Page 324: Pleasures of Life
Pleasures of Life
Summary: Alric and Ramsey meet to create some bonds as their discussions take them into the subject of the pleasures of life, and a bit other things as well.
Date: 08 June, 2012
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Alric Ramsey 
Guest Suite - Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a large high bed that is set with four posts in rich mahogany. A blue rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a grey blue cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
Jun 08, 289

In the pleasant enough accomodations that Ramsey has been given, the young man is not in a particularly pleasant mood. That's not to say he's in an unpleasant mood, but the situation warrants a certain… dampening of enthusiasm. He doesn't even have the room's door closed as he sits perched on a small writing table, staring at a tapestry on the wall. Without his leather armor, cloak, or sword, the lithe man is looking particularly lean.

Roaming around the tower, along with four guards, is the young lord Fenster. He just sighs as he looks inside the doors and sees Ramsey. "My lord. Do you not find these guards quite annoying to have around?" He says, waiting to be invited in before moving. "We might not have talked much, but you're still a Charlton and I should know you better than I do."

Ramsey pulls his gaze away from the tapestry and gazes at Alric. Then the man smiles and beckons him in. "Four guards to each man. It is an open show of power, this man thinks." It's said with a wry twist to his lip. Then he gracefully leaps down to his feet and moves over to press the door closed after Alric is in the room, so that they might have some privacy to their conversation. "Why should you know me better? I have not lived here for a very long time. This arrest? What is it about?"

"Wonder if they are compensating for something." Alric says in jest as Ramsey moves to close the door. "I should know all of my liege house. Especially as their diplomat." He tells the man. As for the arrest he shrugs, "Not sure. They might have been afraid since there was a lot of Charlton men around. Thinking they would attack Stonebridge perhaps. Though there seem to be more to it. What that might be I do not know." He explains to the other man before he sighs. "Can't reach Ser Aleister, and so far not lady Alys either."

"I have yet to meet either." Ramsey replies with a shrug, moving back to the table. He lightly hefts himself back up to sit his perch again, legs dangling freely just above the floor. "I am Ramsey." He says with a little grin, "Now you know me." After a pause he adds, "I am joking. This situation is not to my liking. My position is very awkward. I do not know enough of anything to know what to do or say… you understand?"

Alric offers a shrug to the man's words. "I am sure you will get your chance to do so soon enough." Then he grins at the offering of the name and such. "Alric." He offers in return. "I kinda understood that." Is offered with a grin about it being a joke. "And yeah, I understand that. Not much to do about it though. Hopefully it is solved soon." This to this all being an awkward situation.

"If it is solved by all of us being put to swords, I hope it is not solved too quickly." Ramsey replies with another smirk to his lips. "You are the diplomat to Charlton, yes? What is this keep? Who are the men that arrested us? Can you not think of any other reasons for this? They mentioned letters written when they asked so many questions of me."

Alric might know more than he is offering, at least having a better understanding even if he does not know things exactly. "Tordane tower. We are in the hands of the Naylands. The letters, so far as I know, was about Danae Tordane. Seem that they might accuse us of trying to fight the Naylands for control of Stonebridge. Seeing all the men and so on. Or they were just jealous. Charlton and Nayland are both vassals to house Frey, and Charlton being the top dogs at that." He offers. Trying to think of any possibility for this. "Either way… It pisses me off. I was supposed to be at the Roost now."

Ramsey listens quietly, watching Alric attentively as he leans forward a bit, pressing his hands on his knees for balance. For all his drunken stumbling the other day, the young man seems quite in control of his faculties now. "Will you tell of why the Charltons would fight for Stonebridge? Is the land not already divided up?"

Alric shrugs, "The question is if they fight for it themselves or someone else. Lady Danae had claim for this plac as well. Though for now it seems to remain in Nayland's possesion. Also, I am not sure if it is from lord Keegan himself or if this is someone else's agenda." He offers to the other man, just shaking his head. "Let me ask you something. How have you dealt with the pleasures of life?" He asks, being quite cryptic about it.

Ramsey's face shows more confusion rather than clarity. "This is a problem. There are too many names that Ramsey does not know." He murmurs, sighing. The change of topic is a bit random, but seems welcome enough because the young man grins. "What pleasures does the man speak of? If they are pleasures, they are to be enjoyed, not 'dealt with'."

Alric nods as he listens. Though about the change of topic he chuckles. "Too much pleasure becomes work." He offers as a poetic answer, though more like a riddle perhaps. "Too much drink and you do regrettable things. Too much with women and your head goes in weird directions. Playing a game and you lose all your money." He gives as a couple of examples.

