Page 352: Post-Tea Thoughts
Post-Tea Thoughts
Summary: A gathering in the courtyard of Four Eagles the day after the tea party. (Partial log)
Date: 8/July/2012
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Courtyard — Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
July 8, 289

Taking another sip of tea, Muirenn sets her cup down. "I would be happy to send some tea back with you Ser Brennart." Looking pleased that her tea mix has been so well received…by men no less…the tall girl glances to her brother, "You should take Ser Otto with you when you and Kamron go work in town." The tiny pup in her lap whimpers in its sleep, legs sprawling out. Glancing down she giggles and then glances around, "Would anyone like more tea?"

Martyn considers for a few moments as he hears that, nodding at Muirenn's words. "We should. Are you staying at the Inn, Ser Otto?" A brief pause, before he adds, "And it's probably true, the part about the wars." Nodding a bit at Muirenn's words now, "Some more tea sounds wonderful, sister."

"Please," Otto says with a smile. "And I believe that some of that tea would do well in Heronhurst. I'd ask that my cousin take some to my mother with my regards on his way to the keep." Otto winks at his cousin. He looks to Martyn and nods. "I am at your call, Ser Martyn. I have been sleeping at the local inn, sharing a double room with my squire. It is comfortable enough, and Squeek is handy if you need stable work done. The boy is a natural with horses. I robbed a poor town of a worthy stable master when I took him under my wing," he says with a smile.

Anais rode out to town early in the morning to check on the progress of the rabbit hutches in town, and to help oversee a swap meet of sorts among the women of the town to help people find the things they need that /aren't/ food among their neighbors, rather than with coin they don't have. Now she's returning to the keep, trailing the usual entourage of guard and handmaid. A little worn around the edges, she manages a small smile for the groom who comes to take her horse, though she finds herself just standing in the courtyard for a moment once her mount is gone. Deciding where to go next involves too much thought at the moment.

Brennart nods, "When I leave I will cousin, but thats not for a few more days. But some more tea would be wonderful Lady Muirenn." He hmms to himself slightly, "If you enjoy blending teas do you have one that will wake a man up and help with alertness?"

Beckoning Minnie over, the young Mallister instructs her hand maiden "Put together ten packets of my normal tea mix together for Ser Brennart." Looking towards Brennart she adds "I will have a page bring it to the Inn. And yes, I can put together something that will help with alertness and energy if you wish."

Martyn nods at Otto, offering the man a bit of a smile, "We'll make sure to keep that in mind," he offers to the man, looking around for a few moments. Brennart is offered a smile too. "You'll be very alert now, Ser Brennart. My sister knows how to blend the teas."

Otto stands up and gives a bow. "My lady, Ser Martyn," he says, "as much as I hate to, I should get back to the inn and see to my room and horses. I need to make sure that my squire lives up to bringing them at least a couple of casks to the barkeep there and the small keg of mead to my own. I may even let him have a glass or two," he says in jest." He looks to Brennart and pats his cousin on the shoulder. "I'll see you back at the inn, cousin," he says. When he says his goodbyes, he heads into the courtyard from the small garden where everyone had gathered for tea. The large man gives a deep bow to Anais, "Good day, my lady," Otto says to the woman before continuing on his way.

Her grey eyes follow the tall Erenford as he makes his departure, Muirenn telling him quietly "Be sure to come back soon Ser Otto." The girl grins and watches until the puppy wakes up and nips at her finger. Laughing she looks down and tsks "Now pup, there are better ways of telling me you need down." Picking up the dog she bends and sets it down to go water some patches of grass in the garden.

Anais is spotted and Murienn brightens waving a hand vigorously, "Lady Anais!" beckoning the woman and her guards over.

Brennart nods, "I was thinking a tea blend for the guards to keep them from dozing off while on their duty… Although I wouldn't mind it for my morning wakeup drink either much better suited to waking up than ale… Or just water."

