Page 150: Plotting An Escape
Plotting an escape
Summary: How to get an Ironborn Lady out of the house.
Date: 12/12/2011
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Kathryna Nares 
Guest Suite, Terrick's Roost
A suite for guests in Four Eagle's Tower
Mon Dec 12, 288

Kathryna is awake. Half awake. The Maester hasn't really let sleep more than a few hours at a time, considering how bad her concussed head was. So, now that the daylight is here, the aching woman is most definitely awake. She's laying on her side, staring angrily out the window, unable to lay on her back because the goose egg on the back of her head is tough enough that even brushing her hair over it hurts. She's in her shift and little else, though her sword belt is hung close.

Nares heard about the spar the day before while tavern in the town below to keep. Seems half the place was buzzing with the news, although, to their credit, they decided not to push it too far. Having been denied access the night before by the Maester on the grounds that Kate needed sleep. Still, now it's morning and to stave off any more objections from said Maester, he's brought breakfast. Once he's in he takes a second or two to stop the door from banging shut then moves to set the food down on a table near the bed. "Morning," he offers, a faintly amused smile on his face, "you want the window open to let the salt in?"

Kathryna gives a little groan, half of embarrassment and half of not really wanting to get up. She hurts and she's tired. Gingerly, she pushes herself up off her side to sit up without actually rolling into the back of her head, she learned that lesson after doing it once. The room only half swims, but her hands at her side keep her mostly steady as she stares over to him, "…The window open sounds… good, As. And you don't need to be here. I'm fine." She grumbles quietly. Translation: I don't like you seeing me weak like this.

Nares is aware enough of what Kate actually means that he takes his time with the window and doesn't turn back until he's sure she's finished moving for now. The breakfast though he leaves for her to deal with himself, funny as the idea is feeding the lady is, he does actually value his bollocks and is under no pretence about what would happen once she's recovered if he pushes it now. Still looking faintly amused, almost as if this whole situation has confirmed something to him, he just leans against the wall next to the window and shrugs casually, "Just figured I'd make sure the Maester wasn't lying and that I didn't need to go and slit any throats." He pauses for a slightly moment before adding, "diplomatically of course."

Kathryna makes a small sounds in her throat, a grunt that probably is meant to assure him she's fine. She rubs her fingertips across her eyes tiredly, folding her bare legs beneath her and beneath the light sheet that covers her. This is the least clothed he's seen her in years, no doubt. "No, he wasn't lying… Wasn't even really the damned Mallister that did it, but the fucking cobble stones. From what I remember. It'll wear off in a day or two. I've had worse before. These soft Riverlanders over react to every little bump and bruise." She mutters huskily, waving it off in casual dismissal. Still, she leans over to grab for some of that food.

Nares doesn't move to aid an assist, but instead just folds his arms across his chest. "You should probably also know," he states, more matter of factly than anything else, "that since you've been, indisposed, absolutely nothing of interest at all has happened." After all, Dafydd leaving and the new Mallister woman appearing were earlier in the day. "I'll tell the Maester to fuck off then shall I?" he offers half relishing the prospect now he's thought of it.

Kathryna grins a bit more at his comment about the Maester. "If you think his heart can take it. I'd hate to kill the Terricks' Maester just because we don't need his services. I would relish the look on his face, though." She winks at him and tosses another piece of food past her lips. At least she's not nauseated with the concussion, or if she is, she's hiding it very well. Life back home teaches most of them to eat when they can, so she's taken advantage of this soft land's good supply of food. "And of course nothing interesting has happened. We're the most interesting thing that's happened to his land in years, I suspect. Unless you count who fucked who and who isn't of the full blooded proper line…"

"Only one way to find out," Nares replies, the grin returning to his features. It's set though, he'll inform the Maester that his services are no longer required. How bluntly? Well, that'll depend on his mood at the time and if the old man tries to argue the point. He mocks a yawn as she mentions the 'who is going to be the next bastard reveal' saga that he is fully fed up of overhearing in town already. "I'd say we're maybe vying for the title with those docks and the war galley, but then maybe people have lumped us all into that one."

Kathryna shifts her bare legs out from under the covers and uses her foot to push the tray at him, clearly intending on sharing her breakfast. She can't eat -that- much, less these lands make her soft as all the other women here. Her shift falls to about her mid thighs, the right one still bandaged from a previous fight, but there's no blood on the bandage so clearly the wound is clean and healing. "I owe you a night of ales if you spring me from this place. Not that I couldn't really just get up and walk out, but I'm here to make some sort of peace with the Terricks. I shouldn't just go telling their trusted council to fuck off."

Nares has already eaten, and indeed, had taken a few samples from the breakfast plate himself on the way up. To check for poison of course… Still, it's decent enough food, and he doesn't want Kate getting fat. One mouthful down he offers, "I'm happy to tell anyone else to fuck off too if they try to stop you." As for an actual break out though, "If you're sure you want me to be nice to him then I'm sure I can persuade the old man of the healing benefits of the fresh salt air. That, or I'm sure you can come up with some diplomacy reason to be elsewhere, if you can convince them to let you ride."

While she is eating, Kate's head still does feel about three times too big. The thought of riding makes her shut her eyes, lips pressing a moment before she shakes her head. "…Riding… I think, might be a few days off. I barely like the beasts when my head doesn't feel like it's too big to stay up on my shoulders, much less now. But the sea air would be good. Anything that is not this damned bed, really. And if the Terricks would actually look up for once out of their own dramas, then maybe I could speak to them about the things I came to do in the first place. I -do- have diplomatic things to be doing… In this castle. With these people. God, Riverlanders are the most SLOW and ponderous group of nobles I've ever met."

"A walk down by the coast then it seems," Nares states with a nod before helping himself to more breakfast. Oddly enough, he likes it down there, and it'll be a chance to be away from prying ears if it's needed. "I'll make sure the Maester is busy elsewhere, about the town perhaps? Just in case he decides to stick his oar in and say you're not fit." As for the Terrick's fascination with all things boring he just shrugs, "and that is why they will never beat us. Once they've decided what to do and had a meeting about it we've been and gone."