Page 410: Overlooking The Sea
Overlooking the Sea
Summary: A pleasant discussion between nobles.
Date: 4 September 2012
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Seagard Castle, Seagard
A castle.
September 4, 289

The rooftop walk of Seagard Castle is famed for its views of the sea, and the fact that it is of a height with the Booming Tower. It is not, however, renowned for being a place of games. Kamron Mallister, however, has come to use it as such, bringing up a household knight as an opponent — and a teacher. The game is cyvasse, a tactical exercise popular amongst the Naylands, but not so much any of the Mallister-aligned houses. Still, the knight is struggling along with it, lifting up a spearman and frowning, "So wait… this is effective against cavalry, but not against the Dragon?" The other knight sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. Evidently, they have been at this for some time, and Kam is still asking very, very basic questions.

While the Mallister knight is trying to learn new things, as it were, his new wife is enjoying the simple things of life. Saffron walks along this stretch of walk with her two faithful guards with the sturdily-built corgi pup bounding along beside her. Bear is getting rather big to still be called a puppy, but he is far from fullgrown. His mouth is consumed with a knotted rope, dragging a bit of it's length behind him. Saffron is polishing an apple between her hands, the large red fruit already looking quite lovely in her palms. She approaches Kamron and his teacher with a lightness to her smile, and she casts the latter a bit of an apologetic look. "Is he being difficult still?" She asks with warm laughter.

The household knight looks up as Saffron approaches, hope springing into his eyes at the interruption. He glances to Kamron, then back to Saffron, and loyally (if not truthfully) states, "No, Milady." This causes Kam to laugh ruefully, shaking his head as he reaches down to ruffle Bear's ears, "Which means, 'yes, but I'm too polite to say so,' doesn't it, Thom?" The commoner laughs and holds up his hands, indicating he's staying out of this argument. Kam pushes his spearmen forward despite the question, building up a defensive line with his foot in general. "I keep forgetting the details of the game, and trying things that would work in real life, but are rather useless in the game." Grabbing one end of Bear's rope, he tugs gently at it, "How did the little monster handle all the stairs up, My Lady?"

Saffron laughs to good old Thom, and she offers him another smile. "Thank you, ser, but you can speak poorly of my husband. I will probably agree," she says with a quirk of her lips. Then she looks down at Bear who engages in this tugging play by sticking his rump up in the air and wagging his snub-tail furiously. There is a little growl in the depths of his throat, and his dark bright eyes shine playfully. It causes Saffron to smile gently before she goes to stand behind her husband to look over the gameboard. "This was never my game," she announces, offering Thom a secret smile. "You don't have to learn it if you don't wish to."

Even as Thom is reaching for a piece to move it, Kamron looks up from the doglet to grin at the other man, "You can take your time on the move, Thom." The older knight snorts softly, but leans back in his seat, looking over the board and allowing Kamron to talk with his newlywed wife, even if he puts in, "You will, Milady, he won't. I'd rather not piss off either of you." Kam chuckles softly, tugging at the rope with one hand and ruffling at Bear's fur with his other, "It's not my game either, but it's a game that several of the Frey-aligned houses play, my dear." The young knight looks up from his horse-play with the dog to add, "I thought it prudent to learn. It might influence their actions somehow. Besides, it's supposed," here he casts a teasing glare at Thom, "to be fun."

Out and about the young Lady is followed by three of her Frey guards and one of her maids. The maiden sweeps along, smiling happily. She comes along the newlyweds and her face brightens, "Oh good morning to the two of you!" She folds her hands in front of her as her maid gives a curtsey to the two, and her guards bow. Lima today is dressed in a pale pink gown, embroidered across the bodice with white scroll work and small seed pearls, myrish lace covers her hands.

