Page 208: On The Docks of The Bay
On The Docks of The Bay
Summary: Quellyan encounters Lady Tiaryn Flint, and Master Pariston Vis with a contingent of Flints while out on patrol. Diversions and Dinners are discussed
Date: 10/02/2012
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The Waterfront - Seagard
Seagard's waterfront was once the gateway to a bustling port, both for the Mallister naval fleet and merchant ships that docked here from all corners of the River coast, West, and even lands farther south. The Ironborn's initial attack on the city laid it low, however, and the wreckage of that initial assault still litters the sea. The Mallister fleet was demolished in that first wave, and the blackened remains of its once-proud war galleys float off the docks. The merchant stalls, customs stations and seedy dockside taverns that once thrived here are largely burnt as well, the Ironborn having looted and gutted them before they were driven from this part of the city. The dock - one of Seagard's three major ones - is still intact, however, and there's enough raw space in the stone buildings that couldn't be burned to house supplies.
10th Feb, 289AL

Tiaryn is at least just walking today. She's dressed all in black (no matter what her description might say). With her, a maid carrying a basket, dressed in grey and white, and a couple of guards. One of the guards is carrying a harp, but that seems to be pretty much ignored at the moment, just held in hand, wrapped up against the elements. Tia pauses by a large rock right by the water, staring out for a long moment, feeling the spray of the water and the salt of the air on her face as a sea breeze kicks up a little. Midmorning, by the sun in the sky, and a lovely day looks to be coming up. She turns to look at the folks tasked with keeping her safe and proper, and offers a wan smile. "I promise we won't stay out here all day, but just a little while," she says, seeming to finish up a conversation that had previously started.

Pariston has his usual grey and black clothes. But also has the Flint's emblem upon him. He is currently one of the guards that is moving along with lady Tiaryn. Even so he does not wear full maile or anything, not expecting a fight. But he does have a leather jerkin upon his body and a sword hanging from his hip, ready if need be. Stopping a few steps behind as Tiaryn looks out over the water. Jis own eyes looking towards the horizon. All while being quiet and looks over to Tiaryn as she looks over. A small nod offered, having a kind small smile upon his features as well.

Ever since the repulsion of the ironborn back into the sea, the waterfront has found itself somewhat busy. Mainly with the tasks of trying to get ships and supplies in, as the Army of the Cape readies itself in order to go take hell back to them that wrought it. Amongst those finding their foot traffic here would be a small gathering of men clad in the green and yellows of house Charlton, while one in their number is pressed in green and black. A boot sings out to kick an errant piece of rubble back towards a burnt out hulk of a building, as the owner only allows for a small frown. "Well, it seems the Fisherking, is too burnt out my brothers.." the knight starts "I tell you, she was one of the finer public houses you would have have found. A place where a man could pickle all parts of his body, if you catch my subtle meaning.." he finishes dryly, before a polite gaggle of chuckles follow. "Thank you, masters.. You all truly know how to soothe a man's ego." tacked on with a glance behind him. "A moment of silence for some of the best ale and ass in the riverlands.." A hand up, as if determining the time before he is nodding for them to saunter on.

Not far from the docks, Ser Quellyan, the knight aforementioned pauses again, as eyes light onto the small party that has congregated out on the quay. A raise of his brow. "Mourners?" he jests back, before bringing his hand to slap at a nearbye squire. " Watt, be a bright lad and tell me that emblem." As a hand points out to the congregated guards. Of course the boy can't get an entirely great view, but Quell, merely chuckles. "Quit stammering. I'm not some maid, that you got your hand up her skirts with. That dear boy, is House.." a pause as he narrows his gaze, honing in on Pariston. "House Flint I believe…Northmen." A look over "Queer they'd be night the water.." And with that he looks to another older member in the company. "Ser Theron..If you would be kind to continue patrol, I am off to see what our friends are viewing..beyond dead ships and gull shit." A quick salute of a grin, before Ser Quellyan is embarking down the docks, and the Charlton men are continuing their rounds.

Tia's expression is not quite so haunted at the moment, calm and serene more like it. She does offer another smile to her folks, the maid rolling her eyes but then chuckling softly. Tia looks out over the water, and then a hand raises to brush a curl out of her face, her hair caught by the wind and happy to escape its confines. When the maid catches sight of that, she frowns. "Here, Lady Tia, we should get down out of the wind somewhat, so that you can continue to look proper," Adara suggests, and that actually brings a laugh from Tia, if shortlived. "Perhaps we should, but the sea air is far nicer than many other options, Adara." She turns though, willing to accept the change in scenery. Which brings her gaze to those men in green and gold. Or green and black as the case may be. Her posture straightens, a glance over towards Paristan and his compatriot, but then she relaxes somewhat, pausing in her steps to watch what it is that the Charlton folks are about.

