Page 430: Polite Fiction
Polite Fiction
Summary: Lord Nevan and Lady Nedra exchange a few words that are as much cordial as polite fiction.
Date: 24/September/2012 (OOC Date)
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Nevan Nedra 
Mon Sep 24, 289

Along the river's edge outside of Heronhurst is the well known establishment of Heron's Landing. The bustle of trade is concentrated on riverfront docks, and the town also houses all the Erenfords' fishing boats, stables, and The Riverwalk, a well known tavern and inn frequented by traders. The distinct quarters of the city are unique to the trades practiced therein, but all roads lead away from the river's edge to connect with the main thoroughfare which in turn leads to the main keep of Heronhurst.

A tall central tower of sun bleached blocks, the keep is surrounded by a series of smaller buildings enclosed by a stone wall, a gate with portcullis protecting the entrance. At the peak of the day, light arrows through the openings above the gate, casting narrow shafts of sunlight upon the large, square paving stones of the courtyard. Lush olive trees line the interior, slender branches arching for the sky with arms that gracefully sway and creak in the wind that skims along the top of the wall. Around the inner edge of the wall is a shaded pathway between the trees and the solid, sun-warmed wall of the keep, large planter boxes made of pale, slender latticework blooming with fragrant jasmine, lilacs and forsythia at the base of each tree. A well brings water into the courtyard and spills into a shallow pool edged with flowering shrubs that offer brief glimpses of often surprising colors intermingled with shoots of green that hint at herbs and even fresh vegetables.

A section of the courtyard that isn't so pretty is set off to the side for the various martial-aligned denizens of the Court to make their practice. It's here where one can find the Lord's youngest son, Ser Nevan Erenford, currently practicing the quarterstaff with his teenaged squire, Eunan Frey.

Unfortunately for Eunan, Nevan isn't really tired. *smack* goes the staff on Eunan's foot as he completely neglects an opening, his master standing back and looking at him through narrowed eyes. "ARGH!" the boy screams, the two garbed in simple linens that they won't muss up to practice in, though Eunan looks like he's just run around the keep twenty times. "Screaming won't help your footwork. At least, I certainly haven't noticed it starting," chides Nevan. Eunan merely glares.

Taking advantage of the afternoon air, Nedra is enjoying the stroll around the courtyard, still glad for the respite between riding from Highfield to Heronhurst, or the Roost to Highfield. As much as this was her idea, she hadn't actually done the math to determine how long she'd be on the road for. Her maid, Shalla, is accompanying her along with just one of her armsmen, after all, they're safe within the walls of the Heronhurst castle. The smack of the staff and the 'ARGH' of sound draws Nedra's attention and she nods in the direction to where the sound comes from. Spotting Lord Nevan sparring with what must be his squire, Nedra feels a sympathetic smile and a bit of a wince form on her face.

As the calls ring out for a visitor, Nevan mercifully ends his training with Eunan and instructs him to keep it up with the Master-of-Arms, the boy grumbling as he slinks off for more fighting. Nevan rests the staff across his shoulders and drapes his arms over it casually, offering a brilliant smile to Nedra as he notices. "Well, well! If it isn't Lady Nedra - it's been some time since I've seen you last. Welcome to my home, may I ask what brings this about? Calling on my brother, maybe?" he slyly adds with a wink.

Nedra tilts her head slightly and gives Nevan, first, a polite curtsy of greeting, "Good day to you, Lord Nevan, and thank you for the gracious welcome. Your home is lovely," is said as she straightens. "And, as to the reason for our visit?" And her eyes narrow ever so subtly, baffled - again - as to why it is that this Erenford can poke at her temper like no one else! "The Lady Bryliesa, actually," is answered, her tone of voice quite cordial still, "we've had the chance to become friends and it was far easier for us to visit her than for her to visit us. At least, when it comes to assembling a proper entourage in a time of conflict between our neighbors." She tilts her head back slightly and adds, "Perhaps I was calling on you, my lord," with a brief trace of a grin.

"Me? I wasn't aware you were so eager to be driven insane, My Lady," Nevan chortles, unable to bow his whole head so much as bow entirely as he nears. "Bryliesa, hm? I think she may be wandering the town or over in Stonebridge, I haven't seen her today. Things are getting back to normal after the whole war business, I might have to travel to Stonebridge soon to speak with the new regent. I imagine you're not too keen on them, however," Nevan ventures, smirking slightly. "Charltons gave us the same deal they gave the Terricks - a few bits and bobs in exchange for not interfering, that's what interfered in our impending pact with the Terricks. They took it, we didn't."

"I value my sanity, this is correct, my lord," Nedra replies in a mild tone of voice that is lightly threaded with humor. "I don't imagine, however, that you would have me call on you any sooner that you would choose to call on me," she adds, rather more bluntly than is typically considered polite. "All things considered, and in a fair measure, I rather like the Lady Bryliesa and I rather think that she and your brother may have a good match of it, but that's just my impression from the edge looking in," she admits with a small move of her shoulders in a shrug. "Now, as to the new regent, I don't really have any opinion until - or, even more accurately - I have chance to meet the regent, should the occasion present itself. I try not to form opinions without anything solid to base them upon," she glances past Nevan briefly towards the gate and nods in a thoughtful measure. "The town or Stonebridge, you say?"

"Nonsense, My Lady. If chasing after women were a thing I did, I'm sure you would be a top priority! Alas, I don't think my heart could handle the troubles that would befall me," Nevan retorts, snickering at the mention of his brother. "Him and Bryliesa, hm? He probably just think he can get a suit of full plate out of the deal. Don't know why he'd want to - he'd just fall over and get stuck in the mud. It'd be incredibly embarassing."

As the town is indicated, Nevan nods slowly. "Yes…that's my best guess. She might've gone to Stonebridge? I'm not sure - girl is prone to wander, I'll say that much."

Nedra laughs, "I highly doubt that, my lord," she manages, still laughing, "top priority. Hah. You do make me laugh," she decides after a moment, shaking her head slowly, firmly, but amused and not at all believing his words anything more than polite fiction. "Perhaps he would, perhaps not, but it might be entertaining all the same." She tilts her head again, subtly, "Prone to wander? That's not the Lady Bryliesa that I know, but perhaps you have spent more time in her company than I have. Well," and she draws a thoughtful breath, "all the same, I do promise that we won't tarry to long in your home, we only stopped to visit."

"Not a problem! Eunan!" Nevan calls to his erstwhile squire, who shambles away from getting beaten up by the keep's trainer. "See that Lady Nedra and her escorts are properly housed by the maids for the duration of her stay. I'll let you off for the rest of the day then, hm?" Nevan plies to the young squire, who falls for the bait instantly - he bolts off into the keep excitedly. "Now then, I'm not going to openly guess how I smell at the moment but I wager it should be /dealt/ with. I'll see you another time, Lady Nedra - if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Should you venture back to Stonebridge, I'd be glad to provide escort. Until then, good afternoon to you." Nevan gives a final bow and a grin, turning to make his way into the keep as well.