Page 281: Planning A Hunt Part 4
Planning a Hunt, Part 4
Summary: Hardwicke introduces Kamron, Martyn, Justin, and Solomon to Kain, and planning continues.
Date: 24/04/289
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
26 April, 289 A.L.

The Green is often home to training of the men-at-arms, which Hardwicke usually at least likes to keep aware of even when he is not in the midst of instruction himself. Thus it is that he moves by at a walk on Delylah, his gaze sliding over the men in their drills briefly, before turning his eyes forward. He is dressed in his Terrick livery, as per usual, and has the focused look about him of one with a task. One might say he is a MAN ON A MISSION.

Stupid horse. Kain doesn't actually say that outloud, but he's surely thinking as much. It was one thing that his dad needed to borrow it for the day, it was something else entirely for the man to ride it into a gopher hole, twisting it's leg. So with a lame horse, that has offically made his life much harder than what it needs to be. And by that, that means he gets push the full cart of fresh kills toward the Tower on his own. Three deer, two turkeys, and about seven snared rabits is what he's managed to catch in the last two days. And he probably would've been out there longer if he had an actual horse to pull the cart. Thankfully the cart isn't all that big, a small two-weeled thing for carrying small loads. He doesn't really notice the men training off the side as he pulls his load up the path, more focused on looking at his boots for the moment, one digging into the ground after another. Life sucks sometimes, but it sucks more without a horse.

Drilling men-at-arms are enough to get Kamron and his squire Percival out to watch. The knight and the squire who towers a head over him (and is about half as broad — and Kam isn't all that wide) stand near one another on the Roost side of the Green, Percival bent over so that he can listen to Kamron's quiet words. The Mallister's hands move as he explains just what the men-at-arms are doing and why they're doing it. Percy looks a bit lost, really, but he's doing his best to understand by the intent look on his narrow, long-nosed face. Kam raises a hand in greeting to Hardwicke as he spots the horseman, immediately diving back into trying to beat intelligence into Percy's clumsy head.

Making his way in from the direction of the coast, Martyn seems to have been doing some kind of physical exercise now, and looks rather tired as he makes his way back towards the Tower. Pausing a bit to watch the people on the Green, nodding a bit both to Hardwicke and Kamron. Looking at the various people present for now.

"Sers," Hardwicke says as he passes, a stiff jerk of his chin offering greeting from atop his horse. His attention is more solidly caught by Kain, however. Lucky him. "Master Audron," he calls. His gaze flickers over his latest kills with approval. (Oh boy, food for the Roost.) "A word?"

Kamron nods his head, "Ser." Percival takes the opportunity to step away from Kamron and really study the men-at-arms. Martyn gets a bit of a nod and a wave, and then the cart draws Kam's attention as well, "Looks like meat's back on the menu…" Not that it's really been -off- the menu, but it's certainly been scarce and mostly stew-meat.

Stupid horse, stupid father, stupid hunting, stupid stupid stupid. The ranger, whose cloak looks like he was rolling about in a pile of leaves for a half hour, has his hood drawn down for a change, shaking his head to let drops of sweat off his brow. The grimace on his face states that he's not clearly happy about the burden he has to pull to the Keep. The elegant recurve bow on his back rattles against quiver of arrows next to it. But, he's being called out? That's surprising, no, shocking even. Before he can really ponder that, a pothole in the ground causes the wheel to dip, and the hunter jarrs in place, making him pull for all he's worth. Sighing, he sholders slump, then turning toward Hardwicke. A bow, then, blinking. "Yes, Ser?"

Martyn offers a bit of a nod in return to Kamron, before he turns a bit to Hardwicke and Kain, moving over a bit further in that direction, seeming a bit curious now. Keeping a bit quiet as he listens for now.

Hardwicke narrows his gaze on Kain and his poor lack of horse and potholes and — all of that. He looks back over to the training men-at-arms and barks out two names. "Get this food up to the castle," he tells the two men who come jogging over. Neither looks particularly happy at the prospect, but they certainly don't argue with the Captain: they drag their feet over to the wagon to offer their assistance. "Ser Kamron," he calls next. "Master Audron might be of some assistance." Turning back to the hunter, he says, "Our Mallister visitors have offered steel to put to the throats of the bandits, but they need Roost men to track them down."

