Page 471: Out Of The East Wing
Out Of The East Wing
Summary: Things are finally moving, literally, out of Tiaryn's guest room.
Date: 06/11/2012
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Tiaryn's Guest Room — Tanglewood Manor
Fresh rushes cover the floor of this guest room. A large four post bed sits of centered in one corner. Heavy curtains are pulled back upon entrance to show a lush, light blue velvet coverlet over a feather down mattress. Golden wheat stalks are haphazardly embroidered on the fabric's soft surface. Small tables sit to each side of the bed, on the surfaces of which sit a candle stick and holder. Another table modest in size, is set to the center of the room with two small soft cushioned chairs seated at its left and right. A couple of shelves are set about the room to house the private book collection of whomever resides, a wardrobe sits in one corner for the guests belongings. A window who's heavy coverings are pulled back by day, let a warm sunny glow in. By night, they are loosed and cast the room in complete darkness.
06 Nov, 289 AL

While Tiaryn and her new husband have been enjoying what freedom and privacy their vows have allowed them, things have continued on as they should. And part of that, is the moving of the bride's belongings from her old rooms to the new ones. Tia's trusted maids are doing the packing and sorting, taking care to do as their lady prefers. But they are not the only ones in the room. Others have come, mostly the servants of the noble guests, delivering their small gifts and the like for the couple. These are being accepted at the door by Nerys, or whomever else she has managed to dragoon into service from the Flints, and then handed off to maids to tuck away in Tiaryn's things. So that, at the end, the bride might be surprised as the gifts are uncovered.

Einar had been minding his own business reading a book when Nerys had spotted him and shanghaied him into her latest taskforce. He's keep away from the maids and their packing on the grounds there are somethings he shouldn't see, and is instead at the door with his cousin. At this point he's mostly just waiting until there are things that need carrying if he's honest, knowing how best to deploy himself in the logistical operation.

Tia perhaps shouldn't be back here just yet, but - she wants something that's still here, not in her new rooms as yet. So she flits down the hall, treading lightly, and humming to herself as she does so. Not a secret that she's incoming, at all, nope. "Good day, good day," she greets her relatives as she nears. "Einar, Nerys, is all well?"

Coming along as well is Pariston. Perhaps mostly just acting as a guard around the guest rooms as usual and mostly trying to blend in. As much as he can that is. Having leather and a sword at his side as he spots those going into Tiaryn's old room. Moving along as well. "My lord, my ladies." He offers to them all. Studying each person though for now just being around to check on what is going on mostly.

Nerys' head pops up, looking around Einar's shoulder, as she catches the sound of Tiaryn humming, having been looking into the room and speaking with the handmaids. Even when the woman isn't putting any effort into it, her voice is unmistakable. And her actual voice removes what little doubt there might have been, "Yes, of course, quite well, Tiaryn. Your things are being packed. We'd planned to carry them up to your rooms after a while, while you and Lord Saethwyr were out and about. (FOR ONCE!) "Oh, Master Pari…you're just in time." Nerys slides back behind Einar, using the man's larger body to hopefully mask the frantic waving of her hands at the maids within. Her voice, however is almost perfectly normal, "Bethy, are those chests ready to be carried up?"

Einar smiles as he sees his good-sister approaching and offers her a quick nod in greeting. "All is fine, Nerys here is just marshaling the forces with her usual efficiency." He moves a little to ensure that Tia has room to get through, doing his best not to step on his cousin as he does so. Catching sight of Pariston as well he gives the man a nod "Just in time Master Vis, I was thinking I was going to be the only one doing the carrying."

Tia flashes a grin. Her hair is up, more or less, but it still reaches midway down her back. And appears to have been brushed within an inch of its life. "Thank you for that," she says lightly. "I was thinking I would have to come get it all - though right now I was just looking for my book. I managed to leave it behind, and wanted to draw a sketch." She pauses, as she peeks in. "I can stay out here if there's a problem?" she asks mildly. And then, a big smile, as she says, "Master Vis, how are you doing today? Do you miss me yet?"

