Page 321: Overheard and Understated
Overheard and Understated
Summary: In the wake of a screaming match, Saffron crosses paths with Riordan.
Date: 06 June 2012
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Saffron Riordan 
A Hallway, Tordane Tower
Its a hallway, and there's stairs!
June 5, 289

There's been yelling going on. And now there's a redhead about to storm down the stairs. The only problem is, there is someone already coming up the stairwell. That someone would be Saffron's host, in fact, the Lord Regent of Stonebridge. He has certainly seen better days, looking almost as bad as those kidnapped. Lack of food, lack of sleep, and whatever it is he took from the Maester to keep himself going all shows it's effects, in the palor of his skin, the shadows under his eyes, the way his hands shake, ever so lightly. And when he speaks, even in surprise, there is a scratchiness to his tone, as well as a cough surpressed. "My lady." His dark, weary, glossy eyes consider her, before looking past her.

Caught in the storm of her own rage, Saffron almost doesn't see the Regent as he climbs the very stairs she is thundering down. Punbah and Timmen seem very aware of the Nayland, though they are not about to let Saffron know that; you do not add fuel to an out of control fire. What ends up happening instead is Riordan's voice cuts through the angry clouds, and she looks up sharply into the gaunt face of the man. His appearance more than his station is what wipes that murderous look from her eyes, and she blinks owlishly. "My Lord," she says, and it is accentuated by the loud slam of Walden's door. She breathes in deep, and then out again. "I'm sorry if we roused you," she says, as if to suggest that maybe he had been asleep — or should have been.

"You did not," Riordan says, dipping his head quietly, drawing his gaze back from the sight behind Saffron to the lady herself. "That was the Lord Walden, was it not?" he observes after a moment, a little slow to make the connection, but it is made nonetheless. "Are you…" He trails off, perhaps at a loss as how to phrase the question. "I heard yelling. Quite a prodigious ammount of it, in fact," he observes, instead.

"It was, My Lord," Saffron says with a small hint of embarrassment — as if she expected the whole damn Tower to be emptied before she started yelling. She purses her lips together a bit before she clasps her hands behind her back, lifting her chin; this inadvertedly displays the thick, dark bruising around her throat that will take its fair share of time to heal. "I'm fine, My Lord. I was just… expressing my displeasure that Lord Walden didn't see fit to help you nor the rest in leading up to and executing our rescue." She softens a bit then, a hint of dimples at her cheeks. "I have not had a moment to thank you for that. I hear you were one of the Lords who helped organize the effort."

"As you should. I has spoken to him, briefly, as to his role in all this, however…" Riordan trails off, pursing his lips at the memory, and also at the sight of the bruising. "You've no need to thank me, my lady," he says, after a moment, dipping his head. "I was only one of many." He continues to regard Saffron, and for a moment almost stares through her, as if he forgot that she was there. But when he comes back to himself, he offers, "May I escort you to your quarters, my lady?"

"He misjudged the consequences of his actions, My Lord. He was certain that if he dragged his feet, you would all do his work for him." There is a small flash of anger in her pale eyes, making their surface flicker like blue flame. Then she purses her lips a bit, giving him a stern look over — judging and summarizing his state in the same way her mother would. "Are you sure I shouldn't escort you back to yours, My Lord?" Saffron inquires, hastily adding. "You look as if you still have not slept." The cinnamon-haired Banefort furrows her brows with concern.

Riordan studies Saffron for a long moment, amusement shining out of his weary eyes for a brief time. And then another connection seems to be made. "You are Lady Anais' cousin, are you not, my lady?" The way he says it is as if this explains alot. And, rather then responding to her other words immediately, he will simply offer an arm to escort the lady to her quarters.

Saffron hesitates only briefly to the offer, though she steps up with a small whisper of pale green silk to take his arm. Her guards fall into stride, and Punbah glances cautiously over his shoulder as if to see if Walden is spying. Saffron arches up her coppery brows, though a dimpling smile pulls on her lips. "I am. Lady Saffron Banefort… but I know who you are, My Lord. I've seen you in passing." She lets him guide her down the stairs.

"I assumed as much, given how you knew that I was among those involved in your rescuing, my lady," Riordan says quietly, as they make their way down the stairs slowly. Even as he does, he adds, "Though, now that I think of it, I seem to remember a similiar tone yelling in the midst of the fighting yesterday. Perhaps you were there when we took the bandits from horse?" he questions, glancing aside to her, briefly. "What have you heard of me, Lady Saffron?" he then asks, once he's had her answer, changing the subject utterly.

