Page 157: Over Tea
Over Tea
Summary: In the courtyard, better acquaintances are made.
Date: 20/12/2011
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Courtyard — Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
20 Dec, 288 AL

As such things go, it is a lazy day at the Roost. Only the usual activities in the courtyard, visitors and courtiers and residents moving too and fro, and a small hub of activity at the archway leading back towards the kitchens. A hunting party, recently returned from the woods north of the Roost, a small collection of hall smallfolk, men at arms, and in and amongst the, the Lady Liliana, seemingly at ease with the task, as a deer is being untied from the pallet it was tied to for the journey back. There's experience enough to help the men get the carcass to the butchering table, and as much to prevent too much damage to her own herself. She's dressed for the ranging, in leathers, pants, but with a long doublet that falls nearly to her knees and provides as much modesty nearly as her more usual attire, "Thank you for the good work today," she offers, "Help Cookie as you can, we might be having guests this evening, and the fresh venison might do well for the meal." The instruction given, Liliana turns away, heading back through the archway into the main courtyard, feet carrying her in the direction of the stables.

Within Elinor's hands are a silken handkerchief, undeserving of the twisting and malformations generated by her fingertips. In tow, and in silence are her maidservants, three in simple attire that keep to her shadow as the lady takes in a directionless stroll. She's been in the courtyard for some time, light discussions made here and there however when the hunting party arrives her eyes are not the only ones to take notice of their spoils. Elinor waits until Liliana is within reasonable range, no need to raise her voice. "Lady Liliana." She addresses pleasantly, summoning a weak smile. "I see your venture proved successful for that is a fine catch indeed." A few more steps should lessen the gap between them.

Eli, Liliana's maid of choice these last few years, follows not long after her mistress, looking a bit worse for wear, but seemingly happy as she carries in Liliana's field kit, and bow, still strung, through there are no arrows in sight, save the ones she only just collected, "Lady Elinor, I hope the day has found you well." A glance back to where the men, assisted by Cookie's staff are already preparing the carcass for the evening meal. The rest, likely, to go into the cold stores beneath the hall. "We were successful, indeed. Parand should be returning shortly, with the rest of the party. We discovered a covey of grouse on the way, and separated so that we could bring this back, and she has not had a chance to fly the wing for many a day, I could not deny her the chance to earn her keep. Denmus is bringing her," Liliana's usual sworn. Lili's eyes glance down towards the handkerchief, and the twisting therein, "Is something amiss? Has something happened while I have been away?"

Elinor listens, dutifully where occasion her eyes flip towards the arched entryway of the courtyard. As Liliana made mention of the lady's nervous display, the woman lowered her eyes, stilling her hands. A mental command to cease their fidgeting. "Much I am afraid, though nothing of grave importance. Well perhaps…" She raises her gaze towards Thalia, a middle-aged maidservant, to whom she holds the handkerchief towards wishing it be taken away. "I should be glad however it is the fear of my fathers rejection." Elinor raised a hand to touch her brow, "Your uncle has sent a letter to my father, declaring his wish to court me. I have heard you were in such a situation yourself though not to who."

"Eli, I will be well enough in the care of the Lady Elinor's handmaids, will you see to a trip to the kitchens for me? Bring such light repast as you might find. Perhaps to the table there?" A hand indicates one not far from where she's standing, and a second gesture invites Elinor to join her there. "Of course, my lady." That's Eli's reply, but it doesn't stop her from sending a 'take care of her or else' glare in the direction of said temporary fill-in maids, before she runs off to deposit Liliana's things and make the trip to the kitchens. "Come and sit, Lady, you look as though you might do with a bit of a rest. It has been a long day for both of us." As Liliana takes her ease in the short walk, she offers, "I am afraid I cannot say whether the rejection will come or no, but House Camden, for all of what you might or might not have heard, is a House of value as a consideration." There's no heat or defense in her words, only her usual calm logic, "We have no great store of wealth, it is true, but there are less than a handful of ships in the Riverlands and for some distance north, that have not keel or timber from the trees of the Oaks. As a partner for trade, that would be a valuable asset to your father and to his fleet." Clearly, she has more to say, but rather than continue straight away, she turns to insuring that the Lady and her retinue with her might be made comfortable under the trees.