Bear continues to growl playfully as he tosses his head about, trying to gain power over the rope in the knight's hand. Saffron laughs. "I don't think the Frey-aligned houses will like us more or less because you know how to play cyvasse." She offers her husband's shoulder a gentle squeeze before she glances up toward the greeting from the Frey girl. She brightens a bit. "Lady… Aralima, yes?" Saffron says, grasping the name from the recesses of her mind. "It is wonderful to see you still in Seagard, my Lady." Saffron grins a bit, gesturing to the cyvasse board. "Ser Kamron is trying to learn cyvasse. Apparently several of your Lord's vassals are quite good at the game." She offers Kamron a sly smile.

Kamron shrugs helplessly at Saffron's commentary, "Understanding only." There's a touch of a chuckle there, but his laughter stills at the greeting from the young lady, both Kamron and the common knight Thom rising to their feet to offer bows, "Lady…" he pauses, taking his cue from Saffron, "Aralima." After the wedding, he really doesn't feel the need to introduce himself, although Saffron's sly smile causes him to laugh lightly again, "While they may be quite good at it, I am quite bad at it, at least thus far. But I'm learning." Thom coughs into a curled fist, and Kamron adds without a hint of embarassment, "…slowly."

Aralima smiles and says, "Well all things come in time Ser. I am sure you will get it." She looks to the two and says, "I just wanted to offer my congratulations on your wedding.." She lightly folds her hands in front of her and says, "Oh yes of course I am still here, Aunt Firth is still here and Uncle Wayland thinks it best I not return to Stonebridge at the moment.. due to the hostilities." She gives a bright smile, "Besides there are a ton of unmarried Knights still around!" She's a Frey, Gods knows there's a bajillion of them and like no one to marry!

"We can all hope," Saffron says in chime with Aralima's hope for Kamron. There is a little glimmer of amusement before she looks back toward the Frey woman. "Well, Seagard is certainly a safe place to stay and wait to see how it all turns out. Travel soon will be quite dangerous," there is a bit of a worried note in her voice. "I would rather not see guests get harmed as they are returning home." Bear has decided to give up his hold on the rope, and now ends up sniffing around Lima's skirts cautiously. The puppy yawns up at her.

Kamron laughs lightly, "You're too kind, Lady Aralima." Thom and Kam share a glance, and then each offers out their chair to one of the ladies, the Mallister to his wife and the common knight to the Frey. Apparently the game can wait. "Probably a sensible choice, Lady Aralima." He nods to Saffron, "House Mallister can and will protect them to the edge of our lands, but at this point there is no gain in us extending our reach further." Glancing down at the puppy nosing around the Frey's skirts, Kam adds, "I must say that I am a little surprised that so many members of House Frey would seek refuge in Seagard, however. We are, of course, quite willing to see to your safety while you remain here, but I would have thought that Broadmoor or Heronhurst might have suited better, if not The Twins or Highfield."

Whistling a little bit to himself, Martyn makes his way along without really knowing where he's walking. He pauses a little as he hears the sound of people, looking in that direction a bit absently.

Since some had stay on in Seagard after the wedding, Jocelyn Nayland saw no reason why she couldnt either, and so here she was. The day found her looking around for new sights, her wandering lead her here and now. The pleasant space gave much for the eyes to see, and there were people gathered as well. With maid in tow and a small smile on her face, Jocelyn approaches the small group. "Good day." she says with a curtsy and a look to each of them.

Aralima gives a smile and takes the seat settling in and taking time to adjusting her skirts, "Well we were here for the wedding, it seemed best to stay here for the time being, until we can return.. if we can." She looks up at Jocelyn and smiles, "Oh hello! Good day to you as well!"

Saffron has accepted the offered seat from her knight, and she slips down into it as she gathers up her wildfire skirts. She looks up toward Kamron as he speaks, though she purses her lips a bit. She does smile a bit to Aralima words. "You are most welcome to stay, though I know some are trying to travel away from Seagard before the hostilities mount around Stonebridge." Now her gaze falls to Jocelyn and she brightens. "Lady Jocelyn, you look beautiful this morning. Join us, join us." She looks up to Thom. "Ser, could you find us another seat?"

