Page 328: Packing Bluntly
Packing Bluntly
Summary: Muirenn speaks with her brother while packing for her abrupt departure for Stonebridge and offers Katrin some 'advice'.
Date: 13/June/2012
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Muirenn's Chamber
June 12, 289

As is usual, the young Mallister's chamber window has been thrown open and the sound of the surf and the birds provides a pleasant accompaniment to the girl's whispered singing. Arranging a vase of flowers she seems in better spirits and is moving easily about the large room and her Septa watches with a smile. "Shall we dine in the garden this evening Septa?" She looks over her shoulder at the older woman.

And, as often, Martyn has made his way to check on his sister. Stopping outside the door, he looks around very briefly, before he knocks on the door.

The handmaiden opens the door. Lowering a knee she lets the man in with a bright "Good day m'lord." The girl moves away, announcing "Lord Martyn is here my lady."

"Brother!" Muirenn smiles though does not turn around until she has finished fluffing some baby's breath. Setting the vase aside she rises and moves to give her brother a hug.

"Good day," Martyn offers to the handmaiden, offering her a bit of a smile, before he steps further inside the room. Reaching out to hug Muirenn as she comes to hug him, he offers her a smile. "Sister. I just thought I should come and check how you are doing," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

Muirenn smiles "I am well. We are about finished packing" Muirenn gestures to the open trunk filled with books, gowns, and some of her other favorite things. "I am traveling to spend some time at Stonebridge."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears that. "Stonebridge? Do you think that's safe, with the current happenings there?" Looking a bit lost in thought for a few moments, "And that's after Patrek's tourney that you're going there, right?"

"No. I am going now. I will get settled and then go to Seagard later for the tournament." Going to the window she pulls off some handkerchiefs that were hung on the sill to freshen "As to safety. I am convinced nowhere is safe. Here…there.. and there I can do some good." Smiling she folds the squares of embroidered linen and lays them in the trunk.

It doesn't look that Martyn is very happy to hear that, but he lets out a bit of a deep breath. "And as usual I'm sure nothing I can say will convince you otherwise?" he asks after a few moments of pause. Moving over to the window as well, to look out of it for a few moments.

Looking up Muirenn grins "That is unfair of you Martyn…I am hurt." A shake of her head is given, "When have I *ever* disobeyed you…or anyone else? When have I ever caused grief?" Making a gesture "Say what it is you wish to say and I shall consider your words as I always do."
Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears that, and holds up his hands to show that he won’t follow on that line. “Why do you wish to go there?” he asks, after a few moments, before he adds, “I guess my trouble is that I don’t really know what to think about that entire situation.”

“I wish to go there because it has different people. Because I can speak with Lord Alric and bring him some cheer…because I find Lord Riordan a pleasant conversationalist…because I like the countryside…because my life is short and I would like to travel” Beginning to enumerate the reasons she watches her brother steadily, an eyebrow quirked as if curious to his reply, “Truly, I could go on with other reasons.”

"It's just that I don't really know what to think about those people," Martyn replies, before he adds a bit sharply. "And don't say that!" To the part about her life being short. Another brief moment of pause, as he looks around, then back to his sister, studying her a bit carefully. "I've been meaning to ask for a while, sister. What do you think about Lord Alric?" Looking a bit curious about the answer now.

"He is not a knight…he is not a leader…the House has nothing that would benefit our own, however he seems kind and that counts for much." There is a shrug as she adds, "Just because I am in Stonebridge doesn't mean I must associate with the Naylands nor the Charltons if I do not wish to." The girl flashes a smile, "Martyn for eighteen years of my life I was kept isolated at home. I do not wish to spend the las…next eighteen isolated in Four Eagles. There is a large world that the Seven oversee." There is a pause and she sets the handkerchiefs aside and goes to hug her brother, "Martyn, in the grand scheme of things everyone has a short life." Smiling she continues, "That is what I meant."