Pariston chuckles, "Seems you do not have to then, my lord." He offers before nodding to Nerys as well. Finally turning towards Tiaryn and smiles. "I am quite fine, my lady. And of course. It leaves me without anyone to tease after all. Well… Except for lord Einar." He says with a glance to the man. Before it drifts to Nerys. "And perhaps lady Nerys as well, once we get to know one another anew." He offers. Then it is back to Tiaryn. "How are you?" Though moving to find a spot for himself so that he can be of assistance as soon as they need him.

Nerys freezes stock still, as Tiaryn peeks in the door. At least the newlywed Ashwood didn't catch her in mid-wave. Bethy, bless her heart, is, apparently, a better conspirator than her lady's goodcousin. "Lady Tiaryn, I can find your book, and these two chests are ready, but the men will be along to carry them. If milord and master would rather not." One is one that usually holds a selection of Tiaryn's dresses and such, the other is her dowry chest, which…is substantially heavier, containing much of her linens and other household goods. Nerys glances back towards the door, "Oh…does that mean you will be coming to Stonebridge as well?"

Einar will let Nerys decide if things are covered up enough in the room for Tia to enter or not, she's been organising that after all. He almost offers the book he was reading to Tia, but once she makes it clear she needs a specific one he doesn't bother. Instead he simply turns and grins to Pariston and rolls his eyes exaggeratedly, "you're just worried because I actually beat you at practice Master Vis. Admit it." At Bethy's comment he glances into the room briefly and shrugs, "We'll see how long it takes them to get here, I don't think we're in a particular rush."

Tia smiles, not going into the room then. "Thank you. If you can find the sketch book, I would much appreciate it, Bethy," she says. She then arches a brow. "Wait, Einar outshot Master Vis? Very well done, Einar." She looks a little mischievous as she says that, not even giving Pariston a chance to refute it. "It is very kind of you all to help carry my things," she adds, softly. "Is there anything I need to look into right away? Or am I still free to enjoy my leisure?"

Pariston chuckles at Einar's and Tiaryn's words. "I was tired. And you needed to win once at least. Wouldn't want you grumpy." He teases Einar. Though the man is probably as good a marksman as Pariston. It is fun for him to tease the man. As for carrying the things, he shrugs. "I could help with carrying." As usual being ever helpful. Though at Einar's words, he stays in position for now.

Bethy slips away from th trunk that's just being packed now, or perhaps repacked, carrying the book Tiaryn's wanting, which she hands off to Nerys, before she ducks back, ding her best to hide what's been going on, "You are still free to enjoy your time as you desire, Tiaryn. But, if you would like to instruct the men on how or where they might take your things, that would not be amiss." Nerys isn't going to dragoon the bride into service. That would just be wrong. But just then, two of the burlier of the Flint sworn turn the corner, seemingly in the middle of a bawdy joke, that comes to an abrupt halt at the sight of the nobles. "Oh! That would be Isaac," though if Bethy recognizes the joke or the voice, she's not saying. "They can carry the dowry chest, and the other would be light enough for…" well, she's not going to say 'for the lord to carry', but…

Einar nods as Tia queries his achievement, "I did.". Leaning closer to his good-sister he stage-whispers, "but I'm not sure if he let me or not." Pariston is then given an amused look before he jokes, "Oh trust me Master Vis, you have not seem me grumpy, just ask Anders." Issac's arrival brings his attention back to the task at hand and he turns to Tia, "You want us to load up now?" then to Bethy, "how many more are we looking at?" Mostly he's trying to work out in his head just how many trips this is going to take.

Tia laughs outright at Einar's stage whisper, her gaze flicking over to Pariston questioningly. Did you? She smiles at Bethy, as she accepts the book. "Thank you, Bethy. Are you all finished packing? If so, then I shall step out of the way, and let these fine gentlemen carry my things over to the other wing where my Lord Saethwyr and I now reside. Lucky enough for you all, he is right now in the apple orchard."

Pariston will carry whatever is needed by him. Grinning at Einar's words. "Perhaps so. But I could take a guess." Smiling to Tia though he isn't saying to anyone if he let Einar beat him or not. Can't ruin the mystery after all. Nodding to the words though mostly keeping out of conversation now.