Pariston smirks as he looks at the hair and hear Adara speak. He stays quiet, but does seem rather glad as he stands still. Following along as they start to move. He does look around occasionally, making sure things are as they should. A guard has to be ready for anything after all. Before long spotting the approaching man. Looking at him before turning to Tiaryn. Seeing as she seems to have spotted the man, as well as the group. The smile growing a little as he nods his head in greeting, to the man. Arms hanging by his sides. Though he does pay full attention to his surroundings as well as the man.

Luckily, for the approaching knight, the air won't make him any less presentable-though at times his mouth has more than enough made up for what the elements cannot undo. A smile that could scream of cockiness, is placed on his lips, as his saunter turns into a slightly armored strut, pausing long enough to watch as the men at arms and squires head along their merry. A look is given back over towards the small Flint contingent before he is opening his mouth. "A fine day we're having? No winter squalls, an the sea is calmish..Wouldn't you think?" And had Quell heard the claim of sea air being better than far many things he probably would agree. Though, the knight just seems pleased to grin.

"I love the sea, though no sailor am I. It just has a right smell. Clean, crisp. Unless you're down by the fisherman's wharf.." A shake of his head, before he is nodding to Pariston. "I hope, dear Lady, that is what has brought you all here to see, as opposed to the hulks.." a motion with one and out to one of the damaged quays where a dead ships's husk still waits. "I'm afraid we have much to do, before that'll ever be cleaned.." And as soon as the gloom has been added he hopes to dazzle with his smile. "My manners-of course." Quellyan says before bowing, slightly. "Ser Quellyan Charlton, at your service, Lady Flint?" The question there of course to see if he is right, as opposed to just assuming. Though whether any of them, know of him- is not of much of a concern, given his smile is still firmly planted.

The confident demeanour is noted, Tia having met one or two men with such an attitude previously. She gives a polite curtsey, and then inclines her head. "Aye, I am Lady Tiaryn Flint," she acknowledges easily enough. "And you must be somehow related to Lord Aleister, I think?" The last name is somewhat of a dead giveaway, in many respects. "A pleasure to meet you, Ser. I had come down to enjoy the fresh air. The ruins and wreckage - I would be pleased to see them cleaned up. Perhaps I will have an opportunity to return once Seagard is restored, though I am not certain how well that will work." She moves forward again, to step out of the direct wind, using one of the near buildings as a bit of a shelter. "It is a fine day, to be sure. The sun is bright and cheery, even on such grounds as these." Of course whether or not he knows who Tiaryn is, as opposed to Cordelya - who can say? "A day like this one, it would be a good day to have the seaside patrol, I am guessing. Even if it leads past the fisherman's wharf where the air is not so friendly as here." Adara stays back as is proper, as does the sworn with the harp, leaving poor Pariston to keep a closer watch on their Lord's good-cousin.

Pariston does look at the man that is coming closer, seenig the smile upon the man's lips as well as the strut. Listening to the man while keeping his own mouth shut. Being the one who is at the moment closest, and almost all alone it would feel like, to the lady makes him keep a close watch. Making sure things stay the way that they should. But he is only a guard so he makes sure not to interrupt the two. Just staying at the side of the lady. Feeling the wind occasionally dragging in and blowing at his face. A smirk upon his face all while the conversation is going on. His a bit less strict as many other guards, but he does follow all the rules, nonetheless. Even if he is standing rather close to the lady, but that is for protection.

"Then the pleasure is completely mine, Lady Tiaryn.." whether or not Quellyan knows the difference between the Lord's wife and cousin, is kept mum as Quellyan, is continuing to go on as he is, moving just so to allow the lady further respite from the wind, while allowing for himself to be close, but still polite. "I indeed am. Lord Aleister is my dear cousin, have you had the pleasure of meeting him?" Of course she must, if she would know the name, but in order to keep the conversation going along Quellyan asks all the same. "He's a great fighter, and a brave man. It is an honor to serve with him." Eyes trail down the Lady, taking her in before he is looking up, hand coming to shield his eyes. "Aye, it makes for a fine time to pull the shore patrol. But then I prefer milling the streets of this once fine city than hanging back in camp."

