Patrek Mallister


Lord Ser Jason Mallister's son and heir, Young Lord Patrek was sent to Terrick's Roost to squire for his father's loyal vassal and old friend Lord Ser Jerold Terrick. He took to squiring with eager enthusiasm, arriving at the Roost not two months before the Ironborn attacked. He, Belle Blayne and a Mallister man in his retinue were responsible for finally lowering the sabotaged gate and securing Four Eagles Tower. He also participated, as Lord Jerold's squire, in a nighttime sortie to destroy the catapults constructed outside the Roost. The encounter resulted in his killing his first man and gaining his first battle scar: a gash to the left arm. Patrek was also nearly unseated from his horse, but quick thinking by the hedge knight Ser Kell Drakmoor kept him on his mount and likely saved his life.

Patrek rode with Lord Jerold in the reclaiming of Seagard and witnessed his father's death at the hand of Rodrick Greyjoy when the two men engaged in a duel. He now finds himself Lord of Seagard.


Patrek is the son of the late Lord Ser Jason Mallister, and to hear him tell it, there was no finer man nor braver warrior in all of Westeros than his father.

Physical Features

Still young and growing, Patrek has the gangly look of any teenaged boy, with limbs too long and hands and feet too large for the rest of him. He has curly blond hair and his father's blue eyes. He's a lad that smiles and laughs with ease.

Allies and Foes

Patrek greatly admires Lord Ser Jerold Terrick to whom he was ward and squire.
He also considers Lord Jerold's children Young Lord Jacsen Terrick, Lady Lucienne Terrick and Ser Jarod Rivers to be staunch allies.
He thinks highly of Captain Harwicke Blayne for his fighting prowess, even if the Captain is not the most jovial of men.
Despite her being a former Nayland retainer, he is friends with Belle Blayne whose assistance brought the Roost gate down a breath before it would have been too late.
Despite his being born on the iron islands, Raffton Howell and Patrek have struck a tentative sort of friendship.

Proudly his father's son, Patrek considers all true Ironborn and Freys to be his foes.

Recent Activity