Orlagh Masing
Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer as Orlagh Masing
name: Orlagh Masing
father: unknown
mother: Sheelagh Masing
spouse: none
issue: none
gender: female
age: 21
height: 5'8"
weight: 120lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: White-blonde
honorific: none
house: Flint
position: Retainer

True friends, like ivy and the wall

Both stand together, and together fall.

Orlagh is an Flint NPC available for application.


Having grown up in the household of Lady Liselle Flint since her birth 21 years ago - her father remains unknown, though her mother comes from a long line of loyal retainers of the vassal House - Orlagh has been schooled from a young age in how best to serve the needs of such a family, even in the smallest of ways. Though her tendencies, as the sole sister of four strapping brothers, can lean toward tomboyish when left to her own devices, the young woman is the epitome of the faithful servant, who ought be seen and not heard.. if seen at all.

A true fondness for fencing, as well as a seemingly natural talent for pursuits such as riding and hunting, permitted her, in younger years, perhaps a looser leash than might generally have been granted. But as she grew, Orlagh's studies were deliberately turned to the more feminine demands of running a household, as her mother before her.. and always always always remembering her place within it.

With the courtship of her mistress progressing, however, and promising an influx of new servants and the like, a 'better' use has been found for the young woman. Dispatched, following the announcement of Ser Anders' impending marriage, to serve in his household instead, Orlagh is perhaps unwittingly a silent, ever-present token of his sister's disapproval of his union. After all, what better reminder of the way things should be than a pretty Northern girl, who is already steeped in the traditions of his kin? Orlagh herself, oblivious to the political machinations of her betters, is surprisingly ideal for the headaching task of reining in the new Flint bride.. and perhaps teaching her the way she is expected to conduct herself, as gently as possible.

Physical Features

Sparkling, expressive eyes of a pale azure remain perhaps the most memorable of this woman's features; untouched by the passage of time or hardship. A straight, aquiline nose and full, perpetually curving lips, skin the hues of peaches and cream and soft, naturally arching brows a shade or two darker than her hair all combine in a surprisingly warm countenance, still familiar enough with the softness and naievete of youth. Her hair, when loosed, falls in a thigh-length sweep of pale white blonde, sunkissed here and there with streaks of honey or gold, belying a Northern heritage most likely, but generally she keeps her mane swept neatly back in a thick braid or bundled in leather cords at her nape. Orlagh is neither plain nor striking.. but she is an undeniably handsome young woman. An angular, austere jawline meanders downward to a long, swanlike throat.

She is tall, though not toweringly so, standing at perhaps 5'8 and with a smooth serenity to her graceful poise that can only be the result of many years of practice, given that she is of obviously common birth; her hands, while long-fingered and ladylike, are marred with callouses from many a hard day's work. Attired simply, she wears a gauzy chemise of pristinely clean white linen beneath a laced bodice of unremarkable brown leather, matching the thick woolen skirts that trail almost to the ground about booted feet.

Allies and Foes

medium.jpg Young Lord Anders Flint, dear childhood friend, heir to Flint's Finger and brother of Orlagh's former mistress, the Lady Liselle. Anders is, without doubt, a central figure in Orlagh's existence, her family having served his for generations, and she treats him with the utmost respect. Nowadays, anyway.
medium.jpg Lord Anders' new bride and something of a colorful oddity. All the same, Orlagh serves the wildchild Lady with faithful patience and composure… and no small amount of amusement, at times.
medium.jpg Master-at-Arms of House Flint, Fenrir has been around Anders and Orlagh for most of their lives… and has all the embarassing tales one would expect, as a result. Plainly somewhat smitten with the handmaiden, he has, thus far, been consistently turned down when he seeks her company outside of their respective positions in the household.


"No. I don't really remember you, so much as.. the chatter of the older girls in the kitchens about you." Orlagh looks faintly perplexed for a moment, her blue eyes wandering away from the Master-at-Arms as she considers. "Something about the smithy.. there was a rhyme about it, I think. About hot iron..?" She quite plainly has -no- grasp of what it was really to do with, as she recites a little of what she can remember. "Six times did his iron, by vigorous heating.. grow soft in her forge in a minute or so.." Blinking innocently, she turns her wide blue eyes back toward the soldier, and up to the Young Lord as he approaches them. "..I didn't know you'd an interest in smithing, Master Fenrir."

Orlagh, to Fenrir Viiding. See also: The Lusty Young Smith

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