A white lie, but some of the smells of the city is preferable than the smell of the camps, or the hospital tents, for certain. "And you are correct, but that is why I stopped and allowed them to go on, let them have the fish. I would rather get to know a fine Lady from a Fine House." polite compliments, nothing forward at least. "I can rejoin them later, though I do hope we can keep this secret to ourselves. I am sure my men would not care to know I chose this instead of their company." A chuckle, before eyes slide over to the smirking guardsman. A cock of his jaw before he is nodding in turn to Pariston. "Surely your watchman, doesn't mind my diverting you, if briefly?" A question to Pariston, as much as it is to Tiaryn.

"Master Vis has been with my goodcousin's family forever, I do believe," Tiaryn says with a glance towards Paris. "He takes his work seriously. I believe that might be why he is so lucky as to be here with me today, now that I think about it." That last actually includes a bit of teasing towards the guard, before she turns back to the knight who has chosen to divert, in a multitude of ways. She will let him answer the question posed to him, having no need or desire to do so on his behalf. "There are areas in the camps that could stand - several months of cleaning, I believe, before they are once more habitable. Though generally, those are areas that it is wise to stay well away from, even for the bravest of knights." Toxic and all. "I have met Lord Aleister, yes, as well as his Lady wife. They both seem to be honorable folk, so far as I have seen. I believe there is a dinner scheduled with them, at some point, though I have not yet heard when it might take place." And gods help them all, Tia's supposed to be covering for Corrie there. That should be quite the event. She pauses to think over what has been said and if there is any more to add, her blue eyes thoughtful, stance unconsciously changing to one a little more relaxed as the conversation progresses. "Distractions of entertaining conversation are in fairly short supply these days and they are quite welcome, at least to my mind."

Pariston stands and listens, making sure to stay quiet. His eyes studying the man, listening to the words. His own body not saying much, trying to look as neutral as possible. But he does see the man's eyes and face as he looks at the lady. But staying quiet, still, until he is introduced. As to which he bow his head. Then nodding to Tiaryn as she looks over "Since Robert's rebellion." Then letting his smirk widen and he speaks, perhaps out of place, "I try to ligthen it up whenever I have a change though." Then he falls silent again, but just grins as he's teased. And when asked a question by Quell he shrugs, in an almost unnoticeable fashion, before looking over at Tiaryn. Letting her answer. He is but along for whatever she has in mind.

Quellyan lets his eyes slide over towards Paris, keeping them on the young man for a moment as his grin widens, perhaps to something more friendly. Though, given that Tiaryn has given out what he was trying to suss with just that bit of information-though it doesn't detract that she still might be the Lady Flint. All the same, the knight awaits the guard's answer before simply saying: "Splendid. I'd pay good coin to have a man like you. Your Lord, must be quite lucky, as is your lady."

With introductions aside, Quell's chuckle rises back up "Indeed, Lady, and though I would like to claim to be simply the bravest of knights, I must admit even those areas, do send a chill up my spine." a moment of self deprecation never truly hurts, does it? "Luckily, I am not the man assigned to those places." And as the lady relaxes, so does he, his stance becoming looser, if it was able to, and his hand content to hitch at his belt, lazily. "Oh good, then you have met Lady Cherise- I say Aleister is a lucky man to have her, both suit each other well and if I may praise my good cousins more, they are a very honorable pair indeed." Quellyan tilts his head slightly, watching the woman, as if trying to glean anything further, before he smiles and allows for teeth to show, before it simply dies down to a grin. "Well Dinner is a splendid thing, I would hope to meet your cousin then, if I am not needed elsewhere." And Eyes shift past the Flint contingent for a moment to see where his own men might be, before he is looking back. "Oh I agree. A great distraction, specially, given the company, I have been able to enjoy so far. I would take this distraction anytime-though sadly today it cannot be for long."

Tia's gaze goes to Pariston for a moment, catching both his answer and his shrug to Quellyan. Since he doesn't answer for himself, she turns back to the knight. "I suppose that it might be said that Master Vis would object to your diverting me if I objected. Since however I do not, he is content to keep watch. Is that so, Vis?" She glances back over at the guard good naturedly. "I think my cousin Anders is quite lucky in that he has good men, every last one of them." Stoutly said and bound to be, given her relationship and all. "Though perhaps he might still miss my husband's insight, but there, Connell did not make it home from the Battle of the Trident." The mourning clothing? Not due to her husband's death, not this far away from that event. "And will you be there for dinner with us? I think that would make for a far more entertaining evening, though I could be convinced to wager that my cousin and Lord Aleister will need to be pulled away from conversations of business."

