Page 319: Pre-Raid Picnic
Pre-Raid Picnic
Summary: Alys comes to see those planning rescue operations.
Date: 03/06/2012
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Stone Walk, Tordane Tower
Set at a slight incline, the stone pathway leads up a slight rise northeast out of the town square towards the single tower of House Tordane. Grass grows thick and plush along the side though it is well maintained. Private shops and stables are located up closer to the manor with the family's private stables attached directly to the exterior wall of the small castle.
03 June, 289

The grassy areas on either side of the stone pathway up to Tordane Tower weren't made to be an army's muster ground, but they're doing a fair approximation of it now. Men from half a dozen houses have gathered outside the Tower to be close to the command center and any orders likely to come from within. Most everything has been quiet over the course of the night, and now the searchers are out in force once more. Kamron Mallister, however, is not one of those searchers. He's back in his armor after whatever short sleep he snatched last night, his left arm is back in its inexpert sling, and stubble as begun to gather about his jawline. After staring at the maps for hours on end, he's taken a break from the hall itself, coming outside to look over the assembled flower of the Cape. It's not a glad look, however, one happy to see Naylands and Terricks working together. No, it's an intensely worried look that knots up his brow and leaves the fingers of his right hand tap-tapping at the head of the axe at his hip.

Having heard what happened to the ladies on the picnic, and unable to remain in her rooms to sit and wait for word, Alys makes way for Tordane Towers. Baskets in the arms of herself and her two maids a look of worry planted on her face, her good-cousin is captured after all. She drops a yellow skirted curtsy at the sight of the gathered nobles , walking more towards the men of noble standing. Not knowing a single one personally, she is slightly nervous and with her free hand she adjusts her rich red bodice. "My lords, pardon my intrusion, but… but.. pray tell, any word of the ladies?" Her icy blue eyes are pleading yet soft, resting on Kamron who's nervous tapping has her slightly ill of ease.

He's getting some brief naps every now and then, but so far Martyn has just gotten those naps while sitting down out of the way somewhere, and not getting out of his armor at all. Having made his way outside a while ago, he's been pacing for a while now, expression a weird cross of worry and fury. Pausing for a few moments as he sees Kamron, he makes his way over in that direction, steps slow but sure now.

Kittridge strides up the walk, with the weary, stiff-legged gait of a man who has spent too many hours in the saddle. He has not changed since yesterday nor looks to have slept, and the approach of Alys in her bright colors with her question makes him blink. He clears his throat, and looks away, instead of answering saying, "Ser Kamron. The tracking parties are all back out, I've left a couple of mine at the site to coordinate from there, we'll be alerted immediately should they find anything. Has there been anything new here?"

So many men around, most of them in some state of sleep deprivation and armored and Inigo Vance is no exception to this. Now, he comes to join the smaller gathering of men, listening for news, but not getting his hopes up too high. It's only the beginning of another search day, after all, and he's not among those looking or commanding. "How a bunch of bandits managed to march all of the women through the woods and make enough false trails to throw off the best of the trackers is beyond me, though everything seems to be being done that can be." He's not playing the blame game, really.

The picture of three women walking through the camp draws Kamron's attention, and after a blink of surprise, he starts down toward them, nodding to Martyn. He bows to the ladies, "My Lady. Nothing yet, but the scouts are closing in." As Kittridge approaches, he bows his head as well, "Ser Kittridge. Nothing new here, all the men and horses are — " he stops then, his eyes widening, "Oh f — " And then he stops, glancing back to Alys and clearing his throat. Looking back to the other men, he speaks quickly, "We're going to need additional horses. To help get the women back once we find them."