Kamron pats Saffron's shoulder as she settles into her seat, moving ever-so-slightly aside to stand just behind her and to one side, where his hand can remain comfortably on that shoulder. He bows his head to Jocelyn's greeting, "Lady Jocelyn." He gestures toward Saffron with his other hand, chuckling softly and letting the motion indicate his agreement with his wife's words. The commonborn Thom knuckles his forehead at Saffron's request, murmuring, "'Course, Milady." And then he's off, leaving behind a cyvasse board midway through a game that he was winning handily. Kamron spots the movement of his cousin as well, raising a hand in greeting. Behind Kam, the sun glitters off a magnificent expanse of ocean and coastline. "If so many do stay on at Seagard, perhaps we will have to arrange a small picnic, my dear, to keep our remaining guests entertained." And distracted, of course, from the burgeoning war inland.

Martyn makes his way over towards the bigger group now, offering them all a bit of a smile. "Cousin, Ladies," he greets them with a polite nod. "I hope you all are well today?" Looking around for a few moments now, then back to the main group.

On her approach and hearing the tail end of the conversation, something aboutt Stonebridge. But then, who isnt talking about such things? It takes will, and its a good things she has so strong a will, to keep her smile in place. "I hope I'm not Intr…" she pauses as Saffron warmly greets her and then makes the gesture for another seat to be brought around, I guess she wasnt interrupting. "Why thank you, My Lady, but no beauty compares to the look, that of a newly happily married woman. I'm sure you must have heard it many times over again, however, congratulations." While she awaits the chair to be brought over, she hears Kamrons call and turns her head to look over her shoulder at approaching Martyn. Turning, a bow of her head and a curtsy is offerd to Martyn, "Good Day, My Lord." Then, when the chair is set out for her, she settles into it, arranging her skirts as needed, tilting her head back and smiling at the common Knight "Thank you." Her gaze shifts to the ladies and settles on Aralima, "I think we've only met briefly before and only seen each other on other times. I'm Lady Jocelyn Nayland. Forgive me for not remebering your given name. You are of the Frey Family though, yes?"

At the idea of a picnic, Saffron brightens. "I would love to host a picnic, Ser Kamron… perhaps we could even do a bit of a swim or something akin." She brightens a bit toward Jocelyn as the girl sits, and she reaches out to offer the young Nayland a gentle squeeze of her hand. "Thank you, Lady Jocelyn. You must help me conspire to get a picnic together now that Kamron has put the idea in my head. Do you think it's too soon to reintroduce the sugary squares?" She offers her a light wrinkle of her nose, eyes bright. "Though, if you have any more of those pears, I would accept that as a replacement."

Aralima looks to Jocelyn and gives a warm smile, "Oh ye, I'm a Frey, I'm Aralima, a pleasure to meet you Lady Jocelyn.." She raises her eyebrowas at the mention of a picnic the lifts a hand to her mouth to hide a giggle. She turns her attention to Martyn and gives him a nod, "Hello Ser!"

Kamron nods to Martyn, "Now that you have all rescued me from failing to learn cyvasse on Ser Harold's thoughtful wedding gift, yes, quite well." He chuckles softly at Jocelyn's compliments to his new wife, nodding his head, "I quite agree, Lady Jocelyn — not to take anything away from yourself or Lady Aralima, of course." The mention of swimming at a picnic draws a crooked grin onto the knight's scarred face, and he chuckles all the louder at Saffron's suggestion, "Perhaps we might not scandalize the entire Cape, my dear? There are some delightful tidepools for wading nearby."

Martyn is unable to hold back a chuckle at Kamron's words. "We've rescued you? That's good," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Looking to the ladies, he offers them all a bit of a smile and a nod in turn, but keeps otherwise quiet for the moment. Looking a bit unsure of what to say right now.