Percival blinks with sudden understanding at something, "Oh! It's slow because they have to stay in step!" Yes, this is one of the hells that Kamron has to deal with. Luckily, the Mallister is away from his squire, moving over to join the Captain of the Guard and the man with the cart. Grey-blue eyes study the hunter, and then he nods, "You certainly seem to know how to find prey, Master Audron." A toothy, predator grin blossoms on his features, "And it just so happens that we're looking for some, as Ser Hardwicke says."

Why are people helping him? It's almost surreal, and Kain isn't someone who ever really asks for help, knowing quite well just how low on the totem pole he really is. Though he doesn't really bothered by that, hunting is what he loves. But watching the two men come over, he has enough wherewithall to grab the backpack that's sitting in the corner pull it out and dropping it at his feet for now. "I'm…uh, surprised you know my name, Ser." he finally says, chewing on the inside of his cheek. You'd have to be blind to not see Harkwicke and not realize he's someone of importance, but hardly anyone really gives their name to him. "Bandits?" this word is also a bit surprising to him. "Whereabouts? I go deeper into the wood than most do, but I haven't come across any. Or, I guess maybe I'm lucky." Another bow goes to Kamron. "Thank you, Ser Mallister. But you are going to seek these men out?" Two and two click together behind his bright cerulean eyes. "Ah, and you need someone who know how to find them, yes?"

"Throats, necks…" Martyn comments a bit lightly, mostly to himself, before he approaches the others now. Nodding a little bit as he listens, he otherwise keeps silent at the moment.

Hardwicke looks just a touch exasperated at Kain's surprise. "Yes, bandits," he repeats. "If we knew where they were, we wouldn't need assistance in finding them." He jerks his chin in another stiff nod when the hunter comes to his desired conclusion.


Or something were spotted not too long ago, but as is customary, soon enough men are coming back ashore and making their way from the coastline to the Tower of the Four Eagles. Of the current, it is the Captain leading the way for a gang of Four, that are carting a broken barrel with them. Upon making the crest up to the Green, there's an exasperated sigh from the Captain, as he turns and motions on towards the castle. "If they don't have a fine replacement, me lads. Go into town an I'll see the cooper you buy from reimbursed by our Purser." Apparently there were some technical difficulties on board.

Or something.

However not one to linger long outside of the company of sailors or whores, Solomon does turn his eye to them that are congregated well enough. A grunt, and a lowering of his head, brings the bullish knight on his way to invite himself into planning or what have you.

Kamron seems to be quite willing to let the huntsman come to his desired conclusion, but having Percival Rygar squire for you will definitely lead to one gaining a great deal of patience. Hardwicke has apparently not had the same experience — or had it far too often — and Kam looks over at the older knight as he speaks up. Nodding himself, he turns his attention back to Kain, "Call me Ser Kamron, or Ser Kam. And yes." He gestures to Martyn as the other Mallister joins him, "Ser Martyn and I have a small force of knights, squires, and men-at-arms, but the hunter we brought from Seagard doesn't know the land as well as a local. I bet you could find the bandits' camp a good deal faster than him, and we mean to quash them before they cause any more serious trouble." Solomon's approach draws a vague nod from the man, but for now, his attention is on the hunter.

"Ser, tracking is not just something that is done so easily." Kain carefully says, but the voice gains strength quickly. "I mean, one cannot just start in one direction. Sightings, areas of recent activity, news of the area from any survivors or witness. Having a general location will reduce the time looking greatly." he lists off with his fingers. "They will either have a permanant encampment or they are roaving. If they are smart, it would be the latter, so let's hope not." It almost seems like a switch has been flicked on, and the talk of hunting and tracking causes his eyes to focus in like like a hawk's dive than the bewildered look a moment ago. Looking at Kamron, he inclines his head. "A wise precaution, Ser Kamron, but a group of Knights trunging about the woods a very easy way to give away one's location. To do this, to find these bandits, I will require one or two others, ones capable of moving through the wild. I would be able to do so myself, but I am just one man and I don't relish the idea of being found out. Once they are found, I imagine you and your men will have your way with them no doubt. I know these lands around the Roost and Seaguard better than most, and so would they, in all likelyhood. But…I enjoy a decent challenge."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears whatr's being said now. Especially at the huntsman's words. Pausing for a few moments as he notices Solomon, he looks back to the others for the moment. "Makes sense," he offers, a bit quietly.

"Yes, I've advised Ser Kamron to have quieter scouts do the actual tracking of the bandits. The gods know knights are loud." Hardwicke lifts a hand to scratch along the bearded line of his jaw.

