Page 169: Personal Questions and Herbs
Personal Questions and Herbs
Summary: Isolde and Danae plan on gathering medicinal plants. Later, Isolde and Jarod discuss the wayward Ser Jaremy Middleton, and some other old business.
Date: 02/01/2012
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Gardens — Tordane Tower
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
Mon Jan 02, 289

A curious look is offered to Danae and Isolde hesitates, offering a faint smile. "I see you are of the same mind as we were yesterday. The Mistress Delacourt is making a list of herbs that may be needed in the coming days for fevers and pain…I was going to speak with the Captain of the guard as well as my goodcousin to see if they could spare some armed men so that we can send a party north to the flood fields to begin gathering as needed." She explains. "It is a very good thought…we must always be prepared." She intones and smiles making a few more motions to the servant checking off the supplies and numbers as more items are brought in off the wagon to the makeshift storage area in the garden. Isolde speaks with Danae near the back half of the garden.

Danae's smile tip rueful, fingers slipping from her book to tuck a fair lock of hair back behind her ear. "Indeed. I have never seen a seige or an attack of this size…but I am well aware from smaller attacks how quickly they might be used. I should like to offer my hands and eyes to that venture, m'Lady." She pauses for a moment, considering Isolde's hesitation before adding, "While I know your household is more than capable…Herbalism has been my passion for many years, I may be able to aide with finding them." The small book that she has been carrying is offered to Isolde, it is surprisingly heavy for its small size.

Jarod wanders out of the tower proper, arms crossed along his chest, expression drawn into a pensive frown. Though he wanders without wincing now, which is an improvement over a couple days past. He doesn't spot Danae and Isolde right away, his path taking him generally toward the rose bushes, and apparently too much in his own head to catch the sound of their conversation.

"We would be glad of your help, Lady Danae. If I can get the men to escort a small group, they would be glad of your help and you have no need to ride, we would be using a wagon to make sure bushels could be filled and brought back as quickly as possible…" But Isolde looks down to the book that is offered and motions for the servant to take over the count as she opens the book a moment. As the notice of pressed herbs and their descriptions with locations is seen, there is a slow spread of a smile. "This is quite lovely…it seems we are quite taken with the same subject, milady." She intones, paging through a few more before she lifts her gaze. "A certain Septon left me a gift from his travels of the North, I shall be glad to show you later this evening. I think you would quite enjoy it.." She says warmly and spots the arrival of Jarod, her head tilting. "Jarod." She says in a warm tone.

A small line furrowing her brow, Danae tips her head in a short and speaks slowly, thoughtful, "It would be my honor, my lady. I know that Ser Coope of Oldstones has offered his assistance, as I briefly mentioned the idea least eve. Perhaps then, we can ascertain beforehand which locations bear what we require to make the venture as exacting as possible?" She looks up at Isolde through blonde lashes, waiting to see what she might think of the suggestion before speaking again. "My thanks, m'lady. It is just my own notations, since my study with a Septa… I should very much be glad to see it, it sounds remarkable." Her own gaze follows Isolde's to the arriving knight. "Ser Rivers," she greets.

The sound of his name does make Jarod's head turn from his botanic wandering. "Iz." The Lady Nayland is offered a slight smile in kind. There's warmth to it, though his green eyes are sober still. "Lady Danae." He turns his course to take him more toward them, flourishing them a bow. "How fare the pair of you this day? Has there been anymore word from any scouts about the condition of Terrick's Roost? Or Seagard and Tall Oaks." It seems proper to add the latter two, but his concern is plainly for the Roost.

"Mostly to the north in the flood fields. I don't think it would be wise to venture elsewhere at this point in case we get too far or caught between an attack…" Isolde says and than looks to Jarod as he draws closer. A brow lifts and she shakes her head, "No new word. There are fighters from Oldstones coming to add their numbers and knights from Erenford as well. But the last words we have heard is that the Roost is underseige as are the other two." She presses her lips firmly together. "I am sure should matters change either way, we will hear from the lords and their people."

"I do not disagree." The likelihood of being too far away from Stonebridge unable to return in case of an attack is not a pleasant one, drawing a slight frown to her lips. Danae smiles lopsidedly at Jarod's flourished bow, a sign that his side no longer pains him surely to engage in that bit of frippery. "I am certain you shall. They will send a bird as they can."

