Penelope Copperfells
Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood as Penelope Violet Copperfells
name: Penelope Violet Copperfells
father: Unknown
mother: Kerolina Sunfield
spouse: Rorgan Marcus Copperfells (deceased)
issue: Quintan Marcus Copperfells (born April 15, 287)
Elison Rosemary Copperfells (born September 15, 289)
gender: Female
age: 17
height: 5'0"
weight: 98 lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: Blonde
honorific: Mistress
house: None
position: Clothier/Dressmaker


The rumors began in Stonebridge as soon as the unmarried seamstress, Mistress Kerolina Sunfield began to show. While many thought that one of the many merchants was the father of her unborn child some argued it was one of the Ironborn that visited the city rarely. Despite the speculation, no one ever found out for sure who sired Kerolina’s baby girl for she said not a word and merely kept to herself. When the blonde headed baby girl was born she merely called her daughter Penelope Violet, Penny for short.

Though reputed to be one of the most talented seamstresses in Westros, custom dropped off sharply after she gave birth to her daughter and remained steadfastly unmarried. It was clear that a living would not be made easily in this smaller town and so Kerolina packed her baby daughter up and moved to Riverrun. From the time she could hold needle and thread to cloth, her mother taught her how to sew. A craft that would allow Penelope to support herself should something unforeseen happen. It was a wise choice for the girl took her sewing to a new art form. Scraps of material were reused and designed into gowns for dolls or to practice ever more intricate styles of embroidery. Though the stigma of bastardy tainted her childhood and she had few friends her own age, Penelope grew up in relative comfort all things considered. There was never enough money for excess, but there was always enough so that there was plenty food on the table and the girl was adequately clothed. Where the money came from, Penelope never thought to inquire until it was too late.

When Penny was thirteen and beginning to make a name for herself as a dressmaker, taking on increasingly wealthy clientele among shop keepers and the merchant class, her mother caught a fever and died. Just like that the girl’s world changed. All of the questions she had thought to ask when she was older now remained unanswered…who was her father? Where did the money come from? Where did her mother go twice a month when she disappeared and left Penny in the care of a family friend? Of a relatively practical nature, the teenager resigned herself to not knowing. In her mind pushing for answers could have consequences she didn’t want to know. It was Penny’s vision to make the seamstress shop something worthy of more than just wealthy merchants wanting an elaborate tunic but to make her reputation such that nobility would want her work. To that end, Penelope worked tirelessly over the next year. She found some help in the form of her mother’s friends and other shop keepers nearby and began to see an ever increasing number of clientele.

One day only a few months after her fourteenth name day, the blonde-haired seamstress was out in the meadows gathering herbs for some of her dyes when she chanced upon a hedge knight camped on his way to visit King’s Landing. There are occasionally moments in time that stay in a person’s memory clearly forever. This meeting was one such moment. Something in the older man called to Penelope strongly just as something in her called to him. Nearly twenty years her senior, Rorgan Copperfells had never before married nor wished to marry until that day. Nearly twenty years his junior, Penelope had never before desired to leave Riverrun until that day. With no parents to ask and after seven days chaste courtship, the couple went before the Septon and said their vows. Certain possessions were sold, a cart for her belongings and loom purchased, and the couple went on towards King’s Landing.

The more cynical would imagine that once the knight had his way with her he would abandon Penelope, but that was not so. Rorgan adored and cherished his new wife. His wandering lifestyle proved to be a challenge at first but the pair soon got used to setting up at the different Houses…himself to lend aid where it was needed and her to create lovely garments or embellish gowns and surcoats. Penny delighted in the love of fashion she found among those with money to spend in larger towns such as Lannisport and Kings Landing. Despite the work that they found in larger places, the pair enjoyed the Riverlands and stayed predominantly in that area, even though not nearly as much coin was spent on fashion in towns such as Stonebridge or Seagard as it was in Lannisport or Kings Landing. After a year had passed, the couple became a trio as Penelope gave birth to their first son, Quintan, named after Rorgan’s father. With a young child, the young family established themselves at Seagard by the time Quint was a year old. Rorgan had not yet sworn allegiance to a House but with new considerations was contemplating making his oath to Lord Jason. That year spent by the sea was joyous and Penelope gloried in becoming settled in a new home, and a new land. The Grey Joy rebellion and siege at Seagard killed off any dreams the couple had. Rorgan was recruited to fight and Penny kept herself and her young son safe behind the walls. It wasn’t until Rorgan had been away fighting on the Iron Isles that Penny realized she was pregnant with their second child.

When the war was over and word of Rorgan’s death was brought to her, Penelope packed up their things, their son, and what coin they had managed to save and set out to find a new place to settle and make a life for their children. Losing herself in grief was the strongest temptation she ever had to face, but always there were Quintan’s hazel eyes and the movement of her unborn child and she realized that she could not. Seagard held too many memories, perhaps elsewhere in the Riverlands would be a place where she could establish a shop and raise her small family.

With the war over Stonebridge brought about by her 'betters', Penny found it impossible to create the peace and home she wanted and instead found herself fleeing. Along the way to a safe haven in Terrick's Roost she deepened her friendship with her midwife and healer, Mistress Dania Dorsey, and the Terrick Courier, Master Nathaniel Corbitt. Only days after reaching the safety of The Roost, Penelope went into labor. It was a difficult birth where she would have bled out and lost her life were it not for the skill Dania had as a midwife. As it was, little Elison was delivered safely and though jaundiced both mother and daughter will recover.


Rorgan Copperfells - Husband (d)
Quintan Copperfells - Son
Elison Copperfells - Daughter

Physical Features

Creamy milk and golden honey mingled with a delicate flush of spring roses have been wrought into the form of a vibrant but dainty woman. Though clearly no older than her late teens, there is an experience and grace to her movements that speaks of one who has left childhood behind. A resplendent mane of hair, sun kissed and tawny is allowed to tumble loose past her shoulders framing an oval face. Though her features are quite lovely, there is calm weariness in her bright azure eyes. Gentle lips, a dark rose, maintain a distinctly stubborn set even while rounded in a mischievous smile. Generous curves above and below a slender waist make for an hourglass silhouette that is quite becoming to her petite, 5’0” form. A slender thong of black leather, dangling a teardrop piece of sky-blue glass, is knotted securely about her right wrist.

Allies and Foes

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