Page 380: Patrols to Increase Again
Patrols to Increase Again
Summary: Ser Kell speaks to Lord Justin about the recent rumors of banditry and to increase patrols.
Date: 5 August 2012
Related Logs: The ambush and murders of the Charlton travelers.
Kell Justin 
The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
August 5, 289

Food is yet rationed, yet as there is an accord, Justin no longer must forgo a mid day meal entirely. Half rations meant he only had a light meal at dawn and dusk. And though their meals will continue to be somewhat thin, he comes from town to the shade of the great trees to meet with a servant that brings him a cloth. Within it is a bit of brown bread and cheese with a handful of recently picked berries. Justin thanks him and with his horse tied, takes a seat in the grass first to quench his thirst on the watered wine.

Kell is making his way up the well-trodden path that leads around the walls of the Four Eagles, down to the coastline. He is currently leading his steed, perhaps choosing to walk his way back to the Roost instead of riding. The Green is quiet this time as the knight spots no men at arms practicing their martial arts on each other though his eyes do spy the young Terrick Lord. Changing directions, Kell leads his horse in Justin's direction and when he nears, a respectful bow of his head is offered, "Good day, Lord Justin."

The grey gelding takes notice of Kell and his horse before Justin himself does. The Terrick's horse lifts his head and pricks his ears, looking in the direction of the new arrivals. Justin notices the horse's attention so caught and then turns his glance likewise to the same. He rousts himself back to his feet and for the moment holds his light meal upon the cloth in his hands. There is a nod of respect for a fellow knight in return, if not a bow, "Good afternoon, Ser Kell. I trust all is well with you?"

"All is well, M'Lord, thank you, especially with the agreement with the Charltons now signed. Hopefully the darkest days are behind us." Kell says in return as he inclines his head towards Justin, though it seems like there are still concerns to be had in the knight's tone. "I do not wish to disturb you, M'Lord, if you are resting and taking your mid-day meal. I do have a question or two I wish to ask you when you have the time though."

"You are not disturbing me. I will return to town to my own duties as soon as I have finished here." Justin motions to the other man to sit if it pleases Kell while he himself leans against the tree and eats a bit. A drink from his cup to clear his mouth ere Justin adds, "Ask your questions, Ser."

Nodding, Kell leads his horse to where Justin's is and also ties his off so it doesn't roam away too far or in case something spooks it to cause it to flee. Slowly settling down to a seated position, the knight poses his question to Justin as instructed, "M'Lord, I was thinking of asking for permission to lead a couple of guards to investigate the possible banditry and killings on the road that leads to Stonebridge."

"What precisely do you intend to seek? I have ridden out there already myself, spoken to the merchants that found the bodies, and examined the bodies themselves. I took the Flint tracker, Pariston, with me but as it happened upon the road, we could find no tracks leading off elsewhere." Justin eats his meal in between his own speaking and as it is a light fast breaking, he is soon finishing it off.

Ah, so some investigation has already been done that Kell didn't know about, "I see, then more or less just ride out as a patrol from time to time then to ensure that this doesn't happen again and perhaps to loo around the area. Perhaps with luck, something may be found away from where the crimes occurred." The knight says as this now leads to his second question of riding out as a patrol, "It could also be seen as a sign, to the merchants who do the traveling, of our intent to keep our roads and lands safe, M'Lord."

"I agree, well armed patrols do need to be stepped up. Banditry is likely to drop off now that we'll have a regular supply of goods coming in monthly. However, it will take time. Until our folk have their own fields planted and can gain harvests from them, and livestock are slowly replaced, some of them will continue to be in difficult straights." Justin eats the last and washes it down with a drink before he adds low, "We need also to be watchful now of other things. You are very welcome to look. If you or anyone else you know of finds something of interest, do inform me."

Kell nods at Justin's agreement and permission to lead the patrols, "I shall bring a couple of men with me on each patrol then, just in case we do run into some trouble, M'Lord. I'll lead them out at irregular intervals, just in case there are those who are watching from the shadows." With that the Terrick Knight grows quiet before he slowly rises to his feet, "That was all I had wished to ask, Lord Justin, I should return to my duties. By your leave, M'Lord?"

"Of course, Ser Kell. You are a good man and your efforts are appreciated. I will likely ride out on many a patrol myself as my other duties allow, as will the Mallister knights with us. We must ever be vigilant." Aye, Vigilant and Just - the Terrick House motto which Justin seems to take to heart. He folds up the now empty cloth and steps over to put it into his horse's saddle bag. The half finished wineskin much diluted with water he likewise secures to his saddle in preparation for mounting.

Kell nods in full agreement about being vigilant as the safety of the Roost and its people are paramount. "Good day to you, M'Lord. If I find anything of note on my patrols or hear of anything, I will let you know at once." With a bow of his head to Justin, the Terrick Sworn turns to where he secured his steed unties it so he can lead it back towards the Keep.