Young Lord Ozric Terrick


The eldest son of Bolland and Tressa Terrick, He had long since known he would not be set up for something great, and so like his adored father, knew he would have to make his own way in the world. Luckily being born into an honorable House has it's advantages. As such, at a young age, Ozric was able to train with his Cousins and other young lads with the Master At Arms in the yard of Terrick's roost. And do all the things that young men get to enjoy. As he grew, he served as a page to his uncle, Lord Jerold Terrick and seemed-much like his father to carry a martial disposition.

When his youngest sibling was born-he and his kin left abruptly the Roost and made for the Vale of Arryn, where his mother's family hailed and ruled from. As such-he was summarily passed on to another knight to page and even squire under. That man would be Ser Lyn Cobray. Nearing his eighteenth year the war of the Usurper came-or as it was called in the Vale- Robert's rebellion his family was thrust right into the heart of it. His father being the Master At Arms, of course went and served his house, and Ozric went and served his knight. As such he rode behind Ser Lyn when he cut through the royal lines and earned himself his knighthood. He would finish the campaign to the end, after all the son of the Crimson Axe would have to earn himself some reputation, and a name unto himself. It was there that he earned his nickname-the Hawkeyed, due to an incident that has left him blind in one eye. Still this minor set back, has not stopped Ozric or set him back.

After the Rebellion, Ozric was offered a place as a Knight of the Vale-something he eagerly took to, and worked at. And when the Greyjoy rebellion came, he went with Bronze Yohn Royce and other Vale Lords to wreck havoc on the Island nation and put it down for good.

After the Rebellion he remained on Pyke as part of a peace keeping force-only now being recalled as his Father and family have returned to the roost. His time serving others is over-he is now focused on his family.

The Finer Details

The man before you is a tall specimen. Broad shouldered and his body shows a line of muscle, which means his life's pursuits have not been those of comforts. He sports a crooked nose that is supported by a thick bushy mustache. His hair is cut martially, though the top is left longer than the sides. His sideburns are thick, and his jaw strong. The tip of his left ear has been cut off, and he sports a scar on his chin just under his sweeping mustache. His keen eye is a light blue, and his hair is a dark, oily black Over his left eye a thick patch of leather is worn.

Allies and Foes

Bolland_icon.jpg Lord of the House My father is said to be a gruff and strict man. I can see where one would get that. The man I know has ever been loving, but he expects me and my siblings to pull out weight. That I respect, as there is no softness or silver platters truly in this world. I believe my father has prepared me for my new role well, and for knighthood in general. I owe much to him, beyond the love a son may give a father.
Lothar_icon.jpg Squire kinda My youngest brother Lothar, is one of my favorite siblings. He has a swagger that comes with the surety of Youth, however he does not hold cockiness. His humor is usually well timed. I do hope I can find a knight worthy to continue his education.
Faline_icon.jpg Lady My Sister. She is of sound and quick mind. She knows how to navigate gossip for the right information and can handle herself in Court. She is valuable to family on many levels.
Justin_icon.jpg Knight My cousin is the Sheriff of the Roost. He has done a wonderful job of it. The last son of Lord Jerold, and likely one of the two capable ones he had. I do feel bad for my cousin in how things played out. But, surely he must know I knew nothing of it. Were he in my shoes, I would support him. Were I in his, I would likely despise me too.
Kell_icon.jpg Knight A hold over sworn knight from my Uncle, Lord Jerold. He seems to be of honorable character and fine grit. I do hope he continues to serve House Terrick under our rule.
Nathaniel_icon.jpg Courier Master Corbitt, has proven to be a boon to this house. He is discreet, and knowledgeable of the Riverlands in ways, that I am not. I like him, and hope he continues to serve our house well. With retainers like he, and Mortimer- I can see the Roost flourishing.
Mortimer_icon.jpg Deputy Sheriff The man has a natural talent as a Reeve or Steward, I can see that in the diligence he shows this land and it's people. He serves as my cousin's deputy. A very competent man. I have come to trust his judgements and advice.

Recent Activity