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Summary: Lady Miranda Ashwood and her handmaiden, Eva set out to find gifts. While they succeed in their quest, they get more than they bargain for, finding Lady Aemy Erenford, her handmaiden Kyra and Lord Robben Ashwood. New friendships are made and old renewed. A lovely day in the Market Square all told.
Date: 17/Nov/2012
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Highfield Market Square
The hustle and bustle of activity in this smaller square, in daylight hours, is due to the crafters and smallfolk who come here to ply their trade. A well-appointed smithy lends the constant sounds of hammering and steam, a lone gate leading to a thatch-roofed stall for horses in need of shoeing, while the forge itself resides in the main building. Across the way, a leatherworker displays high-quality wares; from tooled falconry gloves to satchels to corsets. Anything one can envision, crafted from kidskin, suede or tanned leather, they'll find it within. Lesser traders merely occupy small stalls or spread blankets, most offering fresh-caught fish or dug vegetables.
Sat Nov 17, 289

The sun rides high on the morning side of the day, bright and glorious in that blue vault. The light that falls, however, is a bit wan for autumn is swiftly passing. A chill breeze skitters dirt and golden leaves across the square. Today, the stalls are filled and wares are called to passers by from all sides.
Miranda walks more slowly than some, her maid Eva with her. Each of the women has a basket over one arm. Miranda's has a cover over it, so the contents are hidden. Eva's holds some fruit and a loaf of bread. The two young woman seem to be in quiet conversation that might or might not have anything at all to do with the merchant's wares.

Out enjoying the morning, an Erenford lady has come out of the Inn, with her handmaid Kyra, to catch a little bit of shopping before seeking out a few friends she has here in Highfield. A basket over Kyra's arm, the two walk side by side as they talk together softly. Aemy has a cloak boasting the Erenford colors of pink and gold though the dress she wears, while being mourning black, is still elegant in its simplicity.
"Kyra, with Lady Muirenn marrying my cousin soon, I think we should find a suitable wedding gift early. I have put a lot of thought into it, but I want something personal for the two of them, but not overly so." Kyra responds with only a smile, just allowing her lady to muse to herself for now, knowing her rather well, having been with her for many years.

Miranda's cloak carries the Ashwood crest worked in fine needlwork. She, too, wears mourning black, and while there is a sparkle in her eyes, it is somewhat muted. "Come, Eva, you must help me. Cousin Saethwyr's wedding is now past and I must find the couple something appropriate."
Eva looks almost pained, "You did give the Lady Tiaryn a goodly gift, my Lady."

Miranda nods once, her expression thoughtful, "Yes, but I did not find anything suitable for them as a new couple and that is not acceptable." Turning a bit, she looks down one row of merchants and her eyes light on the Erenford lady and her companion. Tilting her head to one side, she offers Eva a smile, then glances Aemy's way. Turning, she begins to walk that way and when in hailing distance, offers, "Good morrow, lady. I trust that someone has welcomed you to Highfield?"

After briefly studying a particularly lovely tapestry, Aemy looks to Kyra a moment, a pensive expression on her features as she considers purchasing the item for a gift. "I adore it, but I think it would be rather presumptuous of me to dictate what to hang in their home, would it not?"
Kyra gives her lady an amused look, not having to reply, knowing Aemy always managed to talk herself into or out of things.
"I know, I know.." The Erenford offers to her handmaid at the amused look. "Thank you, for listening at least." Laughter bubbles out as she shakes her head, "We will find something suitable I am certain." Hearing a greeting, Aemy turns and sees the lovely Ashwood lady approaching. "Good morrow, my lady," dipping into a polite curtsy accompanied by warm and friendly smile. "I have only just arrived last evening, and spent the night in the inn. Thank you though for the lovely welcome. I am Lady Aemy Erenford."

Closing the distance a bit more, Miranda lowers into a curtsy for the lovely Erenford, then rises again, "Welcome, Lady Aemy. I am Lady Miranda Ashwood. Oh? I have stayed at the Inn on occasion and it is comfortable, I found. Will you be staying at the keep while you are here? Forgive me if I seem uncertain, Lady. I am only recently arrived myself and am not yet familiar with all of the customs in my Lord Cousin's home."