Martyn nods a little bit, as he hears the parts about Alric. "Perhaps it's the fact that he's an ambassador that makes him rather unreadable to me," he says, finally. Pausing a bit as he's hugged, he nods a little bit, but keeps quiet for a long while. "Who will you be taking with you?" he asks after a few moments of pause.

"He seems kind and a marriage to me would be an astronomical leap for his House. I am sure that factored into the decision greatly. Though from what I heard the House is quite poor and depends on the Charltons for just about everything." Muirenn releases her brother and then goes back to packing "Septa Waldsteinia, Minnie, Heurtebise, and one of the guards." Muirenn smiles "I was thinking perhaps a visit to House Bracken next, maybe after Patrek's tourney." The girl seems quite non-committal about the Fenster diplomat.

"Only one of the guards?" Martyn looks a bit skeptical at that point. "I think you should take at least two of them…" He pauses for a few moments as he looks round the room. "Planning on staying away for quite a long time? How will the gardens here do while you are away, then?" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Oh, and when I left Kamron's little outing with the cliff diving yesterday, Lady Katrin asked me to let you know she sent her best wishes." Looking around the room for a few moments again now.

"I can take two if you think it more wise. Ser Anselm and Ser Conners. Unless you have some other suggestions?" Muirienn looks thoughtful and says "I know not. I am trying not to plan too far ahead. I want to be spontaneous." Pointing to the wardrobe she murmurs, "Minnie, fold those chemises and ensure they are packed." Small, elegant steps move her to the dressing table. As she sits and begins to sort through boxes of fans a laugh is kindled by your words, "Lady Haigh only gives best wishes because she wants *your* very best everything."

Looking about to say something more, Martyn closes his mouth for a few moments at his sister's words about the Haigh lady. He keeps quiet for a long while, as if trying to figure out what to say now. "That might be much of her motivation, I guess…" he offers, a bit quietly. Pausing a bit, before he adds, "Those two sounds good." Ser Anselm and Ser Conners, that is. Otherwise keeping silent for the moment, as he looks to the windows again, a bit thoughtfully.

Muirenn delivers her previous words with a teasing grin tossed over her shoulder at you. It fades a bit at your words. "What is it brother? You are going all silent and introspective and sulky again" Picking up her hairbrush she gestures to her maid, "Miniella, inform Ser Trystan that he must ready himself to accompany me. He will be ready by noon." As the maid leaves she studies her brother "Talk to me Martyn"

Martyn blinks as he hears that, "Sulky? I'm not sulky." Looking around for a few moments. "It's just that…" He trails off, looking out the window for a few moments now. "Would you say that I've been bottling up things after… After we returned?" Notably, he didn't deny being silent or introspective, did he?

Emphatically, "Yes" The long auburn hair is brushed as she continues, "Since you came back you rarely smile, you rarely talk, and just…keep everything inside. It makes me sad." Stopping she looks over her shoulder and whispers "I thought we could tell each other everything. I feel shut out."

"I'm so sorry for that," Martyn replies, taking a few deep breaths. "I don't know why I've become like that." A brief pause as he looks out the window again now, "I should have known I could have been able to talk to you." Turning back again now, he grimaces a bit. "But who would I be able to talk to when you're out travelling?"

"It is what it is Martyn" is the girl's reply, "You are around nine years my elder. I can see why you might not wish to share with me." Her fingers grip and relax a few times around the brush. "I am not happy. I haven't been since…well..for a couple weeks. Whatever I am looking for, I am not going to find it here."