Solomon snorts, and turns his head to hock spittle in some off direction. Probably that gorb of snot and all else might, might come close to Martyn's boot, unless the wind changes. "Lads." not Sers. A nod to the gathered knights and huntsman, who is given a once over, eyes perhaps lingering on the man's arms and upper body for a tad too long. One hand winding up to pinch at the end of a mustache. There's a look over to Hardwicke as indeed he does simply dive right on in. "Quieter scouts. Fuck and garters, boyo. You need smart scouts. Any fool man can be quiet if he holds his breath long enough." Ever so helpful the Captain is. "What do we need scouts fer?"

Kamron nods his head slowly at Kain's words, "We know that they're close enough to hit wagons on the road to and from Stonebridge, which makes good sense, but that they're far enough out to not be spotted by the patrols we've run so far. Granted, those have been knights, squires, and men-at-arms along the roads, not sweeps through the countryside." Glancing around the impromptu war council, he quickly looks back to the huntsman, "You're the expert, unless Lord Mallister sends us an experienced outrider. My plan thus far was to continue patrols along the roads while locals search out whatever encampment the bandits have. Once we find them, we hit them hard and fast, and make sure they don't cause trouble in the future. If there's more than one band out there, we do it again and again until the countryside is safe." He glances to Solomon, frowning a little, but his previous words should have covered the other's question. Looking back to Kain, he adds, "Master Trevelyan is looking for others willing to scout."

Hardwicke glances over at Solomon with something of a sour look for his interjection into the conversation, but allows Kamron to handle the explanations.

Justin walks out through the portcullis with two other men from the town who have come to see him. The dark haired Terrick is speaking low with them and as they step out into the sunlight, Justin gestures to the expanse of the green as it is involved in his topic of discussion. The two men nod and part ways to head back towards town while Justin himself pauses to take note of the others gathered out here. He turns to start walking out to see what is afoot.

"Most patrols don't travel too far off the road, mainly because they are simply not equipped for it. Rattling armor and maile…you might as well ring a bell declaring your intentions." Kain remarks wryly. "It's because of that that bandits and other sorts of brigands use this to their advantage. Hit and run tactics are used sparringly so that they try to not stay in one general area. Being localized tends to make it easier to be ferreted out. However, that does make sense." The ranger looks away, as if thinking. "I was bodyguarding for the Lady Anais the day she spoke to Lord Riordan and agreements about food being shipped from Stonebridge to the Roost. Now that it has become public knowlege, if I were a bandit, you can garuntee that there will be more strikes against the supplies being sent. So, between Stonebridge and the Roost. That's a good amount of land to cover, but at least it gives me a starting point." It might look like he has already has a plan of action already in his head. "Master Trevelyan?" Is Kain bad with names? Yes. Very bad.

Martyn pulls his boot away a bit at Solomon's action, shaking his head a little. "Captain. All well out there?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, before he looks back to the others, nodding a little bit as he listens. "And Knights make quite some noise when dressed for trouble, yes," he comments. He pauses a bit at the mention of the supplies between Stonebridge and the Roost. "Good starting point, yes."

"If'n I was a bettin' man. Ser Kamyron." the y almost comes out to sound as if the Mallister knight was noted as being Ser Ka meee ron, anyway, Solomon starts along. "I'd say there's probably more than one fucker out there in the bush. Jus' like on the seas. Buggerers of them sort don't run solitary, in groups ah three or so. You will have packs. An now as the lean times sweep in on us, you'll have more wolves t' sheep." A scratch to his nose, and Solomon is looking over to Martyn. "Ech. We saw sails, an made a run t' catch up, but their colours were merchant stock. We let her go along her merry. Saw another boat headed in the direction of the Fingers, we will wait 'n see if they come huffin' back low." A nod there before he's looking to Kain again. Eyes back onto the man's arms. "Wouldn't surprise me, if'n some of the blaggards didn't live in th' Bridge. Or at least have fellers t' off load to."