The sun rides high on the morning side of the day, bright and glorious in that blue vault. The light that falls, however, is a bit wan for autumn is swiftly passing. A chill breeze skitters dirt and golden leaves across the square. Today, the stalls are filled and wares are called to passers by from all sides. Miranda is in conversation with Aemy while Eva and Kyra stand with their respective Ladies.
Turning her head just a little, Miranda looks at the tapistry Aemy was considering, "I am looking for a suitable belated wedding gift for my cousin and his new wife. Their wedding feast was the day I arrived and in the hustle and bustle, the gift I thought I brought went missing. I was able to give the Lady Tiaryn a 'welcome to the family' gift, but that is not at all the same thing as a gift for the pair, is it?"

"It is indeed lovely meeting you, Lady Miranda. I will more than likely be staying at the Inn during my time here, I would not wish to intrude on the Ashwood hospitality." Aemy offers, her smile warming as she continues on about the recent festivities at Highfield. "Oh the wedding and feast after were incredibly romantic, there was so much love in the air it was almost palpable. I confess to being a romantic, and when nobles are allowed to marry for love, I find it heartening."

As Miranda mentions the gift and how it had become misplaced, she looks towards the stalls. "I understand why you would like to find another gift, though I am almost certain Lady Tiaryn would not be expecting more. If you wish, perhaps we could shop together? I would welcome the company, greatly."

Making his way out from the direction of the leatherworker, Robben whistles a bit to himself now, something that sounds like a lively dancing tune. He's carrying a small package under one arm, as he looks around the area a bit quietly at the moment.

Laughter begins, though it is kept low and warm, "Ah, in that case, my lovely new friend, you will likely run into my brother, Lord Daryl Ashwood. I love him dearly, that one, but he is a caution." Her eyes dance with mirth, though the light turns a little wistful, "I am very sorry that I missed the festivities." She lowers her voice a bit, confiding, "I also am a bit of a romantic. The notion of being allowed to marry for love is… Well, it seems so out of reach that when it does happen it is a miracle straight from the Seven."
Brightening at the suggestion, Miranda nods and offers her free arm to Aemy so the two can stroll together in close conversation, "I would love that, Lady, thank you. Oh, I know that Lady Tiaryn does not expect more, but that is part of the fun is it not? Being unexpected?" That is when she hears Robben's jaunty whistle. Turning his way to see who it is that is gracing the morning with melody, her smile warms, "Do you know Lord Robben, Lady Aemy? Perhaps we can drag him into this adventure?"

The laughter is contagious and Aemy joins in with the Ashwood lady. That is until the Ashwood lady mentions her brother, then her cheeks flame and she looks anywhere but at Miranda. Her brother! "We.. met. Rather briefly." The warnings following the announcement are heard, if a tad late. "A caution, I think you are right." The last words almost whispered.

Disregarding the slight uncomfortable moment, Aemy offers another vibrant smile, looping her arm with her newfound friends. "Unexpected is sometimes the most fun, I agree." Hearing the whistle as well, blonde hair spills over her shoulder as she turns to look in the direction Miranda turns towards. And there is Lord Robben. Briefly, she removes her arm and dips into another curtsy, her handmaid following her lead. "Yes, we have met before." Reassuring the lady. "We became acquainted quite some time ago." Looking to the lord in question, blue eyes dancing with mischief. "Lord Robben, it is indeed a pleasure seeing you again, I regret leaving so quickly after the wedding to accompany my cousin to Hag's Mire, but I came back as soon as I was able."

"Cousin," Robben greets Miranda, offering a bit of a smile. He did finish one of the verses of the song first, so he can stop at a good place. He then turns to Aemy, offering her a wide grin. "Lady Aemy. It's wonderful to see you again. Welcome back," he offers, offering a bow to both the ladies again now. "I hope you both are well?"

Ah but Miranda notes the change in her new friend and her smile dies slowly away. She turns a glance to the Erenford lady, her gaze searching the other's face and she speaks in a near whisper, "Dear Lady Aemy. May I call you that? For I feel that we should be good friends. Did my brother do aught that he should not have?" Her hand lifts to cover the other's, "I shall string him up if he did…" And by her tone, she means it.