Reaching up to her fiery red hair Alys twirls a curly lock around her finger as a compilation of flashing nerves, frustration, and worry plays about her face. With a blush as wild as her hair she stands back a moment and lets the menfolk talk shifting the basket up further on her arm. Looking at it's contents of bread and fruits with a bit of dismay. "I am Alys Charlton daughter to Lord Ser Charlton and good-cousin to Lady Cherise. My apologies, my worry ran away with my tongue. My thanks, my lord." Is all she can squeak out with her curtsy as she turns her gaze away from Kamron and to the ground, taking a step back, and listen intently to the conversation at hand.

Martyn frowns a little bit as he hears the others, nodding to them all. Frowning a little bit as he hears the words for now, taking a few deep breaths. Turning to look at Inigo for a few moments, then back to Kamron, nodding a little bit. "If they're all able to ride…" he offers a bit darkly, before he looks around again a bit thoughtfully.

"They're surely locals," Kittridge replies to Inigo, shrugging, "They'll know these woods better than anyone, and they've been hiding in it for months, if they're bandits who've been about. Not to mention it's just acres and miles to cover." He scrubs at his face, eyes closing for a moment, and blinks a few times before nodding to Kamron, "Aye, we will. We can borrow a few and the men can walk back if we haven't extras. Once we've got them safe enough to put on a horse I think things like that'll sort themselves out." He gives Martyn a sharp look for his thought, and says, "Not helpful, ser."

"Oh, yes…surely. They are certainly well prepared, at any rate," Inigo replies with a nod to Kittridge, scratching at his bristled jawline. "Yeah, we'll be able to get them back, even if it means walking for some men," he begins on the subject of horses, then slants a look at Martyn. "I cannot say I want to entertain those thoughts particularly, myself," he notes dryly.

Kamron nods to Kittridge, "I'm just thinking that we're going to want to get them away as soon as possible." He blinks hard, then reaches up to rub at his temple. The younger Mallister looks to the men talking about the bandits and circling over territory generally run over already, then turns his attention to Alys, bowing his head again, "Ser Kamron Mallister. If these were better circumstances, I would say it was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Alys." He smiles a little crookedly, although it's a pale imitation of his usual roguish grins, "You needn't apologize, however." He gestures toward the baskets with his good hand, "What do you have there, Lady Alys?"

Coming towards the gathering with a determined, and slightly annoyed, look is Alric. Not jumping in right away as he does not know what the current conversation is about. Spotting Kamron and Alys he moves towards the two. "Lord Kamron, Lady Alys. Good to see you." A small polite smile offered, though still looking rather serious. Noticing the basket he tilts her head, "Offering something to the men?" He asks, just guessing for now. Then he turns to look over to the others as well, though while listening to the lady.

Alys' current embarrassed, and worried state is brightened a touch as Kamron speaks to her. She blushes and looks to the baskets, "Vitals, ser." she smiles lifting the basket. "I had though that a number of you had not eaten in the past day, or at least not well enough. Anyway, I bring you fruits and breads to make you all more wary and ready for the task that is soon at hand." She inclines her head, "Still, well met ser. I trust you all will be successful. I will pray for yourselves and the ladies safe return." She slides her gaze across to the others there resting on Alric, a nervous smile sets upon her face, she curtsies. "My lord. it is good to see you as well. I… I am worried for lady Cherise." She nods vigorously, "Yes, my lord." she points to the other baskets as well. "I hope I can be of some help, any at all would set my heart at ease, even if it is for but a little while."

"Only being realistic," Martyn replies to Inigo, before he adds, "What I'm speaking about isn't that someone won't make it out of there, but that there might be some that are feeling too unwell to ride on their own." A brief pause, before he adds, "Ever since she was a child, my sister has had trouble with her health from time to time, and wherever they're being kept, it's not like there's another keep out there, right?" If he noticed the look from Kittridge, he doesn't seem to care about it right now.

Kittridge nods as Kamron and Martyn go on, looking at Alys and the basket for a moment, and then turning back to Martyn. It takes him a second to pick back up his train of thought and say, "I did not know your sister was sickly, ser. The conditions are probably not very good, that's true. But I'm sure we'll have them back before it can become too much of a problem. And we can ride them out with others if necessary, once the bandits have been cleared."