"Its good to have officially met you, Lady Aralima." Comes Jocelyns reply to introduction, trying to put it somewhere in her mind that she will remember it for later. She was so awful with names.

A laugh leaks out from the Nayland at the mention of the sugary squares and then even more so at Kamrons retort. "Whats a picnic without a little scandal?" Jocelyn teases and wrinkles her nose at it. "I wish I could make that switch for, Lady Saffron. Those pears are very delicious. I had not thought to try them until you mentioned them. I heard of someone that cooked them in a pot of hot wine. At least, that is what the merchant told me. I've not seen it for myelf, it could just be rumor. But a rumor that sounds devilishly tastey." Though the idea of a picnic has brightened her spirits considerably.

Hear the mens words, she tilts her head back to regard them, "Rescue?" she asks with interest.

"That does sound wonderfully sinful," Saffron says with laughter toward Jocelyn. "Perhaps if you mean to stay a few more days, we can make arrangements for a picnic. Maybe I can find a merchant here at Seagard that sells something similar." Now she glances between Kamron and Martyn before she explains, "Ser Harold Charlton gifted us a cyvasse board, and Ser Kamron has dedicated himself to learn to play. He is unfortunately not an easy student to deal with." There is humor in her voice as she regards the Mallister knight. Now she looks back toward Jocelyn and Aralima. "I think he's not happy that the spearman don't actually stick people with their spears."

Kamron nods at the comment from Martyn and the question from Jocelyn, gesturing toward Saffron again as she responds, "I don't need actual weapons, but I would like the pieces to act like their real-life counterparts. There is too much game in the game for me, if that makes any sense." He waves off the statement, however, turning his attention to Jocelyn, "And I would say, Lady Jocelyn, that a picnic without scandal would be a nice, calming change of pace." There's a moment's thought, "Although I must say, pears in spiced wine does sound a bit like overgilding the lily. But perhaps they might be tasty for an evening affair? I can't imagine eating something so rich and warm at midday." Of course, given how he picked at the richer portions of the wedding feast and mostly contented himself with fish stew, perhaps anything more than bread and cheese would be too rich for him.

Martyn chuckles a little as he hears that. "Keep that game away from me, cousin," he offers to Kamron. "My idea of board games would probably be people throwing the board to each other or something." He grins, as he looks around again. "And I'm not the best picnic planner either, I must sadly admit."

Listening to the reason behind the rescue, Jocelyn smiles and even laughs a little, glances up at Kamron at Saffrons description of it. "Dedication is linked with ones determination. If both are highly leveled, no matter the type of student, it can happen. Keep on, Ser Kamron. You'll get it." As for the talk of the Picnic, Jocelyn nods at Saffron, "With the idea of a picnic coming to into play, I've no reason not to stay around Seagard a little longer and participate. It seems it would be a marry good time." she glances up at Kamron, "Even if it is without scandal." The two different opinion about the cooked pears has her laughing softly, "Whatever the outcome might be, it will need to be tried out." even if it did sound light to her and not so rich as Kamron had described. "Perhaps they could be serves not so warmly, but chilled?" comes her suggestion. "It is a good thing that you have Lady Cousins then, Lord Martyn." she smiling says to him. "That way you may just arrive and enjoy yourself. Sometimes that is the best way to do it anyway."

"I wasn't suggesting scandal, Ser Kamron," Saffron says with the smallest pat to the hand still on her shoulder. She does smile with ease though, taking comfort in the conversation that is so far away from the Cape's conflicts. "A small picnic at the oceanside would be wonderful," she amends gently. "And it will be a last bit of relaxation for some before it will be time to return home." She does wink to Jocelyn almost covertly before she glances over toward Martyn. "Has Lady Katrin returned to Highfield yet, goodcousin? If she is still around, I would love for her join us as well."

Aralima has been silent, just kind of listening to this and that, she cocks her head to one side and then rises, "Well I should be heading off.. Thank you all for your company." She looks for her guard and maid, fiding them she gives a warm smile to the people and starts to head out.