The smile she turns to Robben is heartfelt and clear. She releases Aemy's arm and curtsies for her cousin, Eva doing the same. Rising, Miranda moves forward a bit, "I am well, good Robben and trust that you are as well?" She glances at the Erenford lady and then back, "We are doing a bit of shopping, Cousin. Would you be so kind as to grace us with your company?" Her smile is once more quick and relaxed, "And share more of that melody? I would like to learn to play it, though I do not know if it is entirely suited to the lyre."

The tell-tale blush says what the Erenford will not. "Yes, please call me Lady Aemy or only Aemy if you wish." Hesitating only briefly, she continues on, "We met at the wedding feast, my lady. He offered me a dance." Though she elaborates no further, instead focusing her attention on the smile offered by Robben. "It is wonderful seeing you again, as well. I am quite well, and I do so hope you are too." Though as she considers a moment, she continues on. "I do regret I had to leave before we ever got a dance in, perhaps when my cousin weds, you will save me a dance?"

Hearing Miranda offering him to join, Aemy smiles more fully, "Yes, please do, Lord Robben, we would appreciate your presence and opinions, should you wish?" Nodding in agreement about the melody. "Oh you play the lyre? I hope to hear you play sometime!"

"I will make sure to make sure that dance will be done, Lady Aemy," Robben offers with a bit of a smile, before he nods a little bit. "The chance to spend some of the day together with two wonderful ladies?" It's offered with a bright grin as he looks between the two ladies now. "And I will try to help you learn how to play it, although I only know how to whistle it, I must admit."

Noting that blush, Miranda's gaze hardens ever so briefly. Seems the good Lord Daryl is in for a rough time with his sister. Might be entertaining to watch. Eva might even look forward to it all things considered. But, the look passes quickly and Miranda flickers a look Aemy's way, then back to her cousin, "Thank you. Whistling should be enough if you do not mind repeating it over and over and… Over again until I get the notes right. Truly, I will try to be quick so that you are not exhausted by the process and never wish to hear the melody again." A blush touches her cheeks and she nods to Aemy, "Thank you. Call me Miranda, then, if you wish? And, yes, I do play. Though I am not as good as the Lady Tiaryn is on her harp." Her tone turns a little whistful then and she sighs briefly. When Robben agrees to attend them, she smiles a quick smile and the blush remains, "Thank you, Cousin. We are looking for gifts. You know Saethwyr better than I do, so your help will be invaluable. Lady Aemy is also looking for a gift, but I am not aware of whom she means to give it to…"

"I look forward to it then, Lord Robben. Also, I would like to thank you for escorting me to the wedding here, previously. It was indeed an honor to arrive at your side." Aemy smiles as Robben gives them both a bright grin and accepts.

Looking back to the lady, Aemy notices her gaze harden briefly and regrets her inability to keep her emotions out of her expression. "Forgive me, my lady, I wish not get your brother into any trouble. It was only a.." What was it? Exactly what, she is not sure, but it was brief and unplanned, for sure. Just a kiss! "A brief meeting, nothing improper." Mostly. Besides, he had asked her not to tell anyone!
Kyra says nothing in reply other than giving the now jabbering noble lady a reassuring touch on her slim waist. Ah, the gentle reminder.

At the reminder, Aemy looks between the two, her expression one of embarrassment, "Forgive me, I tend to carry on needlessly at times, I suppose. I, too, play the harp, Miranda," using the name she had been invited to. "The gift is for my cousin, Ser Otto, who will be marrying Lady Muirenn Mallister soon." Explanation given, she gives them both an apologetic look.

"The honor was all mine, Lady Aemy. Thank you for letting me escort you. I truly enjoyed your company," Robben offers with a bit of a smile. Looking between the two now, at the mention of Daryl. "I'm sure he manages to get himself in trouble without any help, right?" Offered a bit lightly, before he nods a little bit now, "I'm sure something could be found for your cousin, my lady," he offers to Aemy.

Miranda smiles at Aemy, relenting a little. Her shoulders lift in a slight shrug, however and she sighs with mock-whistfulness, "Very well, Aemy…" She deepens her smile a little in thanks for being allowed the liberty of using the Lady's name without the honorific, "I will leave the meeting out of our next conversation." No sense in making her brother upset with her new friend. "And do not worry about it, please. You have as much right to speak your mind as any other."