Kamron nods to Alric as the man approaches, although he generally keeps his attention on Alys for now, letting his smile broaden a bit, "The men have been quite beside themselves, Lady Alys. I'm sure that plenty of them," that should really be 'us' most likely, "Have not eaten or slept enough this past day. Your forethought does you great credit." Bowing his head slightly, "Your prayers for the ladies' safety join our own, I assure you, although I think most of us are spending the time planning or searching rather than praying." He looks over to Martyn then, stepping over toward his cousin to place his good hand on the man's shoulder, "Muirenn will be alright, coz." The words are quiet, meant to be reassuring, "She's a Mallister, she's tougher than she looks."

"Ser Inigo Vance," he introduces himself to Lady Alys, perhaps reminded to do so by Kamron's own introduction, though he remains distracted sounding. "I'm afraid manners are not the first thing on my mind, at the moment," he adds by way of apology for his tardiness. Case in point, Inigo immediately goes back to the conversation of bandits and rescue. "Unwell?" He sounds surprised until there's some explanation. "I did not know that either. I suppose we will have to believe we will find them before that is a problem. It…feels longer than it truly has been."

Alric nods as Alys explains the baskets content and also tells him of her worries. "I am sure lady Cherise will be alright. We will do what we can to find them and bring them all back." He tells her, though attention starting to shift towards the others and the conversations at hand. "It is much appreciated though, my lady. I am sure most of us will need it." For now just taking in the things that are said. "I'm glad that you are safe at least." He offers to Alys as well.

"Then you are most welcome ser. And I will be sure to say extra prayers for those who do not have time to." Alys bows her head respectively to Kamron and sets the basket down on a dry patch of grass. She curtsies to Inigo, "Well met ser, I trust you will eat something, to fill your belly and clear your minds." She inclines her head to Kittridge, "You as well, ser. I would hate to see any one of you hurt or injured because you were tired and sluggish." She turns to Martyn next, "I shall make sure a maester is on the ready and properly supplied for when you return to attend to any illnesses or injuries. Worry not for your sweet sister, Gods willing, she will return to you unharmed." She gives a warm yet sedated smile to Martyn, half reassuring him, and half reassuring herself. Alys inhales a ragged breath as the worry sinks in turning to Alric, "I am sure you are right. my lord. I am trying my best to believe that, and be as helpful as I can. Though I feel as though I find myself more in the way than any sort of help." She blushes slightly at his last, "It is kind of you to say that, my lord. Though, I cannot say I feel any better for it, poor Lady Cherise." She falls silent for a moment to listen to what the men have to say.

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens now, taking a few deep breaths, nodding a little bit at Kamron's words, a bit quietly. "I know. I just remembered how it was when we returned from here after the duel…" he says quietly to his cousin. Nodding again to the others, he offers them a very brief smile. "Thank you. And I apologize. I tend do worry a bit too much when my sister is involved."

"Ser Kittridge Groves," he names himself to Alys, belatedly, though without apology, "And the Stonebridge maester has been apprised of the situation and readies himself and his assistant in case we need him, but if you have any skill at healing perhaps he would not mind another set of hands." To Martyn he just gives a nod, and then he says, "If you'll all excuse me. Ser Kamron, I'll be back shortly, but should any news come in, send up to the guest room for me, please. I don't want to miss anything." He gives a crisp bow, and exits.

Kamron nods to Kittridge, "Of course, Ser Kittridge. I know everyone will want to be involved." Nodding again to Martyn, he adds, "We're all worried." He draws in a long breath and let it out again, "They'll be fine, Ser Inigo. The trackers will find them, and we'll kick the shi — " Looking over to Alys again, he clears his throat and rubs at his temples again, "We'll make them pay, that is. Thanks to Lady Alys' thought, we'll all be fed and able to do our duty."

