Page 274: Our Share of Concerns
Our Share of Concerns
Summary: Anders and Cherise happen upon each other in the garden where both display their thoughts for loved ones.
Date: 18/4/2012
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Anders Cherise 
Gardens, Tordane Tower
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
Wed Apr 18, 289

Her time was limited outdoors as her days of expecting grew closer however Cherise was adamant about residing in her chambers and was in dire need of air, sun light and especially a new scenery. Not to mention there was a certain figure she was expecting to return to Stonebridge to call upon in her days of needs. In the gardens the lady Charlton took to a bench just off the stone path walkway through a lavish display of lush flora and fauna. Save for herself, the only others to inhabit this area had been the small group of retainers she kept close being the Septa Enya and her three maidservants. The guards had been given leave for their presence within her host's home would be certainly found insulting. Her large blue eyes laid focus upon the ground, hands resting atop of her large belly while Septa Enya quietly whispered her prayers.

Back from the isles for only a few days now, and already there's a restlessness that's set in for the Young Lord, or enough, anyway, to leave his lady's side while she sleeps to stretch his legs, speak with a few peers.. and it's to the garden he comes to take in the silence. He's dressed in his House colours, while not 'courtier finery', he does sport clothing as befits a noble of his rank. Following the wandering path out, he stops to squat down to look closely at an oddly (in his mind) coloured rose. Reaching out, he plucks a petal from it, and rises again, holding the bit of the flower to his nose to see if there's a scent that differs from any other rose that can be discerned.

It is the Septa who takes notice of the Young Lord in her hindsight, murmuring to Cherise for her attention to which the Lady lifts her eyes and a small smile deepens in the corners of her mouth. "Lord Flint." A quick survey of his his form is given, "Greetings and…" Noticing his interest in the flowers that amusement deepens, "For the Lady Cordeyla?"

"Hmm?" Anders notices others present, a short distance away or he'd have greeted them, but unfortunately, he was lost in his own thoughts. "My apologies, my lady," and he offers the heavily expectant Lady Cherise a bow. He looks to her form, brows rising, "How has your health been these past days?"

Anders holds the oddly-coloured petal in hand, and rolls it about, sniffing his fingers again to see if he can't discern any difference.. and comes up with nothing. "I'm sorry.. I'd just not seen a rose of this colour is all.. and I'd shower my lady with the petals if I thought for a moment that it would not add to her distress."

The handmaidens and the Septa award the nobleman a proper greeting while Cherise remained seated, as to be expected however she did bow her head. Eyes lowering for a brief moment until raising again upon his visage. "A trial m'lord." Hopefully the smile softened the words. "Some weeks past I had last seen the Lady Cordeyla, has her ailments not improved?" So quick her smile faded over the concern of a friend. "In these times the good and bad days are heavily dependant upon the fates I'm afraid."

"I'm afraid she and her chamber basin are quite close," is the rueful reply. "And it pains me that even now, it is a trial." Though he's not entirely certain as to the exact meaning there, and so chooses to go with the physical. "Soon enough, it should be done, and you will have a babe in arms, in itself a cause for celebration." Anders takes the step forward and sits beside her, tossing the rolled petal away before he is seated. "If when you last saw her, she was thin and frail, with no apetite, then nothing has changed." He presses his lips together, trying not to think of this side of finally receiving his heir. "I am glad I didn't know when I was away."

Cherise followed Anders approach as he claimed the seat beside her, now hosting both the Septa, the Lady Charlton and now the Young Lord. "You are right to be so concerned my lord, it means your heart is in the right place. I have no doubt in mind that you would do all you may to share her burden." Offering what consoling she may the lady had paused only briefly. "I do not mean to give you concern of course, there are more good days than bad. I am tired more often than not as the babe will soon come, that is the worst of my ailments given these past weeks." Her lips curved into a brief smile before settling once again. "Lady Cordeyla has always been quite slender, but with the babe, when her stomach settles you will see a great improvement in her appetite. It just takes a little time m'lord. I have suggested that my cousin, the Lady Danae, part her with her wisdom of particular herbs that have helped me. When I dined with with your wife last she had taken well to them. I had hoped she would continue."

"I would have preferred to be by her side through this than in the war, if you seek the truth. She doesn't believe it, however. Not a word." A small smile creeps, "But I think that was her misery showing." Anders inclines his head in acknowledgment, and offers a sigh to punctuate his words. "You are right, she always had been, which is why I worry now. I confess in my haste and single-minded thought of having a son, perhaps something was forgotten." Shaking his head, he moves to something a touch more lighter; the thought of herbs? "Really? Lady Danae.. If I've made her acquaintance, I have scant memory of it. But, if she was of some help to my lady, then she truly is deserving of my thanks."

Shifting towards Cherise's own burden, he asks cautiously, "Then all is well with you and yours? My lady had some concern, but if it's unfounded and you well well enough.." Beat. "When is the child due to greet the world, and give up its secret world?"

