Page 026: Pastoral Meeting
Pastoral Meeting
Summary: Caytiv introduces Thea to Ryande.
Date: 07 Aug 2011
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Caytiv Thea 
The Green - Terrick Roost
Green grass and wildflowers.
Sun August 7, 288

Caytiv has shucked his riding boots, shirt and vest in the barracks above the barn, taking out his mount to exercise him on the yard in just a pair of knee-length riding trousers, buttoned tight to his upper calf to fit under his boots, if he would don them, then blousing out around his knee to sit loose up to a low waistline, sans belt. His mount is oddly bare, as well, with no bit nor bridle nor saddle nor stirrup, not even a simple piece of rope to take hold of the animal by, but the pair of them move into the yard, horse loping along, Cayt running alongside and then jumping, landing stomach-down over the horse's back and then swinging a leg over to right himself.

Freedom from the halls has Thea rushing down along the worn path from Terrick's Roost. A shifting gate and she grabs at her skirts to draw them up higher to keep up her pace, chased by another of the younger chambermaids. There is a peel of laughter as they draw closer to where Cayt trains his horse. The kerchief about Thea's head begins to drag free, baring her wispy curls. Her small hand grabs at it, tearing it free as the other girl catches up to her with longer legs. There is a rather undignified squawk as the chaser tackles into the chasee. They roll into the green and laughing out and batting at each other. Finally they still and there are words exchanged. But the other girl rises up upon seeing Cayt, her mouth falling open a little. Thea blinks and looks up at her companion and twists from beneath to push herself up.

Caytiv keeps one hand in the mountain horse's mane, though he hardly seems to need to, as much as he moves in unison with the creature, leaning forward as a nudge urges it into a canter, guiding it into a turn with his knees and then sitting back, slowing it back down to a walk with an easy touch. As serious-faced as he is while working with the animal, a girlish laughter ringing across the green is enough to let him know he should be impressive, and so with a soft noise and deft handling he turns the animal to face the opposite direction and with an almost imperceptible goading he begins to walk the mount backward.

Waiting below Gina, Thea shifts and grunts, her smile fading. "Off of me ox…what on earth are you lookin' at?" She gives a twist and turns beneath the other girl, unresting her as she pushes herself up and peers towards the direction the other maid looks. Green eyes cast through a sea of grass to blink and take note of the shirtless Caytiv and his horse. A slow smiles spreads to bring dimples to her cheeks. She remains there a moment as Gina stands and blushes heavily, grinning a bit as Thea pushes herself up. Dusting off her skirts a little, she tilts her head and as Gina leans into whisper something, she is grinning a bit more, her teeth nipping at her lip in that mischevious smile.

"Ha!" A short, sharp noise from the blonde-headed Westerman on his horse, and the animal crouches like a dog at play and then zags off in the opposite direction in which it had been facing. Cayt leans forward, nearly resting his entire chest against the horse's back as he urges it faster in its exercise and his, taking a lap of this end of the green at a thunderous run.

Gina is making an 'o' with her mouth and stays back as the horse takes off. But Thea for her part is trudging forward through the flowing fields of grass. She grins a bit and Gina calls out for her to come back, following after at a hesitant pace. Small hands brush away the grass tops as she whistles at Caytiv and his horse, bolding stepping forward towards. "You there.." She intones sharply and her grin remains, head tilting as keeps her kerchief in hand.

Woah. Chickadee wading through the grass up ahead. Caytiv had thought his display impressive, but maybe not -that- impressive. He sits up, shifting his weight to slow his mount to a lively trot and then to a walk, and finally, sucking in two short bursts of air between his teeth and resting a hand on the horse's flank behind him, he encourages the horse to perform a genteel little bow. Evidently the horse has more courtly manners than he does. Or else that move is really good at getting in with the lassies. "Ay, lass," he greets her as he sits up straight and the horse rights himself. "Have you gotten ye lost, ay?"

