Page 328: Farewells
Summary: Muirenn says farewell to her brother and cousin before she leaves for Stonebridge
Date: 12/June/2012
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Muirenn Martyn Nedra 
Four Eagles Tower - Roof Terrace
This is open to the air except for the rookery at the opposite end of the open walkway. Parapets and crenellations are about.
June 12, 289

Rooftops have always been some of Martyn's favorite places when he need to think. And tonight is no different it would seem. Since he's standing in one of the corners leading in the direction of the sea. He's singing a bit to himself as he looks out there, not quite aware that he's singing loud enough for others to hear. And not aware that the song probably isn't the most proper one. "Oh the words that he spoke seemed the wisest of philosophies, there's nothing ever gained by a wet thing called a tear. When the world is too dark, and I need the light inside of me, I'll walk into an inn, and drink fifteen pints of beer." A brief pause, before he continues, "I am going, I am going, any which way the wind may be blowing. I am going, I am going, where the streams of whiskey are flowing…"

Everything is packed, and Muirenn is near ready to depart. It is not difficult to figure out where her brother is, and so the girl makes her way up the stairs and out onto the roof. Pausing for a moment she listens to him and her lips curve into a smile. Finally she moves closer and says loud enough to be heard over the ocean breeze, "You have a good voice. You should sing more often." With a sigh of weariness that only elderly possess, Septa Waldsteinia follows her charge up onto the roof. At her heels is Muirenn's handmaiden.

"I am going, I am go…" Martyn's voice trails off at his sister speak, and he shakes his head a little bit, still looking out to the sea. "I have?" he asks, after a few moments pause, before going silent again for a long while, just looking out there. "Now?" he asks, a bit quietly, not saying what he's asking about. After all, she probably knows, right?

Moving to her brother, Muirenn wraps her arms around him and rests her chin on his shoulder with a laugh, "I was nice…there was a meeting of the minds and we agreed on many things. I will not speak against if you wish to pursue it in the future."

In the company of the two senior most of her armsmen, a pair of gray haired and battle scared veterans that have been with Nedra for as long as she can recall, Nedra is making her way to the roof with a small sheaf of parchment squares and a case of charcoal sticks carried in a slender leather satchel at her side. She is carrying on a lively conversation with the eldest of the two, the topic being his newest grandchild and some precocious adventure involving a pony and a muddy field.

Martyn pauses a little as Muirenn wraps her arms around him, and listens to the words she speaks. Turning his head towards her now, looking a bit relieved. "Good…" he offers after a few moments, letting out a deep breath. "I think I would like to pursue it," he replies after a few long moments. Pausing a little bit before he continues. "Aside from you, it feels like I can talk with her about things I've never dared talking with others about…" He pauses for a few moments as he becomes aware of more people on the roof now, and looks over in Nedra's direction, offering her a bit of a smile and nod. "Enjoying the air, cousin?"

"I want you happy Martyn. And if you can make a match that Patrek approves up and you find joy and affection in it, I cannot wish for more." Muirenn smiles and steps away. Turning, her face lights up, "Nedra! Oh cousin! It is so good to see you."

Nedra pauses just past the entrance to the roof, the wind tugging at her hair and her gown, one hand lifting to catch the end of her braid and tuck it back behind one ear while the other holds the satchel to her side as she gets her bearings. The sound of singing - and then the absence thereof - caught her attention just as easily as Nedra spotted first Martyn and then Muirenn, a smile forming on her face in answer. "Muirenn!" she calls out in return, delighted as she hurries forward, almost (but not quite) leaving her armsmen in the dust.

Martyn pauses a bit at Muirenn's words, nodding a little. "Thank you…" he begins, before he adds, "I think this is one of the best chances for that. Now it's just to figure out how to convince Patrek of it…" Pausing as he looks between the two girls now, and he keeps silent for the moment, listening for now.

Giggling, Muirenn hugs her cousin fiercely. "I am so excited you are here." Taking a step back she says "I am glad I got to see you before I went to Stonebridge. Was your journey here uneventful?"

Nedra casts a smile toward Martyn but she gives Muirenn a hug back that's just as fierce, stepping back as well with a laugh as she says, "I'm glad to be here as well, someone has to keep my brother out of trouble." The gleam of impish humor warms her eyes as she tilts her head back slightly to smile up at Muirenn, nodding, "It was, yes. And much faster than expected. My mother sent way to much food, in fact, I've been passing out apples and stuff from the hamper almost since I got here, to keep it from going bad. What about you, though, how are you? You're leaving for Stonebridge?" she asks, her words chasing one another in a tumble of excitement, close to but not quite bouncing with all the bottled up energy.

Still keeping silent at the moment, Martyn offers a bit of a tired smile in return to Nedra. "That's a full time job, keeping your brother out of trouble," he comments a bit lightly, before he turns slightly to gaze out into the sea again. "Every now and then, I wish I was a sailor…" he mutters, meant for only himself.

"I am well now. I was sick again after…well the capture, but am better." Muiri grins, "I want to travel and visit places. You know how Mother kept me at home for so long…I feel like I have missed so much. Besides, I wish to assure myself of what is happening there." Patting her cousin’s arm, she looks to her brother and brightens "OH! Yes! Captain Wake taught me how to sail, remember on the way here? Let’s go be sailors"

Nedra nods in understanding to Muirenn's words, "I do understand," she says simply, "there are few things more exhilarating and freeing that standing at the railing, staring into the eye of a storm?" She nods and battens down some of the keyed up energy, "The nice thing about traveling, I would hope, is that even if you don't get somewhere right away, it's still there when you finally arrive, yes? Oh, maybe not with the same people, and maybe the wrong season entirely, but it's still there." she ventures, glancing from Martyn to Muirenn and back.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears the others, blinking a few times as he realizes that he spoke out loud. "I…" he begins, trailing off again. "I should go get some rest now…" That part coming out a bit too fast. Moving to hug his sister. "Safe travel, and let me know at once if something's wrong…" Yes, he can't hold back the worrying. "And thanks…" That said, he moves to offer Nedra a bit of a hug as well, should she let him.

A kiss is pressed to her brother's cheek, "I will be fine Martyn. This I swear! Be well and I will see everyone at the tournament in Seagard. I love you brother." Muirenn grins and gives her cousin the same treatment, though the hug is tighter, "We have MUCH to catch up on cousin! I can't wait to see you in Seagard. You are right of course about the traveling. It is needed."

Nedra gives Martyn a quick hug in return, "Rest well," she says with a smile at Martyn as well before giving Muirenn another hug, nodding emphatically. "I hope so too! Safe travels, and remember, always make sure to take a look at the map before you start out each day, it'll help just in case you get caught in a storm and need to go to shelter," she advises.

"Thanks," Martyn offers to Nedra, before he offers a smile to his sister, "I know…" It's said a bit quietly, before he adds, "And she speaks the trough about the maps…" And with that, he's gone…

Pondering her cousin's advice, Muirenn nods and grins "Wonderful darling. I will see you at the tournament." Another hug to Nedra and then the girl heads downstairs with her Septa and maid.