Silence consumes the woman for a short amount of time while Liliana relays instructions to her servants as one of Elinor's own offers assitance when needed. In following Liliana's lead the Banefort woman lays a hand against her stomach, as if the gesture may quell her rising light-headedness. "Yes. Yes of course." She says as steps carried her towards one of the benches near the courtyard's edge. Once seated she speaks quietly to Liliana, careful to pause when needed at the proximity of unwanted ears. "I do believe House Camden holds significant value, one my father would be unwise to overlook. House Banefort would benefit greatly and in turn widen the Camden coffers. My lady, twice there have been made an offer for my hand both men have been given the destinies of ill fate. A fine Lord Ser from the Westerlands whom has perished and then…" She averts her gaze, "Lord Jaremy."

Liliana remains quiet, listening to the other woman's concerns. And there is nothing but compassion there, and perhaps understanding. But never a shred of disbelief, "I imagine you feel as though you were some ill omen, a crow to call the evils of the world to those around you. But, though I have had small occasion to get to know you, Lady Elinor, I would venture to say not. No man or woman can be the cause so, of another's death. The gods only can decide such things." A pause as she considers the question of Jaremy. "Much as I loved Jaremy, even as to my own brother, his fate belongs only to himself and was decided long before the tournament that brought your family to our shores. He alone chose the path, and set his feet to walk it. And you and your sister were ill-used as a result of it." A pause, as Eli returns, accompanied by one of Elinor's maids, the pair carrying back two full trays, one with light, chilled drinks, the other with easy fare, cheeses, bread, meat, fruit. "Thank you, Eli." The redhead beams, before she moves to settle at a nearby chair, close if she's needed, as Liliana turns to serve Elinor, waving off the offer from the maids about. "Come and break your fast, it might put you more at your ease."

Thalia would, as always, remain close by, her features sharing that sympathy. Elinor braves her eyes to raise, focused upon Liliana as she speaks and through her words sprout the seeds of comfort that are soothing the lines of worry about her face. "And would it be their wish, the Seven forbid, that should something befall his most kind lord that I was not destined for a husband?" When the drinks arrive Elinor barely recognizes it until Liliana has set before her a cool drink. "Thank you." Both hands embrace the cup, her eyes staring at its contents. "Perhaps there is no omen then." A small smile is summoned, "Perhaps those fates have lead me here?" Elinor laughs softly then, a nervous tone. "The comfort from a good night's sleep was not granted to me." Powders help conceal the evidence of sleep deprivation.

"If it is the will of the gods that you should not wed, perhaps it is their will for me as well." But that's gently said, with no small amount of humour. "I have been tasked by my Lord Ser Jerold to consider whom I might find of good character and quality other such considerations, to propose as a husband, as he makes his own inquiries. Which seems an unlikely, nearly impossible task, as I know few men outside of my family and his who are not either common born, nor married, nor out of the reach of a simple girl from the Oaks who wishes not for the Ladyship of a House or power enough to play the games of court." Liliana pours for herself, before she sets out a small selection of things such as she feels Elinor might do to start with. It is no small secret, perhaps, about the hall, that Liliana has been trained in the way of the healer, "I have no doubt that my Lord Uncle will remain hale and whole for many years to come. And should your wish and his, be granted, that your life together will be full, and full of love and good companionship. But if it sleep that you are lacking in, I have a tea which you might take before you rest that could help with such a concern." And then, more gently, "We are only human, Lady Elinor, only mortal, and we do not often seen the path the gods have chosen for us, nor understand the pain they set in our way until time and experience enough have passed to bring us to the comfort of full knowledge. It may well be that what has passed before was meant to happen, so that it could bring you to this moment." And a pause, "Have you ever seen the Oaks? Traveled there since you arrived?"