He responds to her and it only serves to make her lips peel back into a full grin. Her head dips then at the bowing horse, dipping into her own grandiose curtsey with a flare of her hand. From beneath a spray of blonde curls she looks up at him and then rises. The smile grows further and she tilts her head, looking from horse up to the lad as Gina edges closer, slowing as they speak, her dark eyes doe like. "Not lost, no…." She takes a step closer and looks over the flank of the horse, moving to reach out and offer her hand for the mount's inspecting, fingers uncurling. "I am Thea.." She seems to be telling the horse but her gaze flicks upward at Caytiv.

The mountain horse surely has no idea what this hand's doing being presented to him, but he snorts at it and slops on it a few times with his lips just to make sure there's not an invisible treat he's missing out on. "Are ye then?" Cayt leans forward enough to swing his far leg over and come drop beside the horse with a rustic ease. "Fair met, young Thea, so," he tells her, resting a hand on the steed's neck and getting conspicuously close to the lassie. "Fond of horses, are ye? This here's Ryande. Gentle lad, you can tell, ay?"

"I can't say I am fond of them either way, not much use for them inside a chamber or in the kitchen..but he is beautiful." Thea admits and tosses a coy look over Caytiv as Gina circles closer, watching as she eyes Caytiv more than the horse. Hand now thoroughly slimed, Thea wipes it to her apron and then lifts those fingers back to brush along the side of the long jaw of the horse, rubbing fingers in up towards his ear and taking a small step closer to do so. "Aye, that he is gentle. And you?" She peers up at him. "That he listens to so well….who are you?" She inquires with a glint in that watery gaze, her full cheeks dimpling again as she assesses and waits for his answer.

Caytiv is surely getting somewhere, now, and it puts the mischief in him, especially when the lassie steps closer. "'Tis said I'm awful gentle, myself, lassie," he tells her with a flagrantly scandalous undertone to the words. "Call me Cayt, Great Bastard of Banefort," he tells her. He won't flaunt about the name of squire when he hadn't been accepted into service properly, yet. That's a step too far.

Her smile fades and Thea acts indifferent for a moment as she focuses on Ryande, fingers scratching near the ear to bring the horse leaning into her touch. Her head turns to look at Caytiv again ands he lifts a brow. "Cayt…Great Bastard of Banefort." She tests the name and title. "Well now I feel quite plain and simple…as just Thea." Ryande leans into her scratching and bucks her her back a step in a bid to welcome that attention. She lets off a soft laugh and turns back to look at him. "He's a bit forward, isn't he?"

Caytiv looks from Thea to Ryande with a brow curiously lofted, himself, and then, smile resuming its full force, he tips up his chin sharply by way of assent. "He knows well what takes his fancy, ay," he replies, looking aside to Thea before turning to have his shoulder toward her, keeping one hand on Ryande's neck while bringing his other hand around to run down the lower portion of his neck. "As do you yourself, ay, lass? You find gentle Ryande fair to look on, ay?"

Grinning a bit, a show of teeth and Thea is looking along her shoulder to Cayt. "I find him very fair…I have said as much. You have taught him well by what I can see…" She bites at her lip and looks back at the horse. Gina chirps, "We need to go get the cloth and thread." A breath is drawn and she lifts a hand to shoo Gina, "Go then…the task does not need us both." Water eyes give the other girl a plaintive look and then she is looking back to Caytiv, turning to face him as she curls her arm beneath the head of Ryande. "Can he carry two? If he fancy me..I think he would be glad to allow me on his back…but I do not know how to ride."

"Fancy that… so fair, and yet she knows not how to ride." Now Thea's got Cayt talking to Ryande. "I reckon such a slight thing as yourself would not be any burden, lassie. 'Tis hardly a thing, to sit astride. Only hold on with thy thighs and be willing to move along," he advises the lass with no small drop of salaciousness. He gives Gina a looking-at as she pipes up, but the hunter who is distracted by more than one doe often comes home with no venison at all. "I will take ye aloft, lass, would you have me do so," is rendered casually enough to Thea.

Gina looks sorely dismissed as she eyes them both, her smile fading. She takes a step back, smiling only Caytiv looks at her but when he looks to Thea she is scowling and turning, moving off with a huff as she leaves them both. Thea quirks a brow and watches Caytiv speak with Ryande, her smirk growing into place as she tilts her head, the breeze forcing her to brush her wild hair from her face. As he offers to lift her up, she hesitates but then lowers her arm from around Ryande's head to step closer and nods, "Yes…please." She says and bites at her lip again, dimples settle into place with her smile and she shifts to run a hand along Ryande's side and then looks to Caytiv.