Noting the brief touch to Aemy's side, Miranda offers Kyra a quick smile though it is Eva who nods in approval. She glances at the other handmaiden, offering a look of sympathy and support. Is that a wink, shadowed behind her Lady's back? Could it be that Eva has to attend to Miranda in the same fashion? Oh, Seven forfend! And yet, that look holds more than it would without personal experience to back it.
"You play the harp as well, Aemy? Tiaryn has kindly offered to teach me. Perhaps the three of us can get together and play some evening? I would love to hear you play…" Her tone is again somewhat wistful, though very pleasantly anticipatory… Turning then, Miranda's somewhat mercurial attention moves on. She glances at the leatherwork shop, then to Robben's package, her gaze thoughtful, "You have been doing some shopping yourself, Robben?" Curiosity peeked, she smiles at the man, "Pray what did you get?"

Pleased by the assurances from Lord Robben, Aemy returns his smile, though only listens when Lord Daryn is mentioned again. "Thank you, Lord Robben, I am also quite certain I will find something whether here or in Heronhurst. I do hope the both of you will come visit me there soon, I would adore getting to show you around our river walk, it is very lovely."

Kyra finds perhaps a common bond with the other handmaid and her features light up much like that of her lady when she finds a kindred spirit with a friend. Returning the wink to Eve, silently hoping to get to spend time in the company of the other handmaid.

"I do enjoy the harp and I would love to get together with both of you, though I would not wish to intrude, perhaps if Lady Tiaryn is in favor of it. Hopefully you will return the favor of allowing me to hear you play your lyre?" Having not seen where Robben departed, she looks towards the package in his arm with interest as well, but says nothing about it, allowing Robben to answer her new friend.

Robben smiles a little bit as he listens to what's being said now, nodding a little bit as he hears the mention of visiting Heronhurst. "That sounds like a lovely idea, my lady. Hopefully it can be done soon." He then pauses a bit at the question about what he's bought. "Oh, nothing much, just some gloves. I tend to get some of those every now and then."

Miranda lets the subject of her brother drop in favor of brighter topics. Her smile warms and she nods, "It would be an honor, Aemy. We will have to see if it can be arranged soon." Lowering her hand, she lets her basket slip toward her wrist, then lifts it once more. "I do not believe that I have seen a river walk. It sounds perfect for a warm summer day. We could, perhaps, pack a picnic and spend the day? Or is it something best enjoyed at a leisurely pace without pausing for lunch?"

Eva is heartened by Kyra's returned wink and begins making plans to slip away once Miranda is safely in someone else's care. Surely some time can be found for the two to sit and gossip over a mug of something warming. It is a delight to the handmaiden to find another who shares her joys and concerns.

Unaware of the silent scheming going on behind her, Miranda almost claps her hands, "Then we shall, the two of us. If Lady Tiaryn can join us, all the better. But, if not, we shall spend some time with music regardless. If not before you leave, then when next we meet." Then she turns to her cousin and nods, "Good gloves are a treasure, truly. I will need a new pair before going riding next. I fear that mine are a bit the worse for wear." Turning to the leatherworkers, she speaks thoughtfully, "Another time, though. We are on a quest." With that, she aims down the way toward one of the other shops. "Tell us, Aemy… What sort of something were you thinking to purchase? Has the bride given you any hints at all about what she might wish to receive?"

"Hopefully so, Lord Robben and Miranda, I would like that immensely, I do want to show off my home to my dearest friends." At the mention of gloves, Aemy smiles, looking towards the package. "I should get some for myself, for riding. Mine are getting quite worn, I admit I just never think about it."

Kyra makes her own plans to slip away. After all, while her lady was sleeping, she could find the time! Looking forward to it as well, she looks more cheerful than she has in awhile.
"Oh it will be wonderful, perhaps Lord Robben can come alone and whistle along with the music, or maybe we could coax him to sing?" As they begin walking along, Aemy looks thoughtful, "She has given no inclination of what she would like, though I want to give her perhaps some scents, or candles or something more intimate for the eve of her wedding. It would be something I would like.. if I were marrying someone I love."

"Yes, never underestimate having the good pair of gloves, my ladies," Robben offers after a few moments of pause, and a bit of a smile. Blinking a bit at Aemy's words, shrugging a little bit. "Me, sing?"