Elinor makes a touch of improvement to the tea, sweetening it with an amount far more than reasonable. Must be the lack of sleep. "I pray that he is, I find his lordship intriguing as I discover more of his personality. Which is what I had not expected. I feel a warmth in his presence and should we not join paths in marriage at the very least I would still welcome his friendship." She is slowly mixing the contents within her mug while seated upon a small table near a far wall in the courtyard. The Lady Liliana before her and standing behind, though not to close in awarding a measure of privacy were the Banefort maidservants. "I would love a sleeping aid and I appreciate your offer Lady Liliana." Elinor smiles a bit to now shift the focus upon the other noblewoman rather than herself, "Do you only look to the Riverlands? Have you considered north or even south amongst the Westerlands? There are a great many of eligibility upon the southern Houses."

"I imagine you expected him to be much as most people expect us to be. Uncouth and savage, more like our neighbours the Crannogmen, than a true noble House. I find that is the prevailing impression." of Elinor's choice of sweetener in her tea, Liliana makes no comment, though she takes her with only some small amount of honey, "I will have it brought to you, and Eli will teach your maids the way of brewing it." A shake of her head, at Elinor's question, "The Lord Ser Jerold bade me consider those I already knew, not those I might come to know if I traveled. And I know only such as I have known in the Oaks, and in the Roost, and I have traveled little beyond. Only to Stonebridge, for the tournament for which your family arrived. And I could not judge a man for such a consideration based only on what gossip I could find in letters or missives. So the number given to me are few. Commonborn I know in good number, but those already noble? I know three in total. Lord Ser Wayland Frey, whom I met only once, at the tournament, Young Lord Mallister, and he is but a child, and Lord Ser Mallister, who captains the galley. One a virtual stranger, the next too young, the other almost nearly as a stranger, and well out of the reach of my House. I think, perhaps it is not in my destiny."

Tiaryn has no harp in hand, but instead a parcel. A simple small box, with a ribbon to hold it closed. Lady Flint has made an effort it seems, or at least she hasn't been out running, as her hair is very nearly perfect in its coiffure, her clothing clean, presentable, and totally couth. One would be hard pressed to find anything uncouth about the very proper lady who enters through the portcullis gate, passed through by the guards after speaking her business. She has with her her guard and maid of course, not generally travelling without either, even though she's not a young unmarried girl any more. The guards actually point Tia towards the far wall of the courtyard, and so with a touch of curiosity upon her face, she heads that way at an easy stroll.

"There is time for you yet lady Liliana." Elinor encourages, "I would not cast off so easily those from the north or south. In these times alliances such as those are much needed. House Camden has many years in their past that has darkened their alliances, with renewed efforts, I am sure more opportunities will present themselves." Elinor stretches a hand forth, covering over Liliana's, "You are young, you are beautiful, and you have the backing of a very powerful house in lieu of your own. The offers will come once other lords are made aware of your eligibility." Elinor gives a small pat to Liliana's hand, her smile warm and true, "I am not ashamed to admit that how you described those assumptions I did share. Upon meeting you all I am thankful my impression has been changed into favor." When she takes her hand back it is to drink from the tea, her eyes lifting away from Liliana for a moment, spotting Tiaryn in not so far of distance. Before the cup reaches her lips she gives a subtle nod in that direction. "It seems we are to have another join us."