"I do not believe you to be in the way." Alric reassures Alys. Glancing over to look at her as she blushes. Only nodding to that though. Nodding to Kittridge as the man makes his leave. Looking to Martyn for a moment, offering a reassuring nod to the man, though not exchanging any words. Finally letting his eyes rest on Kamron as the man speaks.

"I will do what I can," Inigo says simply. He nods his head to Martyn with a smile that's meant to be sympathetic, but is short-lived. "She is your sister…I would think anyone with a sister would understand the feeling." He inclines his head toward Kittridge as the man excuses himself. "Of course." If anyone deserves a break, surely he does. "So I keep telling myself," he replies to Kamron with another brief smile, which gets a little sharp as Kamron breaks off, "As I'm sure everyone else is."

"Healing, no ser. Though I am sure I could fetch things for those that need it." Alys nods to Kittridge as he makes his leave. "Rest well, Ser Kittridge." She turns a darker shade of red as Kamron commends, "Surly, I do not save the day. I just want you all to be safe, and ready for whatever comes your way. A full stomach fuels a tired mind." she smiles at Kamron. Alys looks to Alric and nods, "You are all, far too kind." though she agrees with Inigo. "You have right to worry for her, as her brother I understand. Andrey would go red with anger and worry if it were me. The Gods hold no favor for cowards that prey upon women. They will see that they meet their just end if they so deserve it." She nods to Martyn, clearly sure on that point.

Martyn nods a little, only partially listening to the conversation now, pausing a little at Kamron's words. "Fed…" Turning to look over at Alys now, "I must apologize for my lack of manners, Lady Alys," he offers after a few moments of pause. "I'm Ser Martyn Mallister. It's nice to meet you, even though I wish the circumstances had been different."

Alys waves dismissively at Martyn, "Never you worry Ser Martyn, not a single person could blame you for any such lack of courtesy you claim to have. Your worry supersedes that and is easily forgiven." she smiles as if to say 'see no harm done.'Noding at Martyn

Kamron chuckles softly at Alys' blushing, bowing his head slightly, "You spotted a need and you took care of it, Lady Alys. It's an admirable quality." He nods sharply at her commentary on the fate of the bandits, "With so many angry brothers, cousins, and husbands, I think that the bandits will meet the end they deserve." Martyn's query causes him to gesture to the baskets that Alys and her handmaidens are carrying, "Lady Alys was kind enough to bring something for us to eat." He blinks, "Speaking of which, you can certainly set those down, Lady."

"Any brother worth anything at all would be worried with a sister missing under such circumstances," Inigo states with a firm sort of conviction. And if he's accidentally insulted anyone with his words, well be a better brother. Although it's highly unlikely he's directing words at current company. "Desperate men do…many an dishonorable thing," he drawls on the subject of the bandits, grimacing. "But that is not an excuse. I do not foresee much mercy for these bandits." And that is alright by him.

Alys waves dismissively at Martyn, "Never you worry Ser Martyn, not a single person could blame you for any such lack of courtesy you claim to have. Your worry supersedes that and is easily forgiven." Alys smiles as if to say 'see no harm done.'Noding at Martyn's last, "As do we all, ser. It is a pleasure all the same. For you all, as I too wish we had met on better terms." She listens to Kamron and nods, "I try. My thanks." she then directs her maids. "Set the blankets there, and the baskets there. Water here and watered wine there. Lemoncakes, and fruit. Bread and apple butter there. My thanks." She gestures to the two large blankets with the food that is placed down the middle that joins the two. "Please, Sers, my lord. Sit, eat, and rest your weary legs." The lady does not hesitate to sit on one corner of a blanket to give the menfolk the proper amount of room to sit if they so choose. She arranges her sunny yellow skirts, making sure she is set and proper before gesturing to one of her maids to bring her a glass of watered wine. She looks ip to Inigo, "I have no doubt, ser. It is a terrible occurrence, and perhaps me telling him not to worry was not quite the right words. My apologies Ser Martyn, I had only meant that she will be alright. And that I have faith in all of you to bring them home safely. All of them." She spares a glance to Alric before looking to the foodstuffs she brought.