Martyn looks over to Muirenn as he hears Brennart's words. "See, sister, this seems to be an intelligent man," he offers a bit lightly. Pausing a bit as Anais is spotted, and he offers her a half-salute, half-wave in greeting.

Having finished with whatever business or errands he had to attend to in town, Kell can be seen walking through the main gates into the Four Eagles Tower, not in his knightly armored kit but something of a more casual attire that shows more of his commoner status though it doesn't scream 'peasant!'. His sheathed sword is at his side, shifting slightly with each step he takes that brings him into the courtyard.

After a moment or two, Anais blinks, a small smile flickering across her features when she spots Muirenn and the others. "Do tell me you made it to bed at some point, Muirenn, and aren't still doing clean up out here," she laughs, teasing. She's not quite as bright as she usually is, though she manages to keep up a warm smile.

"Yes, he does." Muirenn smiles as she looks over at Brennart "He will be a good leader in his House" she continues quietly. Pouring another cup of tea for herself and the remaining two men, she looks thoughtfully at Brennart "Tea for your guards. I think I can put something together. There is an herb that the Dorns use. I will see if I can procure some." Pondering this new challenge, the girl thoughtfully sips at her tea though she cannot help but grin as she sees Kell walking across the courtyard. Again her shapely arm lifts and she waves, "Ser Kell! Come, there is someone I wish for you to meet." Laughing, the girl shakes her head to Anais from where she sits at a small table in the garden with Brennart and Martyn. "No, though I have managed to fritter away most of my day here it seems."

Martyn nods a little now, sipping his tea a bit thoughtfully as he listens to the others for the moment. Looking a little lost in thought now.

"That sounds nice," Anais smiles crookedly to Muirenn, settling into a seat herself with a soft sigh. "I don't suppose you had a chance to speak with Lady Devra already?" she asks, reaching up to tuck a stray lock of hair back into her chignon. Absently, she glances around the courtyard as she sits, unable to sit entirely still.

Brennart nods, "And I'd carry some with me as well because I know mornings are always my worst time of the day, and I hope I start to do something good for my house, since my brother will be the one becomming the head of the house I'm left for any other position he wants to shove me into."

"Of course I have" Muirenn says with a faint smile as she pours a cup of tea for her friend, "I ensured that she and I had tea earlier this morning." Looking towards Brennart, she gives a slight nod "You should get to know Lord Justin. I imagine you and he would have much in common to talk about." Absently her fingers gently brush a bunch of droopy wildflowers laying on the table. "We can discuss my tea a bit later this evening perhaps Anais?"

As his name is called, Kell turns his eyes to locate the source before identifying the Lady Muirenn, changing his heading slightly so that he is now approaching the group of nobles. As he joins them, the Terrick Knight bows respectfully to the others, "Good evening M'Lords, Ladies." Then he turns his attention to Muirenn with the edge of his lips curling slightly in a small smile.

Martyn sips his tea again, keeping silent for the moment now. Nodding to the others every now and then, as he listens to the conversation.

"Oh." Whatever Anais thinks about Muirenn's tea with Devra, though, she keeps it to herself for the moment, instead smiling and nodding politely to the other woman. "Justin's said much the same lately, Lord Brennart," she adds with a rueful smile for the man. "Personally, I've always been of the mind that there are ways to steer one's own fate if one is so inclined. Afternoon, Ser Kell," she adds, nodding to the knight as he approaches. "I hope everything is well with you?"

"Yes and no my lady" Muirenn replies with a smile as she takes a sip of tea. The girl's eyes seek the tiny form of the puppy wobbling and tumbling its way back towards her skirts. Smiling she indicates the flowers, "Ser Otto brought those for me to apologize for being unable to make it to the dinner last night."

"Very well, M'Lady, was a good day today. The merchant I spoke to at Seagard, who was interested in the barrel of Reach Brandy, was at the Roost today and we were able to conclude our business." The way that Kell is smiling and looking rather pleased with himself seems to show that the result of that deal to be to the knight's liking. "Which leads me to ask, Lady Anais, if you have time later, I would like to speak with you briefly." Roost business and all, though it doesn't seem to be of utmost importance to pull Anais away from the group right now.