"I am in no hurry, truth to tell. Perhaps it is some failing in me, but while I am glad to do my duty to my Houses, I do not feel the sand passing through the hourglass, and admit that for many years, I did not consider it at all. I am happy to leave such decisions to my Lords Terrick and Camden. If I cannot trust my Lord Uncle and the man who has loved me as he loves his own children since he took me into his House, whom can I trust to do what is best for me?" There's a smile there, and an acceptance of the comfort Elinor offers. But her eyes turn to the approaching figure, and the smile widens, "Indeed. Auntie Tiaryn," the call comes, and then a returns to the conversation at hand, as she gestures for Tiaryn to join them? "Have you had chance to meet the Lady Flint? She is my Lord Uncle's sister." And back to Tia, once she's close enough, "I was just asking the Lady Elinor, of the Banefort," just in case Tia hasn't met Eli either, "If she had had opportunity to visit the Oaks. I think it might be a visit she would enjoy."

Auntie. Well, tis true, even if Tia isn't all that many years older than Liliana. At the nod and the shout, her expression changes to a happy smile, and her steps quicken in that direction. "Good day to you both," she says with a smile and nod for Liliana and a small curtsey for Elinor. Before anything else, she holds the package out towards Liliana, with a bit of a smile. "I have brought you something," she says simply. So, her reason for being at the roost this day - searching for her niece. And then she inclines her head once more, eyes dancing. "I have met Lady Elinor just recently," she admits. "And I agree, a visit to Tall Oaks is always in order. I am convinced that we will be able to find many things to entertain such guests, even if we never go out on a single hunt."

Elinor nods, agreeing with Tia's words. "True, I have had the pleasure." She there is a small sip to her tea once it has been cooled. "We await word from lord Jacsen, my sister and I, as we would all be gracious for the welcomed invitation." There is another sea available should Tiaryn wish it, one that Elinor has delicately motioned to with a hand. "A gift, how thoughtful." Her eyes look to the package given to Liliana, "I am eager to see the Oaks, I have never laid eyes on what has only been described to me. I am sure the visit will be lovely."

Surprise, as Liliana reaches out to accept the gift, "My thanks, Aunt, but it is not my nameday." Indeed, that was some months past. "Please sit and join us." In addition to tea, and cool drinks, there's some small selection of cheeses, bread, fruit, meat, etc. "We would be glad to have you at the Oaks. All three of you, if it could be managed, or only those alone who could come. It is a quiet place, and restful, and a retreat from the cares and worries of the Roost. And though I know you follow the Seven, we have still a weirwood tree there. And it is a beautiful thing to see. And the journey, overland is not a long one, perhaps, six hours?"

Tiaryn nods her head to that. "Aye, about that, unless one travels exceptionally fast or slowly," she says, as she settles into the offered seat, smoothing her skirts. Her guard and maid make their way to the others, for the moment, at least standing nearer to them than not, giving a more complete illusion of the three ladies being alone. "I know it is not, Liliana, but saw this and thought of you." Whatever /this/ is. Mind you, the package is not excessively heavy, so it can't be anything weighty. "Tall Oaks is all that indeed, but while it is quiet it is not necessarily boring, though I suspect there are some that might find it so." A small shrug. "We do have craftsmen from whom to purchase items and a small market, as well." She reaches to pour some tea, if the teapot is within reach.

Elinor is quietly sipping to her tea, every blink is a long one as if she may fall in to slumber at any moment. She remains alert to the conversation, chiming in when appropriate. "I would like to see the market as well, perhaps a keepsake from my voyage." Before taking another drink she asks the pair of them, "Is it true that all women of the Oaks are skilled in hunting? Archery and the like?"

Liliana sets the box down on the table, taking the time and care to open it without causing too much of an upset to the tea arrangement. "Yes, and no. All women of the Oaks are trained in some form of defense, and the ability to sustain our folk at need. Our smallfolk are few, and our rangers are not numerous. Often, it must fall to the women, to know how to defend our hall and hearths, and to provide for those who live in our woods, should such a need befall us. But, like as with men, we each learn as best suits our abilities and interests. I was trained as best suited my own temperament, which, is not unlike my Aunt. We know the ways of the woods. Of bow and hawk. But she is more skilled with the husbanding of animals than I am. And I better at the ways of the ranger. It is a way born of necessity. As, I imagine, many of the women of your House know the ways of the sea, and how to defend against the raiders that attack your shores. Your sister is such a one, if I remember correctly."