Kamron inclines his head to Aralima as she starts to withdraw, "Good day, Lady Aralima." He then turns to Martyn, stopping to smile down at Saffron as she squeezes his hand, "And you still claim to be the smart one of we two, coz." The shorter knight chortles softly, "Perhaps that's my problem with cyvasse, I cannot use my thick skull to batter through the problems and have to actually think." He nods as well to Jocelyn, "I'm sure I will become at least a poor player, Lady Jocelyn, if I do not drive my teachers to distraction first. And I can well imagine how some might quite enjoy cool, wine-steeped pears on a summer afternoon." Saffron's question to Martyn draws one eyebrow up, and he looks to his cousin for his answer.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Jocelyn's words. "Perhaps," he offers, with a bit of a half-shrug. He then nods a little at Saffron's words, and looks about to say something, but then his squire Xander comes running, and speaks something quietly to the knight. "Wait… You did what?" Martyn replies to the young man, shaking his head a little bit. "I'd better come help you with that," he adds, before he looks to the others. "I'm sorry for having to run off like this, but it looks like Xander here's gotten himself into some trouble, and need my help to get out of it again. I hope you all will forgive me." And with that, he hurries off.

"Good day to you, Lady Aralima. It was nice to have met you once again." Jocelyn tells the Frey before she can escape at all. "I've mind to find Lady Firth Frey. At the dance at the Terricks Roost, she passed by me and said that she would like to sit and speak with me some time. Do you happen to know if shes left Seagard yet?" The question is directed towards Saffron, even though it might have been suited best for the Frey before she was off.

The return of the conversation to the game and also the Picnic, Jocelyn nods slowly, "Even if you are the worse player there ever was, at least you know /how/ to play, My Lord." she laughs before getting distracted by Martyn's squire, bitting the inside of her lip to keep from laughing outloud about the subject. Inclining her head to Martyn before he rushes off to the rescue, again, it would seem. "Dear, I hope everything is alright." Jocelyn says when Martyn is out of ear shot.

"According to Lady Aralima, Lady Firth is still here," Saffron points out with a smile. "It appears quite a few of the Frey ladies are hanging about." There is a small, distracted frown that builds on her lips at the words of Martyn's squire. She tilts her head a bit. "He did that just to avoid my question," she says dryly. She casts Kamron a small darting glance of amusement before she looks back toward Jocelyn. "I'm sure it is alright. Xander is a bit like Percy — everything is the end of the world."

Kamron nods to his cousin as he moves off after his squire, chuckling softly at Saffron's commentary on the squires, "Except with Percy, by the time he actually asks for help, it usually is, where-as if he asked at the start, it wouldn't have even been a problem." The words are good-natured, even amused, as the knight drags over the chair Aralima has been sitting in previously, settling down alongside his new wife, "I bet that if Lord Haigh allowed it, Lady Katrin is still in Seagard. And it would be simple enough to find out." Looking over to Ser Thom, Kam chuckles again, "I think the lesson is over for now, Thom. I'll find you some other time to start a new one." The common knight bows his head to the knight and the lady, and departs, leaving Kamron to start packing up the game pieces, "So… a picnic before we head back to The Roost, my dear? A small affair, or do you imagine a large group?"

"Oh, Good." Jocelyn says in regards to the Lady Firth. "Perhaps I'll send her a note and arrange a time for some tea or a luncheon." she says while she is thinking out loud about it. "I've noticed that more and more, men find the easiest ways to slip out of conversation they do not wish to answer questions to." she says nothing of Katrin and holds her hands together, placing them in her lap gently. Distracted by the movement of pieces, Jocelyn watches as the game is put away, eyeing with a tilt of her head. Keeping ear to how large the picnic will turn out to be.

