he is soaking it in. "I imagine, almost any garden either here or at Seagard do not compare to the beauty of the groves." A nod to that as he glances back "After all that beauty is also bred into her people."

Rosanna laughs at that, warm and without mockery. "You speak very gallantly, ser," she tells him, "although perhaps with a certain presumption in such a use of my name." She arches one slim brow at him, but there is still amusement tucked away in the corners of her mouth. "The same thing has me here as ever does: enjoyment of the flora."

Rutger bows his head. "I would say with a heavy does of presumption. If I have offended, Lady. Please do pardon." And his hands come out to show, no harm was meant. Still, Rutger does manage to keep the amused look on his face when he does come up from his penitent pose. "Flora?" a grin there. "Then tell me, Lady-which is your favorite of the Flora? I've seen many different gardens, and thus have my own favorites, but I am curious to yours?"

Rosanna looks pleased as much as anything at his proper penitence. "I suppose I will," she says, granting her pardon in an airy tone. "I think the apple trees in Kingsgrove are probably my favorite," she says. "Although Lord Patrek did grant me cuttings from a particularly lovely flower in his gardens at Seagard while I was visiting."

"A fine thing to gift, I would say. What was this flower the Lord of Seagard granted?" Rutger asks, as he looks back amongst the offerings of what Stonebridge's rose garden. A tilt of his head, and he takes a few steps, moving to a rather tick knot of vines and flowers. Eyes looking as if trying to find the right one. "As for trees, I am fond of oaks, or even a tall sentinel." he continues. "But an apple tree, there is something to be said about those that bear fruit."

"A variety of blooming ivy," Rosanna tells him. "A very pretty lavender. I found it particularly lovely." She trails along with him as he moves about the garden. "I can remember our sworn sword Ser Tommas lifting me to his shoulder as a little girl so I could pick an apple. Although perhaps he was not a Ser at the time."

"I believe I know of Ser Tommas. A rather tall fellow isn't he?" he asks, seeing if he knows of the right man in her brother's retinue. "That, I must say is a fine memory to have. I was off at the Twins, when my sister was at that age.." A pause before he is reaching for the small knife again. "You like Ivy, you say? then allow me, if I may My Lady, to give you a present.." After all whatever the memory of his sister-Rutger does not wish to dwell. His hand there along the wall, he takes time to cut a small bit of creeping vine, there budding from white flowers, with a light and sweet smelling fragrance. "They are called the Star of the Seven..They grow around my own home of the Sevens, and will take root quick. They like to climb, so if you like- please find a place where it may crawl.." And with that he offers the small offering in the direction of the Lady-of course allowing for one of her handmaidens to accept for her, if she chooses.

"Very tall," Rosanna agrees with another light laugh. "Our giant of Kingsgrove, but he was always very kind to me when I was young." She steps closer to accept the ivy with a faint smile. "Very lovely," she compliments it. "Though I imagine it is your brother's gift to give, hm?" Her eyes are bright with teasing.

Rutger pauses there, after passing the strand to Rosanna. An amused look again flickers. "Possibly, but, this was brought from the Mire when we came here. And of the Mire I shall be Lord. So it is my gift to give in a way." He muses before adding in a grin. "Well, I do hope this plant comes as tall as your giant. Perhaps taller, to give your Ser Tommas, competition." And now he barely shifts in his stance "How are you finding Stonebridge these days, My lady?"

"Oh, well. Then I suppose I shall thank you and not your brother." Rosanna dips in a graceful curtsy, holding the trimming of ivy between her fingers. "Thanks you, Lord Rutger. It is a very gracious gift." Her smile widens with a hint of unbroken laughter. "We shall see if our gardeners can coax it to grow so tall." She considers the question as her gaze travels idly across the flowers. "Well, it is certainly exciting at the moment."

Rutger smile back broadly and brightly, as the gift is accepted and eyes watch the simple movements of fingers. "I pray they can. If not, you are more than welcome to the Mire and the Fortress of the sevens, to find a strand that is hearty and hale." he adds. As for the question, Rutger moves this time to come along side Rosanna, while staying in the appropriate distance for a noble with a lady. "Indeed, it is. I have to say, I am saddened to see that my cousin has challenged Ser Gedeon. I would hope, that the King's Law would be enough."

"I've never been to the Mire," Rosanna says, all idle conversation. She glances over as he draws closer, but seems content with his appropriate distance. "Isn't the King's Law whatever the King says? I shouldn't imagine you would be in agreement with it in this case."

"Indeed it is, Lady Groves." Rutger replies, as hands clasp behind his back. "And I am not in agreement with the choice. For what it does is allow for a rather dangerous precedent. You see it says to others of common blood, that they can take what is not theirs." A pause as eyes shift back to Rosanna "However, that being said. There are better ways to handle such a ruling besides challenging another man's honor. I do not wish to see Ser Gedeon killed, or forced to call himself a liar.."