Miranda's smile warms and she once more offers Aemy an arm as they move down the path to a shop. This one is tucked away between two others, smaller than they are but with an air of quiet gentility about it. She angles toward the door, "Scents? That is a thought. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for here. I have not visited, but word at the Keep is that her wares are exceptional."

The shop does have a faint 'air' about it as scents of jasmine and bayberry, teatree oil and mint dance on the morning breeze. Eva also looks more cheerful than she has in a while. Miranda too must sleep at some point and has, on occasion, been known to stay the night at the Inn. A plot begins and she darts a glance at Kyra, the look full of delighted anticipation. Friends are rare in her line of work and so this opportunity is sent straight from the Seven.

A delighted smile warms Miranda's face and she turns to Robben then, "You know? You are right. We should stop in and get a pair for each of us once we have our gifts. And yes. You should sing, dear Cousin. You have the voice for it. Melodic and true of pitch. If you have not learned, then it is high time… Wouldn't you agree, Aemy?" Reaching the shop, she pauses to take in the scents.

After slipping her arm once more through Miranda's, Aemy looks towards the store as they angle towards it. "Already I want to go inside, it smells lovely even from out here." Favoring the berry scented aroma mostly, along with the jasmine and others.

Kyra catches the darted glance and smiles in a conspiratorial manner. They must keep their ladies together so they could get to know one another also, as well as plot and plan to have a little fun.
Unaware of the subterfuge surrounding them, Aemy looks at Robben as Miranda does, her own smile blossoming warmly. "It would be wonderful for you to sing for us, Lord Robben. I am quite certain we would enjoy it. Perhaps we could join you, I do love singing." Once to the shop, she takes a deep breath, pure delight on her features. "Oh this is certainly my favorite place thus far in all my travels here. I wonder how I missed it before."

"I have a feeling you're only saying you want to hear me sing until I actually start to sing, my ladies," Robben offers rather lightly, before he nods a little about the shop. Unable to hold back a chuckle at Aemy's wondering about how she missed it before, he grins a bit. "Too captivating company, Lady Aemy?" he asks. Looking over to the conspiratorial maids for a few moments, he raises an eyebrow briefly, before he focuses back on the ladies.

The proprietor of the shop steps to the door and opens it with a flourish. "Come in, come in, my ladies and my lord. Please. My humble establishment is here to make all of your sensory dreams come true. Or, at least… those that can be granted using herbs and such. But, come in! Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?" Beaming, he clasps his hands in front of him, leaning a bit toward the three.
Miranda shrugs at Aemy's query and chuckles at Robben's answer. Nodding sagely… which is easy to do in a shop with the scent of that plant underscoring the others… she motions toward the door where the jack-in-the-box proprietor has the door open. "Let's? I would like to see what they have." Glancing over her shoulder, she offers Robben a quick smile, "Oh… Let us be the judge of that, Cousin." Then she smells it. Somewhere amid the jasmine and mint, the sage and bayberry and even the teatree… Roses. Turning a wondering look to the proprietor, then another to Aemy, Miranda drifts forward, "Do you smell that? Roses…"

Eva fades back just a little to let the others enter the shop first, though Miranda is never out of her sight. The name of the flower gives her a moment's pause and just a hint of worry touches her gaze. Turning a quick glance to Kyra, Eva sighs softly. Roses. Of course.

"I want to hear you sing until you sing, and then I want you to sing some more, Lord Robben. Already I know you carry a tune well by the whistling, I think it would be wonderful." Aemy reassures him, though blushes at the words of the captivating company. "Indeed the company was rather distracting and I mean that in the best possible of ways, my lord." Having spent both times she had been in Highfield in the company of the Ashwood lord.

When they step into the shop, the fragrances encompass her and Aemy looks to Kyra, catching her looking between Eva and Robben. Arching a single eyebrow along with giving her a quick and mischievous smile, Aemy shakes her head good naturedly and looks back towards Miranda at the mention of Roses. "Roses.." a soft sigh escapes her and her vivid blue eyes seek the provider of such an aroma. "Perfect, who could resist? Certainly not I, though I confess, the garden is the closest I have been to receiving anything so lovely. Or my cousins name day party when we were showered with the soft petals."

