Page 318: On the Road to Recovery
On the Road to Recovery
Summary: Maester Taleryth checks on the injured Iulia
Date: 2/6/2012
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Iulia Taleryth 
A Room, Tordane Tower
Not the type of room you offer nobility
Sat Jun 02, 289

Early Saturday morning sees Maester Taleryth walk into the small makeshift infirmary for Iulia to recover from her ordeal. The woman in question has has her feet bandaged, many other injuries bandaged and her sunburns have been covered to protect from any stray sunlight that might enter the room. "Is Miss Dewhurst awake?" The question is posed to the young servant girl that would have been tasked with staying with Iulia the whole night.

The servant girl answers with a nod at first "Yes she is," to the Maester after passing Iulia a mug of water who accepts it graciously. An odd thing to be tended upon, watched throughout all the night. "Good day maester." She answered hoarsely, propped up against a large pillow so she may drink without spilling all over her new bandages.

Taleryth nods to the girl as he walks over close to Iulia and he asks, "How are you feeling, Miss? What still hurts?" The woman is likely sore from head to toe, but the question is asked regardless. The Maester's eyes visually check the bandages on what is visible of the young woman's frame and then he nods, moving close to her feet to check there, since her feet were very hurt out of all of her.

Lowering the clay mug into onto her lap the servant girl is prompt to take it gently away. Iulia's feet have been bandaged, exposed beneath the thin blanket covering her lower torso. Her lips were dry, heavily chapped and skin deeply reddened, with blisters along her flesh. "Truth Maester? So very tired." She cracked a small smile before lower her large hazel green eyes to the bandages on her feet. "My hands to, a little." As a servant for the Naylands for some time she is not used to complaining about pain. "My throat, the water helps."

"Yes, I expect so. The sun takes the strength out of even the great and strong. You were very brave to walk as far and as quick as you did, Miss Iulia." With a sight frown, Taleryth begins to gently unwind the bandages from Iulia's feet, very carefully so to not pull any attached flesh away with them. "Do you remember anything more about the bandits? I hope you might be able to tell us more after a good night's rest."

Brave, her eyebrows raised a little. "There was no bravery to be had Maester.." Iulia's words to come had been swallowed by a hiss as the man began to unwind her bandaged feet. She winced before continuing in a hoarse voice, "There was many of them, a little over a dozen I suppose. They stole the horses and they were ruthless. Angry at our lords for losing their family from the raids. I know what they look like."

A shake of Taleryth's head follows Senna's words. "Big, dumb, and ugly I expect, Miss. No one with an modicrum of intelligence kidnaps a noblewoman, much less -noblewomen-, and can expect to have a long lifespan. Trust the Lord Regent and the Knights. They will find the women and make the bandits pay with their very lives. However, you were good to get to us when you did. Getting lost on the way here or dying might have cost all the women without us ever knowing why." Taleryth tries to be gentler when the woman starts hissing, but it has to be done. As he finishes with one, he begins to inspect the skin, likely raw and almost hamburger from the walk. He also tries his best to hide this from Iulia.

The handmaiden could only imagine the ruin her feet are in and with such thoughts she's frowning deeply. Her eyes lower, staring blankly at her reddened hands, some blistering has formed on the back of them as she felt dry. Like an aged clay statue without the beauty of an artistic poise. "a." She tells him after a moment, "

The handmaiden could only imagine the ruin her feet are in and with such thoughts she's frowning deeply. Her eyes lower, staring blankly at her reddened hands, some blistering has formed on the back of them as she felt dry. Like an aged clay statue without the beauty of an artistic poise. "Aye, they were. Men that lacked honor." She tells him after a moment, "I do, I promised Lady Jocelyn and Lady Roslyn I would make sure they were safe. Th-they were terrified, I wish I was still there.

Taleryth again gives a shake of his head as he completes his inspection of the foot and begins to wrap it in fresh bandages, again slowly to minimise the handmaiden's pain. "No you don't, Miss Iulia. The noblewomen are valuable. And I hate to say it, but you were less so, so they let you go deliver the message. Had you stayed… they might have made an example out of you if they needed to frighten the others." The Maester stops from going into detail. Likely the woman can imagine for herself. "Now then, were any of the ladies harmed or in any distress beyond fear as you might tell? I am asking because when they are rescued, they might need me to attend to them immediately and knowing what I might find is a benefit to their care."

