Petra Bennett
"The things I do for love."
Izabella Miko
Izabella Miko as Petra Bennett
name: Petra Bennett
father: Amyn Bennett
mother: Lydia Bennett
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 23 (Oct 18, 265 AL)
height: 5'9"
weight: 129 lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: Blonde
honorific: Mistress
house: Ashwood
position: Courier & Scribe

Public Background

A retainer in the service of House Ashwood, the courier can usually be found wandering the Riverlands as duty and inclination takes her. Though her accent has seemingly been softened by time, she speaks as a woman of King's Landing, and not of the Riverlands. And yet, her pale hair and complexion would seem to hearken to origins in the Westerlands. While she is not at all forthcoming about her own personal background, she does her duty to the Lord Highfield with unfailing dedication, having joined his household, so it is said, just after the end of King Robert's Rebellion.


  • Amyn Bennett — Father
  • Lydia Bennett — Mother
  • Jilly Bennett — Older Sister (by 2 years)
  • Dina Bennett — Younger Sister (by 3 years)

Physical Features

Tall, for a woman, at 5'9" in her bared feet. Slender build, and lightly coloured skin. Accented by naturally flaxen hair, usually held back in a braid and brilliant blue eyes. The laugh lines are missing from her eyes, from the curves around her mouth, but there's a hint, a sense that they could be there, like the promise of emotion on a normally still countenance.

No noble woman this, but neither does she have the appearance of a woman of poor means. Her underdress is a simply woven muslin, with billowing sleeves; tailored to the waist, before it flows out into full skirts. Over the dress she wears a bodice with attached skirts. The single-piece garment is dyed a demure shade of woad blue, the bodice neatly laced, the front of the overskirts slit to reveal a peek of the muslin beneath. The tips of a pair of well-worn but completely serviceable dark leather boots peek out from beneath the hems of her skirts.

At her right breast, a crest has been pinned onto the fabric of her bodice, that of House Ashwood, intertwined with the device that marks her an official courier of the House. She wears no other adornments or devices of any kind.

Allies and Foes


Aleister_icon.jpg Lord Ser Aleister Ashwood: Everything that I have, everything that I am, and everything that I will ever be, I owe to my Lord. Such…things I have done in his service…and greater and graver things will I do before my end. The price? I pay it gladly.


Everyone Else (No seriously, I'm kidding)

Topics of the Region

Faith and Spirituality
No man can have two masters, and I have already one who commands both my devotion and my service. I have no need for another.
The Greyjoy Rebellion
Proof of the ravages poor planning and an overly trusting nature can cause. In the end, the strong survive and the weak are plowed under. As it has ever been.
A deaf, dumb and blind halfwit could not manage this town more poorly than it has been.
War for the Throne
What care I for such things as this? Me and mine are but trifles in the eyes of the great and noble, and if they should pay me no mind, there seems little reason for me to do any more.

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