"If you would, yes, please and thank you, milord. The Lady will have need of such as we've packed just now, the rest we can bring up a bit at a time." Isaac's no fool. He knows the best thing men are good for, and slips into the room with a polite nod for each of the nobles, his companion coming in with him to take control of the larger chest. Nerys gets right out of it. But she's a woman and has that privilege. "Cousin, you should not be asking a lady how many bits and baubles she has…you will not like the answer." Woman need things!

Einar eyes Nerys a moment, although he's obviously still in good spirits, "Sorry cousin, I was just wondering how may times we will be traipsing through the corridors." Letting Issac and his mate through he then glances back to Pariston, "Come on then Master Vis, let us get to work and let the ladies discuss their 'bits and baubles'. I feel my cousin here may be right that we simply menfolk don't want to know." That said he slips into the room after the sworns, glancing to Bethy for an indication of which chest it is he's supposed to be taking.

Tia arches a brow and then she chuckles. "Thank you, Einar," she says first. "You are very kind, brother." That relationship firmly set in stone, it is. She glances to Nerys now, with a bit of a smile. "It is really good of you to help out. I hope you haven't been working too hard." She flashes a grin, and then says, "Perhaps we might have a bit of time to sit and gossip, before you leave to go back to Stonebridge? I am not certain when I will be out visiting that way, truthfully."

Pariston nods and follows along as well. Doing much the same as Einar and letting himself get shown what to carry and just smiles still. Doing as he is told and just keeping out of the way for the others.

Bethy, always ready to see the needs of her Lady tended to, indicates the larger and weightier chest for Isaac and his companion. The chest is old, well-polished, obviously loved. The leather strapping is deeply oiled, the wood carvings displaying the antlered stag of Camden on the front and the falcon on the reverse carefully preserved. No new chest this, but the one Tiaryn herself brought out of the Oaks when first she journeyed to the Cliffs to wed her northern lord. And what it might be filled with, whether the treasures tucked away so long ago, by a maiden over the course of her years dreaming of her wedding or by the woman looking forward to a second love, only the Lady herself…and her handmaid know for certain. "Isaac, you'd best take care." That's all Bethy has to say about that. The other chest is slimmer, lighter, smaller and bears only the carved initials 'TF'. A much newer addition to Tiaryn's collection than the first. Isaac and his companion waste no time in starting the trip, the dowry chest supported carefully between them. "I would be glad to stay and spend time with you, Tiaryn, of course. Our business in Stonebridge is not so pressing that I would neglect family." Nerys offers a smile, as she finds a box handed off to her, the sort Tiaryn keeps her hair ornaments in.

Einar lets the other two men get their grips and start to move before he bends to grab the chest assigned to himself and Pariston, "I suppose the sooner we start on this the sooner we'll get it done," he offers tot he armsman, before giving Bethy a brief nod in thanks. "Okay then Tia, where are we going then?" He wasn't at the bedding after all, so he's not actually 100% sure which of the chambers are Saethwyr's. "You want to lead the way?" That would, after all, get her out of the way for the nafaerous plans to continue.

Sneaky, Einar! Tia blinks and then she says, "Oh. Of course I can. Right this way." She slips by, slender enough to do so, even with her nicely rounded curves, and takes the lead. Though her gaze pauses on the two chests as they are brought out, she merely takes a deep breath. "that would be lovely, Nerys, I am glad to hear it. I have missed the lot of you." It's certainly not that far over to Tia's new quarters, though it is the complete other side of the manor. Once there, Tia gestures to a good spot for both chests temporarily, at the foot of the bed. "Thank you all very much, "she adds, as she pauses. Her harp is there, on display more or less atop a table to one side.

And like the trickle that starts the flood, the first two chests are settled into Tiaryn's new rooms. Isaac and his companion disappear nearly as soon as they place the chest where Tiaryn directs, to open the floodgates. Saethwyr will not be in the orchards forever and there are many things that his new bride will have need of to make his rooms into her—er, their room. And while the flint smallfolk take the labour over for the noble lord and lady, the three Flints (YES SHE'S STILL ONE!) have time enough to settle into familial conversation. And then, at the announcement that the Lord returns, all scatter, leaving only the bride to greet her husband.