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that. "I just feel like the war made me so much older. I guess being moments away from dying does that to a person." A brief pause, as he looks back to the window now. "You know, I really like her…" He doesn't say anything about who this 'her' is at the moment, as he looks out through the window for a few moments. Pausing as he hears Muirenn's words, he tears his gaze away from the window and moves over to reach out for her shoulder. "What do you think is causing your unhappiness?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

"Yes, it does do that Martyn." The girl says quietly, "You should try being moments away from dying…or dying more slowly daily. It makes a person think. Did you not imagine after everything I have been through that I would not understand?" She turns back to the mirror and begins to brush her hair again, the piece of silver polished so that it provides a quite accurate reflection. "I am sure she is a relatively nice person, I just do not appreciate being flattered for flattery's sake…or flattery just because someone wishes to win your approval. I am glad you like her though. It makes life much easier I am told if the couple likes each other from the outset, otherwise you would be like poor Anais and Jacsen."

The maidservant returns and begins to continue the packing process. "Oh! I have something for you. I was informed that the service at the Sept was tomorrow. After trying for weeks to try get Anais and Lucienne to plan it, apparently someone has already gone and done that." A finger points to the alter cloth, "I finished the last of the needlework last night and Septa ironed it. Please give that to whoever is arranging things." The hairbrush is set down and her hair is brought en masse over her shoulder. Smoothing the incredibly long length with her hands she begins to put it into a simple braid. "I don't know why I am unhappy. I just am. Perhaps it was just being so close to losing my life again…the kidnapping. Life can end on the morrow, no one can tell their own future. I realized how little I had seen and experienced, I didn't want to die not knowing…not having seen."

"Truth to be told, I'm not really sure what I was thinking," Martyn replies, before he adds, "I guess I just didn't think of bad health as the same as being close to losing your head, in the physical sense of the word." He pauses for a few moments as he listens, now looking over towards the alter cloth. "I will do that," he replies, with a nod. Those last words makes him pause for a few moments, before he reaches out to hug her a bit tightly. "Just don't be gone for too long at the time. I'll miss you too much…"

There is a polite tap on the door leading out into the hallway. Katrin awaits outside in her best clothing. Soft browns and golds wrap their way around her body in a most pleasing manner while her hair has been pulled back off of her neck, hanging in delicate curls. Once again, the lady comes bearing gifts - more flowers of a different variety, the leaves still smelling of the ocean and a few pretty shells that look like they'd have been picked up off the shoreline.

"You just never thought of it in terms like that before…I mean you think that yes, your sister can die…but you have never imagined what it is like for me each time. Trust me Martyn. I understand what you are going through and you *can* talk to me." Quietly the auburn locks are woven, glancing occasionally to ensure her handmaiden is packing everything correctly. At Martyn's final admonition, the long, elegant fingers pause in their movements and Muirenn glances at her brother with a brow arched skeptically "You shall not miss me that much dearest brother. You have many people here to keep you company, and the Seven know that there are enough problems here to keep you very busy." Her face eases into a smile, "Do not worry about me. I will be fine. I…" At the knock, the handmaiden glances down at the clothing in her hand. With a wave Muirenn says, "Go see who it is Miniella, Septa can finish this." The handmaiden moves to the door, upon opening it she lowers a knee respectfully and announces, "Lady Haigh to visit my lady."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that. "I'm so sorry I ever doubted that…" He goes quiet again, for a few moments before he adds, "And you'd better be fine. You know Mother would skin me alive or something if anything happened to you…" He pauses at the knock on the door, and the announcement. One hand moving to run it through his hair a bit quickly, as if trying to make sure it's where it's supposed to be, before the same hand moves to brush over his face for a few moments. Must be presentable, after all.

Katrin makes her way into the room as she is announced, dipping down into a curtsey to Muirenn, "Lady Muirenn," she greets with a cheerful warmth. "I had wanted to stop in to see you as I am to take tea with Lady Lucienne later this evening and I thought it would be a wonderful excuse to visit." She holds out the flowers. "And to continually brighten your day," she adds. "I hope they will go-" Oops, there's Martyn. Her cheeks redden a little and she clears her throat. "I hope they will go well with the other flowers I brought last time." This time she is able to complete the sentence but her eyes flicker over to the Mallister knight almost nervously.