"If you will excuse me, I have a few things to take care of myself," Martyn offers as he drains the rest of his tea, and starts getting to his feet now.

"Of course, Ser Kell," Anais answers without hesitation, smiling back at the knight. "Would you like to speak now?" she offers, brushing a hand over her skirt and moving to stand. "That was very kind of Ser Otto," she adds to Muirenn as she looks to the flowers. "Ser Otto and Ser Brennart have been…" She pauses, offering a smile to Lord Brennart as well. "A gift from the gods."

Brennart gives Lady Anais a nod, "We've just tried to do what's right for our neighbors m'lady." He looks over at the other knight and hmms, "I can step away for a little if you don't wish to talk in front of me Ser it's no problem to me as long as I can take the tea cup with me and continue enjoying my beverage before it gets too cold."

Giggling softly, Muirenn takes a sip of her tea and dimples as she smiles at Brennart, though she gives a nod to Martyn and rises. Careful not to trip over the rollypolly puppy, she moves to give her brother a tight hug. "I will see you soon brother dear."

Shaking his head, Kell adds with his words, "Later will be fine, M'Lady, there is no rush. When you have time to update the House's ledgers." It's not like he's the Lush Knight and would end up drinking the silvers away. Plus he didn't want to pull Anais away from this little gathering. As Martyn announces his departure, the Terrick Knight dips his head respectfully to the other man, "Good day, Ser."

Martyn smiles a little bit, pausing as he's hugged. "Of course," he replies, hugging his sister back. That done, he bows his head a bit to the others, and starts making his way for the portcullis now. Out to take care of whatever it is he has to take care of now.

Otto makes his way back into the gardens, having gone to the inn to see to his squire and his room. Apparently everything was ok, as the man was walking along with a smile on his face. Then again, maybe it was the cask of mead he got to crack open while visiting his room. He was in his usual garb, dark woolen breeches, grey shirt and leather doublet, his uncle's sword slung over his shoulder. As he draws into the garden, a swagger in his step, the tall man gives a bow to those gathered. "Missed me, I hope," he says, slapping his cousin, Brennart, on the shoulder. Yep, Ser Enabler had definitely sampled the mead.

"Later then," Anais agrees with Kell, smile flickering as she settles down once more. "I don't suppose you've a spare cup of that tea, Lady Muirenn?" she asks, blinking a few times to hide the weariness in her eyes.

Looking vaguely amused as Otto strides back into the garden, Muirenn discreetly gives a little giggle behind her hand and then gestures to the cup she poured for Anais, "There is your cup my lady. It is one of my own brews." She begins to turn and head back to the table.

Suddenly remembering her manners, Muirenn pauses and turns to make an expansive gesture "Lord Ser Brennart Erenford, Lord Ser Otto Erenford may I introduce you to Ser Kell Draygo and the Lady Anais Terrick."

As introductions are made by Lady Muirenn, Kell looks to Brennart first and bows his head, then to Otto who just rejoined them and does the same, "Honored, M'Lords." Adding to his name that was given, the Terrick Knight says, "I am a Sworn Sword to House Terrick."

Brennart gives Kell a nod of his head, "Greetings Ser Kell it's a pleasure to meet you and hope things are well for you and yours."

"Oh, thank you," Anais laughs softly to Muirenn, shaking her head and reaching out to take the cup. "I swear, I'd lose my own head if it wasn't attached lately." She nods to the Erenfords, smile warm. "We met in town a few days ago. That much I do remember," she adds with a self-conscious laugh. "Ser Otto, I missed you at the party last night, but I did appreciate your drinks. Thank you."