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens now, pausing for a few moments, as the food is placed out. "Well, this is almost a feast…" he offers, after a few moments of pause. Moving to find himself a seat, a bit off to the side now. Looking to Kamron again, he studies the other Mallister for a few moments. "How is that shoulder, cousin?" he asks, finally. Smiling at Alys as he hears her words. "Thank you, Lady Alys," he offers, a bit quietly. Nodding to the others as well now.

Alric listens silently, his mind having gone to thinking about where the women might be, and what to do, so on. Moving around and seeing as to how it has gone so far. But he does snap out of it and looks over to the others, and landing on Alys. "Thank you lady Alys" He says and moves over towards Alys, though still looking to only be there half of him, while the other half keeps thinking of how to go about things. "Perhaps we should all eat up to regain our strength, we will need it." He speaks up. Apparantly not having had time to eat, only running around and trying to hurry up the rescue.

Kamron watches the picnic being set out, stepping up to the door of the Tower and glancing in for a moment. He comes back a moment later, shaking his head, "Nothing new." That's added for the men, mostly. He moves to take up an apple crunching a bite and then responding to Martyn, "It only hurts when I move it." He offers to those who don't likely know, "I dislocated it in the tilt at the Twins." Shaking his head, he takes another bite of his new apple, chewing and swallowing before he continues, "I'll live though. Unlike any of those bandits I find."

Alys chuckles, "Not quite, I am lacking some form of meat. But I figured you all were hungry enough for flesh, it was not needed to bring any." She nods to the Mallister knight, "It is my pleasure to treat you, Ser Martyn." She fidgets and gets more comfortable in her place. "You as well, Lord Alric, Ser Kamron. Yes, you should. Now you have sold me to the idea, by thanking me so much, you will eat. You will all eat and take a bit or respite, however brief." She says with a humorous tone, though looking at Alric she raises a brow at his half distracted self, quietly she asks, "What are you thinking? I should like to know, my lord." She asks with genuine interest. Alys looks at Kamron's shoulder as he speaks about it, "Try not to injure it further, ser." She smiles, "I should like to know. Do any of you have family that I might know. Or perhaps anyone captured, it helps with prayer if you have a name to speak, do you not agree?"

"Almost. Well enough, anyway," Inigo murmurs in quiet agreement with Martyn about the food displayed and finds himself a seat with a polite nod to Lady Alys. "I am sure no one is going to take offense when you mean well." Hopefully, anyway. Tensions are running a little high. When Kamron's shoulder is mentioned, he glances over at the sling with an arch of a brow. "I would say something to the effect of that getting in the way of combating bandits, but I suspect it would fall on deaf ears." He says this with a tiny quirk of a smile though, not intending to be dismissive. "Ah, I have a cousin, the Lady Lucienne out there and family-by-marriage, Lady Anais as well as my retainer." He doesn't really comment on prayer, though.

Martyn pauses for a little while now, moving to get hold of some of the food, a bit thoughtfully. "Perhaps the Maester here has something for the pain," he offers to Kamron, before he offers a grin to Inigo. "Nothing will get between us and giving those bandits what they deserve, Ser Inigo," he offers, after a few moments.

Alric looks to Alys and shrugs, "Only trying to think of what we know and what we might be able to do." He tells her, shaking his head afterwards. "Though other than planning it seems we just have to wait for now. At least those of us that are not trackers." He says, looking to Kamron now, nodding about what he tells them. Then just let his eyes travel between the others.

It is hard to tell at first glance whether Dmitry is racked with worry; the only sign in his comportment that anything is unusual is that he has seen fit to kit himself out in lightweight leather armor, bow and quiver at his back, blade in its scabbard at his belt like a proper knight. But he walks with the same blithe and easy habit as though he were out on a casual stroll at any other time, apparently aimless and wandering with an inward smile turning his mouth up at one corner.