Jarod does seem to enjoy his frippery without discomfort. Danae's smile is met with an inclination of his head. "You continue to do good works, m'Lady. My side pains me not much at all this day, and from the look of it shall not have much of a scar when proper time has passed. I owe you my thanks for mending me, yet again." To Isolde, he simply nods. "I see. I shall continue to wait, I suppose, and if there are parties sent west toward the Roost I would like to ride with them. I am quite up for the saddle, and I do little good behind these walls while my lord father's lands and people suffer."

There is an understanding look offered to Jarod at his last. "Aye….you will go once the party is assembled. I will see to it. Ser Rygar has requested that we send a group to gather those caught without protect between here and Stonebridge. You will have your chance, though may I recommend not going to near the Roost. Their numbers are said to be greater there and well, we can not afford to send so many as yet. Not until we are certain we have secured our place here…" She intones but there is a gentle smile. "When you have time, Ser Jarod. I have something to speak to you of. But it can wait." She intones and looks to the Lady Danae. "The Lady Danae is a gracious guest. We are lucky to have her though I wish it was not under such conditions."

Sympathy colours Danae's expression as Jarod notes his request to ride west to the Roost, small as it may be. "It is something to see them secure, although you would no doubt wish to do more, Ser," she says delicately. Their praise is met with a slight smile and a shake her her head. "I might go if you have need to speak, my lady. I simply wanted to offer my aide. It is simply my honor and duty to do so, for these are the times, despite wishing otherwise."

Jarod nods to Isolde. "I appreciate that much being done, at least, for Lord Jerold's folk on your border. I shall ride with them. And aye. I know. One knight venturing too near the Roost would end only in his death, and little accomplished for it." To Danae, he simply nods. He would wish to do much more, indeed. "Unless she considers the matter a private one, or one in which she would not like you to hear, you needn't go. As for time, I have it now. More than I would like on my hands. I will need a more formal audience with you, Iz, and your lord husband, at a later time. Both Luci and myself. I intend make a formal request for whatever military aid can be provided to the Roost. Though I would know the reports from both there and Seagard in more detail before speaking on it further."

"And you shall have it, the audience that is. If we lose the stonebridge, the inner houses will find conflict then. The ironborn can take to the rivers and head inward. If we hold them here and send them back, then we will have the ability to head west and help the Roost." She offers him but Isolde nods her head, looking between them though. "It is of your brother….Jaremy. I was able to speak with him before he was taken to the Wall. Whether you wish his words to be heard or not by others is your choice." She intones to Jarod. "I can wait." She informs him and smiles. "Though right now, it can wait. Though I will speak them before you go west to look for survivors."

Looking from Isolde to Jarod, Danae shakes her head with a quiet smile and dips into a apologetic curtsey. "News is not something to be delayed in such times. I shall take my leave of you, so that it might be shared. Lady Isolde, we can speak more later on the gather if you so wish," she says, words coming at a seemly pace. "Good day, Ser." Once farewells are made and her book is collected, the lady slips away from the garden.

As for the audience, Jarod simply nods his gratitude. Time to discuss that will come later. "Good day, m'Lady," he offers simply to Danae, before turning his attention back to Isolde. And she has the full of it now. "Jaremy?" He's not precisely surprised, though her bringing it up certainly seems unexpected. "Aye. That I've time for. I had heard Lady Evangeline was able to broker enough mercy to have him sent to the Wall, though I could scarcely hope to believe it. How was he, before he departed?"

Lady Danae gets a dip of Isolde's head as she hands over the book. "Yes of course.." She intones as she watches her go. Folding her hands before her, she looks to Jarod and nods her head as he repeats the name and than draws a breath as sort of a centering action. "The dungeons are not kind to the spirit, you must understand. I spent time with him before he went, though we could barely see each other. I was not allowed near him. I did what I could to try to free him, to get him released, but there was little I could do." She admits and than adds, "He was well enough, though I think being forced to the wall became a new purpose for him." There is a sadness to her tone, her gaze shifting to those unloading the last of the wagon. She presses fingers over her hand, brushing them in idle fidgeting movements.

"I thank you for trying, though I figure this ended as best it could," Jarod says. "When I heard he was caught here, and what he'd done, I thought the only mercy left for him was the Wall. There's little question he was guilty of raising rebellion on your lands, and many of your smallfolk died for his folly. For that I am sorry, Iz. His heart was in the right place but…" He half-smiles. "…well. That's Jaremy. His heart is always in the right place, and there's always a rather large 'but' attached. I do hope he finds his honor again on the Wall. It's a place where any warrior can rise in the ranks, no matter what they were or did before they came, and a proper knight will be welcomed there for his skills alone."