"You flatter me, my lady," Robben offers to Aemy with a bit of a smile. "I hope I will not disappoint you," he adds, before he nods a little once more. Pausing at the mention of roses, he's unable to hold back a chuckle. "That particular flower seems to have a special effect on most women, doesn't it?" he remarks, with a bit of a smile.

Looking up at her cousin, Miranda smiles a gentle smile. The look then is turned to Aemy and Miranda listens. Another smile plucks at her lips as she puts two and two together. Her grin then is warm and she nods, murmuring softly, "He is rather charming company, that one." Then, she nods to the proprietor, "Thank you." Entering the shop, she is surrounded by the scents of the man's trade and she turns slowly in a circle, "Let me see now…" Finally her nose sorts through the scents and leads her to a spot against the wall. Here lie soaps and vials of oil. Rose soap in bars or carved into flower shapes, rose oil in glass vials. A few candles with rose petals sunk into the wax. Inhaling, she turns to lift a hand to beckon the others farther in. "Here they are." She pauses then, "Oh, how lovely. You had rose petals on your cousin's name day? It sounds truly wonderful." A flicker of a smile is sent spinning across the room toward her cousin, "Something to remember, Cousin, yes?" Thrn her attention is taken once more by the shelf before her. Pink soaps, white and deepest red. Soaps with rose petals and soaps without.
Eva slips up beside Miranda and leans to say something softly in her ear. Miranda listens, then sighs and steps back from the display. She nods to Eva, then gestures to the shelf, letting the others come closer, "I think I might look for a nice sandalwood scent for Saethwyr and get rose for Tiaryn." Once more focusing on Robben she adds, "Does Cousin Saethwyr like sandalwood? You know him far better than I do, cousin."

"It is not flattery, my lord, but the truth I say. And after each of our meetings you have never disappointed me, I am quite certain there is little anyone could do to disappoint me, I tend to be optimistic and think the best of everything and everyone." Aemy laughs softly when he mentions the effect of the flower on women, "It is possible. I wonder does it have the same result on men?"
As Miranda beckons them further in, Aemy approaches her, blue eyes resting on the varied scented wares. "Ohh.." lifting a white soap with soft pink petals, lifting it to her nose and smiling in exultation at the aromatic bar. "I cannot resist anything so lovely." Determined, she is going to buy it. "The sixteenth name day celebration was beautiful, pink petals showered around on everyone, dancing." Arguments.. but she leaves that part out. "Why not get one for yourself my lady? Or something similar?" Looking towards Eva as she seems to discourage her.

Robben pauses for a few moments as he listens, offering a bit of a smile now. Keeping silent for the moment as he looks between Aemy and Miranda for a few moments, before he smiles a little bit at the mention of the effect of the roses. "Maybe," he offers with a bit of a grin, looking around for a few moments now. "I think he likes it, but I'm not sure. The better question would be if Tiaryn likes him smelling of sandalwood, right?" Spoken a bit lightly, as he moves to look at the various objects of nice smell now. "Lots of lovely things here," he offers.

Nodding, Miranda flickers a smile Aemy's way. "I agree. I also tend to think the best of everyone. Why ever not? Until proven wrong, of course." She watches as Aemy chooses the lighter colored soap. Leaning over, she inhales its scent, eyes half closing. "Oh, that is beautiful." Opening her eyes again as she stands, Miranda glances back at Eva, then nods. Looking again at the display, she tilts her head to consider the offerings, "I might. But am reminded that my lady sister might like a bar. And our Lady mother. When she arrives. Perhaps…" Her gloved hand reaches forward, hesitates, then selects a bar of palest pink, dark red petals embedded within. She draws that one up and; eyes closing, inhales. "Oh, smell this one." She offers her find to Aemy.

Turning to look over at Robben, she nods with a laugh, "I suppose that is the better question, but really? Who could possibly resist? Sandalwood is one of those scents, to my way of thinking. Although she might prefer the teatree. It has such a captivating scent."

Eva nods as Miranda remembers, then drifts off to one side of the shop, never far away. She looks over some of the lighter scented soaps. Lilly of the Valley, lavender and heather. Lifting one of them to her own nose, she closes her eyes and inhales. Simple. Clean and lovely. She shadows Kyra a lifted brow, silent query. Perhaps her new friend would like one too?