There is a slightly withdrawn moment as she considers the event with the bandits. "No," she admits after a moment. "That must have been Lady Ilaria Haigh. We both apparently yell quite similarly." Saffron cannot help the dimples that flash now, full and deep and it warms her eyes a bit. Then she sobers, shaking her head. "I was still in the pit when Lord Kittridge broke through. I had already tried to run once from them, I suppose that they didn't want me to take yet another opportunity." She then smiles a bit at the change of subject. "Not much, My Lord. I'm afraid I've not been around long enough to fall privvy to the gossip circles. I know you're a Nayland, Stonebridge's Regent. Lady Roslyn is your sister… ?" She half-states, half-questions.

"Ah," Riordan says, simply, nodding his head at her answer to the first subject, though he does not press it further. "Yes, Lady Roslyn is my sister, and Lady Jocelyn is my cousin," he confirms, as they make their way out of the stairwell and continue on their way for a time. "Is that all?" he asks, after a moment, almost seeming disappointed. "I had hoped that my showing in the recent tourney would at least make some impression among those around here. Ah well." Despite it all, he actually seems to be teasing her, at least judging by the way his lips curl, and his eyes sparkle.

Saffron laughs, shaking her head a bit as they continue along. "You'll have to forgive me, My Lord… I was in a right state during the last tournament. I had just been told I was to be courted by a Frey… that took quite a lot of my mental capacity." She smirks then, though the casualness of her comment seems to suggest she is feeling out those waters. After all, she is walking arm and arm with a Nayland; he might like the Freys for all she knows. "If it helps, I will straight away to the Ladies of Stonebridge and demand they tell me everything they know about you so I can be better versed in that which is Lord Riordan Nayland."

"I would not be so quick to judge a whole family by a few experiences, my lady," Riordan says. Despite his words, however, he actually seems to continue being amused. "Perhaps another Frey would be better suited to your tastes?" Ok, well, now he is definately teasing her. And then he chuckles, though it comes out more of a cough. "Well, as to that, I could likely give you a run down of the rumors you are most like to hear. Though I am not sure that your cousin would approve." He pauses, before offering another cough-chuckle. "Or my sister, for that matter."

"You mean they come in different flavors, Ser Riordan?" Saffron inquires with a pleasant banter, her pale eyes glittering with her own amusement. The Banefort shakes her head then, scattering red forelocks across her brow in a disarray. "To be honest, Ser… I've never been one for rumors and hearsay. My mother has never been nor ever will be a busybody, and there's only so much rebellion I have been allotted, that I will have to forego pressing my ear to chamber doors and peeking over hedges to hear the latest tidbits." She grins then. "Perhaps I will just as Lady Anais and be done with it."

"Well there are enough of them that it is impossible for there not to be some who are different," Riordan notes with a grin at Saffron, in regards to the Freys. Then, on the subject of rumor, he simply nods, noting, "She is likely the best source, being family, and a level headed and sensable woman besides." He pauses, before adding, "When you see her, please extend to her my regards." As tired as he is, it is not hard to tell the warmness of that sentiment.

"I will believe it when I see it, Ser Riordan," Saffron retorts dryly, though she continues to smile with ease. Then she arches her brows at the assessment of her cousin, though she does nod in agreement. "She always has been that way, Ser… or at least, moreso than I. I admit that her marriage and responsibilities at the Roost have increased her sensibilities. She makes me feel young and immature at times, and we are both the same age." She pauses just a moment to smile again. "I will do so, Ser." Her lips purse a bit, thoughtful and hesitant for a moment. Then she goes on to say, "I suspect I will be heading back to the Roost in a few short days." Though something in her tone hints it might be a permanent relocation.

And soon enough they are outside Saffron's quarters. "Indeed, I have the feeling she has that effect on most people," Riordan notes of the Lady Anais. He then falls silent, studying the young woman for a moment, before finally saying, "I see. Well, you shall always be welcome here, Lady Saffron. I think the Banefort women very similiar to the women of my own family, and I would not mind such strong and honest personalities becoming the trend in Stonebridge as well." The sentiment seems truly genuinely offered, as Riordan bows over Saffron's hand, and then releases it.

Saffron brightens considerably at the compliment, as if she hasn't been paid one in days — oh wait, she hasn't! She gives him a bow of her own head before she smiles up at him. "Thank you, Lord Regent… I enjoy coming to Stonebridge often. It is a… nice change of pace to the Roost. Unfortunately, neither quite feel like home, but perhaps that will change one day." She offers him another display of dimples before she starts to step into her own chambers. Timmen and Punbah smile there always-goofy grins to the lord, bowing themselves as they ghost in after their charge.