Inside the box? Well, nothing too exciting really. Just a small little something, for Liliana. It is in fact, a simple scarf, though it has apparently been hand embroidered with flowers and leaves at the ends, a reminder of the woods of home, perhaps. "Liliana has the way of it," she acknowledges after a moment. "I think there is not much more than that, I could say." She pours her tea, and takes a sip, relaxing for a few moments. "Though I do enjoy archery and hunting, I prefer to hunt with a falcon, rather than a bow and arrows." She shrugs just a touch, and then says, "And if I've a choice, I'd almost rather paint the stag than shoot it."

Elinor's attention sways between the pair of them as each speak, sharing a little more insight regarding the Tall Oaks. She has a small smile on her lips, "I have not attempted hawking in quite some time. Not since leaving the Westerlands." She mulls over while reaching for a ball of cheese, "And this attire." A motion to Liliana's leathers and clothing, "Is fitting for a woman there? I am afraid my mother would pale at the sight to see a woman in man's attire." She laughs softly, "I am beginning to grow used to the sight myself."

"You should come with me, when Parand and I go out again. And there is a lovely female you might enjoy, Aunt, if you were here and of a mind to join us." Liliana pauses, looking down at the scarf, as it's revealed, light fingers tracing the embroidery, "Your hand is as skilled as ever it was, Aunt. Thank you." There's a shine, to Liliana's gaze, but she does manage not to cry. "It is fitting if the job to which one has been set requires it. It is not easy to navigate out woods in dress and gown. But most days, I dress as you see me here, as befits a Lady. One of the ways, perhaps, that our House differs from your own, but again, of necessity."

As the present is revealed Elinor's eyes survey over the detail and all of it's intricacies, "That is lovely Lady Tiaryn." She holds a smile for the woman before a bite is taken into the cheese, taking the moment as Liliana speaks to sample from the dish. "I would imagine one's movement is hindered without that attire, depending on the physical exertions." Her gaze then shifts to the leathers, not wholly taken by the appearance then again it was true their house was vastly different, grateful it allowed some modesty. "Upon your next outing, yes, I would like to attend. Though, forgive me if I am forward do you think that wearing such attire may hinder your proposal offers?"

"You would be most welcome. And I would not require you to dress so," yes, humour, in her voice, as she accepts a bit of cheese, taking with it a small amount of the sliced, smoked meat. The question is given due consideration, before she nods, "I cannot say, because I do not know the minds of men, and I have had very little exposure to any men who might be in a position to make such a proposal. But I would think or hope, that any man who would choose to extend one, would also accept that when I do things in a many different than what is more common, that it is done for a reason. I do not dress so as a matter of course, as my daily attire, as you may have seen the Lady Harlaw does. And while I have lot allowed my skill with hawk or bow to falter, I have done my best to practice the more courtly ways of women. Eli assists me with my embroidery, at which I am dreadful," here Eli, saying not a word, still chimes in, with a silent, if vehement nod of her head, all the while seemingly amusing herself with arranging this and that from her mistress' field kit, "And I have some skill at heraldry, and calligraphy. And my aunt has been my tutor at the harp for most of my life, though she will never succeed at training my voice, for which anyone who has ever heard me sing is probably most grateful." No one likes caterwauling. No one. "A mare may learn to take the bit, but there will ever be a part of her that is wild and free. Perhaps, one day, I will be a wife and a mother, but I will always be the woman I was raised to be."

There is certainly no love for the Lady Harlaw as even upon mention Elinor's shoulders tense along with her jaw. "Unlike the /Ironborn/ you understand that such a wild nature is not proper or suited for a lady and as such it has a time and place. Never flaunted." There is another look to her attire before glancing the tea. "Lady Tiaryn is lovely upon the harp, it is my favorite instrument as well." Her shoulders relax some as it was only a moment of ire. "If it is your wish, I would be honored to share with you what I may in courtly etiquette.