"I think a smaller affair is best," Saffron says in earnest agreement. "I have already hosted a large affair, and this time I would like to keep it small." She laughs softly as she shakes her head, smiling toward the Nayland girl. "Besides, many have already left for their homes and houses, as we will be returning to the Roost soon." She almost looks sad about that, perhaps finding some comfort in Seagard. "Though, I want to see my cousin again. She has been so happy as life is breathed back into the Roost."

Kamron continues packing up the terrain and units of the cyvasse board, "Another problem with this game, it takes entirely too long to set up and break down." Still, the griping is good-natured, even amused. "And we men do have to have our evasions, Lady Jocelyn, as you ladies are entirely too skilled at seeing to the heart of matters and asking exactly the question we do not want to answer." He nods to Saffron, "I think that is a wonderful idea, My Lady. Just a small, simple trip down to the tidepools to the north of Seagard, and a light picnic. Perhaps, if events do not come immediately to a head, we might even go cliff-diving again once we return to The Roost."

Blinking her way out of the concentration of the game, Jocelyn looks up at Kamron and smiles, looking amused, "In defense, we women, usually have a reason behind asking those questions. I think its all together just as for to ask some of those questions as it is for the men to answer them." Shrugging her shoulder, she adds, "But that is just my sole opinion, I not dare speak for all women on that part of it. Just the first." a soft laugh soon follows her words. "After a wedding such as you had, I imagine a small affair would be welcome to you two. Not nearly as much planning and organizing."

Saffron pulls Jocelyn aside briefly for some good-natured farewells before the Nayland woman departs. Now she turns her attention to her husband, and she offers him a small smile that gently warms her dimples. She steps toward him, reaching out to help finish putting away the game. "I think it was a good gift," she says to the knight. "It will give us something to do with the Cape becomes lost to war." She reaches to touch his hand, sliding her fingers across his. Her gaze moves over the sky and sun, and the glitter of the ocean.

Kamron bows his head to Jocelyn as she departs, then finishes putting the last few pieces of the cyvasse board away with his wife's assistance, locking it with a slide and nodding, "Apparently, how you play cyvasse says a lot about you as a person." He flashes his crooked grin, "Which tells you exactly why I'm so slow at picking it up." The knight has never been afraid of making fun of himself. Leaning back in his chair, he turns his hand palm-up to lace his fingers in with hers, drawing in a long breath and letting it out in a relaxed sigh of contentment, "I forgot how beautiful this section of the coast is." His fingers squeeze lightly, "It's better with good company, though."

Saffron laughs warmly as she reaches to touch his cheek gently. "Let it be for now, we can tidy it up later." She leans back in her seat as her pale eyes look over the golden oceans. She admires it for a period of time before she glances over toward him once more. "Perhaps we should wait to take a boat back to the Roost. I would love to see Talon's Point."

Kamron smiles at the touch on his cheek, nodding his head, "I bet we can arrange that, Saffron." The fingers of his free hand tap idly on the arm of his chair, "It would certainly be safer and more comfortable, if not as fast. And Father and Mother do have to get home somehow themselves, and I bet they would rather go by boat as well." A wry grin touches his lips, and he adds, "We might even be able to transport some members of the engaged houses to The Roost that way. Although I think I would prefer not to tell Lord Alric about that option." He glances away from the panoramic view and over to the now-familiar features of his lady wife, "What do you think of him, Love?"

"Then let's go by sea," Saffron says with a warm touch in her voice. "I would like to see all those lovely things." His question however draws a small silence from the new Mallister. She considers these things carefully before she releases a sigh. "He may be an heir to a small house, but I don't think he will suit for Nedra. He wants a wife, he doesn't care where she comes from — and a Mallister shouldn't be marrying a Fenster. And something about him does not feel right." Then she sighs a bit. "Nor is the political air right for such a thing. If Lord Mallister decides against your suggestion, seeking a marriage with the Fenster House could be a dangerous thing."