Pariston doesn't really consider himself a really valuable asset or anything, so he just stays silent as they seem to praise him. Nodding to Tia as she ask him a question. "Indeed. Unless we need to go. Though I have no real issue being here." He offers. His tone light and soft. Continuing to nod agreeingly with what Tia says. Letting his eyes go back and forth between the two nobles as well as keep watch at the sides. He does relax a bit but it isn't very visible. Still keeping his posture. Watching the casual conversation at hand. Not butting in even about the dinner. He does not know a lot about such things, so his opinion wouldn't really matter. If he even do have an opinion on it.

"My condolences.." Even though it was a far away event, the knight still offers. A glance is passed to Master Vis, as if trying to read the man any further, before he is looking back to Tia. If that is not for the reason why she is in mourning, he will not press. He knows not the customs of the North, nor will he assume to. " I hope to be, m'lady. You'll find it's hard for me to escape a dinner, and I would even say that dinners I am at tend not to be a dull affair." Specially if wine is involved, but he leaves it out. " I wager that they will, and if not- perhaps I can at least give you some entertaining conversation, if they will not have it." a good natured grin, and then as he spots the tell tale column of green and gold making their way back he stands a little straighter.

"It seems my time in being a diversion for you this day, draws quite nigh." and with an over dramatized sigh, he does allow to look beyond as if to give his reason. "Though, Lady Flint- I do hope to run into you again, either in the camps or on patrol, as you've made this diversion quite worth it."

Tia has to chuckle, poor Pariston. She inclines her head. "I suppose, given I promised Corrie and Anders, that we should shortly head back to camp, so I can be visible to folks there. Though are you sure it does some good, Vis? I depend on you to tell me the truth now." It's said half seriously, Tia not so sure her presence will do much of anything for the men. Then at Quell's condolences, she stiffens a bit, before she realizes that he's talking about Connell. Her gaze flies up, and she chews her bottom lip momentarily before she says, "Thank you. I - you will likely hear it from others. I am - by birth - a Camden." Her words are soft, and that name with the events at Tall Oaks is perhaps not unrecognizeable. "I shall look forward to dinner with the Charltons in no uncertain terms, Ser Charlton. And do please feel free to continue such diversions. I find too few of them, and fewer still that can catch my attention and hold it for any length of time."

Pariston does seem relaxed and calm upon his features. Even if his posture is still good, his stance gives of a more relaxed appearance. Leaning on on foot rather than standing straight. A smile upon his face, be it rather small.

He turns his head as Tiaryn speaks to him. "It does good to see you around at all. It will give the men some support. Knowing that there is always one of the house's people is around. It might not be the same as the young lord or his wife. But it is still appreciated." He tells her, seeing as she wanted him to tell the truth. Falling silent as she speaks to Quell

As the man is about to leave, Pariston straigthen up and offers a deep nod. "Be well, Ser." Not saying more than so.

Quellyan is silent for a moment. The look passing his face, easily wiping the grin away. "Oh my Lady." a bowing of his head, before he looked back to Tiaryn, his hand moving to his sternum. "My most sincere apologies..I did not know." his own voice softening there. "I am extremely sorry for your loss." Loss of home and family-though never experienced, Quellyan does at least understand and is somber for it. No game behind it, simply sincere there.

"Well. I do hope then to divert you soon. And I pray that the sun remains cheery for you today. Enjoy it a bit longer, please." A nod is given over to Pariston as now the knight tries to gracefully disengage himself. ""It was a pleasure meeting you both, Lady Flint…Master Vis." A quick Bow, and he moves to join up with the returning patrol to finish his rounds.

Tia doesn't get much chance to reply back to Quellyan, as he takes his leave. But she does make a note to do so, when next they meet. "I am going to stop telling people, if they don't stop getting all soppy on me," she murmurs. Though she does manage a bit of a smile giving Pariston a glance. "And what do you think of the Knight in green and black, rather than green and gold, I wonder?" Something that Tia did catch, truthfully. She can hope he won't get all out of sorts and not be able to speak with her any more, at any rate. Dinner will likely be difficult enough. Adara sniffs, finding the question improper, but it's already asked and Tia doesn't take it back. She does however chuckle softly. "Come on, let's go back to camp then. Since it's apparently good for me to show my face there." With a swish of her skirts, she turns to head back towards the Flint camp, though she doesn't necessarily follow the patrol path.

Pariston does hear the murmur, causing a small grin. Speaking in a low voice back to her, "They are but concerned. I do undrstand the feeling. People apologize to me quite a lot throughout my life." He offers. Though it would only be the people that lived close to where he grew up. Pariston has stopped being very surprised by the things the folk does. Even if it does cause him to raise his brows. "Well. The man seems decent. If a bit too friendly." He offers her with a slight bow of his head. Then nodding and following along as they go towards camp.