Kamron stands in a group with Kain, Martyn, Solomon, and Hardwicke (on a horse). A short distance away, two men-at-arms are working a cart filled with game out of a pothole. A bit further off, the remaining men-at-arms are drilling, watched by Kam's squire. The Mallister nods to Kain, "I don't plan to burden you with knights, Master Audron. We'll be the hammer, the scouts will be the hand, finding and holding something for us to smash." The huntsman's question draws a blink from him, "Master Trevelyan. The Sheriff." He looks to the Captain of the Guard, "Unless Ser Hardwicke has a better idea, I'll leave the planning of the scouts to you, Master Audron. Just find the bastards for us so the roads can be safe again." He blinks once at Solomon's suggestion, "I 'd bet five to ten, Ser Solomon. Enough to scare sellswords, but not too many to split hauls too far." And then the rest of Kain's news sinks in, and he blinks once, "The Naylands are sending food and supplies?" A smile starts, but quickly becomes a frown.

"Aye, Master Audron," Hardwicke says with a dry sort of agreement. "Armor is loud. Which is why we're sending something quieter to ferret out a location for us." In minor correction, he notes, "The Sheriff's assistant, though with the Sheriff still missing, I suppose he's acting as such."

"Fences aye, but you'd suspect that one would start noticing the influx of supplies in one merchant when he didn't have it previously." Kain proposes. "Unless it's being sold under the table and moved elsewhere, which is entirely possibly. Then again, it's something that most times only a merchant would really notice." A nod at Solomon. "If I were to guess, one large group broken up into small splinter ones. One more near Stonebridge and the other towards the Roost. All mobile. If there is a main encampment, it probably wouldn't be anywhere near the road. You don't put your main operation where you're doing the work." He shrugs at the end. "This is all guesswork, I'd much rather get out there and get to work than talking about it. If this really is such a dire situation, then…I'll do what I can." Another shrug to Kamron. "I heard it myself, Ser Kamron, but that's all I know. They excused themselves to speak more privately and I wasn't privy to it."

Justin stops near to Ser Kamron to listen to the others speaking. He gives a polite nod to anyone who looks his way but he isn't saying anything for the moment. His hands are loosely hooked into his sword belt and he's dressed a little more formally since he was to meet with a couple of people from the Roost. At the talk, Justin then speaks up, "If scouts are needed, it is something I am fair at." He quiets once more when Kain speaks again.

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens, shrugging a little bit as he hears Kain's words about the merchants. "That could also be some kind of lead, I suppose…" he says, after a few moments of pause, before he nods a bit in Justin's direction as the man speaks. Listening to the others again now.

"Not if it's food young pup." A snort given back towards Kain, as he runs his finger back over to smooth his ever so fine and excellent mustache. "Folks will buy food or trade their bodies for it, when a starving is on. Some will fuck for it. I swear." A sniff there before he's looking back to Hardwicke's horse and then up to the knight, as a brow ever so slightly raises. "I figure th' killin' of varlets should be to them designated to the appointed offices there of." Much like a raiding Captain to pirates. "What is this Sherriff doing?" not the missing one. "How as 'e not gone a hunting yet?"

Kamron looks over to Justin as the man approaches, bowing his head slightly, "Lord Justin." Turning a bit of a grin over to the huntsman, he adds, "There you are. Can't do much better than one of the Terricks himself, eh Master Audron?" Apparently, the hook in the Nayland offer has been relegated to 'not a problem right now'-land by the Mallister. He gestures toward Martyn, "Maybe send someone to Stonebridge to see if they can track something down from that end… maybe even send a courier to Kingsgrove to see if they've found anything further out on the Cape — if they want to start sweeping this way to try and find the bandits." He's thinking out loud now, but cuts off, grinning at Kain, "I'll leave the searching to you woodsy lot, and be ready with the hammer when you find them." Solomon's question draws Kam's lips pursed together for a moment, "Master Trevelyan is using the men he has at his disposal — few as they are — to secure the Roost. He doesn't have the men for search-and-destroy missions."

"I mean move where it's needed most. Then possibly hike up prices to get the exact result you're talking." Kain comments to Solomon. "But, you're right. Wherever they get the most coin out of it, that's where it's going. Being moved through the wild, and at night. Though…I doubt it's such a large operation. That would take a level of forethought that I'm really sure is happening but…anything is possible." His attention being pulled away by Justin, he nods. "I would be honored, Lord Terrick. Two can cover more ground than one."

"He's been missing since the Ironborn landed," Hardwicke tells Solomon with a hint of annoyance to his expression. "Most likely he's dead." With that fact so sensitively conveyed, he turns back to Kamron. "I have some matters to attend to, Ser, but I trust Master Audron's abilities." He tips his chin to Justin as the Terrick approaches. "My lord." And then he directs Delylah away from the group and off.