Kamron nods his head, "I fear he just wants a wife, and the higher her house, the better. Even if Nedra cannot have quite what we have, Saffron, I would like her to marry a man who will respect her for who she is, not the dowry and increase to status she brings." He rolls his shoulders as if sloughing off a weight from them, "I'm glad it's not just me though. Something about the man just sets me at odds. I know he's a diplomat, but does he have to feel that oily?"

"Your father would trust your opinion as would Lord Mallister," Saffron says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Besides, a connection with the Fenster House doesn't serve the Mallisters." Her tone definitely suggests she is dedicated to her new House. "I would see her find someone who will respect and balance her as well. I do not think Lord Alric is that man. She had once mentioned something of a Ser Wayland Frey… he would at least be closer to a suitable standing." She casts him a narrowed look. "And do not judge the fact he is a Frey."

Before that narrowed look can even develop, a splash of distaste crosses Kamron's features, which, of course, causes him to laugh a bit when she calls him on it. The knight shrugs a little helplessly, "He's a Frey. I'd rather not consign Neddie to that pit of weasels. I've never really met him, but he is of better standing than a Fenster." Rubbing the side of her hand with his thumb, Kam sighs softly, "I hoped there might be a chance to marry her to someone outside the Cape, even if it meant not seeing her so much. We don't need another connection to the Erenfords, connections to the Naylands seem foolish at the moment, the Terricks are loyal and close, the Young Lord Groves is already betrothed…" Once more, he shrugs a little helplessly, "A connection to the Flints might be worthwhile, given their proximity, but I know them but little."

"The Flints would not be a bad choice… perhaps it is something I can talk to Lady Tiaryn about. While she is to marry a Charlton, she might know of someone in the house who is looking for a wife." She sighs out a breath. "She would rather not be wed to anyone, to be honest." There is a small sigh that lifts and falls her shoulders. "Perhaps you should talk to Nedra about it without other ears… maybe she can tell you want she wants." She offers her husband a small smile that gently compresses those dimples.

Kamron nods at Saffron's first suggestion, "I know there are several young men of House Flint, but I'd rather she get to know someone before any of us start measuring him for a bridgegroom's suit." The second causes him to laugh softly, "I would rather she get a little peace, although I know she won't be allowed much." The dimples cause him to shift in his seat, reaching out with his free hand to brush his knuckles across one dimpled cheek, "Have I told you that you're beautiful yet today, Saffron Mallister?"

"Give her time, perhaps Lord Alric will find a better match," Saffron begins to reassure her husband before his question draws a wider smile onto her lips. "You have not, but I am happy to hear it," she encourages with the quirk of a smile. Then she draws his hand up to her cheek, brushing both his hands against those dimples before she sinks closer to him to press a kiss onto his lips.

Kamron chuckles at the first comment, "Wait a week, right?" His hands unfold as she directs his second to her face, his hands cupping her cheeks. He sits up further in his chair to enable a slow, soft kiss, his thumbs brushing over the apples of her cheeks. Sitting up once more, he glances behind them, lowering his voice a little, "If I didn't think someone would find it terribly rude — and if it wouldn't embarrass them horribly — I would ask Punbah and Timmen to guard the door, and we could…" one blue-gray eye winks closed briefly, "…take in the view together."

A wonderful pink blush rides up her cheeks and she looks over toward the door with a tilt of her head. "Can we not do it anyway? We can call it a lover's spat," she says with a small, wonderfully murmured whisper. Her fingertips touch the ones on her cheeks, drawing him closer to her for another sweet kiss. It does linger for a long heartbeat before she looks back up into his eyes.

Kamron laughs softly again, and this time there's a bit of a husky sound to it. Leaning close to her ear, he murmurs, "It would be a lovers' something…" His thumbs brush over those heated cheeks again, as if he could smooth away the embarrassment with the tender touch of his thumbs and his lips. Resting his brow against hers a moment, he opens his eyes and grins, mischief and desire dancing in the blue-gray depths, "But you get to give the Terrible Two their orders…"