"Mm." Rosanna chews briefly on her bottom lip before remembering herself and halting the bad habit. "It seems to me that it's calling the King a liar," she finally says, pointing it out carefully. "If he's declared Ser Gedeon to be in the right, Ser Rygar should go to King's Landing and challenge him." The tease of her words is accompanied by a hint of dryness in her smile.

Now that, does earn a laugh from the Nayland knight. "Now that would be the appropriate challenge, dear Lady. And a fight I would heartily see. I know from my time with the King, he is the lover of a good fight. And my cousin is more of the martial love and light, than myself." he states with a look back to the young woman. "Have you ever been to King's landing, My lady?"

"No," Rosanna says with something of a wistful sigh. "Is it marvelous? I hear such things about it. My father—" She stops herself before continuing on the topic. "Did you speak much with the King while you were there?"

Rutger nods as his grin grows for a moment. "Indeed it was. The city is a living thing, much like a tree. It has branches that supports life of all manner. But the most wonderful thing to see is the Red Keep. The castle itself is a work, my lady." he states before looking back to Rosanna. "Indeed, I did. I was in his court, and I was one of the courtiers tasked with joining him in the Isles to punish the Ironborn for their crimes."

"That must have been terribly exciting." Rosanna watches him with more than a hint of envy in her expression. "I should love to go to King's Landing."

"Indeed it was. Court, is rather exciting." an appraising look is bestowed on Rosanna, before Rutger continues. "I think you would prove yourself to be a deft hand at it. I remember how you handled that sailor in the Square. " he notes. "You would?" he asks with a brow rising. 'Well lady, you may get your chance one day, I believe."

Rosanna wrinkles her nose. "The rude one? It is not so difficult to tell a person he is being rude." Still, she looks pleased and a bit smug at Rutger's positive appraisal. "That's very kind of you to say," she says oh-so-graciously. Yes, you are welcome to compliment her, Rutger. "Perhaps," she says, eyeing him appraisingly.

Rutger chuckles. "I agree, but it is difficult to do so, with class and wit. Both of those you have an abundance of." And he adds on another positive there. "Thank you for thinking so, but I only speak the truth. You would be wonderful." A nod of his head. "Well then, I pray the opportunity comes for you soon. King's Landing is something everyone should see, specially a fine lady."

"When I was a little girl, I was determined to marry Barristan Selmy and be Queen," Rosanna shares with him with an impish glint to her gaze. "Which managed to somehow work in my imagination, despite the obvious impracticalities." She draws the fingers of one hand lightly over the flowers of the ivy she holds in the other. "Perhaps I shall marry someone whose affairs take him there," she comments idly. "It would certainly be a point in his favor."

That little tidbit does seem to bring brows up, though they seem to relax as a goodnatured chuckle slips through. "My lady." Rutger says as he turns full on to Rosanna. "As I may be bold to say, you would make a fine Queen." his hands come back from behind his back and he toys with his thumb, bringing it up, to his lips after a slight turn away. A slim line of red shown but then hands are back, behind his back. " I shall keep that ever in my mind, My lady."

"Alas," Rosanna opines with good-natured wist. Her own brows slide upwards as she catches that hint of red. "Did the roses prick too sharply, my lord?"

There's a look down as his thumb is displayed, before a thin smile passes. "Alas, my lady, I did manage to do so. Apparently I had a bit stuck in the flesh. I will see to it later.." he adds before he is dropping his hands. Rutger smiles back to Lady Rosanna. "Alas indeed. I should perhaps go rouse my brother, so as to hand him along the message from my father. But I will admit to selfishly enjoying our time- and do wish to enjoy more, as opportunities present themselves."

"I will assume it is a message of family business and not about your injured thumb," Rosanna says with another tease. She cants her head just slightly, considering him with a smile. "You are all graciousness today, Lord Rutger," she tells him. "Far be it from me to not wish the same, if you are always to speak thus."

Rutger pauses in his steps, and turns back to Rosanna. "You will find, I am often gracious, my Lady. But it is rather easy to be gracious, when you are my companion." A bow of his head, before he simply waggles his thumb. "Indeed, family business. We have a sibling returned home to us. I think he should wish to know." And that is as much as he will share. "I look forward to see you again Lady Rosanna. Perhaps something less harsh than a thorn will stick to me." a half wink is allowed the woman. "A good day." and with sweeping bow, he departs.

"Of course." Something quieter settles on Rosanna's expression, a particular hint of something more serious before it slides away. She laughs again at his joke and dips in one last curtsy of farewell. "Good day, my lord."