"He did what he thought he could. He was never completely thoughtful.." Isolde says and nods her head. "Though I wished I had been here when it had happened. We were all away in Riverrun." There is a faint smile as the lady lifts her gaze to Jarod again. "I hope so. Though there he will have a chance to fight all the creatures of his youth he wished to protect the lands from. Wielding his wooden sword against the others…." There is a fondness to her tone before a tired breath is expelled. "But he did speak to me. He bid me tell you, he still thinks what he did was right and that he wishes you well. If I had the ability I would have given him parchment and a quill to write to you and your family. Though I am sure he can keep some correspondence…"

"I will write him on the Wall," Jarod promises. "We spoke a little when he was in the dungeon here, but I was angry with him. Not just for what he'd done at Stonebridge, but for running away from our family like he did. Though I think I understand that a little better now. The impulse, at least." He chuckles. "Aye, there will be no true White Walkers for him there, or great dragons. I half-think that's wrapped up in why he did what he did with those Stonebridge peasants in the first place. It would've been a fine story. Ser Jaremy and the people of the land freeing it with little but valor from Nayland tyranny." He shrugs. "The world is more complicated. Seems both smaller and a thousand times less manageable than it did when we were playing games as boys and girls of thirteen."

"If we could manage it, than we would solve all the problems before our times…Jarod." She says with a faint smile. "But I fear we are just to inherit the problems of those before us." Isolde than rubs her left hand over the back of her right. "There are more sides to each of our lands than we could have ever have guessed. Though there is hope for peace and understanding if we allow it between ourselves. I would like to see that." She nods her head, "Jaremy would have liked for that and perhaps, maybe the best we can give him now that he can no longer help us either in brave or foolish acts." She motions for him to join her as she leaves the provisions behind to be tended to by others, "I am glad you and your sister are here. I am sorry you can not reach your family at present, but they will be quite safe behind the walls of the Roost."

Jarod laughs at that, approaching Isolde easily enough when she beckons. "I can't even manage my own problems, Iz, let alone the world's. If nothing else, I haven't many to inherit. Those can go to Lord Jacsen, and my proper trueborn brothers." He cracks a grin. "I'm glad of the shelter you've offered us. Though I can't say I'm glad to have escaped what's befallen the Roost. I can't help but think if perhaps I'd been there, if Jaremy'd been there, maybe…" But he trails off, shrugging. "Or not. One or two swords against a horde might not have mattered. Still, I'll always wonder. And I dislike being away from my family when they are so pressed. Four Eagles Tower is a secure fortress, but it is not supplied for a prolonged siege."

"They have many strong knights and a strong wall, Jarod. I am sure they are better off than we are. Your smallfolk are most likely housed as best they can be." Those that made it behind the walls. Isolde walks with him and looks to the men hurrying in with a few more times, carried to the back of the garden near the door to the kitchens. "We are glad of our sword here. How is your squire?" she asks for a moment, giving Jarod a look.

"Those that were able to shelter in those walls." Jarod is grim enough about the prospect that he has to voice that aloud. But he doesn't dwell on it aloud. In his head, surely, but not as the conversation goes elsewhere. "Well. Luci and I would like to do what we can for those able to flee here. If there's anything they need, for getting them beds or food or anything seen to, we shall try and do our part. As for my sword, I'm glad to put it to service against the Ironborn in any place I might. Each dead is one fewer than can trouble my lord father's land." As for his squire. "Rowan, you mean? Better. He took a grievous hurt on the field, but our healer has seen to him. I am told he will recover." There's great relief in his tone, as to that.

"Good, I am glad of it. But for now, we must secure things here and than we will gather the party to ride west. It will most likely be on the morrow, so I would recommend you are ready for the ride. As well as suggest anyone else who might go with you. My thought is to send Wayland with you." Isolde advises and looks over to him, reaching out her hand to rest on his arm if he allows as they walk. "You will have yuor chance to see to the people caught between the attacks as much as you can. If you run into trouble, you must come back, the party will not be large enough and I would not risk any of you."

"I shall be ready." Jarod leaves it firm and simple as to his being prepared to ride. "Ser Riordan seemed to have a wish to go on such an errand, and I would welcome him along if he's able. Anyone, really. Fear not, Iz. I have no illusions I shall be able to do much good for the Roost on my own. Best I can do is hope your Stonebridge may be able to give us some aid once we've more news from there and Seagard. And perhaps that the Frey vassals who muster here would lend a fraction of their strength as well. All the Riverlands, particularly Lord Tully, shall rally to Seagard first and foremost. If even a pittance of what marches here were to turn to defend the Roost instead, it could break the siege on Four Eagles."

