Page 008: Orientation
Summary: Terrick's men meet to discuss reaction to the attempted arrest of Amelia.
Date: Wed Jul 20, 2011
Related Logs: Immediately follows the events of The First Shot Fired
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Throne Room
Great pillars rise above the occupants of the room, the ceiling arching across the structural supports in a lovely feat of construction. The north and south walls have expansive windows that filter in sunshine during the day while ornately designed torches provide light at night. The room is large enough to host a great feast for quite a number of people but the tables are typically kept elsewhere. The Lord's Throne is at the west end of the room on a dais with a high, circular window that brings in the setting sun with the late afternoons.
Wed Jul 20, 288

Leading the way into the throne room, Jaremy is wet from the rain and his brows are lowered in a display of simmered anger. Amelia is brought in behind him in leg-irons, escorted on each side by one of the Terrick sworn swords. Tugging off his gloves, Jaremy slicks his hair back and approaches his father, glancing back to Amelia as he speaks.

"There's no avoiding this, but it appears that Lady Valda is sending us a message, issuing Naylands to our doorstep to arrest her, claiming she's stolen a large sum of silver from Stonebridge." He comes to a stop. "Amelia, what is the meaning of this? You're a confessed thief?"

Amelia enters, keeping her skirts held up over the legirons to keep it all from tangling. She does her best to keep up her manner. At least she's no longer scared out of her wits — just appearing quite anxious. When she is brought to a stop, she bows before the men. "Young Lord Ser Jaremy Terrick," she says carefully, addressing him as she should in the Throne Room. "I am no confessed thief, m'Lord. I returned what I discovered, that is merely all that I have done." She stays forward, not daring to rise or look up until bidden to look upon Jaremy or Lord Terrick himself. "I confess only to turning over a sum of one hundred sixty-eight silver pieces to the magistrate in Stonebridge the afternoon of Monday."

Lord Jerold has only just entered the room from another direction, a fur lines overcoat drawn on atop his habitual doublet. The Lord of the Roost looks clearly cross as he motions silence to his secretary. He draws a frowning breath at his son's summary, but spares Jaremy his words for the brief moment, looking to Revyn as Jaremy looks to Amelia. "How many came, and how formal an act was it? Tell me what is known and what they came for." A look at Amelia clearly does not give him the impression the Naylands were risking war over her.

Shortly after Jaremy and Amelia's entrance into the throne room, Revyn is following suit, having apparently stopped long enough to have changed out of his armor and into something a little more comfortable, though the sword is still worn around his waist. Now, as the conversation begins, he's simply angling himself off to one side of the room, arms coming to lift up and cross over his chest as he offers his brother a slight bow of his head. Then, as it lifts, he's offering, "Ser Rygar of Nayland and two Knights of Tordane. They came with a writ signed by Lady Valda, accusing her of theft."

Jaremy rests his wrist over his sword's hilt, moving to stand on the small step the leads to the chair his father sits upon. His eyes tilt from Jerold to Revyn as his lord father consults with his uncle. That, of course, is not a good sign. As Amelia replies, he turns his head to her and frowns. "So you did come into contact with the silver and you did return one-hundred and sixty-eight pieces to the magistrate, but how did you come into any of this to begin with?"

Jarod did not rejoin Jaremy right away when they returned to the castle. After getting his horse settled he took some time to issue orders to the guards to have the watch increased. And have his guards trickle a reminder down that the penalty for a raper is castration, so they should be on their best behavior while Amelia is in custody. Those jobs done, he edges his way into the throne room. A respectful nod of his head at the sight of his Lord Father, though apart from that he just gets himself a place on the sidelines. He hasn't bothered to rid himself of his sword and armor yet, for his part.

"Under her daughter's seal and authority, no doubt," Jerold scowls at his brother's report. Only then does he look to Jaremy, drawing a short breath and cutting off his son's inquiry, "Jaremy. Tll me who this woman is that you have brought into my hall." Spying Jarod's entrance, the displeased patriarch manages a moment to acknowledge his baseborn son upon the young man's entrance.

Amelia dares not lift her head to meet any eyes. She is slowly regaining more of her composure now that she is allowed to speak on this. The question from Jaremy has her draw a breath, by Jerold's words silence her effectively. She can wait for this.

"Father…" Jaremy turns to Jerold, braving the fire that spews from his judgmental eyes. "…this is Amelia of Seagard." He pauses, those who know Amelia know well that Jaremy is attempting to word this carefully. "She owns a room at the Rockcliff, plying her trade. She recently traveled to Stonebridge on my behalf to arrange a private meeting with Lady Isolde at Rockcliff. She's only recently returned."

To Jerold's response, Revyn can't help but offer the faintest hint of a smirk, though he does give a nod of his head, "Yes, under her daughter's seal, but I have a feeling it was done without her knowledge. I can't see Lady Isolde offering us such disrespect by sending a Nayland to retrieve a possible criminal, brother." That said, he's then casting his attention towards Jaremy before looking towards Amelia, his brow lifting just a touch.