Stifling the snort of laughter that wells up at her brother's actions, the redheaded eighteen-year old continues to braid her hair. A smile is given to Katrin, and a hand waved towards her handmaiden, "They are quite lovely Lady Haigh. They will look charming with the others. I hope you don't mind if I take both bouquets with me to Stonebridge. They will cheer up my chambers there immeasurably." Muirenn's maid takes the flowers and adds them to the others. "Ohhh tea with Lady Lucienne, how lovely. Please, make yourself comfortable." As soon as the flowers are taken care of, the handmaiden brings a chair for Katrin and places it near where her mistress is seated at her dressing table. "Forgive the chaos of my chambers. Usually we are not so untidy, but I am sure you know how packing for journeys can be." Indeed, Muiri's elderly Septa is calmly folding and placing a variety of elegant garments into a large trunk, watching everything quietly but with alert eyes.

"Lady Katrin…" Martyn offers after a few long moment of pause, as he offers a bit of a bow to the Haigh lady. "You… You look beautiful today…" That said, he goes quiet as well, just studying the woman a bit carefully. Perhaps for a bit too long, since he suddenly seems to realize something. "Ah… I hope you are well today…" And finally looking away from the woman, nodding a bit at Muirenn's words. Remaining standing for now.

"To Stonebridge, Lady Muirenn?" Katrin asks, her brows lifting slightly. She has a seat as it's offered. "What takes you into such a politically charged situation at this moment?" Her cheeks flush a dark red at the compliment. "Thank you, Ser Martyn." And then a frown twists her lips downward. "Does that mean you are leaving Terrick's Roost as well?" she asks. "To escort your sister?" She does not look pleased by that notion at all.

Drily, Murienn regards Katrin for a long moment and replies "Oh, have no fear. I shall not be so rude as to take my brother away to ensure my safety. I am just as well protected by two of our guards." Glancing around her chambers as the maid and Septa bring order to the chaos and more things end up in the trunk she continues, "It is indeed a politically charged situation for certain families but not for mine own or my person." It does not seem that for the moment the girl feels comfortable or feels the need to explain her rationale. Instead she inquires, "So, did you have fun at my cousin Ser Kamron's excursion to the cliffs yesterday? I heard it was quite enjoyable." Her lips curve up into a warm smile as a simple ribbon is plucked from a tray and used to knot off her long braid.

"It seems that I will have to come to terms with the fact that my sister is no longer just a little girl, but a woman that needs to get out a bit on her own," Martyn replies after Muirenn's spoken, with a bright grin in his sister's direction. "No matter how much a part of me want to deny it, of course. So I will stay here until the time to head to the tourney." It seems that he's unable to look away from Katrin more than every now and then.

Katrin seems genuinely disappointed by the news. "I was hoping that you would be attending the tourney, Lady Muirenn," she says. "It would have been a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know you better." But she gives Martyn a warm smile. "It always seems as though the younger siblings will never stay as young as you might wish them to. I see it every day as I look at Ilaria." She shakes her head but chuckles. "Yes, the cliff jumping was fun. Quite exhilarating, in truth. Your dear brother saved me when Lady Roslyn, Lady Saffron and myself got a bit… over enthused after a jump. I found myself struggling against the current while trying to pull Lady Saffron from where she had gone under. Without he, Ser Kamron and Ser Kittridge, I fear there would have been grim news coming from the shores." She can't help but keep smiling, even though the story is not exactly a cheery one. "But I am glad you will not be departing the Roost just yet, Ser Martyn."