Still frowning the girl winces a little more from the new application of bandages, a necessary evil. "Aye…" She agreed, no doubt quite capable of imagining the horrors what men of their kind could concoct. "Yes, two were struck, one with a bow and the other twice by hand for speaking against the men. They were to be bound and blinded, lead to some… some place." And much like herself, "They had nothing for protection, robbed of all but their chemise."

As Iulia talks about the women, Taleryth finishes binding the foot and begins to repeat the evil operation on the other one, again with the same care to the maiden's pain. "So blindfolded and stripped to the chemise… they didn't want them to be able to hide anything or leave any clothing that might provide a trail." The Maester hmms to himself as he continues to unwrap the foot and by the time he's done he asks, "Tell me about the leader and the demands he told you to bring to Lord Riordan."

The handmaiden's shoulder shrugs a little. "They intended on selling it, I do not believe they were wise enough to think that far Maester." Let's not give the idiots too much credit. "He demanded money, tens upon tens of dragons from the have's to the have not's. He was tall, patched clothing, clothing I assume was not originally his. They were armed with bows, some swords. He twirled his mustache a lot."

Taleryth nods to the maiden. "The followers prehaps, but you don't get to be leader of anything by being entirely stupid. And yes true, the clothing would be worth something they could sell. Far better than kidnapping the women for certain." He frowns as she describes the leader and armament. And the ransom. "Tens of dragons… are they out of their minds? No noble would pay that much, not when they can send knights to bring them the hides of the bandits, or put that sort of money into a bounty." The Maester shakes his head and says, "Seven protect the Ladies." He finishes inspecting that other foot before he begins to rewrap it. "Your feet are healing well, Miss Iulia. Give them a week or so and you should be back to work."

New bandages but with the same aches, Iulia listened as the wise male shares his opinion of the matter. "His men seemed surprised at such a demand." She told him before looking to the girl, requesting water once again. "Are they?" She asked, too terrified to wiggle her feet or move them. "To be honest Maester the thought of returning on my feet is not something I desire at this moment."

Maybe so, but such is the fate of the worker bees, Iulia. Taleryth nods to her with a soft smile. "Like I said, it'll be a week, maybe more. Stay off them unless you wish to undo the work." He moves to check on her other bandages, most still fresh and not requiring a change. "And his men were likely surprised yes. How many different Houses were represented in those women taken, Miss Iulia? Do you know whom they all were?"

Iulia nods, her brown eyebrows knit closer while being inspected. "I certainly don't wish to do that." Resting while enjoyed had been a miserable experience thus far. "Ah.. I heard the names Mallister, Groves, Terrick…" She tries remembering. "And their handmaidens. Also Flint. There were quite a few high born in attendance, some guards standing by though they had not survived before the bandits revealed themselves."

Taleryth nods as the names are listed as he reaches Iulia's hands now. "I see." What he sees is left a mystery only to Iulia as the Maester checks her hands for the damage on them, although it certainly cannot be as bad as her feet.

Offering her hands for the Maester's eye, she's still a touch shaken so they're unstable within his possession. Very red and very dry for all the ointments that have been caked upon them. She had used a farmer's trick by smearing mud onto some parts of her exposed beneath the sun. It helped only a little. "Do you think there are more like them out there?"

Taleryth raises an eyebrow as he checks Iulia's hands. "More like the bandits? There are always men like that out there Miss. Especially after a war. Some out of desperation, some out for revenge on a world that has wronged them, especially if you said they claimed to lose their families and the Lords did nothing for it. But whatever their reasons, it does not make it right. They will be caught and killed. They always are for bandits." He nods as he finishes with the one hand and checks the other in turn.

Iulia lowers her gaze, quiet for a short while before asking "Killed even for an act of desperation?" Curious mostly as she was not pardoning the bandit's dishonorable actions.

