Pariston Vis
Zach Gilford
Zach Gilford as Pariston Vis
name: Pariston Vis
father: Rikard Vis (Appable)
mother: Thatra Tollis (Deceased)
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 25
height: 6'7"
weight: 220 pounds
eyes: Dark green
hair: Brown
honorific: Master
house: ?
position: Hunter


A crannogman dared her way out of the wetlands and after some time found herself at Flint's Finger. She met a man that fell for her beauty and after some time she gave birth to twins. Pariston and Galen. Their mother died after child birth and was taken care of by their northman father.

The two twins where opposites when it came to personality. Pariston was always calm and rarely got angry. While Galen could snap at the smallest of issues. Galen sought to become a knight, becoming a page for one of the knights of Flint. Pariston on the other hand started to hunt. At the younger age he hunted with his father. But as they grew older his father left all the hunting to Pariston, while he skinned the animals. The older he got the better he looked with a bow. Occasionally with a spear as well. Whenever possible Pariston would want to go to swim and/or fish. Living a rather normal life. Even though those who knew about his mother, would occasionally speak about the two twins having mystical powers. Neither of them seem to know anything about that though. As far as they can tell, they're normal.

Not much happens during the teen years of Pariston, just continuing his life. Just continuing in learning his profession and culture. A bit about the old gods for example. He also show interest in dancing. Often feeling the need to dance when music is around. He hasn't grown very good at it, but he still know how to do so. Other than that, he just keeps honing his skills. As for his brother, he becomes a squire for one of the knights.

Galen was able to become a knight. Even that was the difference between them, since Pariston still kept his belief to the old gods. So he did not even think about being knighted. With a lot of money put down for his equipment. All three of them help Galen to become a knight, and paying for his armor. Around the time of the rebellion, both Galen and Pariston went to fight. Galen as a knight while Pariston was a levie. Going to fight alongside the rest of the Flints and Starks. And also his brother. And his brother had sworn alligience to the house of Flint.

During the war Galen fought and died. But Pariston survived. Even though he, time after time, stood in the face of death to help his comrades and superiors.

The northerners does not really knight their folk, so Pariston got some praise, but not more than so. But he did swear alligeance to the house of Flint. Now a man at arms.

He was able to recover his brother, and given him a proper funeral, he took use of his brothers armor. Having it ready to use if needed. But he now stand with the Flints. Continuing on what his brother wanted. But also finding the Flint family rather interesting.

After the war he has continued to hone his skills to be able to be better. Also continuing on his normal profession, when able. But he is a smart person, and does seem a bit interested in the things that happen in the house of Flint. Other than warfare that is. He only fight because he needs to, and using weapons is the only thing he knows. But if someone were to try and teach him…

Now war has come again, and Pariston is one of the people preparing for battle with the ironmen. And also bringing his calm yet fun personality to the battlefield. One should be calm, not angry, when fighting.

Short brown hair a top of a rather squared head. Wide, dark green and almond shaped eyes. His nose is sharp with nostrils that are a little flared. His face has strong lines and a sharp jawline ending in a wide and flat chin. His mouth isn't very wide. His upper lip a little longer and thinner wile he has a small but rather fat lower lip. Long thin eyebrows that follow the curves of his face.

He has good posture and always stands straight. A muscular yet not extremly big man. His muscles seem more fitted into the body for maximum movement rather than brute force. His upper torso is rather large, with a strong neck and a larger chest. His waist going in a straight form down to his hips. Strong slim thighs and large calves. His hands long to easier get grip of things, not least easier to use the bow and arrow. Which his slim long arms also helps with.

Allies and Foes

A man should aid when he can.