"I have not been a little girl for many years Brother." Muirenn replies mildly as she begins to sort through the large boxes that contain the expensive and lovely fans that she collects, just as much works of art as they are functional accessories. Looking over at Katrin, the teenager looks astounded, "Miss my cousin and liege’s tournament? What do you take me for? Some barbarian Dothraki?" She gives a snort, "No, I am headed to be settled in Stonebridge before I journey home to Seagard to spend time with our parents and the rest of our family and enjoy Lord Patrek's celebration." Shaking her head she looks between her brother at Katrin. Finally there is a sigh. "Lady Katrin, one of the first things that anyone who gets to know me well has learned is that I value honesty and directness above all." At the news some of the girls may have drowned, her brows draw together into a frown as she regards her brother, "Martyn, I trust you got them to the Maester to have their lungs listened to and the proper herbs administered against illness? The after effects of water in the lungs can be quite dangerous." It is clear that the healer finds nothing amusing about three women near drowning.

"I'm just glad I was able to help, Lady Katrin," Martyn replies a bit quietly. "I wouldn't have wanted you to drown…" A brief pause as he seems to be thinking through what he said. "Any of you," he adds, rather quickly, before he looks over at Muirenn, offering her a bit of a grin. "To an older brother, that's a realization that comes very late, dear sister." At the mention of the Maester, he goes quiet again, looking to be rather unsure of how to answer now.

"We were all just fine, Lady Muirenn, I assure you," Katrin promises with a smile. "I do hope that we might have a chance to sit and chat at the tourney then. I look forward the possibilities, especially the chance to see Seagard." She hesitates at Muirenn's words, instead lifting a brow. "Honesty and directness?" she inquires. "What would you like me to be honest and direct about?" Her hands clasp together in her lap and a momentary flicker of unease skips right across her face.

Exasperated, Muirenn replies "You didn't did you?" A hand is lifted, "Septa, please stop. Minnie can take over. Could you please go inform Maester Pyrs what medicinals will be required so that he might prepare them." A shake of her head to Katrin and the girl turns her exasperated look upon the other woman, "You were all just fine. Have you actually *seen* someone drown before? I have and it is an ugly thing. I also have seen near drownings and water that remains in the lungs brings illness. If that is a risk you are willing to take with your health then I will not gainsay you; however, as a healer it is a risk I wished to ensure you were informed of." Turning back to the fans as her Septa goes off to the ordered task, the redhead begins to sort through the fans. It is a moment before she glances at the other woman and answers her question, "I am honest and direct in all things, aren't you Lady Katrin?" her brows lift as she tilts her head and gives a faint smile, "You have espoused the notion several times now how you wish to get to know me better and I was merely pointing out one thing about me that is good to know."

Looking about to say something now, Martyn goes quiet again as he looks between the two women rather carefully, and seems to decide against saying anything for a long while. "I know you have told me before, sister. I forgot it with all that was happening…" Lowering his head a little, he remains standing where he is, taking a few deep breaths.

Katrin looks almost relieved at Muirenn's answer to her question and she smiles. "It is a good thing to be, Lady Muirenn," she agrees. "I fear I have found myself wrapped around in politics so long that truth and directness are often a luxury that I cannot afford when getting to know certain people, but I would like to hope that I can be as such with you. There are many who would take advantage of such admirable qualities in you, however." She shakes her head. "I will keep a close eye on my health," she promises. "And if there is the slightest touch of illness, I will see a healer at once. You have my word on that." Looking at Martyn, she gives him a reassuring, if private smile. "I assure you that I am just fine, Ser Martyn," she murmurs gently. "As healthy as could be."

Turning to her brother, Muirienn gives him a tender smile "Martyn, could you please leave Lady Katrin and I for a moment to speak privately? I promise I will find you before I depart Four Eagles." Striding towards her brother, she gives him a tight hug before taking a step back.

"I'm glad to hear that, Lady Katrin," Martyn replies with a relief-filled smile in return to the Haigh lady, before he blinks quite a bit at his sister's words, "I don't kno…" he begins, but then she gives him that hug, and he looks a little thoughtful for a few moments. "Be nice to her, sister. She means a lot to me," he says, and it was meant to be a whisper, but he hasn't quite realized he spoke much louder than that." Stepping back a bit, he offers them both a bit of a smile. "I actually have a few things I need to see to," he offers, before he adds, "I'll see both of you later. Lady Katrin, Sister." He's at least still polite enough to wait for their answers before he does what every sane man would do under these circumstances. Flee.