Caytiv waits for the answer with the patience and forebearance of a monk, but when she assents, he lifts his brows and gives a nod, "At your pleasure, lassie," he tells her, bending as if in a deep bow, but putting his shoulder into Thea's stomach and wrapping an arm around her to pick her up onto his shoulder, like a little lamb, crouching down and then jumping to lay over Ryande's back as he had before, swinging his leg about and sitting up straight with his prize still held aloft. As much as he seems as if he would be wuite willing to carry her off with her fanny all in the air, he lifts a hand to pull her one leg aside from the other and he hunches to let her slide down onto the horse in front of him. Facing him, of course, and drawing at her legs so that they're draped over his. "How's that, then?" he asks her, a faint twitch of his thighs against the horse's sides setting him walking slowly forward.

Expecting to find herself with a foot to lever her up and facing forward, it is quite the opposite. Thea lets out a cry of surprise as he grabs at her to sling her over his shoulder. She kicks a moment, her hand grasping at his back where she can, fingers curling around his bare side as she the laughs, a sound of heart thudding joy. Her cheeks flush despite herself and she presses her other hand into his back to lift her head up and try to see about. Gina looks back at the sound and stares, wide eyed. Thea squeezes her eyes shut when he hauls himself atop the horse and her world tilts. A soft gasp remarked from her as she starts to slide forward. Her hands release their grip and her hand moves to his shoulder, skirts sliding up further as he hooks her legs over his. Pale skin colored and heated, she soon sits upright before him, fussing ar her hair to tame it to lay behind her ears. "That is just fine.." She looks down at their legs and then back up at him before she adds, "You are far more forward than Ryande…"

"I know well what takes my fancy, ay, as well," Caytiv answers, steering Ryande only loosely with his knees, as there's naught but grass about. Just to keep the horse moving provides a nice little bump and roll to the oddly juxtaposed laps on the horse's back— one Cayt for sure finds pleasant, at least. One hand settles itself on Thea's hip, as if to steady her, but the other finds itself playing up under the bunched hem of her dress, to see where that might lead it. "And this is passing fine, I should say."

The horses movement causes Thea to shift and jostle. Her hand lifts to press to his shoulder to help keep her steady. Her gaze follows his hand to her hip and then back up to his eyes. "You are man to be quite so sure of what you like? Most men are not quite as certain as you…" Her voice trails off as his other hand finds its way up her skirts with such freedom. Her eyes widen and she lifts a hand to try slap him, the stark movement adding to the flush of her cheeks as she tries not to fall, swaying a bit. "You cad!" She cries out, offended but not moving to get herself down - either that or she can't. Her hand lowers to grab his arm and press it back. "What do you take me for? I am not a common whore…" She huffs and then lifts her chin, watery gaze still glittering with mischief.

There's really no dodging a slap at such close quarters, and Cayt's eyes water with the sting of it, then narrow as Thea goes all innocent on him. "Tha hell, lassie? I take you up a-straddle my lap with your legs wide open, you think it a fine sport. I go for to tickle your knee and suddenly I've misjudged your virtue?" he asks her, rather pointedly, but not with such vigor that he seems he might assault her. His hand has fled from underskirt to rub at his red cheek, wincing as it smarts him to touch it.

At his defense she narrows her gaze. "Right, you are not so innocent as that…" Thea states and though she makes a thin line of her rosebud lips, she shifts and then can not help the smile that cracks them a little. She lifts a hand gently try to draw his hand away from the bruised cheek. "Come now, I did not hit you quite so hard. Let me look…and if you had wish to tickle my knee, you had merely to ask. A girl must be careful of men and their wandering hands. Whether my virtue or not was in question.." Her gaze softens a little and she lifts her other hand to turn his chin so she can look at his cheek if he allows. She clicks her tongue.