"I think such ways depend on the environment. I have never visited the Iron Isles. It may well be, that that is what is considered proper for a Lady there. They are such savage folk, that may well be. But these are not the Iron Isles, and as such, it is the prevailing customs of this land which should be honoured when at all possible, I agree. I have had occasion to meet the Lady, and I…I cannot help feeling that…perhaps you have felt the same…that she is trying overhard. That she flaunts her differences, not because she knows no other way to be, but because she delights in causing offense, or because she feels the need to prove herself, despite the fact that she seems to enjoy giving the impression that she looks down on anyone not ironborn. A strange trait indeed, for a supposed diplomat. And I wonder after her mission here. Something to do with the Pyke who died during the tournament. But what needs to be discovered that is not already known? The Greyjoys were here when it all occurred. Why send someone from a vassal House after all these months? It is a strange situation." But a smile comes, at the offer, "That I would appreciate, Lady Elinor. Lady Evangeline and my own mother have taught me much, but I would welcome the instruction of someone with your experience, particularly your experience with courts outside of the riverlands."

Elinor nods slowly, "Yes, my sister has said as much that to display our grievances before her, due to unsavory actions, it only enables the wanton display further." Her eyes glance down to her cup, realizing she may have added too much sweetener in her haze. "She unsettles me and for all her offenses yet she remains." The lady does lean forward a touch, speaking low, "I cannot imagine how you must feel to know that your own uncle has taken a favor of her." Then upright she returns, "My father would not tolerate a kinship with the savages, not in the slightest. They've caused too much harm in the Westerlands." Then she reaches for one of the honeyed breads, "Though I digress, the courts within the Westerlands differ slightly. You would see a great many proper women there. Their gowns most beautiful."

"I have done the best that I can not to rise to her baiting. Though there have been moments that I have been tempted to see how well her supposedly great skill with a blade might fair against my skill with a bow. I think perhaps not so well as she might imagine." Surely Liliana isn't admitting to having had occasion to wish she could just shoot the ironborn and have done…is she? "I am not pleased. It seems strange to me, considering how adamant my Lord Uncle has always been about the proper ways in which ladies should comport themselves. And I do not believe such a union would benefit our House. Certainly it would degrade relations with the other Houses in the Riverlands, and many in and around your own home. The heart may want what it wants, that is true, but we do not have that luxury, do we, Lady? It is a rare things, for those born into the Houses to have both what their hearts desire, and that which benefits their Houses. Often one must be sacrificed for the other." A beat, as she considers, "And that brings to my mind another point of interest. Did you know the Harlaws, at least one of them, has married into a House of the Westerlands? House Serret?"

Elinor sighs visibly, "My father used to award coin to the commoners for every Ironborn dispatched on sight during the height of the reaver attacks. I would say if your skill is as promising as you mentioned, you may have been a very wealthy woman." The lady then raises her cup, listening further as Liliana talks. Replying when so fitting, "However such talk is not appropriate my lady. It is best to keep that desire well burred." A first lesson in etiquette given to the young Camden. "Should my father know of this, I am afraid it may place strain upon the offer from lord Sarojyn. When there is unrest with the Iron Isles some Houses within the Westerlands flourish, those closest with the shores." Obvious Banefort was one of them. "Have they? How can that be? And House Serret?"