There is an even nod and Isolde pauses just before the exit to the garden to look at him. "I am sure you will be ready, and eager too. But you must be careful…" The lady bids of him. "It is my place to worry and fear. I am not meant to meet the foe head on and thus, must wait for you and the others to prevail. Worse, I would have half of you never see combat if i could. But that would serve us nothing…" She sighs and reaches out, stepping closer as she means to embrace him despite what he does.

"Huh." The embrace surprises him a little, but Jarod doesn't hesitate to return it. He's never one to deny a hug. The gesture is warm and firm, though it's affection isn't more than brotherly. And it's brief. He smiles down at her, though. "I've made a few promises not to die, Iz. I do try and keep my promises, at least. It'll be all right." He's about to turn to go, on that note, though he hesitates a beat. "May I ask you a question of a personal nature? You need not answer if you don't want to. It's none of my business. But it's something that's been at the back of my mind for some time now."

Isolde seems content with the short-lived hug and when they draw away from each other, she is nodding. "Good, do not disappoint so many than…" She says with a rueful smile as he starts to turn to go. She remains and then begins to head back to help with the tallies when he speaks to her. Slowly her she turns and gives a look to him with a tilt of her head. "Of course…" Though she looks somewhat curious as she studies his face. "What is it?"

"Did you ever love Jaremy?" Jarod asks it softly, and in a way that's almost more idly curious than anything else. "Not that it matters anymore, I suppose. I was just wondering. And I don't mean in the way one loves their family, as well felt that for each other, and still do after a fashion, I figure. Even after everything. But did you…well. You know what I mean."

The question catches her off-guard, but doesn't shock her. Isolde looks him over and than looks to the side, her gaze searching for a moment. "I have always loved him, as family. As for loved, I am not sure if it was so much the need to be sure I did for him …well for all of us. Or if I really did. I think though," a pause, she hesitates and draws a long breath, meeting Jarod's gaze for a long moment. "I think I did..I think I do. We had too little time to really know or let those feelings take hold."

"Well, he had his chance with you and then some, can't be said he didn't," Jarod replies to that. The answer draws a nod. "And he didn't make it easy on you. Maybe all men are fools like that. Spend so much time wanting what we can't have we don't value what we've got until it's gone. And then we…" He chuckles. "…go a little mad, I suppose. I think he loved you, too. So. What'll you do with it now? That it's over and done with?"

"Mad?" Isolde shakes her head and smiles. But there is a subject broached somewhat and she tilts her head, looking over him and than about at the thinning numbers around them as the provisions have been seen to and now defenses are moved along to. "What about you? I mean us…" She does that faint brush of fingers over the back of her hand, her voice lowered as she seems a bit more vulnerable now that the question has been brought up.

Jarod laughs as the 'Mad' bit is repeated. "Just a bit. Perhaps it'll clear up for Jaremy on the Wall. There is good service there. Plenty for a man to pour his energies into." His focus is on her rather than those who might be milling around them, though he keeps the conversation itself private enough. He shrugs, and smiles. "You were a dream, Iz. My princess fair. And I play the good ser knight well when I put my mind to it. And we were there for each other when it seemed nobody else was. It was easy, while it lasted, and I remember it fond. Save one part of it. It's funny, but in a way I wish I'd let it go farther than it did." He smirks. "Would've been a mess, assuredly. But I didn't stop it because I wasn't enjoying it, or even for Jaremy, so much, I think now. I just…I was afraid to take what I wanted. Part of me always has been, I'm starting to figure out. Perhaps I am beginning to be different now. If it's too late for some things…well. I'll put my energy into something new, and see how it plays."

"I can not think beyond my childhood to when I was truly happy…and those times were with you. I felt…content. I guess I just needed to know.." Isolde says simply enough and gives him a nod of her head in understanding to his response. "A dream." She laughs a little and shakes her head at him. "But you, you are a great knight. You have a chance to show your people and help those in need tomorrow." There is hesitation for a moment as she studies him but whatever she is about to say is not and she dips her head to him. She starts to turn and than grasps at her skirts before she adds, "I wish you had as well…," pause, "Excuse me." She than starts back for the tallies at the other side of the garden.

"I was happy as well," Jarod says simply to her as she goes. He leaves it at that, though he watches her depart. Thoughtful knight.