This MUSH is based on the books by George R. R. Martin, and the subsequent HBO series. While we have chosen the setting and time within the world with the intention of keeping as close to the recognizable canon as we can without altering things, the nature of a multi-player game is going to demand certain departures from canon. Thus, while anything in the books and/or show can be taken as canon, be aware that this is our own collective take on the subject matter, and certain details are modified or original. Where the books and the show differ, staff will be the judge of which interpretation this game chooses to follow.


The following rules must be accepted upon creation of each new character object:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be able to keep IC/OOC seperate.
  • No OOC harassment of other players.
  • Understanding that this is a mature theme and not be offended by what transpires ICly.

Other Policies:

Idling Out

Because of the smallish nature of the Houses and the limited scope of our surroundings, if characters idle out, Staff reserves the right to consider the character an NPC and may make use of them in further stories, which can include the character dying to open up slots for other players.

Please note that characters are idle purged after thirty (30) days of inactivity and not logging in. If a character is idle-purged and then the player returns some time later, the character will not be restored unless the player had previously notified Staff that they were going to be gone for an extended period due to RL issues.

Retired Characters

We understand that players may at times wish to retire a character for whatever reason and Staff will do their best to ensure that the player can retire their character in the fashion that they request. Unfortunately, this is not always going to be the case.

In terms of characters that are direct family members of the main Houses, Staff reserves the right to maintain the character as an NPC, to ensure an adequate story comes to pass for the House in question. This can include the character being killed off or disappearing, if it serves the stories greater purpose.

Staff will allow players to log into retired characters for two weeks after their retirement announcement has been made. After the two week period, the character bit will be purged from the grid.

Staff also reserves the right to re-cast characters in order to preserve activity within the games selected Houses.

Book Characters

In the interest of respecting canon, we do not allow any character named in the books to be played as a PC. There are no exceptions to this rule.


This is a non-consent game. We do not believe it is possible to tell a Game-of-Thrones-style story on a full-consent game. While it is not the intention of staff to kill off PCs on a whim, IC actions will result in IC consequences, and sometimes these will be unpleasant ICly.

PC Death

In keeping with the above, death is a constant feature of the game's environment. Characters will die. Having said that, PK (the killing of one PC by another PC) may only occur after consulting with and receiving the approval of staff, or by mutual agreement between the players involved.


We understand that Steel & Stone and the Game of Thrones is heavily political and tends to lend more adventures, scenes and stories to the Noble Classes. As such, we've recently modified our alt policy to limit characters to no more then 4 characters, though they may break it down in any of the following fashions: 4 commoners, 1 Noble & 3 Commoners or 2 Nobles & 2 Commoners. A player may not exceed 2 Nobles at any time.

1) Noble Alts can not be a member of the same House.
2) Players may have only 1 Noble alt from a Prominent House (Mallister/Frey), whether current or blood origin.
3) You can not have 2 Noble Alts in Prominent Positions.
4) You can not have 2 Commoner Alts in Prominent Positions.
5) Players may not have a Noble alt and a House Retainer/Prominent Commoner within the same house.
6) You are allowed 1 Noble Alt and 1 Commoner Alt in Prominent Positions.

Prominent Positions for Noble Alts include: Head of House, Heir to House (Young Lord/Young Lady), Steward, Castellan, Master at Arms

Prominent Positions for Commoner Alts include: Castellan, Captain of the Guard, Master at Arms, Business Owner, Master of the Hunt, Master of Horses