"Perhaps I would have. But it is not truly in my nature to wish ill to another, no matter how difficult they might be." A nod, only that, at the lesson, and a, "Thank you," and Liliana makes no further comment on it, moving, instead, to the second topic of the conversation, as they sit at one of the courtyard tables, she and the Lady Elinor, taking a light lunch, "Do you recall the joust at the Stonebridge tournament? I am not certain if you and your sisters attended it. There was a knight there, and I had not even had cause to think of him, until I began to reread the noble lineages, after the Lady Harlaw's arrival. Ser Harras Harlaw. His personal arms are the Harlaw scythe quartered with the Serret peacock. The records say his mother came from that House. And he seems to take enough pride in that that he wears the arms of a Westerlands family as his own, acknowledging the connection. And now another Harlaw comes, but to the Riverlands."

"Disgraceful." Elinor comments at first, "No, I had not attended." For the reasons why the lady keeps to herself. "The mistake of one should not make it common practice." She relays a bit more boldly then is taking another look at her tea. "Years upon years of blood spilt upon the Westerlands are not washed away due to one man's passing interest." She need not preach to the other noblewoman though Elinor is quite flustered at the moment. "I am sorry my lady Liliana, I will provide you ill company over your kind gesture." Her hand then points to the tea and dish with foods. "It is not my intention to depart however I must take my leave. It has suddenly occurred to me that I was to venture into the town as my broken lockbox should be fixed by now."

A sewing basket swings freely from the crook of an elbow as Muirenn makes her careful way out of the great doors and down the steps into the courtyard. She is shadowed, as always, by the tall, thin Septa Waldsteinia. "Yes, you are right. It is too lovely a day to spend indoors." The young woman comments to her chaperone, though gives a longing look towards the stables before glancing back down at her sewing basket with a not too stifled murmur, "And the juice of the lemon *is* getting rid of the freckles I earned riding this week." Sweeping into the courtyard, the gathering of women catches her eye. The tall girl's strides lengthen as she moves towards the others, "Good day!" she calls brightly.

"I find these circumstances all too strange to be passed off as nothing more than the story we are being told, Lady Elinor. But I fear i will not find willing ears for my concerns." But Liliana doesn't press. At least not much more than she has. She can see how upset Elinor has become, and as the woman makes her apologies, she nods, "Of course. A trip that should not be put off. I am certain that I will see you again. I am not difficult to find, on most days. And I thank you for your company." A shift in her attention, as the sound and forms of new arrivals grace the courtyard, and an answering greeting, "A good day to you, Lady Mallister."

"Oh, no, lady Liliana, I would wish to hear more in a proper setting." She says, offering a smile to assure the young Camden as well. "I do thank you for the tea, and the dish was lovely. We will happen upon each other in the near future, perhaps over some sewing? I have acquired some lovely fabrics I intend to use and I could use another set of eyes." Elinor does rise to her feet then, Thalia and her other maidservants quick to step in line. It is in that moment she notices the arrival of Muirenn whom she awards courtesies too, "Lady Mallister, a pleasure to see you again however I must be off. I do extend the same offer to you as well, we shall convene over sewing hmm? Good day Ladies."

"Good day Lady Banefort, it is a pleasure to see you again! I would like very much to sew with you." Muirenn addresses the departing Elinor before turning her attention to Liliana, "A pleasure to see you again my Lady and please, call me Muirenn. I was on my way out to go sew in the meadow. Would anyone care to join me?"

"It is good to see you again, Muirenn, and you may call me Liliana, or Lili, as it pleases you. But while I thank you for the offer, I am afraid that I must ask your forgiveness to remain. We have only just returned from the hunt," and she's still dressed in her leathers, "And I had promised to stay and help see to the hawks, when they return with their prey. But we will have fresh venison and grouse, and perhaps that will sweeten the request for your forgiveness. Perhaps we could venture out on the morrow, if your take your ease again on the Green?"

"Dinner sounds to be excellent tonight, and there is nothing to forgive. See to your animals for they have their needs as do people. It is a surety that I will wander the green again on the morrow." Muirenn flashes a warm curve of the lips as she nods, "Perhaps we might be seated together at dinner…Fare well and I will see you soon" With a small wave of her hand she continues on towards the portcullis and beyond the outskirts of the keep.