Kamron chuckles softly at Alys' orders, moving over to stand alongside the spread blankets. He shakes his head at Martyn's suggestion, "That would dull my mind, coz, and that's all I have to fight with right now." He bows his head again at Alys' suggestion, then answers the following question, "Lady Muirenn Mallister is my cousin, Martyn's sister." He gestures to his cousin, "And yes, Ser Inigo… it will get in the way, but there's no chance I'm staying back. Beyond Lady Muirenn, there are several others I would still fight to recover."

"My thanks Ser Inigo, I truly do mean well." Alys ponders the names he gives her, "Ah, the Lady Anais. She was at The Sevens when I was on my way back here and visited. Though, sadly, I had not a chance to visit with her. I am sure I will soon, and Lady Lucienne." Alys sips her drink and nods to Martyn's words. "The Warrior will be done hearing from me when I am through with my prayers I assure you. He will have no choice but to make sure your weapons are true." She smiles albeit a bit awkwardly as she feels odd bringing cheer to a place that lacks it so. She nods to Alric, "No sense in planning any further. The hour is near and what can be planned is. We wait, that is all we can do, you are correct." She spares the wandering newcomer a glance before turning to Kamron. "Lady Muirenn, I have heard of her I think. It would seem we have a mixture of sisters and good-sisters, as well as a few cousins." She sighs lightly at the thought.

Martyn eats a bit thoughtfully now, frowning every now and then. "Same here, cousin." Spoken a bit quietly now as he looks around. That's when he notices Dmitry, and watches the man a bit carefully for the moment. After a little while, he nods a greeting to the man.

Inigo doesn't grin back at Martyn, though he does smile and nod shallowly a few times in understanding. "I thought as much," he says to both Mallisters. Few would likely want to remain behind, though it is necessary for now until the trackers find something of note. "I am sure no one thinks otherwise, my lady," he murmurs to Alys and then tips his head in greeting to Dmitry before dropping silent to eat something.

Kamron nods his head to the Charlton, "Beyond that, Lady Alys, any knight worth his spurs should be willing to lay down his life for a lady in danger." From some men, that would be grandstanding, but Kamron says it as the simple, plain truth as he sees it. He gestures back to the door to the Tower, "Although we'll still keep putting together contingency plans. We want to be ready as soon as the trackers turn something up." He glances over to Dmitry, his eyes narrowing for a moment before he nods his head in greeting.

Dmitry tilts his head slightly to one side, smile briefly widening across the crook of his mouth before it fades again. His fingertips touch lightly at the arc of the bow at his back, gliding a few inches over smooth wood before he drops his hand again. "I should hope we shall be altogether ready," he agrees lightly, blithe as ever as he surveys the general cluster of people out here.

Probably not good that Garett is a bit stubborn about being on his feet, but there's only so much lounging around that he can do, having one bum leg right now. Slowly making his way up the hill, the support of the cane that he uses so his splintered and braced left leg down't haven't to is the source of his reduced speed. But maybe being of some use planning things, even with being an amnesiac, might be of some use. Again, better than sitting around doing nothing. So he continues, coming up on the group.

Nodding to Inigo Alys rises and speaks to one of her maids. "I hope, that this short respite, served just as that. Keep the food and feed others on my behalf. I must needs to retire for a little while, find the sept to offer my prayers. If I do not see you prior to your departure, may the Seven keep you in their light. Very true Ser Kamron, as the Seven deem that to be correct." She curtsies, "My lords." She smiles to Alric, "I shall see you soon ser. I have that tome for you to read. If it would not be too much trouble to send the maid I leave back with the baskets and such I would be most pleased." to all, "Be well my lords." She nods and curtsies to Dmitry, she will have to meet him formally some other day, prayers await, "They are now, my lord." she smiles politely to Dmitry, nodding Garett in passing.