Katrin looks more than a little uncomfortable at the idea of being alone in a room with Muirenn. "Ah…" She rises and gives a curtsey to Martyn. It's unbelievable how many times a woman can blush in one conversation but she's managed to do it yet again. "Ser Martyn," she murmurs. "Always a pleasure." She looks back at Muirenn from beneath her lashes. "I truly cannot stay too late, My Lady. Lady Lucienne is expecting me…"

At the comment about being nice, Muirienn looks highly offended "I am…" There is a pause and she sighs, "I hear you Brother." Turning as he exits she goes towards the bench. Smoothing her richly tailored skirts beneath her she sits down, "The Lady Lucienne can wait. Trust me when I say that this is more important." A long-fingered hand makes an unconsciously elegant gesture towards the chair, "Please, sit. That both my brother and yourself seem to think I am beast from beyond the Wall is rather annoying. But more than annoying it makes me wonder why. For you to be so eager to spend time with me and get to know me…then to look as if I am going to attack you as soon as Martyn leaves is decidedly not the best way to start a friendship Lady Katrin." The teenager's attention moves towards her young maid by the trunk, another smooth gesture indicates her dressing table "Minnie, don't forget the fans please. I will take the top two boxes. The third can remain here with the rest of my things."

"Sorry, sister," Martyn offers, before he goes for that almost orderly retreat now. Looking back for a few moments, before he passes through the door.

Retaking her seat, Katrin looks back to watch Martyn leave the room before she offers Muirenn a faint smile. "I have an older brother too, you know…" she muses. "Almost four years my senior. We were never as close as you and Ser Martyn seem to be but that does not negate the fact that when… he started looking at women in a more serious light, I was protective of him." She tucks back some of her hair and considers. "I do not discount the importance of a sister's voice in such proceedings as affection and love, Lady Muirenn. I see the way he treats you, the way he loves you, and so I am forced to conclude that he would take opinion you had of me into high consideration." She takes a breath, expression grim. "You… appreciate directness and truth. My deepest truth is this: I care for your brother a great deal, but fully acknowledge that my standing may not be good enough for your House Leader to approve such a match between us. And that even should a match be accepted, I do not know if I could enter into such a thing so long as I had a choice."

As Katrin begins to speak, the tall girl listens. She finishes fastening the clasps on the boxes of her beloved treasures and passes them off to Miniella before turning to face the lady Haigh. "It is good to be protective of family and your House. It is for some a duty, for others like myself a joy." Wryly, Muirenn muses "Then for others they care not a copper for the state of their family or House. Those, I have no use for. The others attitudes I respect." As Katrin continues she is silent and then inclines her head "Now, you have my attention…and you have managed to capture my interest enough with your honesty that I am more desirous to get to know you better. I have no use for gushing nor flattery. That I wish Martyn happiness and joy in his marriage is a fact. Such things are rarely granted to us." A small bag is drawn from beneath the small dressing table and the girl begins to pack those small trinkets and items that so delight the female heart when primping and readying for the day. Looking over her shoulder, she quirks a brow 'Why do you not know if you could enter into a marriage with Martyn if you had a choice in the matter?"

Katrin smiles slightly as she looks back toward the door. "I first do not know what truly lies in his heart, Lady Muirenn," she replies. "There are times when he looks at me and I see the fire of a man who could love, but then there are others when I swear he looks at me and sees someone so very similar to yourself - yet another little sister that he could protect and care for." She shakes her head. "But… I promised another that so long as I had a choice, I would be loyal to him," she admits in a soft voice. "I find myself so very confused at this juncture. I cannot deny the strong feelings that are growing for your brother, but I gave my word. Even though I do not know if I will ever be given permission to marry him. I have no desire to hurt your brother, my Lady. I have been resolved to tell him the truth when we had time." She rubs at her knees. "Do you believe it possible to love two men at once?"