Justin gives Kamron and Solomon nods of respect, "Sers," and to Kain whom he does not know but in whom these others seem to have some faith, he adds, "I'm eager to be of some use. I've asked my father to meet with us to discuss the concerns of the Roost rebuilding and the bandit issue. Though a time hasn't been set, he seems ameniable. Therefor, if we might have some progress to report to him on the scouting efforts, that could be appreciated if time allows."

Solomon nods once towards Hardwicke. "All and fine-then his deputy can serve." And he's turning to spit again with abandon. Watch out for your boots! There's a half nod given to the departing Hardwicke, before he is looking back to Kamron. "Ah, but the roost has many of your Lord Cousin's men at arms. I am sure if the good Sherriff could be arsed he could do his duty." A bark there before he is looking off and back to the coastline "Those bastards need hurry with my barrel. I'd rather be gone soon."

Kain's eyes bludge a little at what he preceives is a compliment. No pressure now. "Thank you, Ser." he mumbles lowly, possibly wishing his cart would suddenly fall atop of him. Thankfully, Justin seems to save him from standing there and being awkward. "Agreed. Bring only what you need. Though I will leave those matters for you to assort accordingly, of course. However, bringing some news of progress is better than bringing no news at all."
add our resources to his."

Kamron nods to Justin, "Excellent. " He gestures around the little group, "I was hoping to add a little coordination to efforts, it sounds like Lord Terrick is going to do one better and add a whole lot of it." Hardwicke gets a nod, "Thank you for your assistance, Ser Hardwicke." Solomon's words draw a frown from the man, however, "There are eight Mallister men-at-arms at Four Eagles, ser, along with five knights not including yourself, and three squires. We -have- been patrolling. The people here are more concerned with getting a roof over their head then going searching for bandits, and I don't blame them one bit." For such a happy-go-lucky sort, Kam puts a goodly amount of snap in his voice. "Master Trevelyan is doing everything he can with the resources he has, which is why I met with him to add our resources to his."

Martyn nods a little bit at Kamron's words, "Someone looking around at Stonebridge might be a good idea as well, yes." He just listens to the others for a few moments, nodding as he listens to the others too. Especially the part about the meeting with the Lord himself.

"Then Serrah." Solomon snaps back towards Kamron "Perhaps hunting cannot be done at the time in the manner your seek, if the Sherriff is workin' on thatch than law." A sniff, and he rubs his brow for a moment. "You'll no find yourself a band that way- Your best route would be to make a beard in order t' tug down an catch their trousers." What in the hell did he just say? "To mean, There is a trick I learned with Ser Lewyn Thrace- an I shall employ once we take a trader's cog here." A step closer and the Captain almost seems to grin. "You fake a convoy of goods worth stealin an fucking for- an make it known through natural tongues their destination. Them wolves will come out. Save your convoy has no goods, but men laying in wait in the wagons. Armed with all sundry of weapons. You drop yer sides an fly your colours. Murder them that don't surrender. Chase them that get away." But that is a hunter's mindset. Not one of a man who builds, or practices a high defense.

Justin gives Kain a nod, "I have some leathers and can use a bow so I'll bring those. I have a horse though traveling on foot is quieter if needed. Tell me your name and position for you know who I am and I know you not." What is the Captain saying to Ser Kamron? "There could be merit in laying bait for a trap." The young Terrick then pauses to see what the others think for most of these men have more experience than himself.

"When something sounds too good to be true, it often is." Kain offers quietly. "That same thought had occurred to me as well, Ser, but make too big a business about it and the one you'll be seeking might grow skeptical. Let it have guards, but not too few that it almost looks like you want it attacked. If it doesn't smell right, no one will bite and all that effort will of been for nothing. But, I wasn't really going to offer that kind of suggestion unless my own search turned up nempty. I would rather find the nest itself, but…that's a personal prefernce" he shrugs. "Either plan could work, really. It's just a matter of preference as to which you want to use."

Kain nods at Justin. "That'll work well, Lord Terrick. The horse will not be needed. Where we will be going, a horse will hinder us more than benefit. My name is Kain Audron, a huntsman for your house, my Lord."

"That could be a workable attempt as well, I guess," Martyn offers at Solomon's words, shrugging a little bit, "But as Master Audron says, finding their lair would probably be the best way to get things taken care of…" A bit thoughtfully spoken, as he looks between the others for a few moments.