"Ah. Excess." Ramsey replies as he picks up on Alric's meaning. "Just so." He slips down off the table, lighting on his feet. "You worry of over-indulgence? That is the trouble?"

Alric shrugs, "Something like that. Though too little is bad as well. So how do you find a balance between it all?" He asks, shaking his head a bit as he tries to think. "Not sure about it at all, so can't really tell you much more than I have." He admits before grinning at the man. "I take it that you have traveled a lot? Thought you might have more knowledge about these things was all, because of that."

"Yes, I have traveled many places, it is true." Ramsey replies with a smile. "The answer is to control your mind as you control your body. Do you swing a sword so much that your arm muscles grow torn and swollen? Do you ride a horse until it collapses into death? You must treat your mind the same as you treat other things." He reaches out to quickly tap Alric on the forehead. "Do not drink too much. Do not take all your coin to a gambling table. Do not fuck too many women." He smirks, then continues, "You can practice at this and learn control. There are ways to train the mind."

Alric listens to the man's words and then shrugs, "I don't fuck. I don't gamble, much. I drink when I am nervous or other strong feeling like that." He tells the man. So it is quite hard to actually read much into what he is asking. A diplomat does not talk the commoners language after all. At least not fully. The tap to his forehead causes him to chuckle though. "Just how do you know what to do and when. Example when do I go for it all in gambling? And when do I pull out?" He sighs and then laughs about his own weird questions to Ramsey. "I am sorry my lord, I think it is just… A difficult and weird question. Let me ask about your travels instead. What place did you enjoy most?"

"You don't fuck? Maybe that is the problem, then." Ramsey says with a little chuckle, striding absently across the room with the same contained elegance that a caged tiger might show as it prowls it's confines. "You go for it all when you can afford to lose it all." He answers easily of the gambling question. "And by this, a man means, when you are not afraid to lose. If the fear of loss preys upon you, it is time to go home." He pauses in his pacing when he's asked of his favorite place, turning and looking at Alric thoughtfully. This question seems to be far more difficult than the previous. "King's Landing. Before the Mad King set it on fire." He's still for a moment longer, then nods to confirm that answer.

Alric grins at the first comment, "Not yet at least." He says at that and let it slip away. Being overconfident Alric never knows when he actually affort to lose. Seeing as he is arrogant and does believe he can win at any time. As the conversation changes Alric ahs. "King's Landing… I wish to go there at some point as well. Well, it might not be as nice now, I do not know. But still…"

"Much has been repaired, but it is not as nice. No." Ramsey says, some lament in his voice, and then for just an instant there's a flicker of fear in his eyes. It's gone in an instant. "The city is vast and there is much a man can do for night after night." He explains, a grin on his face again. "There are so many people you can taste them in the air."

Alric nods as he listens to the man, spotting the fear in the man. Even if it was just for an instant. "I see." Then he grins a bit and shrugs, "Let us hope that it is rebuilt to it's former glory then." He says and shrugs once more. A banging on the door hear. "Wait some more. It's not like we're plotting something." Alric calls outt to the guards.

"Perhaps it will be someday. I am hoping." Ramsey agrees, glancing at the door when the pounding fills the room. He frowns. He looks like he might snap some bold insult at them, but Alric beats him to it. The young man grins and leaves it be, looking back at Fenster, "Why do you seek to travel to King's Landing?"

Alric nods and then looks to the other man at his question. "Why not? I get to meet the king. As a man of politics that sounds good. Besides, I think I would look good on that throne." He says, only in a half jest.

"Hmm… You are a man that enjoys serving others, yes." Ramsey observes, looking Alric over more critically. "You could meet the king. The throne is ugly. Is it a chair that appears as if a forge spilled swords all over and they stuck together. In Braavos, the Sealord has a fine throne wrought of gold and glittering with gems."

Alric shrugs, "I only serve the Charltons. Other than that, I serve myself." He says and just grins. Laughing about the throne. "Perhaps that would be a better throne to look at then." He then moves a bit towards the door. "Well, I am thinking that I should not leave these guards alone for too long. It was a nice chat. I wish to do it again. If you do not disagree." He says, waiting to listen to what else the man has to say before bowing. " 'Til next time, Lord Ramsey." he then exits the room and disappears with the four guards.

"Just so." Ramsey agrees of the thrones. He doesn't comment on the matter of who Alric serves. Instead he gives the man a friendly smile, "Yes. This talk was good. Thank you for visiting. Maybe when next we speak we will not be trapped here." He offers a graceful flourish of a bow and gives the other man a nod as he departs. Then it's back to restless prowling.