Lord Ser Jerold Terrick hears that out with a schooled, all-too-familiar expression of forced restraint sliding into place. "All of those," he voices aloud, woodenly, "Who are not of my blood. Give us the room." the command is obeyed with a bow by his secretary, and the other retainers who had been present.

Amelia doesn't need to be told twice. She winces at what Jaremy says and then does so once more at Jerold's request. Hands lift her skirts and the guards flank her but don't bother to grab her this time. She walks straight back out the door she just came in, head still bowed.

Jarod shoots a look to Jaremy. For a beat, he looks on point of saying something. Asking something, more specifically. But he doesn't. Not just yet. Still, the general light of merry humor is absent from his green eyes just now. Well, serious day makes serious bastard. What he does say to his father, after the retainers have departed and after taking a deep breath is, "Ser Rygar Nayland came here looking for a fight, m'Lord. If it'd just been a matter of law, Lady Tordane would've sent just her own knights. They were trying to provoke us."

Jaremy looks away from his father, watching the guards leave the room, taking Amelia with them. He squares his jaw, taking in a deep breath, knowing damned well that what leash he had is about to be yanked on with his father's full might. "Father…" He starts, trying to head the man off at the pass.

Once the help has vacated the room, Revyn is looking over towards Jaremy, settling his gaze there for a moment before looking back over towards Jerold, "If you're going to yell at anyone, Brother, it had best be I. The whore was one I frequent and I do think Jaremy was trying to protect that interest of mine. Second to that, it was on my behalf that she travelled to Stonebridge, not his. An uncle must treat his nephew to a gift every once and awhile." Now, he's looking back to Jaremy, "Isn't that right?"

"Of course they were trying to provoke us!" the Lord of the Roost begins, to Jarod, before shifting his stare back upon his unfortunate son. "You know…" Jerold begins, gaze fixed on his heir. "That Lady Valda- that re-cloaked Frey- has been seeking an excuse to break faith with us! And I am told by my son and heir.. that not only did you send a whore to arrange a tryst with Lady Isolde, but that whore then returns with a hundred and a half pieces of Tordane silver??" Jerold is coursing with anger as he goes on. "And now Valda sends one of her damned bog folk friends to arrest the thief and you place her under our protection? Do you even KNOW how this looks??" Revyn's attempt at re-direction is met with a shouted, "I have ire enough for all, today, brother."

Jarod probably frequents the whore as well (boy likes his whores), but this seems a poor time to bring that up, so he does not. Rather, he shuts up again.

"Father, Lady Valda arranged for a Nayland to come deliver an arrest warrant for one of our smallfolk rather publically." Jaremy retorts politely, doing his best to dislodge some of the flame. "I openly told Ser Rygar that the matter will be investigated, took Amelia into custody, and have guards manning her door so that it can be investigated. Whore or not this is a test of our mettle." Jaremy runs a hand through his hair, sighing. "It could also have looked as if we now buckle beneath their weight, too, Father."

Arms uncross from over his chest and Revyn lifts one hand to his mouth to give a slight cough and when it falls, he's giving a slight shake of his head, "Jaremy is right, brother. The choice in this matter was quite clear. Buckle and appear weak or stand our ground against the Naylands. I made mention to the Tordane Knights to pass word to both Ladies that you might wish to speak to them over this matter and invited them to be our guests."

"That Valda Tordane sought to insult us with her messenger, I do not doubt," Lord Jerlod returns to Jaremy's defense. "That this is a test of mettle, there is no dispute," he goes on. "And by making this investigation OUR concern- by staking our honor to this matter- you have taken what was a minor issue of jurisdiction and elevated it into a matter of conpiracy. Has it not occurred to you that this entire farce may be nothing more than a Nayland plot to publicly shame us?" Turning on a heel and stalking toward the Four Eagles throne, he answers over a shoulder, "There may be no clean answer to what happened today, brother. But I have not overlooked the indiscretion which placed us in so wretched a place." A hard look goes to Jaremy. "Learn everything from this whore, and pray to the Seven that no petition is already winging its way to Riverrun." A short exhale, as Jerold, exasperated with fading anger, sinks into the seat. "Weak or not, this house has been drawn into jeaopardy by this shameful debacle. If Valda Tordane wishes to make issue of this, we will surely lose Stonebridge if that whore and your apologies are not given. We must not be in the wrong, my son."

"Have you further orders for the Guard you'd have me issue, Father?" Jarod asks, keeping his non-shut-up contributions to this to business now. Though the look he shoots Jaremy is one of sympathy. "If Lady Valda comes as she was invited, she may bring more Nayland men with her."