Caytiv puts on a sort of a sulking countenance but lets her draw his hand from his cheek and tip his chin, his eyes avoiding hers churlishly. "Ah, be careful," he mutters as she tries to doctor at him. "It still stings, rather, ay? You're a right tease, lassie, and so let thy knee go un-tickled," he decrees.

"I think you a sore git if you think me to believe such a foolish display.." Thea sighs and ribs him, tilting her head just a bit to carefully brush a thumb to his cheek. "You will barely have a bruise, but it serves you right.." She chides him lightly. "All the same…I know of a way to make sure it heals properly…" Then she is leaning in, attempting to brush her lips to his cheek and kiss away the bruise.

Caytiv does not let up on the display, though she calls him on it. Perhaps he really just is a sensitive soul. Or perhaps he just wants her to think so. He'll take the kiss, but hardly seems to find it compensation, nor do his hands dare their way close to the lassie again. But he'll at least strike up conversation again, as it's hard to cold-shoulder someone who's practically sitting on your junk. "And so whose chores are you neglecting in coming here to distract me from my exercises?"

"I hardly feel like I am neglecting a thing. My Lady Lucienne is busy. Besides, it matters not, Gina is seeing to the task." Thea's smile has returned and rests the dower expression from those full lips. "But if I am distracting you so…you can let me down.." It is a poking jab but nothing she is all too serious on. "And I am not a tease…" Her chin lifts and she looks down her nose towards his waist before her gaze lifts quickly. "You are just…too quick. I startle." She intones to him, biting her lip again. She tries to keep her gaze from wandering over his naked torso but she can't quite succeed in appearing innocent.

Caytiv's eyes both twitch narrow for a brief moment, "You serve the Lady Lucienne?" he ascertains slowly, not… quite sure where he stonds with the people of nobility in the tower, yet. "Ay, perhaps 'tis better you were down and I about my exercises." See? He can think with his other head, too. "I did not mean you disrespect, lassie. I reckoned you were game for a little sport, blame me if I got too far ahead of your sporting nature."

Frowning some at his response, Thea sniffs a little and tilts her head. "Going to be rid of me so fast too. You do not think too well do you.." It is a gentle jest and her grin shows it as her head dips a little to look up at him. "Where did you think I worked? Coming down the road from the Tower and all." She says and her hand reaches forward to tickle her fingers along his chest, her lips parting at first before she says. "I never said I was not…game." She wets her lips and shifts, as if to scoot closer to him. "Where did you come from, Cayt? I know you not?"

"How'm I to know? The kitchen?" Cayt offers a guess. "Or were you perhaps a housemaid," he scratches at his head, just above his ear, but then there's a hand tempting back his desires from where they had been momentarily stowed. "Ay, and still…" he murmurs, "From Banefort. I had better finish my exercising this fellow, lassie. Why not let's say to meet one another… tonight? Where will I find you, lass?"

"Chambermaid…but I cook too.." Thea says in that idle 'side' conversation. The other continues on with a press of her fingers against his skin as they trail down to his waist. "Tonight?" She looks lost to thought a moment and then smiles a bit more. "I shall meet you outside the Tower…I have my ways of getting in and out.." She grins a bit more and then hesitates before she stills her hand and leans in to steal a kiss if he not back away. Bold she is and she grins for it.

Caytiv will surely back away and have none of this kissing busin-nnnnope, that's Cayt, grinning against the grin and letting the hand trail just as far south as it could want, redoubling the pressure without being too forceful, just grazing on the kiss like an ox on through a peaceful meadow, not lifting a hand to hold her head nor closing her eyes, but partaking in the kisses as long as they are offered to his lips.

Her hand rests at his hip for a moment and she lingers, before drawing back and looking up to him. She grins a bit more and says softly rather near his lips. "Are you to let me down now?" Thea asks, letting her hand rest a moment longer before drawing it away from him. That spritely smile remains and her wisps of hair brush over her face and into her eyes. "I shouldn't keep you for too long."

Caytiv smiles crookedly as Thea pledges not to take too long of him. "I will set ye down whensoever you ask it of me, lass," he whispers, then moves in to kiss her again, leaning slightly forward to push her slightly back and… very carefully… lest he startle her… start working on pulling up her skirts again.