Kamron nods to Solomon, "That's a good idea, ser. If we can find something the bandits want traveling away from the Roost, because any travel the other way requires the Naylands to oblige us, and they won't." He looks over to Kain, nodding once and gesturing toward the huntsman, "There's also the problem of making sure it's sweet enough, but not too sweet." His frown shifts from annoyance to thought, "I suppose we could use word of a person of importance traveling fast with little escort… but that doesn't lend itself well to wagons full of soldiers." He hrms softly, "Something to think on if we can't find their lair," he nods to Martyn, "or if it takes too long."

Solomon shrugs slightly. "I hardly doubt the Naylands want anything they have purchased or has use t' them to be stolen Ser. One could ask?" But that one will not be the Captain. "It'd need to come from Stonebridge, I believe fer it to work. Stonebridge is the ripe tit, on the woman that is th' Riverlands right now. I am sure we could get the supplies an men we want there. Even a few sellswords will do it for the right coin." A nod there before he's glancing back down to his ship. A frown forming. 'Well there is your strategy. Use it I say." And he's moving to march off in the direction of the Roost. "I have to get a fucking barrel, Gentlemens..Excuse me, I pray."

Thinking, Justin has fallen quiet. He nods to what the Captain says, "Lady Anais and Lady Muirenn might be able to raise some goods to trade or actual funds to try and arrange to purchase food from Stonebridge. I can assist with that, even if it's not much. Sunday will show us whether or not the Naylands will be an immediate problem with getting goods sent back, heavily taxed or otherwise."

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens. "I'm partially considering trying to take a small trip over there to check with the merchants, if they know of something suspicious or something like that…" he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Kamron nods slightly at Justin, "It still requires us to send soldiers to Stonebridge and back. I suppose you're right that Sunday will see if that will spark off a border war or not." His lips twist in a grimace at that, his shoulders rolling uncomfortably. He nods a little warily at Solomon as the man excuses himself, then looks back to the others, "I'm still concerned that the bait allows the bandits to set the time and place of the fight, even if it gives us some surprise. If we can find their base of operation… we have the initiative." His lips pull into a broad grin, "And as King Robert is fond of saying, "Initiative wins wars." Well, it's probably more like, 'hitting the other bastard before he hits you wins wars,' but Kam's version is certainly more concise.

"I would suggest it as a backup plan, should we not be able to find their encampment." Kain says after a bout of silence. "It's a fair plan, and if executed properly would do exactly as we want, but it's making a lot of bets on how the bandits would reacts. I would much rather just find them myself. That is, at least, something I can control." The matter of the duel between Gedeon and Rygar is just given a raised brow. No, news never travels to one who's almost always out in the boonies.

"Aye, no bait is likely to be arranged before Sunday anyway." Justin agrees with Ser Kamron, "So we may as well see what we can do to seek out their nests first. It gives us something to do between now and then." He does not say aloud that the bandits may well be Naylands or in their pay. It's probably crossed everyone's minds already as a possibility. Turning his head back to Kain, Justin asks, "How soon can we go and how long do you think it will take to do a thorough scouting?"

Martyn has gone quiet again now, looking a little lost in thought at the moment. Glancing around for a few moments, then back to the others.

Kamron nods to Kain, and then Justin as well, silently agreeing with the possiblity he does not pose. Clapping his hands together, he grins around the little group, "I'll let you at your planning then. I should get back to teaching Percy about marching formations and maneuver on the battlefield." He jerks a thumb behind him, where his gawky squire — all knees and elbows — is trying to match the marching rythym of the men-at-arms from ten or so feet away. At least he isn't getting in their way.

"We can leave as soon as you're ready, my Lord." Kain replies. He already looks the part, having come in from the wilderness just recently. "I will stay in the Roost until you are ready. When you, are come find me, Lord Terrick. The faster we leave, the more time we will have, and the distance between Stonbridge and the Roost is longer on foot and we'll have plenty of ground to cover. Bring only what you need, I already have enoug supplies for an extended in the outdoors. As for how long? Days, longer, depending on how deep from the road we go. If we're lucky, we may not have to. But I should make sure I have my own gears stored away. If you'll excuse me Lords, Ser." A polite bow, and the ranger makes his way down into town. Curious thing, his footfalls make almost no sound as he walks.

Martyn nods a little bit, "I should get going as well, need to take care of a few things…" Starting to head back to the Tower, a bit slowly.