"Father we have already lost Stonebridge." Jaremy says flatly. "Lady Valda knows well of the promise you and Lord Geoffrey had. The fact that she was so bold as to send a Nayland to issue the writ means that…" Jaremy swallows, brow lowering as his lips crease into a frown. "…that likely Isolde is already prepared to be wed to a Nayland and that Stonebridge is lost to us. Tourney be damned, she alone has set the stage by stepping around any diplomatic path as she sells her daughter off." He pauses. "You tell me to watch closely? That's what I saw today. They are one step ahead of us, and if Amelia gave that coin back to their magistrate then the matter has been settled. We would do well to put ourselves a step ahead of them in return."

Jaremy looks to Jarod, frowning to his brother as he turns to begin pacing in front of the throne. "I have no doubt that the Naylands will do anything to destabilize us."

There's a slight roll of Revyn's head from left to right before he's giving a nod of his head towards Jerold and then to Jaremy, "I'm afraid he's right. This was Valda's way of telling us that Tordane will be going to Nayland and not to Terrick." A hand lifts, coming to scratch idly at his chin for a moment before it falls away, "While Jaremy speaks with the whore, brother, give me leave to depart for Stonebridge with Jarod, to speak to both Lady Valda and Lady Isolde. I would like to hear what my neice has to say on this matter and what Valda has to say, in person."

"Send riders to patrol the eastern borders. I will not give Rickart Nayland an excuse to declare war, but he will know that we shall not be taken unawares," Jerold answers Jarod after a drawn breath. "Suspend leave for a week, and keep our men at arms at patrol through town. If any concessions are to be made, we must make them from strength." A look turned upward. "And hire on the best of the free-riders this tournament is bringing." Jaremy's comments are met with a sharp look that makes it all too clear what Jerold thinks of the old bargain between himself and Geoffrey Tordane. "Though Stonebridge be lost to us, I will not have this House painted as thieves or liars. That is a slight no Terrick must ever suffer." Revyn's words draw a longer look, followed by a nod. "Delay only long enough that you go armed with the knowledge of this whore, Revyn."

"There's a man in town now who might do for us," Jarod says to Jerold, nodding to the rest of that. "I had meant to keep an eye on him for you a the tournament, but he's in Terrick's Roost now. Hedge knight, name of Ser Kevan Tierney. He's been bloodied. Fought for Lord Tully during the rebellion, and he says he spent the last years selling his sword to the Northmen up by Flint's Fingers. That's hard country. Says he doesn't hold allegiance to any lord at the moment, so coin'll likely move him." At the bit from Revyn, he simply nods. "I can ride with my Lord Uncle as soon as we're ready, Father."

"I will speak with her immediately and garner the details." Jaremy replies to his father, nodding to his Uncle. "You'll have everything that you need to know as soon as possible." Looking close to spitting on the floor, Jaremy scowls at finding himself in an even bigger problem than before, and doesn't like one bit of it. His gaze casts over the Terrick hierarchy as he turns towards the back of the room, hesitating, as he's not yet been dismissed by his father. "Where shall we keep the girl?" He asks, nodding towards the man. "If her only crime she's committed is returning Tordane money given to her…what of our lordly justice?"

To his brother, Revyn gives a low bow of his head and then he looks towards Jarod so as to offer, "Once we have the information, nephew, we will depart with all haste." To Jaremy, he offers quite quickly, "If your father does not dispute it, lock her in my room and post a guard. I will not have need of it for the time being and I dispise taking a Nayland at their word that a crime has been committed. With the information you gather and what we will learn in Stonebridge, we will hopefully gather a piece of the puzzle that has been left out of our view."

"Shall I be pleased with the woman who has enabled my son's infamy?" Jerold prompts shortly of his heir. "Should she claim innocence, keep her well appointed in our holding until this matter is settled. I will not have the trigger for this ruin slipping away until we are convinced of her innocence. It may be that she be given over to the Tordanes if keeping her would stain our reputation." A look aside to Revyn, and a consenting nod. Jarod is regarded for a moment longer. "See to it. I will free the doffers for a promised month's pay to any free lance you judge worthy."

Sobered by the exchange, Jaremy turns from his father's chair and strides down the long room towards the door at the end of the hall. Work must be done quickly, and the weight of stares from his family he can bear no longer. His fist clenches at his side as he steps up to the heavy wooden door. With a shove, he exits his father's hall.

"I'll ride back into town now, see if I can seal matters with Ser Kevan while Jaremy finds out the truth of these accusations," Jarod says to Jerold. "I'll not be three hours gone, one way or another, and shall be ready to ride to Stonebridge upon my return, if my lord father commands it. There'll likely be more sell swords in Stonebridge itself, already arrived for the tournament. I'll let it be known Terrick coffers are open to those who can swing steel. By your leave?" He looks to Jerold, but seems ready to be out on Jaremy's heels. And will try to catch his brother in the hall, if he can.

Lord Jerold sits on the throne, mood not sweetened by having spent his ire. "It is good to have at least one son who seeks my leave," the Lord of the Roost voices along with his curt nod of dismissal to Jarod. "Revyn," he notes to his brother, "Go. Seven be with you."