A solitary finger is held up and the girl almost laughs aloud, "Since when are we women permitted a *choice* in who we marry? Marriage is not for love Lady Katrin, a marriage is a political alliance between two Houses where both benefit. Or at least political expediency." Muirenn turns fully on her chair and regards the other. "I am the last person to be an authority on matters of the heart, but yes I think it is possible. I must say though that I find the intelligence of the person who asked for your faithfulness to be greatly lacking. Is he perhaps a halfwit? You are a noble lady and as I said before, we don't get choices."

There is a pause and she contemplates, "Except in Lady Tiaryn's place perhaps. She is widowed, so she has more options than do such as you and I." A hand bats the stray thought away as she continues, "It was unfair and ignoble for this man to ask for your loyalty unless he was able to ask for permission to court you…and if that were so, well he should get about it." Turning back she begins to pack the smaller more delicate things such as the perfumed oils and pots of soothing salve. "Even the man I love has never asked of such from me. Amusingly, we discuss those who would be potential marriage candidates." Closing the bag she heaves a sigh, "I will not tell you whether or not to tell my brother, but I will tell you this…that I would rather you refuse marriage outright or go run off with the other man then for you to accept any proposal that was offered and then bring scandal to my House." The girl's grey eyes chill, ice at dusk, and they narrow, "For should you bring scandal to my House there will be nowhere in all Westros that I cannot find you." The expression is held for a moment and the words left hanging before she brightens and then says, "Now that we have cleared the air, I look forward to getting to know you better Lady Katrin..for I see that you mean well and *do* care for my brother."

"It was a promise I gave freely, Lady Muirenn," Katrin replies. "Before I truly knew your brother. In the darkness of night when it was just two people together who cared for each other. He and I both know that such a thing may never happen, but… we had hoped that it could." She smiles faintly. "My father would certainly be more inclined to listen to a Mallister proposal than a N… well, from another House." She considers in silence, letting her fingers play with a loose coil of hair. "I would never do anything to harm your brother, nor your House, Lady Muirenn. That is a promise. If your brother makes an offer and it is accepted by my House, I will be loyal and faithful to him until the end of time. As would be true if another made an offer and was accepted. We women have too little power to risk tarnishing our names in the name of lust or even love. You speak wisely that marriage is for political alliance, not love. But it would still be nice to indulge in it." She smiles as she rises from her seat once more. "Please do not mention any of this to Ser Martyn, My Lady. As I said earlier, I still do not even know what he feels for me, and I would not wish to risk the friendship he and I have built until I am certain. I do not want to throw myself at a man who only sees me as nothing more than a friend." She sighs. "But now I /truly/ must depart. Lady Lucienne may well be highly insulted if I am any tardier."

Watching Katrin for a long moment, Muirenn smiles and stands up "That you and I are like minded on this makes me feel much better Lady Katrin. I will not gainsay his interest nor his requesting a formal declaration from our cousin Patrek. And.." Her smile warms, honest and sweet, "I *would* like to get to know you…for secretly, as I am sure you can understand, I was frightened that I might end up with a sister in law that I could not respect…or at absolute worst I could not stand." Her grey eyes soften, "I like you…and *please* go up to see Maester Prys and get the herbs for some tea after visiting with Lady Lucienne? It would put my mind at ease."

"I will," Katrin promises as she dips into a small curtsey. "I will see you in Seagard, I am sure. Please… please tell Ser Martyn that I would like to see him before he leaves Terrick's Roost?" she asks. "There is much that I wish to speak with him on. But if you will excuse me, I fear I will never hear the end of it as it stands."