Page 035: One Candle to Another
One Candle to Another
Summary: Ser Gedeon and Lady Lucienne enjoy a sunset and each other's company.
Date: 16/08/288
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Gedeon Lucienne 
Roof Terrace — Four Eagles Tower
This is open to the air except for the rookery at the opposite end of the open walkway. Parapets and crenellations are about.
16 August 288

It's a rather peaceful place up on the open roof of Four Eagles, and having traveled up here the once to meet with the Lady Anais, Gedeon must have found that he likes it. The late afternoon is creeping towards evening, with the sun nearly touching the horizon and shadows stretched thin and long out across the view. The blond knight of Oldstones is seated in a rather childlike posture, right on the edge, legs dangling over, weight resting on his arms and hands which have settled a little behind him. His face is turned towards the sun, eyes half-closed as a gentle breeze cools the heat of the summer day.

The interruption comes, a faint tapping of shoes against the stone underfoot and a swish of skirts. Lucienne's hair is set in one of the intricate circular braids she favours, baring her neck to the sea breeze's touch. Rather than say anything to interrupt the blond knight - whom she's recognised even from behind - she subtly increases the weight of her step to announce herself. She lifts her chin and drinks in a breath of the calming atmosphere.

It doesn't take more than a few footsteps and a faintly rustling of skirts for Gedeon to look over her shoulder. He swings his legs away from the edge to stand up properly, dusting off his trousers. "Lady Lucienne," he offers with a low and gallant bow. "Good afternoon. I hope the day is treating you well."

Her chin dips back down as she returns the gesture with a deep curtsy. Lucienne's head remains bowed as she greets, "Ser Gedeon. Forgive me for interrupting your reverie; you've chosen a popular spot for it." Her steps carry her a little closer, where she might be better placed for appreciating the view.

The knight smiles faintly and chuckles a little as he looks back out at the horizon. "Well, as you say, my lady, this is hardly my private rooftop. I cannot come up here expecting exclusive solitude. Besides, some views are nicer with good company."

Amused, a smile begins at the corners of Lucienne's mouth. "Busier here than your fortress at Oldstones, I would hazard? Very kind of you, to assume my company is agreeable, Ser. I trust your stay has been such, so far?" She clasps her hands in front of herself, and shifts a look from one view to another; the land, to Gedeon, a brow lifted enquiringly.

"More guests, most certainly," Gedeon agrees, a corner of his mouth lifting upwards in a playful smile. "It always seems safest to assume a lady's company is agreeable, as if you assume otherwise, you will undoubtedly be proven right. You and your family have shown Lord Valantin and myself nothing but kindness and hospitality. I must thank you again for giving us welcome in the midsts of such… unusual circumstances."

"Complex creatures, ladies are," says the girl on the heels of a breath of a laugh. More seriously, she muses, "Keep your friends close, Ser Gedeon. It has been both our honor, and perhaps our relief, to have you here. I have no doubt that - well. We're pleased that you remain. And how do you find your new squire?"

"Mmm," Gedeon agrees with a deep and worldly nod, "I balk at ever trying to understand their inner workings, but then I am told ladies say the same of gentlemen, as well." He smiles faintly for the mention of Rowan. "The young Lord Nayland shows great promise. He's clever and quick, he has the makings of a fine knight. I am only sorry that he joined myself and my lord so abruptly. I must apologize for any tensions it caused between your family and Lord Ser Ryker Nayland upon his visit."

Lucienne is not half so worldly in the return of that nod - hers is a series of short little bobs, her smile growing less guarded. "Some of you gentlemen are utterly perplexing. Your squire, though - I've always found him pleasant company, and we've certainly seen what he's made of. Don't apologise, Ser Gedeon. I believe the Lord Ser Ryker would have found something else to his chagrin were it not Rowan." A short sigh escapes her.

"He's a good lad," Gedeon agrees, "we've only known each other for a short while, but I already find myself fond of him." His smile dims a little as he shares Lucienne's sigh. "Lord Ryker did seem… keen to be agitated. And then the business with his retainer…" he frowns a little shaking his head. "Forgive me, my lady. That's no talk for gentle company. I hear your brother, Lord Jacsen, is returned home. That must be a welcome arrival."