"Ser Drakmoor is one of the bravest knights I know" Muirenn replies with the deepest sincerety. A tug on her skirt and the girl tsks, bending to pick up the tiny grey, pup by the scruff and cradling him to her chest "My family did not spend that much to have this gown beaded just for you to pull it out with your teeth Master Mallister." Giggling, she turns and sits down in her seat.

Kell manages a chuckle at Muirenn's compliment, shaking his head in response, "Lady Muirenn is too kind with her words, I am only a simple knight.

Otto bows to Anais, "My lady, I wish I could have made it but a lot of work in the town left me exhausted. A planned nap turned into an all night affair unintentionally," he states. He stands up full then looks to Kell, extending a hand to the man. "Well met, Ser," he says with a grin. "I do hope that you got to partake of the beverage that my cousin and I brought."

Anais looks to the puppy as Muirenn picks it up, a faint smile curving. "I see Saffron isn't the only one with a new friend," she observes, tipping her her to one side to get a closer look. "And where did you get yours, Muirenn?" she asks, taking a few sips of tea.

Just as she seats herself, Muirenn ohs and flushes. The puppy was definitely the runt of his litter, his ears are oversized and crooked, and his bent tail looks as if it was broken in utero and healed badly. Rather spudly, she still seems to dote on the tiny creature, "He was the runt of the litter, the kennelmaster was going to drown him." Her fingers stroke its head, "I have been feeding him goats milk that I bought from one of the villagers. Though admittedly I am sort of surprised they still had the goat…I think they were keeping her for the milk."

Shaking the proffered hand firmly, Kell grins and shakes hsi head, "I did not have the opportunity to do so, was out on horse with a couple of other Terrick men. Just the usual patrol. I am sure what was brought was of good quality though, a shame I missed it." A brief glance is offered to the unlucky puppy though nothing is said of the critter, seems like the Terrick Knight is indifferent about pets.

The sound of a horse's shod hooves can be heard to come through beneath the portcullis and into the courtyard at a walk. The horse is pale grey, nearly white but for grey points and a smattering of dappling around the haunches. Justin sits easier in the saddle now that his ribs are on the mend since the Seagard Tournament. Most noticable right off is he's not wearing black for mourning, but has changed to a pale golden tan shirt with a muted blue-violet surcoat over grey trousers. Only his leather boots, belt and arm guards are black today. As he sees others gathered here already, Justin draws up his horse near by to dismount.

Anais' brows rise slightly at Muirenn's answer. "I…see," she says in reply. "Forgive me, Lady Muirenn, but given the current circumstances, do you think that was the…best possible use of available resources?" She's clearly /trying/ not to be offensive, but there's definitely some concern in her voice as she looks to lady and puppy alike.

Tilting her head she regards Anais for a long moment. Whatever she is thinking is unspoken. Finally all she says in reply, her voice quiet and cool "Yes. If purchasing a couple cups of goats milk a day from a villager is that great a drain on the resources, then I am sure other arrangements can be made; however, it is my greatest belief that a life should not be snuffed out just because it is weaker." Her hand is steady as she lifts her cup of tea and takes a sip. Looking up as the horse clops onto the cobbles, Muirenn's face brightens and her eyes take in the tall rider.

"No worries, Ser, my squire returned only this morning with better from the Lord of Heronhurst's private stocks," Otto says with a smile. "It was a day late for the party, unfortunately," he adds, "but better late than never. I haven't sampled it all." Otto then looks towards Muirenn and Anais. "Runts might be a strain upon the resources of the mother, or most often pushed out of the litter, it does not mean they cannot survive or grow up to be as strong as their broodmates. They simply need a bit more care at the younger stages than their larger brethren."

A groom comes out to take the grey for Justin, a particular groom that has been working hard to please the Terrick and earn the man's trust that his horse /will/ be properly cared for precisely as the knight would do himself. Though he's accustomed to taking care of his horse himself, Justin looks to the others gathered and finally hands the reins over, "I'll check on him later, thank you." The youth bows, beams and leads the gelding to the stables to untack the horse. Justin turns to walk over and join the others, "Good evening. Ser Brennart, I though you had already departed."