A nod of her head is given. "The Lady Danae I am sure will be all to pleased to offer aid where she may m'lord. As I have learned we all have different experiences when being with child. I would not worry so much m'lord, many of us have a great care for the Lady Cordelya, you most of all." After Anders steers the conversation into her own matters or troubles, the lady's brows rise briefly, needing a moment to inhale and exhale slowly. "The child yes, I suspect he is to arrive soon as for other matters m'lord, I am afraid your guess is as dark as mine." On a thought she queries, "Have you become familiar with my husband in your time together on the isles? How has he faired? Please be as honest as you may."

Anders leans over, his elbows resting on his legs, and he clasps his fingers, his voice low. "I appreciate that she is well regarded. That will make things go so much smoother in the future." At the question regarding her husband, however, he sits up once again, his attention fixed firmly upon the Lady Charlton. "Your husband.. well, we have spent time at the wars, and visited each other's camp. It was the final push, when we joined my kinsmen from the North that we both became quite certain of our victory. Unfortunately, we were apart from each other for the final battle. It is my understanding, during our ride back, that he is indeed well. Has he shared confidences with me?" He shakes his head, "I do not know my friend's mind, sadly, and that is not because it was not possible between friends, but because time was always our enemy."

There was a brief moment of disappointment easily readable upon her features, "Of course m'lord. With so much at stake I am only leaning to hope that another may have become familiar enough with my husband to know him as well as I." Cherise glances to his folded hands while adding to her words, "In these upcoming weeks, perhaps months or even years, in what should be a joyous occasion has been clouded in shadow and dire uncertainty. I know it may not be my place m'lord to make any requests of you, and it is my hope you do not think ill of me of doing so. Will you remain a friend to him? I know your wife takes precedence above all and I take no great pleasure in asking this of you in knowing who your thoughts lay duty upon most."

"I'm uncertain if I will ever know him as well as you, my lady," Anders jests, though he listens attentively through her entire request. "My wife is always a concern, my lady.. but what you ask of me is different than my attention to my lady. Lord Aleister has been my friend for years, mostly through war. Sadly, our distance precluded any further contact. However, fortune may declare that we can remain close, both in distance and in conversation."

The sound of her laughter was forced, laced with uncertainty. "Do we truly know our other halfs? Even they may have the ability to surprise us at any given moment." Cherise allows her eyes to wander over the garden for some moments. "My husband, in some manner, would be appreciative. Upon my inquiries he has always spoken well of you and I also believe that perhaps, as he endured the trials of my own pregnancy he may also impart some wisdom. From his prospective, being a father for the first time and all."

"I like to fool myself into believing I know my lady, so if you will allow me my illusion?" Anders is jesting once again, his tones light. "But you are correct. I'm not certain there has been a time when I have not been surprised by what she either says or does." He listens, watches his current companion's face, following her wandering eye. "I think that is a perfect idea, though I think your lord husband has been absent for some of your carriage.. so perhaps it would be more enlightening to spend the evening in the company of women?"

Her display of amusement was genuine, "Of course." Was all she said with no interest in being the one to reveal all a lady's secrets. "Only in the last months, since his departure to the isles. My ailments were endured in Hollholt and some here in Stonebridge before the men marched to Seagard so I would say he has experienced a half of what I endured. Still, what would you prefer m'lord to sit among a circle of women who may or may not filter their words or with another male of great standing, whom occupied a seat not so different than your own at the present?" Thin dark blonde eyebrows perk at the somewhat jest. "I am afraid my lord the circle of ladies is a different battlefield all together."

"That is indeed a question.. to sit in company with ladies who can speak to their ailments and what they wish their lords to know and do for them, or sit in company with a man who, ultimately, had to guess as to how to aid his lady wife in her hour.. her.. months of need." Anders grins at the picture that is conjured, and he exhales in a theatric sigh. "I am afraid you are undoubtedly correct. However, I would hope that they are not trying to remove my head from my shoulders like the Ironborn." Indeed, there is a scar upon the Young Lord's neck caused by an axe.. and he was very lucky it didn't sever. "I would.. hope."

"I do not think they would be cruel m'lord, just perhaps projecting some of their wishes unto you which may or may not be what your lady desires." But since he agreed Cherise does seem to be relieved by it, a little. "Your body would remain intact Lord Flint, it is the mind that indeed would be given a great challenge." Even a small song of laughter had followed her words. "I should not keep you from your lady wife, I know all to well how much she had desired your return from the Isles."

Anders chuckles and he inclines his head, making to rise. "My sanity is near and dear to me, you are correct." Once he's on his feet, he turns to face the lady, and inclining his head in a bow, he acknowledges, "I should attend my lady wife, if only to reapply cool compresses and brush out her hair." Ah, young love.. and they are still newlywed. "I know.. she told me the same, and I've never had reason to doubt her. But I do enjoy hearing it from others if only for the reason that I know that she has declared it to others." He pauses, then, "My lady, should you require anything, I am at your call."