"Quite disturbing," is Lucienne's opinion on that business, smile traded for a frown. "As was his abrupt departure. Nevertheless…" She splays a hand out wide, a resigned gesture. "Lords will do as Lords see fit. Jacsen, yes. He surprised me, the cad, appearing on his horse with no word sent beforehand. Lord Jason's loss is undoubtedly our gain." Gedeon's done well to elicit an upturn in moods, this new smile brighter than the the last.

"I remember him a little from when my father would bring Isolde and I to the Roost, but it has been some time, of course. Still, it will be nice to greet him again and hear of his time away," Gedeon says, drawing in a breath to fill his lungs with this new, more pleasant topic. "Is he home for good, then, or merely to visit?"

"A lifetime ago…" Lucienne says wistfully, turning another look out over the countryside as the sun sinks lower. "He isn't certain, but either way, he's warmly welcomed here at present. I do believe he wishes to meet with your Lord Ser - as do many, I suppose. A man of intrigue, is he not?"

"A private man," Gedeon allows with a small nod, running his hand idly through his hair as the wind tugs it gently about, "though not quite so mysterious as rumors seem to claim. A good man. He has saved my life more than once."

"Oh?" Predictably, Lucienne's interest is piqued. "The rumors are both kind and unkind to him, of course. I imagine that you must field many a question about him?" Brown eyes slide back to the blond knight beside her, though her face is slow to turn. "I have found him nothing short of a gentleman. He seems swift to hear, slow to speak. A smart man."

"I would agree, my lady. Smart and patient. He's learned the value of listening over talking, in most instances. And he is, whatever the rumors, a gentleman," Gedeon says. Glancing towards Lucienne, he adds, "He's mentioned you, you know, when we sit and speak after the day's training."

"A true blessing, to be born with both brawn and brains," reflects the lady admiringly. As Gedeon glances to her, she's already fixed her eyes upon him. They smile, betraying the downturn of her mouth that seeks to fool him. "Has he? Pray tell, what does your Lord Ser say of the Lady Lucienne?"

"He says you are as kind as you are lovely," Gedeon confesses, his own smile making no attempt to hide. "I fear he is quite taken with you, my lady."

Lucienne blushes fiercely, still trying her hardest not to grin like a fool. Thus, it's a moment before the curve of her lips is under control and she can speak again: "Is he, now?" A beat. "There is a saying, Ser Gedeon, that speaks to me. 'A candle loses nothing by lighting another.' I have gained much by lighting other candles; my kindness is rarely of a selfless nature."

"And yet, if it harms no one, and gives another candle it's life, it is still a goodness in the world, selfless or no," Gedeon replies, his smile softening. "Take pride in your deeds, my lady. Such gentle works so often go by unnoticed and unrewarded."

"Unnoticed is not always a burden," Lucienne quips back as the heat in her cheeks continues to rise. "I thank you, Ser Gedeon, for the compliment. And your Lord Ser, gentleman or warrior, or whatever else he may be - it is my pleasure to take his company as he would offer it."

The knight offers Lucienne another small bow. "My lady, I am honored to deliver the message for you." He look out at the horizon, with the sun half-set and the sky beginning to darken. "It creeps towards evening. Perhaps I might see you back, my lady. It would not be seemly to keep your courteous company in the darkness on a rooftop."

"Gedeon," murmurs the lady, pausing for a moment to study the knight contemplatively. She looks well about to say something ominous, or perhaps something secret, or even something threatening… but whatever it is, is kept to just that look. It softens. "I can hear the conspiracy theories already, Ser. Shall we?"

"My lady?" Gedeon queries, his brows lifting and his expression shifting into mild confusion for such a complicated and peculiar look. But, she softens and, after a moment, he relaxes and calls up his easy smile. "Those do seem to flower wherever I tread," he agrees with a soft chuckle. "Let's." And approaching, he offers his arm to the Lady Terrick to see her safely down the steps.