Again, laughter bubbles out, merriment dancing in the Erenford ladies eyes. "I do think you are right, Lord Robben." Aemy reaches for a rose scented oil sample and dabs a bit on her wrist. Just a tiny smidgen.. "To get the opinion of a man then.. how do you think Lord Saethwyr would like this scent on Lady Tiaryn?" Lifting her wrist towards Robben, giving him the option of smelling it if he chooses.
Looking over towards Miranda once again, Aemy still has her smile in place. "I think rose scents are lovely, though the jasmine and perhaps lilac are also. Variety is nice." Nodding in approval,

"Sandalwood, I agree, would smell nice on him. Perhaps Robben could give us a sample on himself as well?" Ignoring the quick look she earned from Kyra. Her handmaid just smirks and looks back to Eva in time to catch the look, shaking her head for now, though offering a wink. Maybe in their own off time they could come shop together.

"Yes, perhaps a bar of that is something your Lady Mother would like as a gift when she arrives, cousin," Robben offers to Miranda, before he leans forward a bit to smell at the sample on Aemy's wrist. "Well, to be honest, any man who would not like that scent on his lady would be insane," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Then nodding a little bit as he hears the words about variety. "Quite true, my lady," he offers, with a bit of a nod. A thoughtful pause at the suggestion about a sample on him. "Well, if that's what you ladies are needing to finish your quest, I cannot see how I can refuse," he offers with a smile, as he moves to get a little bit of that sandalwood scent on his own wrist, before he holds his arm out to the ladies now.

Nodding, Miranda turns back to Aemy, watching as she gets Robben to smell the roses blooming on her wrist. If she notes Kyra's subtle frown, she pays it no heed. Tilting her head then she turns to seek out a different scent, "You are right, both of you. Let me see now… Roses for Aelinor and something more subtle for my lady mother." There is a hint of laughter in her tone until she amends, "Or the other way around, perhaps." She selects a lighter scent then. Eva's discovery of lilly of the valley is given a thoughtful look and she almost hesitates in taking up the oil. A touch is daubed to her wrist and she moves toward the other two nobles. Once Robben has sampled the rose, she pauses as he finds some sandalwood. Holding her wrist away from his, she leans over to smell the sandalwood
Eva looks over, stepping forward to her lady's side after returning the soap to its place.

Miranda does not linger over the scent, giving Aemy a chance to see what she thinks. But, she does sigh with quiet delight, "You should have some, Cousin. The scent suits you."

When Robben leans forward to smell her wrist, Aemy holds it still for him, at his words she smiles, looking away to hide the heat stealing into her cheeks. As he moves to dab some Sandalwood onto his own wrist, she waits, then reaches for his hand, lifting his wrist to smell the fragrance on his skin. Her cheeks flush even redder, "It um.. Yes, Lord Robben, it suits you very nicely.."

"I think you have the right of it, Miranda, Sandalwood is lovely and also, something subtle for your lady mother, I think she has already captured the heart of the only lord she would want to, save the roses for your sister." A teasing light entering her eyes. Once Miranda dashes some on her own wrist, Aemy touches her hand gently to smell smelling the fragrance. "Oh yes," she gasps softly. "Quite lovely, indeed."

Robben smiles a little bit as he hears the words now. Pausing a little as he sees the red flush on Aemy's cheeks, he offers her a bit of a smile, raising one eyebrow for a few moments now. "Well, if you both say I should, that's good enough for me," he offers after a few brief moments. He doesn't say much more at the moment, offering another smile for now.

Miranda looks pleased as Aemy agrees that the scent is a good choice. "Thank you. I think this will work, then. Rose for Lady Tiaryn, Sandalwood for Lord Saethwyr. Rose for my Lady sister and lilly of the valley for my Lady mother. I am sorry that you have not found your gifts yet, Amey. Or have you?" She begins gathering her purchases and if she adds a lavender and another rose, and four bars of sandalwood, who is to notice or comment? After Aemy gathers her own purchases, Miranda turns to lead the way to pay for everything. Turning a smile over shoulder, she eyes her cousin for a moment, then considers, "Shopping is thirsty work, Cousin. What would you say to stopping at the Inn before heading back? Or should we pick up those gloves first?"