"I'll not presume to tell you what to do with your own coin, Muirenn," Anais says with a small, strained smile. "And I'm certain the family appreciates the income. But I would ask that you be…cautious, if you're out in town with him?" she requests. "I can all too easily see some of the smallfolk being angered by seeing a lady with a sickly puppy when their own children go to sleep hungry one night in three." It's said gently, and carefully, her voice kept low, and she takes a sip before setting down the cup. "I should probably…Would you like to speak now, Ser Kell?" she asks with a small smile for the knight, nodding to Justin. "Justin."

The question directed to Kell by Anais has the knight nodding his head in answer, "If you wish, M'Lady, I won't take up too much of your time, a simple matter." As Justin joins the group, the Terrick Sworn bows his head respectfully to the young lord, "Evening, Lord Justin."

"Lady Muirenn, Lady Anais, Sers," Justin greets them all, returning Kell's bow with a nod. To Otto and Brennart he adds, "The wine for last evening's gathering, I hear, was provided by you gentleman. It was very good and you have our thanks for sharing it."

Otto smiles to the ladies, then looks to Justin. "Aye, most of it bought from merchants in Nayland territory. I thought it was only fitting. A bit of irony that wine meant for the Naylands end up here at the Roost," he says. "Of course, it was not near as good as what my squire has brought from our stock at Heronhurst. Or, if it is, then I feel sorry for my cousin, considering the wine was for Brennarts engagement party."

Brennart shakes his head, "No Ser Justin not gone yet was planning on departing in a few days and." A pause as Otto talks about engagement parties… "Yes my good cousin here may have made it sound like I was getting engaged or trying to woo a lord to giving up his daughter or some such to get them to send some decent wine although I'm sure my father knew it was a ruse."

The young Mallister's attention returns to Anais and she studies her for a long moment, there are many responses that come to mind but in the end all she replies mildly "Your words are well meant Lady Anais." Rising, she gathers the puppy to her chest and picks up a wilted, but colorful bunch of wildflowers beside her teacup. "If everyone will excuse me, I must attend to a few things before I retire for the evening." Stiffly, her Septa rises from her seat in the corner and gives a bit of a stretch. Moving towards the entrance of the garden, Muirenn gives a smile to Brennart, Kell, and Justin "It was pleasant seeing you all." To Otto her smile is a bit brighter and she says, "It was good to see you again Ser Otto, and thank you again for your offering. So very sweet of you." The flowers are lifted and she adds with a soft laugh, "And if you ever wish to learn the language of flowers ever, all you need do is ask." There is a pause as she moves past Justin though, her gaze taking in his attire as she adds softly, "You look well Lord Justin."

"Thank you, Ser Kell," Anais murmurs to the knight, though her smile fades a bit with Muirenn's words, pained. She closes her eyes a moment, drawing a deep breath before turning back to Kell with a weary smile. "Come with me, Ser Kell. We'll see this all taken care of."

Justin is for a moment distracted by Lady Muirenn walking by - she has probably never seen him wearing anything /but/ black since he's returned from Riverrun. "Thank you, Lady Muirenn." He looks as though he would add something, but then says instead, "Rest well." Returning his attention to Brennart, Justin lifts a brow, "Ah, but you aren't betrothed. Well, Ser Otto, if you need a taste comparison, I'd be happy to assist." Lady Anais moving to depart with Ser Kell draws Justin's gaze but he only gives them a polite nod for parting.

Nodding his head to Anais, Kell shows that he is ready to follow at her pace of choosing before bowing his head to the others, showing respect to those who are his betters.

Otto looks to Muirenn and offers a smile and a deep bow. "My lady, I would be honored," he says. "Please, rest well." he says. He then turns back to Justin. "We might just have to do that, Ser Justin. Two opinions are better than one. Never fun to drink alone."