Taleryth replies to the asked question. "Because they are unwilling to submit to the hard work required to return to their station in life. To put it plainly, if a farmer's home is destroyed and the Lord cannot or will not pay for the repair, the farmer could work very hard and restore what was his, but what if the farmer feels he has a right to have his home rebuilt? He may turn to banditry, hoping to restore what is his through the quick and easy path. Just because he feels he has a right to it, does not make his actions right. Becoming a criminal just because life dealt you a hard hand is wrong. I got lucky in getting sent to Old Town to become a Maester. Otherwise I might be just as hard off as they are."

While listening, Iulia's hands had been returned to her as she seeks the cup of water from the servant girl tasked with her well being and requests. "I did not realize it was so bad beyond Stonebridge. I mean, I heard rumors but to go to such extremes." The young handmaiden cradles her cup. "Do you think, I mean, they were not hesitant to cause harm to the ladies." She frowns over a thought, "The Lady Roslyn fainted at first. She was very distraught."

Taleryth shakes his head and says, "Unless the Lords and Knights are foolish enough to rush in to try a rescue without first sizing up these men, I don't think so. If the man asked for a ransom, he'll at least wait to see if they'll even consider paying it. If he can be talked to, they might be able to pay a smaller sum than what was asked to release the women to safety, then kill the bandits to recover the money. It's a strange situation, one I will talk to the Lord Regent about. The women will need my care regardless."

"I hope they are not foolish. Lady Jocelyn should be here." She retorts, a bit wide eyed before raising her cup of water, ever thirsty. "Please forgive me if I have not shown my gratitude Maester. I am very thankful for your aid and kindness."

Taleryth nods to Iulia and finishes with her other hand and then moves closer to check her chest, upper arms, neck, and face for their injuries and burns. "Seven willing, they will all be recovered. If I can, I will give what help I can to Lord Riordan to that end, Miss Iulia. And you're welcome." He smiles as he finishes the last bit of checking on the injuried maiden.

The arms and shoulders have their fair amount of damage, as does her neck and the lower limbs of the girl's legs. She'd smile if her lips were not so deeply cracked. "Until m'lords siblings are returned I fear he may need some company." Given how upset and angered he was. "At least to offer calmed thoughts." For how distraught the town and tower was the Maester seemed surprisingly at ease. "Forgive me, I'm very tired."

Taleryth nods and glances to the girl behind him. "More water and maybe some wine if she feels like drinking it. It will help with the pain." He finishes his checks, but moves to get some ointment from a small jar in his things that he brought with them and he says, "Press your lips together, Miss." He gets a small drop of the ointment on his finger and when Iulia complies, if she complies, he will gently smear the ointment across her lips. "This is not the best tasting stuff, but it will stop your lips from cracking."

As ordered she does so, pressing her thick lips together and tilting her chin upwards. He had not lied, the ointment was foul tasting and smelling upon application. Iulia tried not to frown nor open her mouth in fear of swallowing the disgusting concoction.

It is a quick application and when done, he will turn to the girl whom has a glass of wine to offer. "Take a lick, and then drink this. The taste will not be as bad once you've gotten the intial taste." The wine will taste much better, Iulia. Promise! Taleryth seems to be very clear in his care for his patients.

She's hesitant against doing so but follows his order and tastes the ointment, instantly falling into a coughing fit where the servant, bless her heart, responded by passing Iulia a cup of wine. The girl drinks, heartily until that foul taste no longer haunts her delicate senses. "Worse than sweating balls." She complained under a breath after draining the cup's contents of wine.

"I'll pretend that the Lady's handmaiden did not just imply she knows what sweating balls taste like." The Maester cannot help but have a grin at Iulia's response before he puts that foul ointment away and nods as he's done everything he can for Iulia. "Well then, you won't be in much discomfort in a few days. Is there anything else that feels wrong, Miss?"

Remembering her place, obviously a little loosed tongue from the wine coupled with her recovery. Iulia averted her gaze, coughing attempting to clear her throat as if those words had not came from her lips. She'd blame the other girl if she could. "No Maester. Just my feet." Which is well on the way to healing.

Taleryth nods to Iulia as he stands up and he looks to the girl. "Watch her for another hour and I'll send another girl up to watch her so you can get some sleep." The servant nods and replies, "Yes Maester." The man then says, "Rest well, Miss. The Lords will find the Ladies. I am sure of it." And with that, the Maester will disappear out the door. His work here is done. For today.